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  1. H

    Max Hitch Rise When Towing With the Model Y

    Long time lurker here. I have recently started towing with my model Y and am currently using a 2" riser with a 8.25" length even though the manual specifies a max 0.75" rise and 8.5" length. I have been looking all over online and I can't find any articles or math on how a riser or drop impacts...
  2. G

    Expired 2014 Model S 85. Autopilot, 250 range. Rare OEM Green color. Sunroof. Hitch. [Expired]

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing 2014 Tesla Model S 85. Autopilot, 250 range. Rare OEM Green color. Sunroof. Hitch.. Please add to the discussion here.
  3. S

    Expired Torklift Stealth EcoHitch receiver adapter - Looking to Sell/Trade/Buy [Expired]

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing Torklift Stealth EcoHitch receiver adapter - Looking to Sell/Trade/Buy. Please add to the discussion here.
  4. Deaf Paul

    Cant Make Head and Tail of: Aftermarket Tow Hitch/Wiring Options for HW 4.0 Cars

    I've spent the last few days reading dozens of threads on this here and still am at a loss as of to how to best get a new MYP with HW 4.0 to tow so i can get rid of my gas tow vehicle. My MYP is an inventory car that I put a deposit on, so I was unable to add the hitch option. It's due to...
  5. ricky_25n@yaho

    Expired Tesla Model X tow hook trailer hitch New [Expired]

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing Tesla Model X tow hook trailer hitch New. Please add to the discussion here.
  6. S

    Model 3 with Model X/Y Hitch

    Hi, would anyone be familiar enough with the Model X/Y hitch rack on a Model 3 with the Stealth Hitch? Would the two work together well on a Model 3?
  7. L

    Hitching dirt bikes with model y

    Anyone using their model y to hitch dirt bikes? I ordered a class 3 hitch with 350 lbs tongue weight. My dirt bike is around 230 lbs
  8. A

    Model X tow bar question

    Hi everyone, We're in the market for a 2020/2021 Model X long range Plus and are wondering if all Model X's in this range were sold with at least the tow bar and wiring in place from the factory? (I understand that the actual tow hitch that snaps into the tow bar may not have been sold with...
  9. S

    Can I use a motorcycle platform on the Model Y tow hitch?

    Hey everyone, sorry if this has been discussed but i have not been able to find anything definitive. I have a '22 Model YP and wondering if I can use a motorcycle hitch like this...
  10. M

    FS: '17-'22 Model 3 Stealth Hitch (Norcal)

    Like new Stealth Hitch with 2 keys and all mounting components included. Greater Sacramento area. Will travel nearby to meet. $400 obo. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!
  11. yurmix

    Cargo box for Model Y hitch

    Hi, I need just a bit more storage for road trips. Since I have a hitch, I’m thinking of skipping the roof rack / cargo setup and go with a hitch cargo box (less expensive setup, easier to remove vs roof rack). Any thoughts? Anyone has experience with such a setup?
  12. A

    Hitch install in Richmond, VA?

    First off, I'm still open to any Model 3 single-bike hitch rack recommendations, but it seems the Stealth Hitch is probably the best way to go. So I'm now in the process of locating shops to get extra work done (PPF, tints, etc.), and I'm having some trouble finding a place to do a Stealth Hitch...
  13. BryanC63

    Broken hitch bolt

    I (stupidly) broke One of the eight bolts holding on the hitch at the rear of the car. I found a replacement part but I can’t figure out how to access the rear frame rail where the bolts are connected. Would I be able to remove some of the carpeting and inner paneling near the trunk to access...
  14. D

    Nervous abt pulling travel trailer-equipment suggestions?

    We just got our Y w hitch a couple weeks ago & are anxious to hook up an R-Pod 179 (2500lbs). It’s a light & narrow trailer but the Y hitch is 10” off the ground. Do we need sway bars? What do we do abt the brake controller we were using in our 4Runner? We love the car-just worried abt messing...
  15. A

    Canada: Brand New Draw Tire 24958 Trailer Hitch for 2012-21 Model S

    Canada: Brand New Draw Tire 24958 Trailer Hitch for 2012-21 Tesla Model S Draw-Tite 24958 Trailer Hitch for sale. It is perfect for bike carriers and light towing. I needed heavy towing so it didn't work for me. Type: Class 1 Receiver Type: 1-1/4" square Tongue Capacity : 200lbs Tow Capacity...
  16. J

    Best Bicycle Rack for Tow Hitch?

    Hi All, I am curious if there is a suggestions as to what the best bike rake is to attach to the tow hitch? I have never owned one and it seems like there are tons of designs. Any recommendations? Note: I tried using the search feature as I did in the past but all results give an error. Is the...
  17. S

    Towing travel trailer with Model Y

    Hi folks, I was wondering what kind of travel trailers people are towing with their Model Y. I am really interested in the Airstream's Basecamp (link), and the weight is only 2650 lbs, which is under the Model Y's towing capacity of 3500 lbs. But I noticed that the hitch weight of the Basecamp...
  18. Q

    Stealth Hitch

    Hi All, For sale is the combo package (rack and towing) from Stealth Hitches $837 - Tesla Model 3 Hitch Combo (Rack + Towing) 2017-2021 Tesla Model 3 WHAT'S INCLUDED IN THE COMBO PACKAGE? Hitch beam (bolt up design) Stainless steel latching mechanism w/ integral lock 4 – way connector with...
  19. G

    Model Y Trailer Wiring Harness - Part Number?

