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North America

  1. GabeIA

    Supercharger - Indianapolis, IN - Waterway Blvd

    New supercharger per Marco
  2. GabeIA

    Supercharger - Commerce, CA - East Telegraph Rd. (LIVE 25 Mar 2023, 40 V3 stalls)

    Marco on Twitter found this
  3. J

    Supercharger - Revelstoke, BC - Victoria Rd.

    8-12 stalls going in at the saveonfoods parking lot? My buddies girlfriend is a waitress and served the construction crew working on it. They said it was for Tesla.
  4. intrepidtoo

    Ultimate EV Road Trip - Circumnavigating North America

    In response to a recent question on Quora about the inconvenience of charging on a roadtrip, I posted this response. As it seemed to elicit a favourable response I thought I would share it here, particularly as prior to my trip TMC members provided some very supportive and reassuring advice...
  5. TMC Staff

    Supercharger Usage In North America Reached Pre-COVID High

    The Tesla Supercharging network in North America is getting busier than ever. Tesla Supercharger usage quite quickly recovers from the COVID-19 lockdown. After China, now also North America has reached its all-time high of the average daily number of sessions (7-day moving average). Elon Musk...
  6. LCR1

    How Long Before You Can Drive To Fairbanks

    I was looking at ABetterRoutePlanner and was wondering some crazy routes I could take in my car and it got me wondering how long before I could drive to Alaska. For the West coasters they would get in through Vancouver but there are some issues with me coming from Texas. Either way there's...
  7. IchDochNicht

    Model 3 Premium Long Range

    STANDARD FEATURES: - Automatic emergency braking and collision avoidance - Eight airbags - Electronic stability and traction control - 15" touchscreen with on-board maps & navigation - Voice activated controls - Wi-Fi and LTE internet connectivity - FM/Internet streaming radio - Dual zone...
  8. A

    Supercharger - North Brunswick, NJ

    Construction started for what looks like 10 stalls. Right off RT 1 near Panera. Address: 301 Grand Ave North Brunswick NJ 08902
  9. A

    Question About Service center. Should I repair or do the annual service?

    Hello, My current model s is almost 4years old with almost 50000 mi, so I am almost out of warranty at this time. I didn't decide whether to purchase the extended warranty or not, so current what I want to do is to use the warranty to fix everything I noticed. My current concerns are: Chassis...
  10. Nilnoc

    Frederick, MD supercharger

    Does anyone have information on the location and timing for the planned Frederick, Maryland supercharger? It is supposed to be coming this year. My bet for the location is the Sheetz at East Patrick Street and Monacacy Blvd. Easy access to I-70 and not too far off I-270/Rt. 15. Fast food...
  11. C

    Model 3s on a Vehicle Transport in Seattle

    I was just driving on I5 in Seattle and happened to see this! Couple of Model 3s, some Ss, and an X on a transport!
  12. kingjamez

    Why I’m Tesla’s #1 and/or Biggest Fan

    You forgot to clean up your copy/paste. Is this an advertisement for your company?
  13. jimmyz80

    Quick Sanity Check on Dual Wall Connector Plans

    Since it looks like my wife's Model 3 will be arriving in the coming months to join my Model S, I really need to get off my butt and convert our garage from a one EVSE to two EVSEs. I think I have a sound plan in mind, but want to make sure there are no obvious flaws before I have at it. I'm...
  14. WinjesFarm

    Destination Charging site questions

    Because we are a new public destination charging site and because we are in a very remote area at Winjes Farm, North Eastern CA, I am wondering what kind of range the various models (3, x, s) depend on to travel. For example, we are 204 miles from Reno, NV, or 187 miles from Redding, CA, or 145...
  15. Y

    Highway 401 Experience

    I guess most of people definitely drove enough kilometers on ON-401 How's your experience when driving Tesla? I am NOT an aggressive driver but I am reducing Auto Steer usage on 401 in order to drive safely. People driving on 401 are stupid. They cut lane in front of you and AP isnt act...
  16. jb007gd

    The new Workplace Charging initiative

    I saw this article that mentions Tesla is going to provide Wall Connectors to businesses. Tesla launches a new ‘Workplace Charging’ program to supply free charging stations to businesses Before I pitch this to my company I want to know if Tesla plans on adding in a j1772 style charger as...
  17. W

    Opinions on install

    I am installing my NEMA 14-50 and I came across language in the city guide (California). Please see pics for my install plan and the language. Since I am only installing an outlet will there be any issue with my install location for my outlet?
  18. D

    What's my Model S worth?

    I'm debating swapping my Model S for an M3 (got the invite this week). Tesla quoted me $46,800 for trade-in. I've heard that you can do much better at private sale or somewhere like CarMax. Details: Model S75D Late 2016 (AP 1.0) 11,000 miles Solid white paint Black next-gen seats Pano roof...
  19. C

    Are future Superchargers more marketing than reality?

