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  1. Jamezam

    Bugs and Issues Share

    I haven't really seen a dedicated bug and issue thread anywhere, so I wanted to list a few of mine in no particular order. 1. When you expand your driving visitation to full screen the Music/Trip/PSI Card does not have an option to minimize it. It can only be minimized when the driving...
  2. TydalForce

    Cleaning Off Dead Insects

    Ah I tried searching to see if this was discussed before, but "bugs" brings up a lot of "software bugs", and "insects" also returns results for "bugs"... I have a large graveyard of bugs splattered across the front of my Model 3, many from a recent cross-country road trip. I ran through the...
  3. Paul Leopardi

    2021.4.6 bugs

    Can anyone else with a Model 3 please verify that when you change the seat position you can no longer save it to your profile: "Save" is greyed out? What is the correct way to report this to Tesla? What other bugs have you noticed with 2021.4 and with 2020.4.6 in particular?
  4. steve841

    Model Y Specific Software Bugs Tesla Needs to Fix

    These appear to be software bugs I've come across. Simple fixes I'm sure... Coming from 2 Model S's, these issues were not present or were operationally much better than the Y. Can't speak for M3's, so feel free to chime in. I threw in excessive energy use. While this may not be a bug...
  5. B

    Model Y - Loose Coolant Valve Disabled Car

    I was driving my Model Y when all of a sudden, I got an error saying regenerative breaking temporarily reduced and then vehicle shutting down and a few other errors; I was unable to get the car into drive again. The car was towed into Tesla and their Service advisor told me it is related to...
  6. D

    2019.40.50.7 bug — unable to remove charging cable from charge port

    I need somewhere to keep track of all the bugs I find. But this is a bigger one. Charging at supercharger, pressed "Stop charging". Went outside, pressed the button on the plug, didn't unlock... Ok, went inside, pressed "Unlock" on the screen... nothing happens. Had to go inside the phone and...
  7. J

    Need to sort out some bugs in my Model S

    Literally... Bugs in the tail lights. Since day one. Maybe mossies from USA? How to remove?
  8. FalconFour

    Did you know the 3 heats the battery (actively) constantly while DC charging at any speed or temp?

    I bet you didn't. I'll bet you're thinking right now, "no, that's nonsense, that can't be right, let me get in this thread and tell this idiot off". Or maybe "what makes you think that, where'd you get that data?". Perhaps "no, that's just because DC charging causes the battery to heat up"...
  9. T


    Since there are so many fixes to this particular release, does anyone have a clue what the fixes actually fix? I just got an update 2019.32.12.7 but cannot find anything in details about what is being fixed, but that my main concern - the rear camera, is still a problem.
  10. Cogarch

    TACC target speed spontaneously changes

    I have in the past had problems with sudden deceleration caused by my accidentally brushing the RH scroll wheel determining TACC target speed. That was disconcerting enough but at least there was an obvious reason for it. Last night however towards the end of a 300 mile drive, much of it in...
  11. M


    Weird question. The last two days I’ve gone out to my car parked(in different spots) at work and found a large trail of ants going across the outside of the car to the front drivers side panel(immediately forward of the driver door, where it meets the windshield). I’ve checked inside and there...
  12. MountainPass

    Vendor How To: Perform Hard Reset on Tesla Model 3

    Hello friends! Sasha's music streaming stopped working for a full day last week, and after we got it back up and running using this procedure we realized it would be selfish to not share it with all of you. This guide will walk you through how to perform a hard reset on your Tesla Model 3...
  13. S

    Auto Pilot Controls disappeared

    On my way home today, I lost all AP controls. the car did not see any lane marking or other cars while I was driving home. Also the headlights are set to auto, and they were on according to the screen. Also Autopark and the parking sensor/backup camera works. Any ideas ? Bug maybe ? I am 12.1.2...
  14. gnuarm

    Ludicrous Mode from Easter Egg Screen

    I was showing the car to a friend the other day and to illustrate Musk's playfulness I showed him the Easter Egg screen and touched the Ludicrous Mode icon. It brought up the star field and then prompted for something like, "Bring it on" and "I want my mommy". Not wanting to turn on Ludicrous...
  15. B

    Spotify Bugs

    For months now I have been unable to use Spotify on the Tesla Account. This started happening last year after a software upgrade. I have contacted my local Tesla dealer and they just say that it is a widespread well known problem and there is nothing they can do about it. What do we have to do...
  16. fredsa

    Help improve Tesla interface - ideas, feature requests, bug reports

    Dear Tesla owners who love their cars (yes, I know that you!), You probably have a few ideas on what would make our car even better... If only Tesla did this or that in the next software update. Wouldn't that be great? To help all of us get organized, I've created a website to do just that...
  17. aikisteve

