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  1. E

    Playing audio/video while driving

    Hi, I'm working on an app that allows users to play audio/video while the car is moving. I'm able to achieve this through low level browser APIs. I have a demo available here: FSD Theater My end goal is to allow users to play any video (Youtube, IPTV, etc) from their phone, but I'm kind of...
  2. Gwgan

    Sending URL to browser

    Used to be able to open a URL in a calendar event note but no longer. Any other way?
  3. EtherMN

    Browser locking up

    Why is my web browser always locking up when I’m parked and trying to view a chart on TradingView.com. It works for 30 seconds and locks up. The only fix is to reboot the whole system. Happens every time…
  4. Jimt29

    Question About Web Browser

    I was/am under the impression that the Model Y has its own WiFi built in so I can use the browser outside of being parked in my garage. I tried using the browser and I get a request for WiFi information and there I’m stuck. I was in a McDonald’s parking lot. Am I wrong in my assumption? Or...

    I can't login to YouTube

    I can't log into YouTube from the web browser. I can sign in name but not password.
  6. f205v

    website suggestion

    So, finally I got my HW3 + MCU2 upgrade, and after 3+ years of car ownership I have a working web-browser. What are the must-have sites in my bookmarks? I already set up ABPR, but I'm sure many of you have some hidden gems to share... TIA
  7. BrownMS

    2019.32.12.7 browser working again

    This morning after downloading the new update last night got in the car and opened sketchpad and then browser and it instantly opened up tesla waze for me I was shocked. This is a 13 non ap mcu1 car hope it keeps working now
  8. BZM3

    Browser Video Streaming - Seems to be working now!? (Also Youtube TV!)

    So I've definitely tried this several weeks ago and it didn't work, but I had some extra time today and was playing around and decided to visit Twitch.tv on my Tesla Browser and low and behold, I was able to stream live feeds! Several weeks ago when I first tried, an error popped up saying...
  9. B

    Browser freezing to white screen

    My Model X has had the browser freeze to a white screen about weekly since I have owned it. It has been to Tesla twice including right now for this and some other issues. My loaner car is a 2014 Model S and it has done the same thing! This must be a generic problem. You do the 2 scroll wheel...
  10. Phil V

    MCU1, moeten we de browser als ‘lost in action’ beschouwen?

    De browser van MCU1 is altijd een zorgenkindje geweest, maar tot ongeveer een jaar geleden was die nog enigszins bruikbaar (vaak in de file op het TMC-forum vertoefd op die manier). Nu geeft hij er na ongeveer de derde site de brui aan en blokkeert. Alleen een reboot via de scrollwieltjes brengt...
  11. drewpost

    Apple Music via Browser

    Apple have just put up a new web based version of Apple Music Apple Music I have an SR+ without Premium connectivity so I can't test this myself but could you load this in the car and stream Apple Music whilst driving?
  12. jebinc

    UI - Web Browser Keyboard

    Hello all! I've noticed that my web browser keyboard disappears at times when changing input fields on a given web page. I also noticed that some web page pop in scroll selection windows are not accessible with the Tesla browser or keyboard. Questions: 1. Why does the keyboard disappear when...
  13. C

    Keyboard disappears when making selections using browser

    When I touch the screen to put text in a different box (like from Subject to Email Body) or from Email address to Password on a log in, the keyboard disappears. The only way I've found to bring it back up is to touch the size or font choice (in emails) or to click Submit even though I haven't...
  14. Lex

    MCU1 browser on 2019.82.2 (and above ?) no longer responds. BSOD

    Is it just me ? I created a service appt. but I suspect I'll get a phone call before the date. In the past it crashed after some use but now browser starts blank and never recovers. Blank Screen of Death ! BSOD. I spent around an hour swiping away years of NAV destinations, and still have an...
  15. Haxster

    I bought a 6 digit car...not a video game.

    It seems that every other recent update has to do with some enhancement to games or other entertainment distractions. I'd really like Tesla to prioritize updates to vehicle operability...better navigation, autopilot, internet browser, or user interface (how about a trunk release button on the...
  16. Col_DB

    Browser to Support YouTube

    What is he latest on an update to the browser to allow the playing of YouTube videos, ETC? Col D
  17. Padelford

    Current time issues in AP 2.0 browser?

    I'm trying to run A Better Route Planner (ABRP 3.7) in my 2017 MX. The current version runs reasonably well, but when it develops a route, the times for start, at waypoints and at arrival are shown as "NaN's" (Not a Number for those without computer experience). The duration time of the...
  18. JohnnyZzzzz

    Calendar - Cisco Webex links missing

    When I open details in my calendar, I have numerous Webex Meetings. The calendar view on my screen has removed all the links to join the webex meeting. Any line with a link that would allow me to launch the webex meeting using the system browser are gone but of course still in the original...
  19. mrfra62

    Update 2019.12.1.2 & crash scherm, websites & apps

    sinds de update 2019.12.1.2 crasht mijn scherm als ik de web browser gebruik. Niet alle sites doen dat. Maar bijvoorbeeld plugshare doet dat wel. Voor die update kon ik plugshare.com gewoon via de browser aan. De website tesla.plugshare.com geeft melding dat de browser niet compatibel is, maar...
  20. O

    HW1 Model S Browser Fail

    I have a nearly 4 year old Model S, so its still under warranty. Ive owned it for about a 6 months. The internet browser has never worked properly for me. The SC seems incapable of fixing the issues. Im on 2019 firmware. Am I being unreasonable, expecting this issue to be resolved by Tesla?
  21. M

    You have the most advanced car in the world. Take advantage of it.