    Don't get me wrong. I love the Supercharging network and it makes it easy to travel to different parts of the country. Lately in the mid atlantic area, I have seen more superchargers pop up in areas not listed on the map, example Mt. Jackson in VA. There is construction in Fredericksburg, VA...
  20. alexyida

    Referral 21" Arachnid Wheels - colors

    I got my wheels in silver color from the service center today. I don't think I was ever asked to choose the color online. The link from the email only asked me which service center I want the the wheels to be shipped to. I saw many posts showing 3 color options: silver, grey, and black. Did I...
  21. tinm

    Supercharger - La Jolla CA (Location not found, permit not found)

    So I see Tesla has a La Jolla, CA place-holder on the official superchargers list, and an "by end of 2018" due date for it, but does anyone know any more about this? Permits? Location? Any rumors?
  22. D

    Pearl white Model 3 at MSRP $56k LR , EAP, PREMIUM.

    Don’t wait on Elon anymore. (3 months maybe ...6 Months definitely ) j/k Elon is my hero, not so much my wallets hero . No games, No BS offers please. Straight up MSRP, and yes I know I may or may not be able to take the tax credit with IRS rules, but definitely the second owner can not...
  23. C

    Video of Model 3 in Canada

    Hi all, We Canadians are waiting, with a combination of great patience and immense frustration, for our chance to configure our own cars now on reservation. A few days ago the Victoria EV Club brought a Model 3 up from the USA for us to look at, and I've made a couple of videos which are on my...
  24. whitex

    No end of quarter push/incentives this quarter

    It seems Tesla has no inventory whatsoever, and Design Studio for MS and MX now gives end of May delivery estimates. This means that even before this quarter is half over, there is no way to order a new car and get it this quarter. M3 of course doesn't need any incentives at this time, so the...
  25. C

    What does it mean when a problem is escalated to engineering?

    Have a Tesla Model S75 2017 at the SC for nearly a week on an issue of "Car needs service, power reduced" with about 6k miles on the car. Bought brand new. Problem manifests itself after cruising at 65mph-75mph for about 30-40 minutes. When it comes on, my acceleration is slow to a snail. I...
  26. A

    2015 Model S 70D w/ 28,500 Miles $52,000

    Car is well maintained with new tires. Options include Subzero Weather Package, All Glass Panoramic Roof, Dual Motor All Wheel Drive, Solid black Paint, 19" Wheels, Black Textile Seats, Piano Black Décor, Alcantara Headliner, Supercharger Enabled, Autopilot Hardware. I took delivery on...
  27. OCRyan

    SDGE is Overpriced for EV Rates

    SDG&E has super off peak EV-TOU rates @ $0.22 (EV Rates | San Diego Gas & Electric). This is insane for super off peak! I'm on the edge of SDG&E and on the other side of our main street SCE customers are at $0.08 off peak (https://www.sce.com/NR/sc3/tm2/pdf/ce114-12.pdf). Has there ever been a...
  28. M

    Wall Connector on Ebay, safe to order?

    Sorry if this been posted already, anyone purchased the Tesla Wall Connector on Ebay.. for under $400 dollars. I love the price but not sure if it is safe to order plus if it is original and if it fails, will Tesla warranty it? Help!
  29. UkrHog

    Ludicrous Plus Max Battery Power Launch Mode Explained In Detail

    Hi Guys! Here’s a video I made with lost of questions answered regarding Ludcorpus Plus Max Battery Power and Launch Mode. Subscribe for lost of fun, informative and educational videos
  30. A

    WTB Loaded Model S 85

    Want To Buy: Price: Around $40000, ready to pull the trigger. Model S White, Grey, Silver preferred Other colors by exception Must Have Options: Dark Interior 85 kWh Battery Premium Package Premium Sound Heated Seats, etc Pano Roof Rear-Facing 3rd Row Seats 19” or 20” Wheels, 19’s preferred...
  31. E

    Lighted T by evannex

    Hey Peeps, I'm just curious if many ppl have installed this wonderful looking lighted T. I want to do it, but I want to know the lifespan ppl have had with theirs. Looks amazing, but they aren't cheap!
  32. DashCam Bros

    Vendor Group Buy - Thinkware F800 Pro Dual Channel Dash Cam - DashCam Bros

    Hey Everyone, Kenton here from the DashCam Bros team! I think some of you guys on this forum have done business with us before, but as an introduction, we’re a dash cam retailer located in NYC. We’re thinking about doing a group buy here for the Thinkware F800 PRO’s (all black version) which...
  33. S

    21" Tesla Black Turbine Wheels, Caps, Gen 2 TPMS & Continental DW Tires 245/35/21

    Selling my selling my 21" Tesla Turbine Wheels and Continental DW 245/35/21 tires. INCLUDES Black Center caps and Gen 2 TPMS Sensors. These wheels are a square setup, 21 x 8.5 on all four corners and were powder coated black by a local shop here in Orange County Tires were purchased in October...
  34. T

    New Incoming Gigafactory Workers Looking for Relocation Help From Current Employees

    The employment deficit at the gigafactory is partly due to the inability of out of town workers to establish a dwelling in the Gigafactory. If you are a current employee looking for a roommate or offering a couch, or a new employee looking to for a place near the factory, this thread is for you.
  35. S

    I expected my Model X and Tesla service to fail me.

