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bike rack

  1. B

    2020 or 2021 model 3 payload/scrapping bottom and bike rack question

    Good morning everyone, new subscriber here :) I read the post by a subscriber in regards to being overloaded in his model Y with passengers and baggage. These are situations that happen once in a while. I wanted to confirm the same situation on a possible 2020/2021 model 3 long range awd I am...
  2. C

    Chuck Rack 4 (or 6!) bike rack for Model X - best option to avoid hitch mount overload?

    The Chuck Rack 4-bike rack is on sale for $699 (down from $899) - and I'm wondering if this is THE single best option for carrying 4-6 bikes on a Model X without overloading the hitch mount? I currently have a 4-bike 1-Up rack - it worked great with my prior car, a Toyota Highlander, but since...
  3. I

    Model Y / X - MotoTote Mini Electric / Fat Tire Hitch Mount Bike Carrier Rack

    Lightly used hitch mounted bike rack (used on 2 times). Only a few months old. Stored indoors. Weighs only 28 lbs and has a 200lb capacity. I used it with a Sur Ron X aka Segway X260 (~80lbs without the battery) with no problems. This rack was the only option I found that had a high capacity...
  4. A

    Thoughts on adding additional support to a bike rack to overcome the 120 lbs weight limit?

    I have read all of the threads discussing the 120 lbs limit for bike carriers and consensus seems to be that it is not a good idea to exceed the manufacturers warning. However, I have not seen any concrete/compelling answers as to why the limit for bikes is so much lower than the tongue weight...
  5. A

    Hitch install in Richmond, VA?

    First off, I'm still open to any Model 3 single-bike hitch rack recommendations, but it seems the Stealth Hitch is probably the best way to go. So I'm now in the process of locating shops to get extra work done (PPF, tints, etc.), and I'm having some trouble finding a place to do a Stealth Hitch...
  6. T

    Bike rack for no hitch Model Y

    Is it possible to mount bike racks on model Y with no hitch? If yes, please share recommendations. Thanks
  7. M

    For sale: 2020 Model S rack (for older models - 2013)

    Hi guys, I'm not sure this is the right place, and if it isn't, somebody can delete this post, but I recently bought a new Model 3 and now I'm trying to sell the rack for my old Model S (2013). I bought the rack last year, it's still in very good condition, but obviously it doesn't fit the...
  8. tbwnm

    Model Y SR factory installed hitch bike rack recommendations

    With the recent $2K price reduction on the Model Y SR, I decided to add the factory hitch to my order mainly for transporting bikes. Would appreciate any recommendations for a bike rack that can hold (3) bikes. Specifically: (1) Fat Tire (weight approx. 40lbs) (1) Women's Hybrid (weight approx...
  9. J

    Like New Tesla Model X/Y Bike Hitch Rack w/ Ski / Snowboard Carrier - $625

    condition: like new make / manufacturer: Tesla / Yakima Bought 1.5 yrs ago but never ended up using between having a baby and COVID keeping us home bound and now turning our Model X in on its lease; our loss, your gain. Extremely sturdy and functional setup just in time for winter season...
  10. SisOne

    Precious Cargo: Securing bike inside vs. out

    I am an avid cyclist and every vehicle we own has a bike rack, however, I am reluctant to add hardware to the roof of my new MS. I have a custom Ti Seven road bike and a carbon Argon18 gravel bike, which means that a cargo solution would help keep these sweet wheels more secure. I have...
  11. D

    Hitch cover suggestions?

    I put my bike rack on and off at least once and typically twice a week. The current hitch cover is a pain to take it off and put it back. I also have a feeling that I am going to break the plastic snaps after a while. Obviously, one solution is permanently remove the hitch cover but annoyed by...
  12. Lee K.

    Road Trip Range with Bike or Cargo Rack

    Sorry if this is redundant. A search did not find any similar threads. We are taking our first real road trip in our 2019 Model X. We are considering a Cargo Tray Hitch Rack or a Hitch Bike Rack with 2 bikes. Both would be under the recommended 120lb max weight. Has anybody kept track of...
  13. gidster99

    Tesla Model 3 UK Manual Towbar Accessory Limit of 55Kgs

    I am not sure if anyone can help me ... I need to find out when the UK Manual added the tow bar limit of 55Kgs for accessories. I am not sure how I can establish this given that the manual is online. In particular, I am trying to find out if this limit was already in the manual prior to January...
  14. L

    Model 3 with 5 bikes

    Model 3 with 5 bikes. Tesla factory roof rails (Model 3 Roof Rack). Two Yakima HighSpeed bike carriers on the roof (HighSpeed | Fork Mount Bike Rack | Yakima Racks). A Stealth Hitch (stealthhitches.com) installed on the back (DIY) with a 1 Up 3-tray Heavy Duty bike carrier (1UP USA | OFFICIAL SITE).
  15. VandalSibs

    Model 3 hitch install - Spokane

    Does anyone have recommendations on where in the Spokane area would be best to have an aftermarket hitch installed? I'm beginning my research on this (costs etc). Wouldn't be for towing, just for a bike rack. Thanks!
  16. ckarner

    Model 3 Roof Rack Price went up.

