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  1. S

    Stealth Gray

    Tesla now offers STEALTH gray. I originally ordered metallic gray, but just received an updated agreement showing stealth gray.
  2. C

    Model Y colour change after ceramic coat?

    I’m considering deep metallic blue for my new MY. I saw a post here where someone ceramic coated their DMB MY and the blue appeared slightly darker and I really dig the colour! I’ve read on articles that ceramic doesn’t really alter the colour. For those of you who know anything/have a...
  3. 8

    Like your black Model Y?

    I have an opportunity to buy a black 2022 LRMY freshly delivered, not used, for about $1000 more than my late July- late August EDD for my preferred blue color. I do live in a warm climate, but blue is pretty dark, too. I’ve never owned a black car and am feeling a bit reluctant about getting...
  4. P

    Which video is more similar to Tesla's red in real life?

    Hi everyone! I'm currently deciding between red and white for a M3P and I came across two videos of red Model 3s where the red kind of looks a bit different (I guess the videos' color grading was different). I was wondering if anyone knew which one was more representative of the M3 in real life...
  5. CoastalCruiser

    Has anyone taken delivery who ordered BLACK paint when BLACK was the base color?

    Just curious if Tesla honored the black color at no charge. Or did they offer you only white at no charge? Or did you have the option to take B or W at no charge? Sorry if this has been asked and answered. Kind of a hard question to search on!
  6. B

    Color options for Cybertruck

    While I'm not sure they'll include any color options, I'm planning on wrapping my Cybertruck and was just messing around in photoshop. Just thought I'd share this to get an idea for different colors. ;)
  7. iamroy

    Deep Blue Metallic - Show me pictures of your car today!

    I ordered a Deep Blue Metallic Model 3 a couple of days ago. Show me some pictures of yours to help me pass the time!
  8. SaniDel

    Unusual Color Model X

    Followed an eye-catching Model X in Greenville Delaware, but didn't get a picture. The color was "bronze-metallic" ... lighter than brown, darker than copper ... or if you prefer ... lighter than espresso, darker than latte, but definitely metallic. Was such color ever available from Tesla ...
  9. A

    Color correction from Model 3 TeslaCam videos

    The TeslaCam (dashcam/sentrycam) functionality is valuable, but the resulting videos have horrible and un-lifelike color. I know the primary purpose of the cameras is for the machine to see, not for us, but still, I want the best color possible when sharing videos. Has anyone had any particular...
  10. P

    Pictures of midnight silver metallic 'after tinting'

    Does anyone have a midnight silver metallic model X with tinted windshield and windows? If so, can you please post the pictures here? We are trying to choose between white and midnight silver. I think white looks better after tinting but my wife and my son like midnight silver. There are...
  11. S

    Pearl White Multi-Coat Paint

    Love my Pearl White Multi-Coat Model 3. Since not everyone has a nearby Store to visit and maybe not the opportunity to see this paint color in person otherwise, thought I’d try to show a close up of the paint. White is hard to photo but think the light is good in this shot. Definitely not a...
  12. B

    Custom Ambient Lighting Project

    Hi all, I just dropped off my Model 3 Performance to get some custom interior lighting. I thought I was a genious at designing a custom fiber optic lighting system but literally in the last day someone posted a video that is exactly what I am doing in my Model 3. Same product and the same...
  13. Rogue Synapse

    Why are all car paint colors so boring?

    This is not unique to Tesla. Paint colors have gotten so boring. I've been more attuned to colors ever since starting to seriously shop for a Model S. This made me take notice that on my drive to work today, other than my car, virtually every car I saw had absolutely no color. Every car was...
  14. S

    How to change the color of car showed on the screen?

    I bought the blue X, but I want the os user interface to change the color from blue to white. I have asked many after-sales service staffs, they all said it can't be changed. But I noticed that when they help the car owner to replace 20 inch wheel with 22 inch whell, they can change the pic of...
  15. S

    How to change the color of car showed on the screen?

