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Hi. This is Verity.

She's been my dream car, well, basically since I first saw the Roadster in ~2008. The moment I saw a video of the Roadster, I said to a friend, “if these guys ever make an SUV, I'm in.” Fast-forward to February 8th 2012¹, when I watched the unveiling announcement of this f‌ucking … beast … of a vehicle.


Meanwhile, I'd always known I wanted a pink car. I'm well-known amongst my friends, colleagues, and enemies as ‘the pink guy’ — there's always pink stuff on my person, scattered around my house, associated with my work — and it was inevitable that my dream car would end up being the most silly imaginable colour. Supercar or no, this girl was definitely gonna end up pink. ;)



I've spent the better part of this year, on-and-off, researching: sourcing colour options, comparing the costs and benefits of various colourization methods. I considered a paint-job (but the part of me that was brought up fiscally conservative balked at that: what's the resale value of a pink car? Negative three hundred bucks, to get her towed to the junk-yard? /=), I researched wraps (but lord above, was I just gonna be That Guy²?) … and then I remembered the off-roading community's old obsession with Pasti-Dip³.

This was a rubberized, spray-on pseudo-paint that was originally popular to protect the tools people were using to work on their cars; it's probably no surprise somebody decided to spray it all over their truck. Most importantly, every person I'd known who dipped their car, would get bored with the colour in less than a year, and then do it all over again: this wasn't a paint, it was a recurrent hobby. Anyway, I guess some might have balked at choosing the same product that people put on '90s Wranglers for a Tesla supercar, but for me, this was freakin' perfect: I was dead-set on driving a pink car, but equally aware that it could turn out absolutely horribly. Here was my way to experiment with exotic finishes as much as I wanted!


So, fast-forward past more research and planning. (Which aftermarket wheels? Which interior finish? Was I going to get a chrome-delete? Where was I going to mount a mobile HAM kit, or my roadtrip iPad? I'm pretty sure most members of these forums know exactly what I'm talking about. :p ) I got in touch with Jameson and Matt at ChicagoDipped, out in the Chicagoland suburbs. They walked me through my options, and talked me through the various spray-on / peel-off products and finishes. (More on this in a later post.)

Delivery day came around, despite a couple terrifying snafus with my bank, and I got to take Verity home. Almost immediately, I scheduled with them, and took her out to get her dipped; they worked around my schedule, addressed all my concerns with the ultrasonic and capaciative senors, spoilers, mirrors, and so on; and a few days later, I picked up this purdy girl!

tl;dr, Lookie, I have a beautiful pink car. Y'all should, too! :D

Postscript: Some of you have already seen her, as I'd wanted to do a more in-depth exploration of the process here on these forums, but had already posted some of these photos to Reddit or Facebook. (I see u dere, CuriousG. ;) )

fn 1: I didn't actually reserve at the time, mind you. I've got too much experience with first-edition Apple products as a developer-and-perennial-early-adopter on Apple tech, to ever dump $100k on the engineering equivalent of a first-edition Apple Watch. >,>
fn 2: What is it with Lambo owners, bee-tea-dubstep? 'cuz, like … seriously. -_-
fn 3: Mind you, my inner Alaskan is laughing at this video being considered “off-roading.”
Phew. Thanks for reading that monstrosity of a post.

I'm going to come back later, and post a ton of photos I have of the process involved, incase any of you are curious about it; I just want to take some good photos of how dirt sits on the surface, the door-jambs, etc, as of a week or so in.

Let me know what you think of her; and feel free to ask me any questions about the process! (If anybody's in the Chicagoland area, and curious, I'd be happy to let you check out the finish in person, as well. <3)
:)I think it looks awesome! I'm glad that you got your dream car. The shade of pink is not too bright, a light Mary Kay pink. I'm sure it might look different in person.

I hope you're happy with Verity. Drive it in good health! :)
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Yikes, I better get to posting the process and aftermath, before you guys push me onto the second page!

First off, here are the rest of the photos I didn't include in the first post, including the rest of the progress-pics I bothered to upload.

So, first off, I had a bit of a back-and-forth with the dippers as to the colour I wanted. First, I snagged myself a RAL colour-book from a friend (these are also available cheap on Amazon); these, mind you, are satin/semi-gloss; whereas the final product I wanted was semi-satin/semi-matte, so it took a little extrapolation.


For these spray-on wraps, the vast majority of the effort (and skill, I'm sure) is in the masking: keeping the dip off the emblems, trim, lights, etceteras; and most importantly, out of the interior:


Once she's all wrapped-up, you don't really get to double-check your work until you're done, so! :p (Unless you're doing the door-jambs as well, which I take it involves a complete dip, un-wrapping of the doors, re-masking with them open, and then a second dip.)

The colours are from RAL in Germany; the base for my shade was RAL 3015, Hellrosa:


They were kind enough to do a couple tentative mixes on that tint for me, sending me photos along the way, to make sure I ended up with the precise colour and finish I was hoping for:


(There were some snafus with the AutoFlex top-coat, which usually provides the semi-gloss finish; and in the end, he opted to eschew the top-coat completely, despite the fact I didn't want 100% matte … he worked it out to my immense satisfaction by mixing in a third-party ceramic hardener.)

The entire exterior is sprayed several times (I believe … eight coats, on mine? Something like that?),


And then, finally, after verifying the colour with me while she dried, they could start peeling all the masking, and start applying final clean-up of anything that got past the masking:


I'll take some close-up photos of everything after she's been out-and-about for a week or two, and come back to follow up with those![/td][/tr]
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I like it too! So what your saying is when you get tired of the pink. You can peel the color off? Honestly the pink looks awesome. Nicely done. I love that you put your research in. That's a part of the whole process.

Yep! That's a huge part of the appeal of dipping (that, and the cost, as long as you don't bother with the door-jambs and such): you can just keep changing it up. I think I'll keep this at least a couple years, because I'm so happy with it; but I know people habitually re-dip after only nine months or so.

I will hide this post from my 3 year old daughter lest she wants me to do the same to our X :)

… you say that as if it's a bad thing. ;)

I hope it doesn't interfere with the parking/autopilot/FWD sensors?

I did some bits of research, some of it here, before diving into this; but nonetheless, I'm definitely paying extra-special attention to the autopilot and autopark, for any variations.

… meanwhile, some trouble I was having with the FWDs became *less* bad after I took her back from the dippers. Go figure! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

:)I think it looks awesome! I'm glad that you got your dream car. The shade of pink is not too bright, a light Mary Kay pink. I'm sure it might look different in person.

It's a really neat finish: in sunlight, it pops nicely; but at night, under the streetlights, it's nearly invisible: just looks like a plain matte white.