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  1. P

    Fix/Remove Side Mirror Scratch

    Hi everyone, looking for product recommendations to fix the scratch on the bottom/plastic part of my side mirror. TIA
  2. K

    Upgrading early model s

    I'm trying to upgrade my early 2013 model s60 to a p85. The reason I'm doing this instead of buying a used p85 is because my 60 is my first car and I don't want to get rid of it. This is a crazy idea I'm cooking up in my head so bear with me here. I have been trying to learn how to reconfigure...
  3. V

    Paint Protection Film How To Tutorials. Questions....? Ask Away!

    First and foremost I'm a Tesla owner. 😁 Hey everyone, I've made quite a few video's that I've posted on YouTube about installing PPF on Tesla's as well as how to remove the cameras and tail lights. If you are looking for a do it yourself tutorial or would like to see what to expect from a...
  4. T

    Installed an amp and subs over the weekend

    Have a 2020 SR (not plus). Since i bought it my only real complaint was the total lack of low end. Figured it would be simple to install a small electrical component in an electric car. ICE vehicles have always been straight forward, and aside from fighting to get the power wire through the...
  5. M

    Will install DIY PPF over the weekend from Tesbros on MY

    I'm going to install two PPF kits from Tesbros over the weekend and document my experience for anyone who wants to try it. I'll be doing the front end kit, and the other kit that comes with rockers, trunk, door handles, door trim, and rear lights. I already installed the interior kit and I...
  6. Tagar

    Upgrading panel and subpanel to have a Wall Connector

    I have NEMA14-50 in my garage, and would like to install Wall Connector using the same line. Currently a subpanel has a 50amps circuit breaker for this line -- This subpanel is fed from the main panel, and has 60amps circuit breaker -- Subpanel has a few other circuit breakers as you...
  7. B

    Has anyone tried DIY PPF?

    Any tips and trick on how to best prep it and how long it will take for a full Tesla M3? I had the pros do it on my X. Now I’m considering doing it myself.
  8. M

    DIY Model Y - 20 Induction Rim Repair UK

    Hi all, I've had the inevitable rim rash occur. Has anyone had any success finding matching (or very close to) spray paint that would match the 20' inch Induction rims on the MY? I've seen quite a few videos in the US that show some great DIY results, however, the paints they use (Rust-Oleum...
  9. VagabondBuilds

    Anyone knows how to get a hold of Hansshow representatives?

    Looking to do some installation videos on their products and I need to get in contact with them but it seems hard to do that since they are located in China.
  10. T

    Intersted in DIY PPF Together! Let me know (Houston / Cypress)

    I used to have a Model 3, and have a Model Y getting delivered at the end of the month and wanted to see if anyone is interested in tag-teaming a DIY PPF to my tesla and your tesla. I'm sure with 2 pairs of hands and 2 brains, it may go quicker and lower the frustration level. I am planning on...
  11. H

    For DIYers: adding distilled water to dead OEM 12v batteries

    Some OEM lead acid auxiliary batteries on older Teslas seem to completely rejuvenate with the addition of distilled water -- the same as with many lead acid batteries. I first learned this with my previous car -- a 2004 Prius -- which had a very user-serviceable auxiliary battery. I was about...
  12. A

    '22 model 3 Qi charger question

    Just took delivery of my '22 M3LR a few months ago and it's fantastic. However I just reliever my new zFlip4 Friday and was quite disappointed to find that the charging coils won't mate when the phone is open but will mate when closed IF the phone is moved ~ 1" up from the base of the charger...
  13. T

    NEMA 14-30 Installed from the Main Panel

    Got a lot of suggestions from this forum, which I really appreciate. I end up with installing the NEMA 14-30 outlet from the main panel, which seems to be more reasonable. First time outlet and breaker DIY, let me know if there are any mistakes so I can correct to be safe. Thanks in advance. 3...
  14. k3rn3lkill3r

    Pedestrian Warning System

    Hey guys, relatively new here. I just purchased a 2019 Model 3 (April 2019 build) about 3 weeks ago. I’m looking to add the PWS to my car at some point in the near future and I’ve already found all the information I need in order to do this (the prewiring exists in the RF kick panel and the...
  15. MSHampton

    2021 Y CCS Upgrade DIY: My experiance

    Tldr version: I upgraded my 2021 Model Y to be CCS compatible and I’m now happy! First off, thanks to @FalconFour and others for all of their research in figuring out how this needs to happen. When I bought my Model Y I knew that I was going to need CCS charging ability because I travel a lot...
  16. I

    2015 Model S 70D - Strange Vent Noise

    Hey everyone. I’ve been experiencing some strange sounds emanating from my vents on the passenger side of my car. It’s definitely related the the heating/AC because the sound immediately goes away when I turn the climate control off. Below is a link to the video (disregard the dust on the dash…...
  17. FalconFour

    Retrofit CCS compatibility onto earlier (NA) Model 3 - DIY approach

    Retrospective thread-summary pseudo-wiki for quick access: What is it? "Gee, I wish my Tesla, despite having access to the country's biggest quick charging network, could also charge on stations made for Other EVs too". Said no-one ever. Except... well, there are use cases for it. And with Tesla...
  18. M4H4X