    I bought the blue X, but I want the os user interface to change the color from blue to white. I have asked many after-sales service staffs, they all said it can't be changed. But I noticed that when they help the car owner to replace 20 inch wheel with 22 inch whell, they can change the pic of...
  16. I

    Introducing Neptune’s X

    Though about it for awhile, then just decided to take the plunge Had my year old X dipped with Autoflex 2017 100D black from the factory named Black Magic, Now transformed into Neptune’s X. She’s a moody one from blues and emeralds to turquoise and royal purple. I’m quite amazed at all the tones...
  17. dshen54

    Paint Protection - Autoflex M3 concept silver during the reveal + Colored Aero Wheels NY

    Took a lot of time deciding weather I wanted xpel again on my new tesla vs auto-flex and weighing the pros and cons, I went with auto-flex this time and was deeply impressed. I really liked the silver from the Tesla reveal and finally got the color match just like the concept silver they did...
  18. BobtheV

    California versus paint colors

    As I slowly save for my MS I have wondered when the cars will become available in more colors. Instead the selection has actually grown smaller. This has been dismaying for me. Also the red color is a bit duller than I would prefer. It recently crossed my (alleged) mind that the colors may be...
  19. L

    VIN Colors

    I keep having to post this chart across many threads, So I will keep updating this sheet and posting here.
  20. EvolutionTeʂla

    Tinting/colouring interior lights in Model S

    Hey guys. Has anyone ever tried tinting their interior lights a different colour? I'm not a fan of the super bright orange dome lights, especially when paired with the cool ambient and Abstract Ocean footwell lights, but unfortunately no one seems to sell different coloured LED bulbs for the...
  21. jkirkwood001

    What colour will Tesla add in year 2/3 to boost sales?

    Since many of us are frustrated and whiney about not getting their Model 3 yet and before the US rebate threshold is reached (don't blame Tesla about the fed and state govs' limited incentives for green energy), let's speculate about something safe! Which colour ("color" in 'murikin) do you...
  22. M

    $TSLA speeding up Model 3 production, with 7 different colors. Will this become true?

    Tesla is speeding up the production of the upcoming Model 3. The car will be coming in 7 different colors and is expected to be have a price tag of about $35,000. So will this come true?
  23. ahirbe

    Model S Interior?

    I am looking to purchase a 2014/15 Model S soon and am in a big debate about the interior...I have the exterior nailed down to these choices: Grey Metallic Paint Midnight Silver Metallic Paint Obsidian Black Metallic Paint Solid Black Paint Titanium Metallic Paint Brown Metallic Paint But I am...
  24. Haxster

    Auto Insurance Car Color Profiling

    Tesla Auto Insurance Car Color Profiling and Key Risk Factors USII Confidential. DO NOT DISTRIBUTE COLOR: Profile - Risks Red: Aggressive - Higher accident rates and tickets Black: Gangsta - Bullet hole damage Dark Grey: Asphalt camouflage - Frontal collisions from other drivers not seeing...
  25. S

    What color option is this Model 3?

    Just wanted to double check with someone who may be more familiar, is this the metallic silver option that you see when you are in the Design Studio for an MS? Just trying to see if this is a current color option or one coming out with the M3. If anyone has it currently, it looks like more of a...
  26. KBurbridge14

    Why was Titanium given a death sentence?

    I'm still wondering why the Titanium color was removed as an exterior color selection. I've been kicking around different potential reasons since the announcement, but am still unconvinced. I ordered and received Titanium at the end of September and really like the color. I don't know if I...
  27. VerityZooms

    Meet Verity, the bubblegum-pink Model X

    Hi. This is Verity. She's been my dream car, well, basically since I first saw the Roadster in ~2008. The moment I saw a video of the Roadster, I said to a friend, “if these guys ever make an SUV, I'm in.” Fast-forward to February 8th 2012¹, when I watched the unveiling announcement of this...
  28. Mknac

    Model S brake color

    Are there any options to get colored brakes? Just ordered a S 75 in blue. I think yellow or fluorescent green brakes would look great with the blue. Or is this after market brakes or after market painting the brakes?
  29. RobertSeattle

    Does Tesla release stats on paint choices?

