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  1. T

    Why did Tesla remove option to disable regenerative braking?

    I'm asking here instead of directly to Tesla because their only Contact Us options were for solar roofs or calling a store and neither of them knows.... While test driving the Model Y I noticed the regenerative braking was pretty aggressive. I called the sales person from the car to ask if I...
  2. R

    Overzealous ABS While Cornering

    Hey folks, I'm experiencing some odd behavior with my Model 3 Performance's brakes. Yesterday while exiting the highway on a clover-leaf offramp, I lightly hit the brakes and the ABS intervened to the extent that the brakes barely engaged. I came in pretty hot, but nothing out of the ordinary...
  3. J

    DIY Model Y winter brake maintenance

    Just wondering if anyone has done the winter brake maintenance on their model Y themselves yet? I figured the fronts would be the same as the X I have, where you knock out the pins with a punch but they're not it looks like the pads are held in by individual pins and the caliper bracket itself...
  4. P

    Model 3 LR vs Performance for 1-2 track days a year

    Hi everyone, I'm currently considering the M3 LR since I'd definitely get wheel/tire damage with the 20" wheels where I live (Boston). I'm thinking of the 18" aero wheels, and perhaps switching the wheel covers for the orbital covers! There's also a $2,500 rebate for EVs under 50k in...
  5. K

    Model 3 front Brembo Loaded Calipers NY

    I have a set of Brembo front brake calipers for a Tesla Model 3. Comes loaded with pads, no brake lines. For some reason the previous owner decided to paint them lime green. They came off my friends car. He got red calipers instead of repainting these. They are in perfect working order. Asking...
  6. G

    Concerns over Model 3 Performance brakes efficiency. How good is it? After market brakes?

    Hi I had a great opportunity to buy a brand-new model 3 performance from someone else. Apparently, he needs that money for his business. The car is arriving mid-late next month. Despite ordering the Performance model, I’ve never driven it. I’ve ridden in it. It was amazingly quick as my head...
  7. SeasonedTech

    Safe Jack - Jack Stands - Tesla S, 3, X, Y

    These are the racing red Safe Jacks brand, customized to work with Tesla Model S, 3, X, Y. You don't need the Tesla style jack pad; it comes with them! Purchased from Teslarati, normally they go for $545 shipped from Teslarati, yours for $500. Local pickup only (Bay Area, California) All 4 are...
  8. MountainPass

    Vendor Mountain Pass Performance - Black Friday Sale 2020!

    MPP Black Friday Starts Early Because 2020 Dear MPP friends, it’s the time of year you’ve all been waiting for! Oh sorry – not the end of the election, or the end of the pandemic – we’re talking about Black Friday! We generally have our largest sale of the year on Black Friday not just...
  9. awedio_femi

    FS: Model Y Performance Front & Rear Brake Calipers/pads/rotors Set

    Model Y Performance. Mileage: 2800 Items for sale: Front & Rear Calipers Front & Rear Rotors Front & Rear Brake lines & pads Front & Rear Shields Price: $3,500 + shipping.
  10. Vip

    Brake rotors

    Can someone confirm that the brake rotors are different on 2012-2016 vs 2017-present? Thanks
  11. K

    Warning! New Brake Pads and Discs after 13,000 miles

    Just visited service centre after noise coming from brakes. Model 3 performance 1 year old 13000 miles with full regen brake setting on. Needs new pads and discs at £800+ This is my 4th EV and first brake replacement so a bit shocked. Just a warning to others to switch full regen off from...
  12. G

    Question about Brake Usage

    Morning all. Picked up my TM3 LR AWD on Sunday and love it! Already paint corrected and applied ceramic coating. I have a question about the brakes. I was thinking last night about brake longevity with the regenerative braking (which is amazing by the way). Obviously, the brakes are going...
  13. E

    2013 Model S P85+ : Need New Brake Pads & Rotors

    Hi all - need your help on recommendations for ideal brake pads and rotors since the ones quoted from Tesla Service were way too expensive. This is what they are charging for my 2013 Model S P85+. TESLA SERVICE ESTIMATE Front Rotors Part #: 6006-420-00-A $240.00 each Rear Rotors Part #...
  14. E

    Recommendation for New Rotors & Pads for a 2013 Model S P90+ ?