    Had it in my shopping cart yesterday at $450 first thing this morning try and checkout and get error. Refresh page and to my dislike $600 Model 3 Roof Rack
  17. Mtnrunner

    Perfect Platform Bike Rack for X

    After much research and attempting to accommodate the 120lb weight limit on the hitch for two mountain e-bikes I received the Yakima Dr.Tray today and with both eMTBs, with batteries removed, and the 34lb bike rack it clocks in at 111lbs. You can get it for a great deal now. I got mine in...
  18. C

    2016 Model X 90D with Bike & Ski Rack

    Love my Model X - having to sell it as I am moving out of the country ($69,500) 38,860 Miles, Excellent condition Tow Package with Yakima FullSwing (Hitch Mount 4 Bike Rack) & Yakima HitchSki (Dual-Function Hitch Rack and Ski/Snowboard Carrier) 20" Silver Wheels, Dual Motor All Wheel Drive...
  19. L

    Rear mounted bike rack

    I have a model X without the towing hitch. When I contacted Tesla about an after market hitch they informed me that this “wasn’t certified in the EU”??? With the Falcon doors a roof mounted rack seems incredibly risky, that leaves a rear mounted rack as the only viable choice. I’ve tried...
  20. T

    Whispbar roof rack and bike racks, from 2012 Model S

    Whispbar roof rack and 2x bike racks. It came from my 2012 Model S with sunroof, comes with all the necessary bolts, brackets, covers etc to install to the car. There are also keys to secure the bike racks once installed on the car. Looking at this forum, I'm guessing, $350 for the roof rack...
  21. V

    Bike Hitch Rack and Superchargers

    Planning to purchase a Thule Apex XT 5 to carry our 5 bikes. We might take some trips that require supercharging in Southern California. Are there any challenges with using this bike rack and fitting the Model X to supercharge? For 5 bikes, are there any other recommended bike hitch racks?
  22. plugsnotdrugs

    Model 3 Roof Rack - best bike attachment

    Hey Model 3 owners with roof racks, I've bought and installed the roof rack and love it - it was super simple and looks great. Now, I'm looking for a roof mounted bike rack system that will support 2 bikes (no issue if that means buying qty. 2 for optimal performance). I've seen a couple...
  23. eokie

    What roof mount bike rack are you using?

    I just had my roof rack installed today (service center did not charge, but the mobile service wanted $175 to install), and I am curious what bike rack everyone is using?
  24. L

    Car flex and losing a roof rack with bikes?

    I’ve had the Tesla Whispbar roof rack on my Model S for two years and used it on around 4,000 miles of trips with either two tandem kayaks or 4 bikes. I use Yakima JayLows for the kayaks and Yakima Front Loaders for the bikes. I’m pretty diligent about checking the system and take it off and on...
  25. shauna

    Hitch Bike Rack for Model 3?

    Does this exist? I see there is one for Model X, will it fit Model 3?
  26. ponzu

    Can I see photos of how you are using a bike water holder to hold the UMC plugged into NEMA 14-50?

    NEMA 14-50 outlet is getting installed today in the garage. I imagine I will have a say in which way it gets oriented: up, down or sideways. I assume it is generally agreed that suspending the UMC from the outlet is not a fantastic idea. Do most people angle their NEMA 14-50 outlets up, and then...
  27. R

    Thule Roof Rack Crossbars For Sale

    I recently traded my 2015 S for a 3. Now I have a Thule Roof Rack crossbars (and 2 Whispbar bike holders) that I'd like to sell. Apologies if this forum is not the right place. If that's the case, please point me in the right direction. Important detail - As I recall my S was manufactured...
  28. M

    Bike rack that fits a Model 3?

