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  1. Onedied4all

    The End Of Legacy Model S Updates?

    I received the Holiday Update 2023.44.30.4 but none of the updates are for my vehicles (I own 2 2015 Model S's) or maybe I'm mistaken, can someone else confirm that these updates are not for older Model S?
  2. M

    Used 2015 Tesla Model S 85D

    Hello everyone. I am interested in purchasing a 2015 Tesla Model S 85D. It has 78k miles on it and is going for about $29k. It is in excellent condition, with brakes changed, tires replaced, battery health good. The car has enhanced autopilot, unlimited supercharging for life, and a range of the...
  3. M

    FS 2014/15 Model S 85 RWD $37,000

    Posted on here before, finally decided to sell December 2014 Model S 85 RWD for sale, black on black. 101,040 miles new 85kw battery replaced at ~97,000 miles - 3/21 under warranty - warranty good through dec 2023 (added year for replacement from my understanding) Drivetrain replaced at...
  4. P

    2015-2016 Model S buying advice

    Hi all, Applogies for asking such a common question but I'm looking to get into Tesla ownership with a budget of around £34,000. Now, from what I could gather the only cars I can afford are the 2015-2016 Model S 70(d)'s and 85(d)'s. Now, does anyone have any experience in how could I choose...
  5. D

    2015 Silver AWD Tesla Model S 70D 53.5K miles- Autopilot, Free unlimited supercharging and connectivity, Bay Area CA- $42K

    For Sale in Northern CA (Bay Area): 2015 Silver AWD Tesla Model S 70D 53.5K miles Autopilot Free unlimited supercharging Free unlimited connectivity Subzero weather package Heated black next gen seats Wood matte accents All Glass panoramic roof 19" wheels It has a few dings/scratches on the...
  6. Skateboardgolf

    Triple Unicorn: 2015 Model S P85+ / AP1, MCU 1, LTE (Last P85+ ever made) $41,500

    I've had this car for almost 6 years, and I absolutely adore it, but I'm ready for a new Tesla. I purchased it in September of 2014 - at the time, Tesla's flagship model - the P85+. And wouldn't you know it the P85D was introduced a week later. After watching autopilot and summon videos for a...
  7. antdun

    Review Of My 2015 Model S 85D at 100,000 Miles

    This week we've now had our Tesla Model S for 2 years! We purchased it as a used CPO vehicle from Tesla and we've driven 36,204 miles in that time mostly on road trips many of which are documented on my YouTube channel. I made a video outlining all the repairs our Model S has undergone in it's...
  8. D

    Can a battery coolant heater replacement cause coolant leak?

    Hi all, I had to have my battery coolant heater replaced in February for my 2015 Model S when I received error messages that said "vehicle may not restart" and "acceleration and speed reduced". During this service appointment, they also seem to have topped off the coolant (the coolant is listed...
  9. R

    New User ! Old Tesla owner

    Hey all! I’m new to the community and wanted to intro myself and chat where would be best to list some items I have for sale from my Tesla. 3D floor linings, charger, and some beautiful rims 22 inch staggered. Here’s a picture to see her stance! Based in California
  10. D

    2015 Model S 70D AWD Autopilot Free Supercharging

    Selling my fantastic Black with Grey Interior 2015 Tesla Model S 70D only because I bought a P85D. I purchased the car from the original owner in NJ around 67,000 miles. - Under Unlimited Mile powertrain warranty (battery and motors) until 2023 - Free Super charging for life - Free Premium...
  11. N

    Nose cone model s wobbly steering wheel controls

    Hi everyone! This is my first post so plz forgive me for any errors. I just got a 2015 s85D and I love everything about the car other than the steering wheel controls/buttons. The buttons are wobbly and loose, making them look worse than the steering wheel controls on my friend’s 2008 Camry. Is...
  12. F

    Reliability Survey of the 'Nose Cone Model S' (2012-2016)

    Hi everyone, I am Fabien and currently drive a 2020 VW E-UP (I live in France). It's a hell of a car but need something bigger and will use the E-UP as a second car. I drove a 2012 Model S last summer in California and it I have been obsessed with it every since. However, reading forums and...
  13. antdun

    The Best Charging Adapters To Have

    Over many road trips I've assembled a flexible solution to charging my Tesla from varied electrical sources up to 50 feet away (15 meters) and I created a video outlining my solution which you can watch below. It's liberating for me knowing I can charge from varied sources of electricity...
  14. G

    2015 Model S P85D For Sale

    For Sale: 2015 Tesla Model S P85D Odometer: 33,XXX Price: $52,000 Exterior: Black Interior: Tan Purchased this car in June of 2018 as a CPO vehicle from Tesla with around 11,000 miles. Recently been driving a lot less and therefore I want to consolidate my garage. This car currently has 2...
  15. antdun

