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EV Conversions

  1. mspohr

    Ice cream vans are next

    A 99, sprinkles and no diesel: here come the electric ice-cream vans… A 99, sprinkles and no diesel: here come the electric ice-cream vans… Concerns over pollution have seen ice-cream vans banned from 40 streets in the London borough of Camden, with council officials mounting patrols...
  2. jpaz

    Is this a crazy idea? Let's go camping.

    Last night I parked next to an old VW camper and it got me to thinking. I could see a Tesla camper someday. Could drive as an EV to campgrounds then plug in for creature comforts, etc. Maybe start with an X and do a conversion? First issue.......who would take an expensive vehicle and...
  3. bob_bear

    Using my model x p100d as a mobile off grid power source?

    I'm a Keen camper and need to upgrade my failing old deep cycle agm batteries. I was looking into equivalent lithium batteries and they're super expensive! It then occurred to me that I'm sitting on the biggest and best lithium battery in my car! Does anyone have any advice / approach /...
  4. D

    Model S PTC heater control?

    Hello TMC, I've gotten some good information lurking over the past year or two, thanks all! Wondering if anyone has successfully figured out how to control the PTC air heater in the HVAC unit yet? I just received a used one from eBay for a non-tesla related project I'm working on. It's 4 pin...
  5. selfbp

    Keeping battery preheated?

    I’m up a few times throughout the night(s) and was wondering if it would be beneficial to use the new preconditioning battery feature on firmware “.50” for an hour or so throught the night. It’s getting into the 10-20* range in the evenings here now so would it be beneficial to give some warmth...
  6. L

    Charging needs?

    Hey, I wonder if you guys have charging needs other than charging at home. I always want to purchase an EV since it's way more cost-effective than the gas consuming car but I live in condo now. Do you guys think there is way to charge the car other than home and dealer?
  7. Lhshockey24

    Tax Credit

    Effective date.−The provision applies to taxable years beginning after December 31, 2017. Senate Amendment No provision. Conference Agreement The conference agreement does not include the House bill provision. 3. Repeal of credit for plug-in electric drive motor vehicles (sec. 1102(c) of the...
  8. E

    Tesla Battery Modules for sale

    Tesla Model S Battery Modules for sale
  9. voyager

    Which (classic) car would you like to see converted?

    Into an EV... Mine is the Citroen DS. Haven't seen too many projects that feature a DS EV. As a matter of fact, I have seen only one.... that runs out of juice after 100 km. Why the DS? That car was meant to move people in all comfort and silence. It has lots of space in the front, and some...
  10. deckofficer

    My one off creation predates Zero Motorcycles by 2 years

    Since I'm in the market for a Zero Motorcycle I have been reading their site's every page. When I read their 10 years of history I was taken back by their very first offering since its power train was the same that I fabricated in 2005. Celebrating 10 Years of Innovation || ZERO MOTORCYCLES I...
  11. J

    Tesla Powered BMW E31 8 Series

    First post here. I don't have a Tesla (yet!) but a bit like the song "one Piece at a time" I seem to have quite a few parts:) My name is Damien Maguire and I'm based in Ireland and have been working on EV conversion projects these last 8 years. This is my first time using Tesla components so...
  12. A

    AMP Motors Saturn Sky conversion

    Hi All, Thought you might enjoy seeing a bit of EV history from our collection. I manage a small group of cars here in Cincinnati that includes this Saturn, an early Tesla Model S and an '08 Roadster. The rest are all gas burners. We are downsizing a couple of our less frequently used cars and...
  13. Carl W

    Nice 1973 Porsche 914 EV needing new home.

    I have a 1973 Porsche 914 that's converted to 100% electric power. It even has carpool (clean air) stickers for driving in California HOV lanes. It has a dual AC motor, which is two AC motors on one shaft and one housing, so it looks like one motor but is actually two. It's the AC-35 x 2 made...
  14. I

    Open Source Tesla Drive Unit Controller!!!