    Evening folks, Today is part of a 2 part DIY series (PPF and Mud Flaps). If you happen to have a hobby vinyl cutter sitting around and a computer you already have all the tools you need to make your own PPF. Finding the right thickness and brand for a good price requires more patience and...
  19. S

    Front fore link replacement

    Hello anyone ever replace their own front fore links? My LH just snapped and was looking to do it myself but cant seems to find any instruction online! Also I was able to find the part on rockauto but not sure if they will work! Anyone ever buy a set of fore links through them ? Any suggestions...
  20. P

    Off-the-floor, magnetic cable keeper (DIY charging station)

    Just sharing our home charging station setup for anyone out there looking for ideas. I am 100% open to suggestions and criticisms of how I could improve/do better/fix something wrong. Goals super easy to use: I do not want to deal with coiling cables. I want to be able to plug and unplug with...
  21. E

    Sport rims curb rash

    I relied too heavily on the white lines in the backup camera during a parallel park and finally curb rashed my back rim 😩 Can anyone recommend a DIY fix for the 19” sport rims?
  22. Z

    Tesla S windshield noise fix DIY

    Hey guys, I thought I would share my mod with you. I was experiencing some windshield noise with speeds over 50mph. I did some research and experimented with putting tape over windshield holes around. It fixed it so I came up with solution that you might find interesting. It completely fixes...
  23. J

    DIY Model Y winter brake maintenance

    Just wondering if anyone has done the winter brake maintenance on their model Y themselves yet? I figured the fronts would be the same as the X I have, where you knock out the pins with a punch but they're not it looks like the pads are held in by individual pins and the caliper bracket itself...
  24. W

    How can I get Tesla to stage firmware for a DIY part swap?

    Hoping that someone here can help me figure out how to go about getting a firmware deployed and staged so I can replace the charge port on my 2013 P85. I have the new charge port assembly coming from eBay this Saturday and the swap seems pretty straightforward. My only problem is getting g the...
  25. W

    2018 Model 3 LR RWD Parking Sensor Harness

    Long story short, I bought a used July 2018 Model 3 in August 2020. I live in Central KY and we recently had a lot of snow and ice. After I cleared my car, one of my front parking sensors died. I bought a new sensor and replaced it myself with no luck. Tesla Service came to my house today to...
  26. J

    Diy ceramic coat after professional paint correction

    Title summarizes it. I just cannot justify spending $1,500+ on a ceramic coat and looking for more affordable options. I have definitely done my research and know that what I would not be able to do is the paint correction and polish. I know a reputable local shop that's willing to do a detail a...
  27. ajbessinger

    New forum/sub-group for maintenance and repair?

    I've been looking around in the forums for any kind of section dedicated to performing maintenance and repairs to Teslas, but it appears the only thing that comes close are the threads for "techincal/mechanical issues". That's all fine and well, but in the case of the Model S version of said...
  28. RHTrio

    12V battery warning message MX

    Hello Tesla Community, I have a 12V battery warning message coming up on my 2017 MX dash. I have scheduled service through the Tesla APP. However, the only available mobile service dates are 2 weeks out. Q: When the warning message indicates "replace soon" is there a cushion of time? (been...
  29. E

    P85 rear air spring module disassembly or exchange with newer version?

    Primary questions: Has anyone ever taken one of the earlier air springs (6006352/3-00) apart and replaced the internal seals? Can anyone confirm interchangeability between older and newer rear air spring modules? Longer version: On my 2014 Model S P85 with air suspension I have a slow leak...
  30. J

    Diy brake service

    My X90d is looking like it needs front brakes. I'm going to change the pads and rotors and bleed the system with the power bleeder. I'm looking for suggestions for rotors and pads since they sit in the car and have light use. Also does anyone know what the torque specs are for the caliper...
  31. antdun

    Model S Trailer Hitch Installation

    When I purchased my Model S 85 D just over a year ago one of the big concessions I made when purchasing it was giving up my ability to tow trailers or use my trailer hitch bike rack. I knew there was an aftermarket trailer hitch option, but I was a little scared to take my Tesla apart, and I...
  32. E

    Replacing Rear Camera on 2016 Model X

    First post here, forgive me and shoot me feedback if it can be improved. I just got a 2016 P90DL Model X (AP1) and I'm loving it! Only issue with it was the backup camera is out of focus. Still usable but sort of like having a mild/moderate need for glasses. It's just out of warranty, and...
  33. M

    DIY Ceramic Coating Advice Needed

    Looking to possibly do my own ceramic coating and was curious who had some suggestions as far as which one to go with and any other pointers for a first timer. The car will be exposed to the elements since I don't have a garage to store it in. This is in Ohio so weather fluctuates. I'm leaning...
  34. nguyentoogood

    I painted my Headlights (AGAIN!) + 4K Video + Lots of Photos

    Hey TMC, I painted my headlights again! Well sort of (I didn't paint it this time), I had greg use his spray gun and he has been trying to get the best "frosted" look. He was able to get this nice glossy like white that is very similar to the newer headlights. his ig: grc_lights The video...
  35. blecchus_rex

    incremental premium audio upgrades?