    On June 23rd, 2017 I picked up my new Tesla Model X. Since then, my vehicle has now been at a service center for a total of 6 times. With each instance, I've dealt with a great deal of inconvenience, of which is extremely unacceptable for a new vehicle purchase of over $120,000. I now turn to...
  36. TonyPham

    DIY Wall / Mobile Connector cabinet - organizer

    First post here! Has anyone built an organizing cabinet to store the charging cable slack? Is it also acceptable to use the Tesla logos at home in the garage?
  37. H

    Tesla Model S and Non-profit

    Hey guys! I am not 100% on the rules of this site yet, so I wanted to know if ya'll would be willing to help me. I work for a non-profit helping students all over America gain access to technology for their education. The founder of this non-profit is giving away his Tesla Model S to incentivize...
  38. S

    21" Turbine Gloss Black Square Setup with 245/35/21 Continental EXTREME CONTACT DW

    These are original Tesla 21" turbines that were powder coated in Gloss Black. Wrapped in Continental Extreme DW 245/35/21 tires front and rear One wheel has a slight rash and the others are flawless. Center caps are included. No TPMS Asking $2,000 for the set Will ship to anywhere in the...
  39. C

    Range Performance in East Coast cold snap

    Watching from UK where my range tanks when it heads below 40deg...how on earth do Teslas fair when the mercury hits sub zero? Would love to hear range performance in current East Coast temperatures. Keep safe everybody, btw.
  40. D

    2012 2013 2014 TESLA MODEL S Right Passenger Side Mirror

    2012 2013 2014 TESLA MODEL S Right Passenger Side Mirror. The plastic casing has a crack and is chipped as indicated on the pictures. All the wiring 100% functional and was taken off my 2014 Tesla with winter package. $120 + shipping from Montreal Canada
  41. B

    Model 3 Reservation Swap

    My friend was invited to configure his wife's model 3 yesterday but when asked that he wait until multiple interiors and all wheel drive come available. My reservation suggests a March - May 2018 availability timeline, and though I'm reasonably patient, it would be great to have my model 3...
  42. P

    DIY 14-50 Receptacle on a Post

    I live in a condo building with a parking spot that is in front of my window, and got the green light to install a receptacle on a post. Our building already has outdoor 5-15 receptacles with wiring inside a metal post that is used for block heaters, but I thought it would just be easier to just...
  43. B

    Picking the best stall at a crowded supercharger

    If a supercharger is crowded, I'd like the car to recommend the best stall to use! I know this information is available because I called support and asked for it. I ended up staying in the stall I picked because the partner was almost at the point of getting less energy. I saw another car try...
  44. hnwa

    Support Electric Vehicle Charging in Ontario

    Got this email quite late into the deadline. Regulatory proposal under the Condominium Act, 1998 Hope everyone here can show some support
  45. incrediwoah

    Looking for a Tesla, but why have these not sold yet?

    So I have been in the market for the low end of a Tesla MS (Under $45k) and I keep seeing these on autotrader, cars, car gurus, etc. My question is why have they not sold like I see all of the others under $45k on here go like butter?? 1. Used 2013 Tesla Model S Signature 2. Used 2013 Tesla...
  46. S

    Root Auto Insurance

    anyone have any experience with using or dealing with root insurance? Waiting for them to respond with a quote and curious if they’re at all decent
  47. S

    (4) Tesla 21” Arachnid Wheels & Michelin Pilot SS Tires For Sale

    I’ve earned a brand new, balanced, never mounted set of (4) matt black Tesla OEM Arachnid wheels for sale. $5,000 or Best Offer
  48. EfficientWatts

    Model 3 Warranty (North America) And Commercial / Business Use Language

    So the Model 3 Warranty agreement was uploaded by Fred Lambert (electrek) a few days ago. Model 3 New Vehicle Limited Warranty NA En | Arbitration | Damages The part that was pointed out by another website (Ride-sharing? Not in a Tesla Model 3, You're Not [News] - The Fast Lane Car) was the...
  49. W

    What Mph will a Tesla charge at on a Juicebox 40

    As per the title. Let’s assume a model S but may be a long range 3. Unit is connected to a 50 amp circuit 240 volt. (50 amp breakers). This is what we currently have for our Leaf and Smart ED. Thank you. John.
  50. V

    Bloomington and Evansville/Elberfield

    Any news on these locations I go from Indy to EVV often and I really need these 2 locations, present model S owner