    Hello Tesla People! I've been hunting high and low for this. Like many of you I've ordered an aftermarket EcoHitch for my Model Y and am happy to work through the installation on my own. Re: a wiring harness, I have not found any 7-pin connector solutions and also can not see a reasonable way...
  20. J

    Like New Tesla Model X/Y Bike Hitch Rack w/ Ski / Snowboard Carrier - $625

    condition: like new make / manufacturer: Tesla / Yakima Bought 1.5 yrs ago but never ended up using between having a baby and COVID keeping us home bound and now turning our Model X in on its lease; our loss, your gain. Extremely sturdy and functional setup just in time for winter season...
  21. jmatero

    Transporting Dirt Bike(s)

    Does anyone with a Y and the factory tow package transport a dirt bike (or more than one)? My son has a Honda CRF-125 which is about 200 lbs and noticed there are some single carriers out there but most seem to be for class-3. And you know kids... now my younger is interested so seems like a...
  22. M

    Sold 2020 OEM Tesla Model X Hitch Receiver and Hitch with Keys + Case

    As title states, I bought a bike rack that did not fit the OE hitch so I replaced it with a Draw Tite. This hitch has only been on the car for ~ 1,500 miles or so and never towed anything. Only thing it was used for was transporting a 2-bike carrier. The green stuff on the Bosal is the OE grease...
  23. S

    Tesla Model X Hitch

    $215 shipped priority flat rate large box. USA brand new, never used. Always garaged. Sold the X.
  24. F

    Model Y Brake Controller 4-pin Pigtail

    I got my Model Y on June 30th, with the factory hitch already installed. I'm hoping to soon get a fold-up camping trailer in the 1600 lb range for dry weight. It might end up a little heavier when loaded. So, the Owner's manual say Tesla recommends for trailers over 1650 lbs that they be...
  25. S

    Hitch - Curt Brand 2020 Model 3

    We purchased a Curt Hitch (for bike rake) from UHaul. Model 13449 We installed last weekend and could not get a good tight fit when reconnecting the bumper sides after many hours. On Tuesday we took to a certified Tesla Auto Shop (3rd party) as we assumed we had done something wrong. They...
  26. C

    Model Y with hitch production M

    I have a Model Y, LR, 19", blue, black interior, FSD on order since Feb 2nd, which I then added the hitch option. I noticed in the tracking sheet that no order with a hitch has a VIN. I also did not find anything on the internet about anyone getting their Model Y delivered with a factory...
  27. R

    Tesla with factory installed hitch

    Did anybody take delivery of MY with a factory install hitch? Is it 2"? Any sensor noise when backing up?
  28. L

    Model 3 with 5 bikes

    Model 3 with 5 bikes. Tesla factory roof rails (Model 3 Roof Rack). Two Yakima HighSpeed bike carriers on the roof (HighSpeed | Fork Mount Bike Rack | Yakima Racks). A Stealth Hitch (stealthhitches.com) installed on the back (DIY) with a 1 Up 3-tray Heavy Duty bike carrier (1UP USA | OFFICIAL SITE).
  29. 1

    WTB: Hitch for 2018 Model 3 | near Atlanta, GA

    Looking for stealth hitch, in case someone has one they no longer want. Also wanted: updated rear splash panel/cover with the built-in removable cover for the hitch.
  30. VandalSibs

    Model 3 hitch install - Spokane

    Does anyone have recommendations on where in the Spokane area would be best to have an aftermarket hitch installed? I'm beginning my research on this (costs etc). Wouldn't be for towing, just for a bike rack. Thanks!
  31. T

    Model 3 factory-installed Trailer hitch

    Good afternoon, I'm wondering if Tesla is planning on providing a factory installed trailer hitch or not? I thought that I had read someplace that it was supposed to happen this year. If it's not, is it still in the plans so far as it's understood? If Tesla doesn't plan to provide one, does...
  32. ctn531

    Tesla Model X Tow Hitch Receiver in Carrying Case ($150) - Brand New

    Tesla Part # 1027582-00-A (Bosal Receiver) Receiver comes from a 2018 MX - has never been used. Comes with everything shown in pictures (receiver, harness, 2 keys & carrying case). Live in Denver metro area. Feel free to pick up or can ship for actual cost of shipping.
  33. jat255

    New Curt hitch?