    Hi everyone, My name is Marc Pujol and I have developed Teslastics (https://teslastics.com), a platform to track and analyze your Tesla. Once you create an account and link your car, it will capture every single drive and charge. You will be able to access them and see their details in charts...
  22. A

    Model 3 browser doesn't want to load - Ontario

    Hello, I've received my Model 3 last week. Since then I've tried to use the internet browser a handful of times, but I have noticed that half the time it won't load the page and just stuck on a black page, even though LTE connection at full strength. I'm in Toronto, Ontario. Anyone else...
  23. P

    v9 browser only works sometimes

    So I was very excited to see that v9 introduced the web browser that I had in my Model S (albeit not the most effective one). I was initially quite pleased as it seemed to work much better than the browser in the Model S. However, I've come to realize that the browser only works sometimes. When...
  24. J

    Version 9 Documentation

    After the Version 9 install, the Owner's Manual and Release Notes are blank, and the browser is inoperative. I could find no description at all regarding the update, until I finally happened on this site - thought it might be helpful to others who may find themselves in the same situation...
  25. S

    Browser stopped working - blank screen?

    I use my browser on a regular basis, today it only showed a blank screen no matter what site I tried to load. Resetting the MCU didn’t help. S100D MCU1 AP2.0 2018.26 Anyone see the same issue?
  26. GeekLad

    0-60 Test App for the Tesla Web Browser

    I've been tinkering with a little experiment to calculate stats for 0-60, quarter mile time, and other stats via a web app used with the Tesla web browser. Because the browser API for the GPS only updates at 1Hz, the actual values need to be interpolated. I need the help of anyone and everyone...
  27. Cripps

    Browser won’t load any websites after car wakes up

    For a Canadian delivery, March 2018 build, new MCU, 2018.18 software, I find that if the car has been left idle for a while (over an hour say), on return to the car, it is not possible to load any sites in the web browser. Pick a favourite, type in A URL, the browser does nothing. The other...
  28. fasteddie7

    Yup! Better touchscreen and browser is here!

    What a huge improvement! This is the update we have been waiting for. Wonder how this compares to mcu2?
  29. M

    When on TMC, which app do you use?

    I asked this to myself a while ago when @Phillip L said this Now I use TMC with iPad, on Chrome, and I can easily get links up here. Is there an app for TMC, or are there any other app recommendations?
  30. J

    Use of Web Browser

    One of the apps in the Model S is the web browser. When I access it and type in a url it is unable to go to that page. I have an internet connection in the car because the car is updated when needed and it the Spotify, iTunes and Tune In apps all work, accessing the internet. Has anyone got...
  31. Tesomega

    What is your In-CAR network speed connected to home WIFI?

    I have not received any new firmware updates for 2 months now; sent an email to Tesla Customer Service - no response. Trying to find any issues with my WIFI network as i hear the 2018.6.1 update is bigger than 600mb. I am only getting 3.2 Mbps through the car. Connected to the same network from...
  32. S

    Twitter on the Tesla Browser

    Hi. New to the forum (and Tesla). Tried to search this on the Tesla forum site and here - but sans success. Is there a way to get my twitter feed on the Tesla browser? The Twitter homepage lets me input my user name but not password. Any ideas?? Thanks!
  33. BigTaro

    Web browser doesn't support lets encrypt certificates

    So, I accepted delivery on December 16th, and have been loving every minute of my Tesla. I had a strange issue, where the web browser would load most things fine (although slow as molasses even on Wifi), except for a few sites (including ones that I have created). All of the other internet...
  34. D

    Microsoft One Note

    Do anyone know why you can't log onto Microsoft One Note on the Tesla browser? Daz
  35. D

    Wiki Definitive List of Tesla Friendly Browser Apps/Pages

    I've been searching the forum and found a mish-mash of lists of Tesla browser friendly sites. I'd love for the mods to change this post to a wiki in the hope that others can add to the list. Please keep this list restricted to websites or apps that are customized for the Tesla browser. Try to...
  36. GeekLad

    Cross-origin Websockets Disallowed in Tesla Model S Browser?

    The car's browser does allow websockets, and I confirmed via https://www.websocket.org/echo.html. I was messing around a bit with the Pushbullet API to try to send notifications to a page loaded in the car's browser. I was able to build a very simple HTML/JavaScript page that connects to the...
  37. V

    Tesla browser simulator on the Mac

    Hi, I was wondering whether there's a Tesla browser simulator for the Mac. The guys of Tesla Apps | Premier Dashboard Experience For Your Tesla Model S, Tesla Model X, Tesla Model III | Powered by Evolved Vehicle Environments did a wonderful job to create a web application that runs in the...
  38. D

    Calendar is nice... but how long until we get basic playlist access?

    The calendar is okay, found it amusing at first but now bugs me every time I get back into my other vehicles when I still (after almost a year now) cannot access or control my playlists the way I can on ALL my other (older) vehicles, and from different manufacturers, some touch display, some...