    So I know there are a several sources like Michal in Sweden, GEVCU, and other that have hacked the DU inverter. Jack sells his units for 25k ish. Michal sells them for about 3k, and its a complicated process involving mailing items to Sweden. I heard Michal's controller works well, but...
  15. G

    Tesla technical information

    Hello all, my name is ryan and I am new to the TMC forums and teslas in general. I am on here because I have been thinking of taking on a new automotive project I want it to be different than anything I've done in the past. So I have decided on using a tesla as a donor vehicle, I am still in...
  16. jerjozwik

    franken-ev, nsu prinz powered by tesla.

    figured i should start a build thread here! a while ago i bought a 196x's nsu prinz for about $400 including shipping. since then i struggled to find a power plant that could fit into its tiny bones. then my wife got her fit ev, and i a fiat 500e. it was now clear, i would start an ev...
  17. ecarfan

    Kreisel Evex 910e

    This looks like fun. This Porsche 910 Has Been Converted Into An Electric Supercar Basic specs: "electric powertrain using a 53kWh battery pack connected to a 360-kW electric motor which produces 483-horsepower and 568 lb-ft of torque. This is a blisteringly fast electric supercar that can do...
  18. M

    Lotus Evora with Model S motor / Chevy Volt batteries

    Not mine, but saw this over on the lotus forums. Lotus Evora Tesla EV Build - LotusTalk - The Lotus Cars Community
  19. L

    Arnie's new fully electric (80 kwh) G-Class conversion from Austria

    Pretty cool ride: Making of:
  20. T

    Tesla Powered Cobra Race Car

    Thought you might be interested in seeing our Tesla powered race car that we hope to have on track this summer. The chassis and suspension were custom designed in 3D CAD, the drivetrain is from a P85, the battery pack is from a Kia Soul EV, and the body is from a classic 427 Shelby Cobra...
  21. SabrToothSqrl

    EV Parts - cheap leaves?

    2011 Nissan Leaf SL, $5490 | Cars.com Seems to me it may be cheaper to buy this and get a motor, controller, and batteries (and some ugly car bits too) if one wanted to build like a riding mower EV or ATV Ev?
  22. Jallum.pa.us

    My sailboat battery project!

    I've decided to upgrade the battery pack on my sailboat! I bought four "sheets" from a salvaged Model S 85 battery pack, and have set about fitting them into my boat, to run the "house" electrical needs (lights, refrigeration, inverters, etc.) If you're at all interested in the project, take...
  23. E

    Electric Racing Car

    Hi guys!, Any ideas what kind of battery should I use on a formula electric car with a max of 18kW?
  24. E

    Everyone should at least try an EV, why not in style?

    Hi all, Please check out our Kickstarter project to convert a classic camper to all-electric to hire to the public around the UK. We are based in North Yorkshire and want to build more eDubs (all electric classic campers) and Kickstarter is the way to do this. Any questions please fire away...
  25. dgindio

    Electric Hot-Rodders Combine Tesla And Chevy Parts Into A 420 HP Tire Melter

    This article is taken from the Jalopnik Newsletter. Electric Hot-Rodders Combine Tesla And Chevy Parts Into A 420 HP Tire Melter
  26. dgindio

    A Burned Out Ferrari was converted to an electric Vehicle

    Electric Ferrari
  27. e-FTW

    Ferrari 308 GTE

    http://jalopnik.com/the-worlds-first-electric-ferrari-ditches-the-v8-for-ti-1775115307 I want to try it! A 5-speed manual! WANT! "That must be an odd sensation rowing through those gears, as the motors likely don’t have the same rotational inertia as a gas engine." 308GTE Specifications -...
  28. T

    EV aftermarket modifications?

    There's a lot of aftermarket support for ICE. Why isn't there any for EVs considering how much "simpler" they're supposed to be? If there is, can someone point/link me to the right direction? We see so many examples of people taking their Tesla to the track, yet we don't see anyone try their...
  29. DrJeff

    The TesLorean

    The TesLorean project is to integrate technology (including the drive unit) from a Model S into a DeLorean DMC-12. The DeLorean is rear-wheel drive and rear engined. This isn't going to be easy or quick, but it is going to be fun. On the exterior it will - to the casual observer - appear to...
  30. mspohr

    Stanford's self-driving, electric, drifting DeLorean

    Fun news on "Back to the Future" day... Introducing MARTY, Stanford's self-driving, electric, drifting DeLorean Stanford Professor Chris Gerdes and his students transformed a vintage 1981 DeLorean into a high-performance test bed for researching the physical limits of autonomous driving...
  31. muleferg

    Miata EV

    Leaf Batteries West Wilkes EV Team getting ready for auto cross
  32. Phillip L

    Convertible ev's out there?

    I wonder if anyone out there has an ev convertible? With the quiet of the ev drivetrain I would think it would be great. I had a Miata years ago and really loved the car (not as much as my Model S mind you) but the worst thing about it was the noise.
  33. gene

    Early VW Samba Van is converted to an EV, nice video!

