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mode 3

  1. OtriFowd

    Vendor Do You Know the Best Way to Turn on Your Tesla Camp Mode? Camp with our ACtent!!!!!

    Recently, some people have been curious about why I choose to go camping with a Tesla and my ACtent. I'd like to take a moment to share my perspective and hopefully shed some light on my decision. I am a proud Tesla owner and an avid camper. So, why not combine the two? Here are a few reasons...
  2. Z

    Switching Model 3P tires

    Looking to switch my model 3P from a 235/35R20 to a 245/40R20 in the front and l wider tire in the rear looking to see if anyone had done this and did you have any rubbing issues. Also look for all different variations of tires that will fit on rear and front of M3P.
  3. P

    Model 3 reservation transfer/sale

    Hi, We have placed an order for the M3LR, white exterior, black interior, with the aero wheels. The price is $49,990 before the price hike. Due to the long wait, we had decided to go in a different direction. Looking to get the deposit back of $250, nothing more. Thanks
  4. dudeastronaut

    Hertz Rental Experience [review of renting a model 3 from Hertz]

    I rented a Tesla Model 3 from Orlando Florida International Airport - here are my thoughts 😏 Preface According to the Hertz employees that I spoke with, Saturday December 11, 2021 was the third day that they had had them available for rent. I started the rental process just like any other by...
  5. V

    Repair or replace front driver side panel?

    While backing up in the garage, side panel got a large dent near driver side camera. can it be repaired? no paint scratches. No damage to door, dent occurred only to the panel behind the camera, wondering if it can be repaired or the panel must be replaced, if panel must be replaced, how much it...
  6. R

    Model 3 Experience with double-pane window update?

    I’d like to hear from any Model 3 owners who have replaced their driver & passenger side windows with the double-panel glass in a pre-2020 Model 3. I’d like to know what the cost was and what the sound experience was. Is the improvement immediately noticable? Worth the cost? My M3P is from...
  7. E

    Purchase Agreement / Bill of Sale signature??

    Hey all, Quick question, I'm financing my Model 3 through a credit union and I've submitted all the required documents. I just got off the phone with the Credit Union they stated that the purchase agreement that I downloaded from my tesla account did not have a signature. I informed her that the...
  8. B

    Burning wires/plugs in Tesla Model 3

    I am wondering if anybody else has experienced anything like this in their 2019 Model 3. Tesla replaced the MCU due to Constant crashes. Car worked great for a week and then the computer started crashing again and with the added bonus of a burning smell. I took it into Tesla and they told me...
  9. B

    Immersive sound disappeared

    Hi all, I wanted to pick your brain on something. I ordered an M3 SR (not the SR+) - when I pick it up. I had the "immersive" button on my dashboard option (under setting), a week after, I did the update suggested and the button disappeared. I think that option is not part of my package...
  10. J

    Exterior paint protection in South Florida

    Hi everyone, this is my first post, and I’m just looking for some recommendations. I’m waiting on delivery of my Model 3 (delayed due to Hurricane Dorian )... I’m interested in protecting the paint of course, and I’m considering wrapping the front and/or ceramic coating. I’ve read about some...
  11. Sunshine State

    Performance 3 price increase

    The Performance 3 base price just went up $1000 tonight
  12. S

    Should i buy it?

    Hello i am mew to the forum. I am in Arizona and currently drive 2015 hyundai genesis 3.8 awd model. It has 90k miles on it. Still making payments. And it is depreciating pretty quick because of miles i put. My commute to work each way is 56 miles work 5 days a week. Spend at least $300/month in...
  13. J

    Does everyone have door seal like this?

    Hi everyone! New Tesla Model 3 owner here. I interned at Tesla two years ago when they released Model 3. I even participated internal testings for seats. It was interesting that they wanted to know if females feel comfortable about the head rest when they tie their hair up. Anyways, I finally...
  14. G

    Charging in Cornwall

    Hello everybody. I'm Georg and since the 2nd of March I'm driving around in London with a Model 3. In a few month I will have holiday in Cornwall (Haven, Riviere Sand). I could easily charge there but it's not allowed. Any ideas where to charge around that area? In London I found Polar Network...
  15. J3ThePainless

    Finding if you have new autopilot chip.

    I just get my Model 3 standers + two weeks ago and I was wondering if there was a way to check if I have the new AP3 computer or if I have AP2 hardware. How can you check for this?
  16. S

    Tire thread life

    Just did 3rd tire rotation as we hit ~18500 miles. Thread looks good but tires seem lopsided. We are in Florida with speed limits of 70mph in places and drive pretty fast with occasional fast acceleration. No noticable issues or road noise while driving. What's your experience with tires?
  17. Y

    Any SF body shop recommendations?

    I bought a Model 3 a month ago and got into a rear end collision yesterday (another car bumped me from the back). I need to repair the back bumper and trunk door. I live in San Francisco, so wondering if anyone has recommendation of body shops in SF? I am considering Alioto’s Garage, does anyone...
  18. Falkirk

    Changing a breaker from 50 to 60 amps, is it worth it?

    I have 200 amps coming to the house, 150 for the home and 50 for my wall connector. This is my first winter with the 3 and noticing it charges slower but still plenty at ~60km/h @10kW (summer was ~70km/h). I've been checking prices and it's not a big deal to buy a 60 amp breaker, then I could...
  19. M


    Has anyone else not received the version 9 update yet? I had my Model 3 taken to a service center about a month ago and I'm wondering if what they fixed is messing with the update or if I've been reading the wrong stuff and version 9 just isn't available to everyone yet
  20. phtp

    PPF on Model 3 glass roof

    I tried searching on the forum and Google but came up empty. Maybe it doesn't make sense to do, but have you or came across someone that installed PPF on the roof and rear glass on the Model 3?
  21. S

    Ideal travel speed in RWD?

    Has anyone done or could help with this analysis? What is the fastest speed we should use on m3 to get somewhere far (1000+ miles) while using only superchargers to charge up in order to get somewhere in the shortest amount of time? I.e. driving 90 mph in m3, battery loses about 30% so it...
  22. C

    2 Model 3 Reservations Delivery issues

    Hi, I reserved 2 Models 3's in line on the first day. and configured both cars on different dates. I am located in Toronto, Canada Config 1 May 28th Red, LR Config 2 May 30th Midnight Silver, LR I received the VIN and took delivery for Config 2 within 2 weeks..... BUT Config 1 I am still...
  23. S

    Pressure wash model3 at home?

    Did you do it? How did it go? What settings did you use? Any tips?
  24. S

    Why isn't there a section for all things software?

    I see driving Dynamics, purchasing, handling, UI but I don't see software section. I mean really?!? The only area of the car s/x/3 that gets updated every two weeks and there is no section for the. Mods? I see autopilot, UI, maps/GPS, fsd all part of this section. Is anyone listening?
  25. S

    Question, why is chrome delete so expensive?

    base 3m tint = ~$350 top of the line tint = ~$1000 chrome delete = minimum $650 with multiple shops charging $800-1000. where is the $350 chrome delete for m3? are there kits i can get to install chrome delete myself? thanks for all the help.
  26. S

    HEPA/Biodefense in Model 3?

    Does anyone know if Elon has been asked about including HEPA/biodefense in Model 3s at some point? We have it in our S and really would like it in our 3 if it becomes available. Might even be willing to wait to place our order if it does, especially if we can get sunroof and SAS. Unfortunately I...