    I just called a local installer for hitches, and in addition to the torklift ecohitch, he mentioned that there is a new Curt hitch available for about $200 cheaper. The main differences that I see are the receiver is not removable and only comes in one and a quarter inch size. Given the timing...
  34. P

    Trailer Hitch on Model X

    I currently own a 2016 Model X and about to buy another one. One thing I miss in my '16 model is a trailer hitch. All I want is to attach my bicycle rack. Do you know if I have to purchase any accessory before I can use my bike rack? I have a Thule rack that goes into a 2" hitch receiver...
  35. R

    BRAND NEW HITCH (Asking $350.00 + FREE Shipping)

    Available is brand new never used (do not have the case) hitch. Please PM me.
  36. casimiron

    Model X Roof & Hitch Box

    I saw a few posts and questions on how to extend the limited cargo space available in a Model X and wanted to share my solution. A fully loaded with the 7 seater version of the Model X had very limited room for luggage, which means you can use it to drive your (larger) family to the cinema, but...
  37. ScreamRacer

    Model X Trailer Hitch - never used - for sale

    I'm new owner of a 2016 Model X P90D. Love it. It came with a trailer hitch. I'm not going to tow with my car, so I'm happy to sell it. I'd like $300 plus shipping (preference would be to sell it to someone local to me - in Maryland/Wash DC area) Please direct message me if you are interested...
  38. O

    Any guesses on when the Model 3 hitch will be available in US.

    Over the weekend I was about to order a Model 3 when I read that the hitch is available in the Europe. I'd really like this option, but I'm also racing the clock against the July 1 tax increase. I know there's always the after-market option, but if it's possible, I'd much prefer the...
  39. S

    Brand New Model X Hitch receiver with key

    I have a brand new Model X hitch receiver for Sale $300 Cdn (firm) plus my cost of shipping. I live in Toronto Canada area. local pick up is an option.
  40. tangent

    Would you recommend Hitch-Mount Cargo Carrier for MX?

    Hi, we are going on a ski trip (and snowboards too) with our Model X, and I have been thinking of a hitch mount carrier to carry the cargos and sports equipment. I have a few questions here: 1. When using the super charger, would the carrier be too big to prevent the car from getting close...
  41. R

    Stealth Hitch for Model 3

    After trading my S for a 3, I had a Stealth Hitch installed. I highly recommend it. It's well made, easy to attach and detach. I met the owner and we had a long conversation. It was a pleasure to talk to someone who takes so much pride and pleasure in their business. I basically though a...
  42. Atlantian

    Airstream Towing Equipment Recommendations - Sport or Nest

    I hope to purchase an Airstream TT to pull behind our X (90D w/ 20" wheels). I plan on leaving in mid September for a 6,000 mile cross country trip from Southern CA to Ohio (via I-70), down to GA and then back to CA (via I-40). I'm looking at the Sport 16, Sport 22 or possibly the Nest. I've...
  43. nam33r1

    Installed Torklift’s Eco Hitch

    Installed the Eco Hitch on my model 3 this weekend. I can finally carry bikes again! The Hitch went on perfectly. Torklift packaged the hitch very well. I was really impressed with their packaging. The instructions leave a little to be desired but overall they were adequate. I also installed...
  44. xpitxbullx

    Installed a hitch and wiring harness on my M3

    Installed an Eco Hitch on my M3. I also wired a 4 prong harness for about $25 in parts. The wiring is also completely hidden. It accelerates like I’m not pulling anything. The trailer has standard bulbs and works fine but I’m going to switch them out for LED.
  45. RedModel3

    Tow hitch bike rack?

    Searched for this but couldn't find anything so I'll ask. Now that people are actually driving Model 3's in the real world, I need to hear from other bicycle enthusiasts about how they are transporting their bikes. For several reasons I do not want the rooftop mount which I can get from Tesla. I...
  46. Torklift Central

    Vendor Celebrating Electric Vehicles This September!

    It’s that time of year again - National Drive Electric Week! This event originally started to heighten the awareness of today’s widespread availability of plug-in electric vehicles and the benefits of owning an eco-friendly car. In celebration of this event, we are having our annual National...
  47. Padelford

    Model X towing: ball hitch offset

    I've used my trailer towing option to pull a small U-Haul trailer fir a quick trip to IKEA. The U-Haul folks set me up with the attached ball hitch using the "rise" configuration. With this, the trailer was nearly perfectly level with the vehicle at standard height (which is what the manual...
  48. T

    Bike Racks or Hitch Rack/System Ideas for MS

    Hi everyone, I am curious as to what bike racks do folks highly recommend for use with the Model S? Please let me know the brand name and model number for a 2 or more bike rack that worked well for you. Currently I have a Thule Bike Rack but its getting old and I am wondering if there are...
  49. T

    Hitch Reciever needed

    Hi all, I am looking for a model X owner with the tow package who is willing to do me a favor. I need a 2-inch hitch receiver (the thing that came with your tow package and sticks into the back of the car to create a place for hitch accessories to plug into). It is Tesla part 1027582-00-A...
  50. D

    Hitch, cargo carrier, & LED lights question

    I have a cargo carrier that several others here have (Pro Series 63153 Rambler Hitch Cargo Carrier for 2" Receivers). It has installed a set of LED lights: Amazon.com: ROLA 59516 LED Light Kit for ROLA Railed Cargo Carrier: Automotive The lights have a 4-way power plug; the Model X has a 7-way...