    Searched forums and didn't find any recommendations for new rotors and brake pads. I've got a 2013 Model S (staggered 21" wheels) with 120k miles and need to replace all four rotors and pads. I just received an estimate from the SC and the total is $1,718.00 ($1290.00 for parts and $321 for...
  15. J

    Diy brake service

    My X90d is looking like it needs front brakes. I'm going to change the pads and rotors and bleed the system with the power bleeder. I'm looking for suggestions for rotors and pads since they sit in the car and have light use. Also does anyone know what the torque specs are for the caliper...
  16. M

    Awful loud scraping noise coming from tire/brake

    Hey guys. Yesterday I noticed an awful high pitch scraping noise coming from the right tire/brake in the back. Especially distinct when backing up and at low speeds. I couldn't find any stones or similar trapped by the brake disk. Tried driving around for a little bit to loosen possible stones...
  17. T

    Rhythmic rubbing/griding noise from brakes

    No, it's not a pebble ;) M3 performance with 10k miles. Any time the car is moving, I can hear a grinding, or rubbing noise from my front driver's side. I can hear it from inside the car while driving if it's quiet, but it's of course much more noticeable with the windows down, driving near...
  18. MountainPass

    Vendor Mountain Pass Performance SpaceX Launch Sale!

    SpaceX Launched Humans, So Let’s Have A Sale! I can’t tell you how impressed and amazed we are here at the accomplishments SpaceX continues to pump out – one after another. It is the ultimate motivation for us to look at ourselves in the mirror and say we aren’t doing enough – and it...
  19. AutobahnEV

    Vendor Tesla Model S OEM Front + Rear Red Tesla Brake Calipers Set of 4

    Pulled a very, very clean set of the red calipers off a 2015 P85+ I recently bought for parts. Selling the set for $900 complete and ready to rock. Remember, this is a $2700 upgrade from Tesla so now is the chance to snag them at a fraction of the cost! I will link my eBay listing for you...
  20. AdamMacDon

    WTB Model 3 Performance Brakes

    Looking to buy the entire brake setup for a Model 3 Performance, not too worried about the condition of the pads, I'll probably replace them, but rotors need to be in decent shape without any obvious scoring or warping. I'll also consider buying only one axle if that's all you have. I need at...
  21. David29

    Conflicting parking brake failure messages

    In the past few days, my 2015 Model S has displayed two messages I had never seen before. The first time, it said the parking brake did not engage when I parked it, and warned that the car might roll away. This struck me as curious because I would think that the PARK feature would hold it in...
  22. boostftw

    FS: Model 3 AWD MPP BIG BRAKE KIT w/ TRACK PADS - $1500

    Location:San Jose (local pickup only) Price:$1500 I'm selling my AWD Mountain Pass Performance BBK Rotors 365mm front rotors and MPP track pads. They were mounted on my P3D- (stealth) and will also fit regular AWD models. Literally new... no track/mountain runs or anything. I've decided to go a...
  23. beastmode13

    BeastMode13's Dual Purpose P3D Build Journey

    I have the curse of being an enthusiast that can't just leave things alone. Perhaps a few of you out there can relate to this. :) After starting several threads on installations and track performance related FYI, I find myself going back to those threads time and time again when I'm working...
  24. P

    Long storage...any service required?

    Just home from a 6 week absence. Stored my M3 SR+ as advised by many (plugged in; charge set at 50%; wheels over inflated; and carpet under wheels). Now that I am home (and not really surprised) I am noticing some 'stickiness/tightness' on my first (short and slow) drive - wheels and breaking...
  25. I

    New Model 3 Brakes are Noisy

    I got my Model 3 LR AWD at the end of December. Since picking up the car, I've noticed that the brakes are noisy, emitting a scraping sound. Its mostly noticeable when going slower, like in stop and go traffic. When I brought it up with my Service Advisor, he said its completely normal and all...
  26. RedModel3

    Brake Hold question

    I've searched and cannot find an answer to this specific question. When Hold is engaged, will it stop the car from moving forward if hit from behind? In the old days of drivers' ed. classes, we were always taught to keep our foot on the brake pedal when stopped in traffic, just in case some...
  27. G

    Brakes in San Diego

    Need new pads and rotors in San Diego. Anyone have any recommendations for a good shop in San Diego? $973 seems steep from Tesla Service...am I wrong?
  28. T

    Question about aftermarket Volks wheels

    Hi all, Quick question: will 18" Volks CE28 wheels by Rays Engineering clear the calipers on a Model 3 Performance? I have a set of these wheels from my last car (Subaru STi), and I'll be getting a M3P in January! I would REALLY love to use these wheels (as winters) since they are super light...
  29. M

    M3P Track Part Out

    Hi All, Life changes have dictated that I hit pause on my track endeavors for the time being. As a result, I will be returning my car to stock and selling the following parts (parts have less than 250 miles on them and are essentially brand new): Motion Control Suspension (MCS) Motorsport...
  30. Socalautoart

    Tesla art

    instagram and facebook: socalautoart
  31. Socalautoart

    Tesla Art

    instagram and facebook: socalautoart
  32. bakerboy

    So Cal Front Brake Job

    Has anyone in the So Cal area found a shop to do the brakes on a MS? I'm getting the little squeal from the front brakes, so I'm assuming its hitting the indicator clip. I have a 2013 P85 non red calipers, does anyone have part numbers for pads and/or rotors? I currently do not have the tools...
  33. KManS

    Model 3 Performance DIY Brake Job

    I still have to pen the associated article, but I have put the video online at YouTube. Enjoy!
  34. R

    Model 3 20" Sport Wheels cause brakes to squeak

    I have a LR RWD Model 3 that came with the 18" Aero wheels. For the past year of owning it, I've been wanting sport wheels. Finally, in April, I bit the bullet and bought the Tesla 20" sport wheels from another Tesla owner. They were brand new and only had about 500 miles on them. Once I put...
  35. MountainPass

    Vendor Mountain Pass Performance Weekend Sale!!!