    Logistics of Charging a Nissan LEAF and Model S in One Garage

    I own both a Nissan LEAF and a Tesla Model S. The LEAF's included charger is only for a standard 15 amp 120 volt outlet, so I wanted a level 2 charger in my garage that could charge the LEAF faster AND also be able to charge my Tesla as quickly as possible within reason. The solution I purchased...
  16. D

    2015 Repair Risks

    Moderator note: This thread is a combination of three threads started on the same topic. I am original owner of a P85D built in early 2015. While it is a fabulous car ,I am thinking about its future. What big repairs are likely? I have had all the handles replaced with an updated generation...
  17. antdun

    1 Year In Review | Actual Costs + Our Experience: Used CPO Tesla Model S 85D As A Primary Family Car

    It's hard to believe we've lived through a full year already since we purchased our Tesla! The time has flown by super fast partially because we've been so busy going on awesome road trips and other regional adventures in it! I've created a video reviewing our first year of ownership covering...
  18. antdun

    Power Consumption of Camp Mode

    I just wanted to briefly share a couple experiences I've had camping in my 2015 Tesla Model S 85D. Back in February 2020 I went out into the mountains with my 5 year old daughter to test it out on the coldest night in the 10 day forecast. We drove until the road hadn't had the snow plowed off...
  19. antdun

    Family of 5 Trip Report | 5,883 Mile Adventure From Utah to Florida in a 2015 S85D

    My family of 5 went on an epic road trip in our Tesla over the Christmas break and I got a lot of questions from friends and family about it because there are some elements that are a significant paradigm shift from driving a gasoline vehicle. The #1 question I get asked is “How long does it...
  20. P

    Abnormal consumption Model S P85D

    Hi there! This is my first post here as I’m a happy new owner of a second-hand Model S P85D from 2015. I have been using my Tesla for a month now, and I’m wondering if the energy consumption is « normal ». From the « Trip » screen in the car, I’m consuming on average 250Wh/km. That seems a...
  21. P

    Door handle easy temporary fix, 2015 P90DL

    I made a short video of how I temporarily DIYed past a door handle issue until I get it fixed at the SC. Hope this is helpful. Steps: 1: Enter the car from the passenger side and open the door from the inside 2: Enter the car from the drivers side 3: Grab some cotton string or another...
  22. C


  23. RBeck79

    2015 70D For Sale

    Hi All - I am looking to part with my Black 2015 70D. No accidents, non-smoker, clean car and existing warranty coverage. Routinely charged to 80%-90%. Shows 237 miles at 100%. Includes extra set of wheels. The specs: - 2015 70D (AWD) - ~32,700 Miles - 4 Year / 50k Warranty valid until March...
  24. C

    CPO delivery checklist ?

    Hi folks, My CPO 2015 MS 70D will be delivered tomorrow. Is there a recommended checklist for the delivery ? Based on the photos tesla sent, the key fobs have cosmetic damage. Other than that, I don't see any issues. Hoping a smooth delivery. :) Thanks,
  25. J

    Model S 85D 2015

    Best car I have ever owned. Going to upgrade to latest model once sold as long as I get average KBB value. Tesla offered me 42K trade-in. KBB Private sale $46,655 +/- 3k. I will sell for $46,500. Not interested in selling for less as it is too good a car and just put on brand new tires last...
  26. Ostrichsak

    Is There a Difference Between Early 2015 and Late 2015 85D?

    We currently have a 2015 70D and at the time of shopping for it I thought that ALL 2015's were devoid of the previously defunct "Tech Package". I'm now seeing 2015's (which I assume are earlier model year versions) which indeed have Tech Package. Is there a significant difference from a 2015...
  27. J

    2015 Tesla Model S 70D For Sale - $51,995

    Looking to sell my 2015 70D to make way for an upgrade. I have babied this car for 3 years and it is in pristine condition as a result. I live in the city where it is relatively easy to get around for daily needs so I did not use this as an everyday car, ~21k miles on it. Kept in a private...
  28. MIDImunk

    Fully loaded 2015 Model S P85D

    Hi everyone, I'm helping my Dad sell his 2015 P85D Model S (he just got a new P100D!). I have the car posted on Autotrader, Cars.com and Craigslist Los Angeles area but just found this forum and wanted to share the listing and ask if people thought the price was fair/low/high. Here's the CL...
  29. D

    Does using the unofficial rest API void your warranty

    Hey, soo i really want to play around with the api for my connecting to my tesla, But i don't want to void the warrenty on the car. will using it void my warrenty?
  30. L

    2015 Model S Dashboard Trim Piano Black

    4 pieces of the trim available for sale from a 2015 July Model S Piano Black. 3 dashboard parts + arm rest trim. $300 OBO including shipping to continental US (will not ship outside US). Will meet in San Francisco area in person. Photos here These are the instructions if you want to change...
  31. A