    Early VW Samba Van is converted to an EV, nice video! Buses By The Bridge 266 mile Trip on TesLA 18650 Batteries eSamba Ep 42 BBB - YouTube
  34. T

    All Electric '68 Mustang

    Zombie 222
  35. R

    Put a Tesla motor in any car or truck ever made

    Coming soon. Jack Rickard has bought a motor/inverter to be installed on his test bench to drive another motor in the form of a dyno(see this weeks EVTV episode). The CAN codes need to be sorted out. If anyone has researched the codes; it would speed up the process. If you want to get in on...
  36. D

    Planning to convert boat to electric, need parts and advice

    I have a Zodiac Hurricane with a 200 hp diesel over jet drive. Jet is driven by toothed belt. Looking to convert to electric. The 85S has the right horsepower. Need all components and tech support. Tom
  37. tga

    Are commercial EV's killing the conversion industry?

    I've been thinking off and on about doing a conversion on my 2004 Mini Cooper S, but the numbers just don't seem to make sense. Alternative #1 - Convert the Mini: 40 CALB CA180's (~$243 ea, 3.2V nominal, 180Ah) - $9720 for 128V nominal, 23kWh. Add in $7k-$8K for an AC system with regen - motor...
  38. deckofficer

    My 1st EV, a one off roll your own

    About 15 years ago I decided I wanted to design a little electric scooter that would have the potential to beat a Harley to 40 mph. I can tell you first hand those HD riders are not amused by a electric scooter taking them out. Etec motor with a peak hp of 25.7, 48 volt, 400 amp controller...
  39. P

    Can custom car builders buy parts from Tesla?

    As a PASSIONATE Tesla supporter (buying a Model 3 - will be first on the reserve list) and an inventor/car builder I often dream of the day I could buy parts for our EV project from Tesla. I've searched the Net for traction motors, found a few (YASA, DELTA - which I design systems for) but never...
  40. UpstateElectric

    My 1952 Ford F-1 Truck with an AC AND DC drive system

    [URL=http://imgur.com/1WjPnJg] [URL=http://imgur.com/eM3g1ab] [URL=http://imgur.com/iilryMA] It's direct drive with a Transwarp 11" and an AC-51 coupled together. It's got a Soliton1 1000a controller and a Curtis 1239 500a controller. The transwarp is only wired for forward, no...
  41. P

    Converting a roadster into another body

    Looking for a reality check and any info I can get. My dream car build would be an electric Porsche 911 (preferably an early 70's model). I have located a selvage title Tesla Roadster. Would it be rediculous to try and convert the motor, batteries and electronics from the Tesla into a 911...
  42. S

    1974 VW EVThing

    Here is my converted 1974 VW Thing. It has a 120VDC / 650amp HPEVS Three phase AC-50 motor and Curits Controller. It works out to about 80hp. It made 74hp at the rear wheels on a calibrated dyno in third gear (1:1). I has a 20Kwhr LiFePo4 battery pack. It has about a 70-90 mile range...
  43. Otmar

    Electric "conversion" of a VW Westfalia using a Model S platform

    It's more of a body swap than an electric conversion. I'm awaiting delivery on the Model S that I plan to graft under my Stretched VW Vanagon. It should be interesting. There are a several forums interested in updates on this project so I'll be trying to keep up to date on the blog here...
  44. T

    Land Rover goes electric

    Link: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/motoring/10231948/Land-Rover-goes-electric-at-the-Eden-Project.html
  45. Bearman


    http://www.zelectricmotors.com/ Looks like fun, anyone heard of this before?
  46. Johan

    Need tips for EV conversion shop!

    My favourite classic car has always been the early 70's Corvette Stingrays, you know the one's with the really fat hood and the ridges over the front wheels? I want to seriously look into the possibilty of buying one of these, converting it to and EV and have it shipped here to me in Norway...
  47. T

    Lighthouse Charter school EV conversion project sparks new initiatve

    Yesterday was pretty exciting! & I want to keep the momentum going.. I KNOW this is unplug day & I KNOW this project seems a bit off-topic, but its a think globally, act locally thing.. yesterday Cleantechnica put this out EV Conversion Project For High Schoolers -- Help A Brother Out...
  48. dpeilow

    BigFoot monster truck goes electric

    BigFoot goes electric
  49. dpeilow

    Toyota GT86 EV

    Toyota | (VIDEO) An electric Toyota GT86 laps Suzuka in 2:57 minutes | Hybrid cars, green vehicles, electric bike: TechnologicVehicles.com, showroom and news