    We The North – Here’s 10% Off, No Hard Feelings As most of you know, we’re located in Toronto, Canada. Well, last night our Toronto Raptors defeated the Golden State Warriors in the NBA finals to take home their first ever championship! Now we’re not huge basketball fans, but we don’t want...
  36. S

    All Jaguar I-Paces in US being recalled for brakes

    Thought this was interesting. There's A Serious Problem With The Jaguar I-Pace Car's been out in the market for a bit now. Husband had someone park next to him in one. Seem to recall Consumer Reports splashing braking issues about the Model 3 when it first came out all over the news and...
  37. jyalpert

    Horrendous brake feel

    Stock brakes on the M3 standard RWD feel horrendous. Non-linear feel, inspires trepidation rather than confidence. They feel like really cold racing brakes. Even my wife commented on this. Hasn't gotten any better in 1mo of ownership. I saw other threads on this but no solutions. Is this...
  38. Cloxxki

    Nordschleife BTG lap, Model 3 Performance

    https://electrek.co/2019/04/09/tesla-model-3-performance-nurburgring-race-track/ A nice first look, something many recovering petrol heads have been waiting for. NOT driven in Track Mode here. The updated P brakes do overheat within minute, driver decides to take it easier. So we don't know...
  39. UnpluggedP


    Great news for Model 3 Owners looking for more braking performance! We’ve been working closely with Brembo for many years and they recently visited us to give a presentation of the Brembo Model 3 big brake kit. As many of you know, Brembo makes the brakes on the Model 3 Performance and this is...
  40. J

    P100D Brakes

    Question to the group - I purchased a new MX P100D in September. I have had a MS and an M3 in the past. The brakes in the P100D seem like they are no better (actually worse IMO) than both the MS and M3. Are they actually supposed to be higher quality brakes on the Performance models or is the...
  41. Daniellane

    Great Tip! Squeaky Brakes easily fixed!!!

    I had a Ranger come out last week. Fantastic service... I learned a few new things I thought I’d pass on, most importantly how to silence squeaky brakes. In addition to pairing the 2 new key fobs with the new improved 80 bit encryption that I had ordered, he was swapping my wheels out for the...
  42. P

    San Diego mod shop?

    Looking for an experienced Tesla mod shop (not body or paint) in San Diego. Likely going to upgrade the brake pads, rotors and a couple hoses with the Mountain Pass upgrades. I could probably do the rotors and pads but would prefer not to mess with the brake fluid. I didn’t expect my new...
  43. O

    Brake line layout Model S with electric booster

    Does anyone know what the brake line layout is of the Model S that has an iBooster? I know the master cylinder has two outputs and each caliper has two bleed screws. But how is the routing in between? Hope someone has this info and perhaps even a diagram. Thanks in advance.
  44. MJVZ

    Who do you recommend for brake caliper painting in NE OHIO?

    Who do you recommend for brake caliper painting in NE OHIO? Thank you.
  45. M

    Constant creaking/croaking sound when brakes are applied. Audio included.

    Help identifying constant creaking croaking sound when brakes are applied. Audio included It's been 30 days since we took delivery of the 75 model. Everything else is great, but within 3 weeks I started hearing a rubbery creaking/croaking sound every time I... 1) Turn the wheel depressing the...
  46. H

    Red Calipers to fit 2015 P85D

    I am looking for OEM Red Calipers.
  47. D

    TM3 falls short of CR recommendations due to worst emergency braking

    Tesla Model 3 Falls Short of a CR Recommendation
  48. Veritas1980

    You should use your brakes

    So I just had my first service done (20.000 km) and everything was great, except for one thing. Apparently I should use my brakes more. According to the service center, using the brakes very little (what can I say, I love one pedal driving) could cause them to be worn in an unbalanced way...
  49. Bheuring

    Doing a brake job myself help please

    I plan on attempting a break job this weekend .I also am thinking about painting the brake calipers. I have yet to find any instructions or videos on how to do this if anyone knows of any please send me a link. If I do not find any I may make a video of me doing this thanks for any help.
  50. mahulkp

    Totally lost the brakes!

    The other week I came out on Monday morning and sat in the car to go to work. When I pressed the brake pedal went straight down to the floor. No resistance whatsoever. No fading or the like, the car stood still. No braking effect at all. After a few pumping the pedal pressure came back and the...

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