    2014 Tesla P85D only 8500 miles

    Hi I am selling my 2014 Tesla P85D with only 8500 miles on the car, Car is loaded! 1 Owner car, car is super clean -Ultra High Fidelity Sound -Subzero Weather Package -Black Alcantara Dashboard -LED fog lights -Performance Package -Grey Next Generation Seats (Front and Back) -Piano Black Décor...
  32. D

    WTB 2014-2015 Model S with AP-1

    My budget is in the $40k range. Thanks all.
  33. N

    2015 Tesla Model S P90D Ludicrous with Rear Facing Seats Fully Loaded White

    Options Rear Facing Seats Premium Upgrades 21" Grey Turbine Wheels HiFi Audio Grey Next Gen Seats Autopilot 1.0 Pearl White multicoat Smart AIr suspension CF spoiler Obeche wood gloss decor All glass pano roof Supercharger enabled The car is eligible for the extended warranty. It is a one...
  34. J

    Excellent Cond Late 2015 Model S P90D (9,900 mi) for sale - $82,000 USD

    Near perfect, fully loaded 7-seater (rear facing seats) December 2015 Model S P90D for sale. 9,900 miles. $82,000. Original price was $131,950 (see itemized sales receipt below) plus the addition of the optional $600 center console. Leather interior still smells new and is immaculate. Free...
  35. D

    Repair Costs For Tesla Model S

    This Tesla seems to have the wheel stock and the fender broken. Might also need new headlight. Any of you know prices for a new front bumper and headlight. And if Tesla fixes 2015 models. Also can you update to version 8.1 with the 2015 p90d?
  36. Bebop

    2014 AutoPilot Model S WANTED

    I'm on the market for a black/black or white/white 2014 Model S (big preference for black/black). I'm looking for one with AP1 at the very least. I'm also interested in an 85 battery at the minimum. I will give big preference for a P85. I'm not too picky on mileage. I actually don't care if it...
  37. C

    2015 Model S p85d Ludicrous-FOR SALE

    Excellent condition-Like New. Mileage: 5,584 Dual Motor All Wheel Drive White Solid Paint Body Color Roof Silver Turbine Wheels Black Next Generation Seats Carbon Fiber Decor Black Alcantara Headliner Carbon Fiber Spoiler Tesla Red Brake Calipers Supercharger Enabled Tech Package with...
  38. H

    2015 White Model S 85D, 6500 miles, Autopilot - $80k

    It has all the upgrades you would want in a Model S. Purchased last December for $101k and am switching to a Model X. Here's a detailed list of the car: Model S 85D All-Wheel Drive White Pearl Multicolor Paint All Glass Panoramic Roof 19" Wheels Black Next Generation Seats Piano Black Décor...
  39. Nefistopholes

    2015 Tesla Model S P85D for sale

    For Sale: Pristine 2015 Tesla Model S P85D Owner purchased Model X then later decided to sell this gently driven Model S 3,300 miles, only around town 7-seater $116,000 VEHICLE CONFIGURATION: 85 kWh Performance Model S Dual Motor All Wheel Drive Black Solid Paint All Glass Panoramic Roof 19"...
  40. Nefistopholes

    2015 Tesla Model S P85D FOR SALE

    For Sale: Pristine 2015 Tesla Model S P85D Owner purchased Model X then later decided to sell this gently driven Model S 3,300 miles, only around town 7-seater VEHICLE CONFIGURATION: 85 kWh Performance Model S Dual Motor All Wheel Drive Black Solid Paint All Glass Panoramic Roof 19" Silver...
  41. D

    2015 Tesla Model S 85, 20k Miles, Metallic Blue, Autopilot, $70K

    I'm upgrading to a new Model X , so looking to sell a August, 2015 Metallic Blue S85 with only 20,000 miles. Not a single scratch or ding on the car. 85 kWh Model S Blue Metallic Paint Body Color Roof 19" Wheels Black Nappa Leather Seats Piano Black Décor Supercharger Enabled Autopilot...
  42. S

    2015 Model S 60kW vs used a used 2013

    I am looking for a used Tesla Model S and they are going for about $55K right now in Southern California. The value is holding up extremely well; However, Tesla just announced a new MS 60 for about the same price (may be less with tax credit). With the new 2015, you get the full factory...
  43. Lump

    Notice of 2015 Shareholder Meeting - June 9

    Notice is hereby given that the 2015 Annual Meeting of Stockholders (the “2015 Annual Meeting”) of Tesla Motors, Inc., a Delaware corporation, will be held on Tuesday, June 9, 2015, at 2:00 p.m., Pacific Time, at the Computer History Museum located at 1401 N. Shoreline Blvd., Mountain View, CA...
  44. Richard Benson

    Is Tesla Motors’ (TSLA) Future In Danger?

    Tesla Motors Inc stock has continued to decline over the last few weeks as concerns regarding increased future competition worry investors. Increased competition in the future could snatch Tesla’s technological edge, making it difficult for the company to achieve its long-term target of selling...