    I'm looking for a bike rack to put on the trunk (not hitch or roof) and I have found many that are on sale right now, but Im not sure if they'll fit or not. I looked on the company sites to see if any of them will fit my car, but they don't include Teslas in their lists. Has anyone had...
  29. S

    For Sale: Model S Roof Rack and Whispbar Bike Carriers

    Replaced my Model S with a new Model S that doesn't have a Panoramic roof so these excellent products are not compatible with my new car. This is the best way to carry your precious bikes in style. They are incredibly well made. The racks are also compatible with Whispbar cargo carriers...
  30. L

    Recommendations for trailer hitch installation in Massachusetts area

    I own a Tesla Model S75D late 2016 model. I am looking for some recommendations for getting the echohitch installed in the Massachusetts area. I plan to just use the hitch for bikes and would appreciate thoughts from people who have done it before. Thanks a bunch!
  31. Z

    Yakima Rack and Roll Trailer hauling bikes

    I need to haul five bikes around. Before buying the Model X I put four bikes on a 1up rack and put one bike on a roof rack. Roof racks don't work well on the X so now I'm looking at trailers. Yakima is the best trailer I've found so far (I'm open to other suggestions.) I liked the fact that...
  32. H

    Model X, Bike Rack

    Looking to buy a sparingly used bike rack for a Model X, we have a two inch hitch receiver, looking for one preferably the swingaway type thay Yakima and Thule make, or if there are any others that one would recommend. Would need to hold at least three bikes, preferably four. Anyone having one...
  33. T

    Question for folks with EcoHitch installed on Model S

    Hi everyone, I recently got an EcoHitch installed on my 2016 Model S. For those of you who have had this or a similar hitch installed on your Model S, how do you protect the underside of your vehicle? The L shaped hitch protrudes from the bottom of the car for which the installer had to cut out...
  34. R

    Bike carrier

    Has anyone installed a trailer hitch to the Model S for the express purpose of using it as a bicycle carrier? I have read in American threads that Torklift makes a hitch for the MS called EcoLift. Canadians price is about $800 then installation but where would be a location with experience?
  35. T

    Bike Racks or Hitch Rack/System Ideas for MS

    Hi everyone, I am curious as to what bike racks do folks highly recommend for use with the Model S? Please let me know the brand name and model number for a 2 or more bike rack that worked well for you. Currently I have a Thule Bike Rack but its getting old and I am wondering if there are...
  36. ForeverFree

    Trying to Convince Myself to Upgrade from 85D to 100D ...

    ... but have failed so far. Extra 65 miles of range actually would help. Drive LA (SFV) --> Mammoth (300 mi), LA <--> Palm Desert (280 mi one-day R/T). In winter, drive to Mammoth is affected by uphill (7000 ft, incl 4000 ft after final Supercharger) and cold. In summer, affected by uphill...
  37. MelaniainLA

    WTB: Model S Roof Rack and/or Bike carrier or Cargo Box

    Getting my Model S soon and looking for good working condition (used or new ok!): -Roof Rack System with all pieces -Cargo Box -Bike carrier(s) I'm happy to take one, two, or all three. Live in Los Angeles, willing to drive a bit or have shipped and able to pay cash. Thanks!
  38. Matt Stanley

    Model X Accessories...

    I have looking around the various Tesla forums lately and have not seen/heard any news about any of the Model X accessories except for the sun shade which I believe is now coming with cars when they are delivered. I am mainly looking for any information about the bike rack but I am sure there...
  39. Chris

    Whispbar and/or bike mount

    WTB Whispbar for MS. And bike mounts. (Need to haul the kids and two bikes around so trunk is not an option)
  40. J

    Curved Model X Bike/Ski Rack

    I apologize in advance if this question has already been answered. During the Model X launch event, Elon (with the help of a young boy) demonstrated the ease of installing a hitch mounted bike/ski rack as shown in this video clip (60 seconds): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mqgBP57D6Io I...
  41. vangogh

    Nice Bike Rack for the X....

    Went on smoothly in <15 minutes (pretty good for the first time figuring things out)...LOVE IT...1UP USA.... 1UPUSA.com :: Home No hitch extension required....but hatch will hit bikes in both positions when opening if rack/bikes not tilted rearward.....
  42. S

    Whispbar hum - 65+mph

    Anyone use a whispbar and have/fix a hum when going over 65mph? I followed the install instructions to a T, and Tesla had to remove/reinstall it as well (sunroof cable broke, unrelated but resolved now) so I know that part is right. It was a tiny bit noisy, so I covered the width adjustment...
  43. N

    Roadster Rear Hitch

    Hi Team Tesla, I was wondering if anyone has put a bike rack or wheelchair rack on the back of their Tesla. If so, can you point me in the right direction? I’m looking into getting one made by an aftermarket company but if anyone out there has already done this and is happy with the outcome...