    I've premium audio in my Model 3 but would like to conduct incremental upgrades to the audio system w/o too much complexity, dissassembly or cost involved (e.g ideally wouldn't require addition of amps, crossovers, et cetera). Has anyone simply replaced the factory speakers (or a subset of...
  36. EVTuning

    Vendor New Youtube Channel from The Electrified Garage for DIY repairs/salvage projects

    We get a lot of inquiries on how to fix a Tesla without having to go to Tesla. We also have a lot of people trying to DIY a salvage vehicle without training or previous experience working on a Tesla. We have partnered with The Electrified Garage and Rich Rebuilds to bring a DIY Youtube Channel...
  37. S

    Tesla's Model 3 Do It Yourself Maintenance Guide

    In case you haven't located this on the Tesla website yet and have some maintenance items you want to do yourself, here's the link to the "Do It Yourself - Model 3" info: Do It Yourself - Model 3
  38. P

    Door handle easy temporary fix, 2015 P90DL

    I made a short video of how I temporarily DIYed past a door handle issue until I get it fixed at the SC. Hope this is helpful. Steps: 1: Enter the car from the passenger side and open the door from the inside 2: Enter the car from the drivers side 3: Grab some cotton string or another...
  39. loayhaq

    Headlights Lift

    Hello geeks, I installed 2017 headlights on my 2014 MS P85D (DIY). They look much pretty and sharp. Yet i need some help to get them function properly. Low beam (working fine once i plugged the connector) High beam (not working when pulling the stalk) DRL (not working) Turn signal...
  40. N

    glue overspill. Which solvent to use?

    There is a bit of glue overspill on the driver's door of my new model 3. Rather than bother Tesla about it I am happy to deal with it myself, but what solvent should I use without risking dissolving the plastic of the door itself? Or is it perhaps thermal plastic glue? Or am I foolish not to...
  41. B

    Installing sentry SSD in glovebox

    I relocated the factory USB hub below the HVAC blower, and plugged a USB hub into one port and extension cables into the other port, and was able to plug the T5 SSD into USB hub and route the wire up into the glovebox. This way it's safely locked away and out of sight when the car is locked...
  42. heytae

    DIY stand for 3 Powerwalls raised off the garage floor

    Can anyone with a Powerwall2 tell me if the bottom of them are completely flat, or whether they have some protrusion or "feet" on the bottom that they rest on when installed on the floor? I'd like to know if my DIY stand should be flat or accommodate any such "feet" if the Powerwalls have any...
  43. A

    Upgraded USB hub with data and power for model 3?

    I was looking for something similar to this, does anyone know of a similar product or guide for providing more power than the existing ports do? My current setup is a taptes dual wireless charger for my phone, and a 1-to-2 usb splitter thing for the flash drive for dashcam. When playing...
  44. O

    Freshly Superwrapped and Lowered

    I’ve had my Model 3 for about 10 months now and I purchased superwrap and the unplugged performance Low Springs to install several months ago... finally got to it today, what do you guys think? I used the superwrap bronze kit, and the unplugged performance off menu low springs for the AWD version.
  45. T

    2013 S 85 Charge Port Replacement Tips?

    Hi all, The charge port on my 2013 Model S 85 has a few issues and the service center said that the port and door should be replaced. Unfortunately they quoted ~$900 to do the work, whereas used charge ports and doors are about $75 on eBay. It doesn't look like a lot of work, and the port is...
  46. geekdad

    Neuroscience + Tesla: DIY neural interface for Model 3

    My kids and I built a myoelectric neural interface to control a Model 3. Why? Because, SCIENCE!
  47. C

    Anyone got experience on detaching undercarriage off bumper?

    Hi guys, I'm in the process of removing the last (rearmost) piece of the undercarriage panel, I've got all the bolts and retention clips removed, but not sure how to detach the panel itself off the bumper. All other panels are off, just missing this last one. Has anyone done this before? If...
  48. nguyentoogood

    Painted my Headlights! DIY [Video] + lots of photos

    Hey TMC! I just wanted to share my experience if anyone wanted to tackle the project! I am not a big fan of the chrome headlights. I didn't want to tint because that lowers the light output. Blacking out the chrome housing, on a projector headlight does not degrade light performance! The...
  49. Plu1357

    Diy: Home High Power Wall Connector Installation

    Picked up my black Model 3 LR AWD with Aero wheels on May 22. Installed High Power Wall Connector (HPWC) at home by myself in the following weekend and save $800.
  50. MountainPass

    Vendor How To: Perform Hard Reset on Tesla Model 3

    Hello friends! Sasha's music streaming stopped working for a full day last week, and after we got it back up and running using this procedure we realized it would be selfish to not share it with all of you. This guide will walk you through how to perform a hard reset on your Tesla Model 3...