    I exported some data out of ModelXTracker and came up with this: Color Count Deep Blue 197 Midnight Silver 164 Pearl White 132 Obsidian Black 110 Titanium 109 Signature Red 89 White 84 Black 77 Red 67 Silver 55 Undecided/Not chosen 984 But of course this data just...
  30. P

    Excited, just ordered MX P90DL Decisions Decisions

    I am so excited that I finally pulled the plug on the order. I have until July 17 to finalize my options. First of all, I can't decide on color between blue and black. Wheels: I love the onyx black 22" wheels and don't like any of the 20" wheel designs. However I drive a lot in snow and would...
  31. X

    Picking the right color

    Picking the right color is something difficult. Seeing the cars in person may be difficult as the dealership may not have existing inventory in all colors. Then configuring the car on teslas website does not give very detailed pictures. Then comes the topic of keeping the car clean. In our...
  32. dwebb66

    Light or Dark headliner with Black Leather Seats

    I am one of the lucky 10,000 Production reservation holders that have been invited to configure. So far I have decided on all of the colors/options EXCEPT for the headliner. I am looking at the black leather seats, but I am having a hard time deciding if I want to 'lighten up' the interior or...
  33. P

    What are your Most Compelling Colors?

    I thought it would be cool if you guys would like to share your best Colors, and most compelling Photos. I'm really currently having trouble deciding on a color, I've looked all over the web for real life images under different lighting etc. and am still having trouble deciding. So I thought it...
  34. mnx

    Model S Photo Gallery

    Since someone was asking for a sticky for every colour of Model S, I decided a photo gallery makes a whole lot more sense. Home | Tesla Model S I've done a few colours so far but could use help compiling the rest of the colours. If anyone has some good photos of Model S in blue, white...
  35. M

    Suggestion Box: What colors would you like Tesla to add?

    Greetings, I think Tesla has selected an attractive set of colors for the Model S debut, but I am struck by the lack of any light/bright colors among the cars being delivered in 2012. (White and silver are certainly "light", but they are on the white/black spectrum -- I'm referring here to...
  36. H

    Need real-life pics of colors on design website!!

    I've sent in my configuration and I'm excited. But largely thanks to this website's thread on color choices and posts of real life pics from tour events. Tesla's got nothing! The design page color pictures are not even close to enough to make a decision. And locking in decisions is important...
  37. Norbert

    Photos 2012-06-24, Fremont, Model S on the Road

    Similar to the the thread in October 2011, I'll be posting photos here (only difference I'll keep placeholders on the first page so I can add all photos on the first page, meaning one doesn't have to search through pages of comments (and that one can comment more freely). Pearl white with...
  38. Right_Said_Fred

    Limited colour choice for Signature cars

    I reserved a Signature car (Europe) and was wondering if anyone knows why the Signature-series have a limited colour choice? Has Tesla ever said anything about that? I can imagine that, as they are being produced first, not all colours are available yet. But that would apply to American...
  39. PV4EV

    Model S custom colour mock-ups ..

    I am unsure what Tesla's policy will be on potential customers requesting custom paint colours, or perhaps asking to use some of the stunning metallic and chromatic paint effects that are now available. When I ordered my Roadster the company said it would be no problem to use any Dupont...
  40. NEWDL

    "Real" Model S Colors

    I figured we should start a thread that shows colors that Tesla has actually used on the Model S. The color simulator is nice, but based on nothing but the roadster color spread and maybe a few "I want to see what it looks like in..." colors. Here is a place to post photos of the Model S...
  41. tomanik

    ModelS Colors

    I've been waiting for someone to post pictures of the Model S in colors other than silver and white but got impatient. Anyway thought I would share; TESLA - Model S - Exterior Colors This is for entertainment purposes only :-) Update - July 4, 2010 Someone in the Owners Forum had...