    My personal top 10 bugs and quirks in v9.0 (2018.42.2)

    Usually, I'm quite positive about Tesla and the way we get problems resolved and updates that make our cars better over time. But there are times when an update is not a good thing and some bugs and quirky things pop up, so your car briefly becomes worse. Since I'm not afraid to share the less...
  18. G

    Rear view camera bug - please be aware

    I usually have the rear-view camera constantly running on the upper half of my screen and use it as my main rear view display while driving since the actual rear view mirror has pretty obstructed view. Love the wide-angle view from the camera and how it picks up the blind spots well. Couple...
  19. singleview

    1 year service?

    So my Model S is a little over a year new. I think I should take it in for service. Couple of things in my mind: I believe there was a recall notice that was non-urgent some months back I had heard that some Model S vehicles may qualify for a performance boost update that needs to be done at...
  20. S

    Experiences getting Tesla to resolve autopilot / EAP issues?

    Has anyone with "WTF" or "stop trying to murder me autopilot" experience (e.g. AP1 or AP2 starts leaving lane with clear markings into highway divider) raised issue with Tesla and they've resolved it? please share your experience working/dealing with tesla, process you used to ensure issue...
  21. fasteddie7

    OMG the bugs!

    I needed to take a four hour road trip from PA to Ohio. Upon arriving and looking at the front of my white model s, I now feel like there are extinct insect species as they are now on the front of my car. Anyone who has experience, are chemical bug and tar removers safe on the sensors up there...
  22. BLKMDL3

    Model X Road Trip and bug guts.

    For some reason the Model X attracts bug like heck. On every road trip I have my whole front splattered with bugs. Even if I drive around LA there is a few bugs on the front within a few days of washing. Have you guys experienced the bug invasion of your front bumper. Here is a pic of Yosemite...
  23. SoCal Tsla

    How I reproduce the Model X Homelink failure and my analysis

    Greetings my friends! I've been posting videos on my Tesla Model X everyday since I get the car. Yesterday I was able to reproduce a Homelink failure happened before. Let me know if you guys tried to reproduce it with your garage door opener as well and what you found!
  24. Jswlim

    Known software limitations / bugs

    Hi all, I sent my new MS into service today on a few minor issues. One of them was Auto wipers not working as expected. Basically they just wipe and don't stop even when its dry and on "Auto". The service rep checked around and came back saying its a known bug on HW2 cars and will be fixed in...
  25. beths11

    Best product for removing tree sap/bugs?

    What have you found works best to remove trees sap from the car's exterior and doesn't damage the finish?
  26. thenaimis

    Music Player is Pretty Terrible

    Part 1, wherein I marvel at the 8.0 firmware's "shuffle" feature as it turns ~7000! to ~4. (There will be a part two, I just need to make time to sit in the car and rant into a camcorder for a while)
  27. Hengist

    Model X: Issues and Answers

    Suggesting a sticky thread of interesting issues that have been encountered with the Model X. Here's my two: 1. Charge port would not open when I pressed the front of it. There is a small "bumper" in the front corner of the charge port. That is where the switch for the press to open function...
  28. rickgt

    new software bug?

    I have installed 2.13.77 and it solved the charging issue. BUT, it introduced a new bug... whenever I start the car, the audio (which used to start up from whatever it was on before parking) is silent. the screen shows beginning choices like source. If I use the right click wheel and reselect...
  29. K

    BUG: After summon car does not open/unlock immediately

    MSNOW, KORT677, and Korben all have seen this behavior. Not yet spent time to characterize. Anyone else seeing it?
  30. K

    Vote on software features/bugs to fix in 7.1 and beyond

    I don't think the current method of writing posts in this forum or tweeting at Elon is going to yield consistent results. However, if we can start developing and culling an idea list then it might be more powerful and we would hopefully see some very positive change that is sourced in a way...
  31. M

    Appeal for help: touchscreen overheating and 120V charging in a California garage

    Fellow Tesla fans, I usually don't turn to the forums for help, but I'm stumped and could use some real-world feedback to see if my issue is isolated or a larger problem. Some background: I received my P85 in December of 2012. I'll also be honest that I'm a huge fan of Tesla. That aside...
  32. Andrew

    Bug: FLAC metadata not showing up in Folder view

    I've started ripping my CDs to FLAC, thanks to the great conversations at TMC about FLAC and better audio quality (thanks, all!). However, I had been tearing my hair out trying to figure out why the metadata (artist, album, track number) wasn't showing up on either screen. Both Foobar2000 and...