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  1. C

    Shocking Quote For Solar

    I received a quote from a Tesla authorized installer for $47k for one Powerwall ll and 13 REC panels installed :oops:. After choking a bit, the ROI just does not add up. Is this a good quote or are they another solar ripoff. As a note, I am in New Mexico and apparently Tesla Energy pulled...
  2. sb415

    SA Discount

    Is it possible for an SA to give a discount when you order? Do they have the ability to provide free options like upgraded paint or wheels? I heard it’s better to place an order with an SA for this reason. But not sure if anyone else has experienced this.
  3. Kee_Chain

    Fair Nema 6-50 Pricing

    Hello everyone, I am in the market of getting a Nema 6-50 outdoor receptacle installed to charge my Model Y. I know pricing/quotes have many factors, I will try to discuss a few. But I have read some forums of fellow EV owners getting ripped off in pricing. Because I am new to this, I thought I...
  4. J

    What should a generic charging station look like?

    I have been reading recently of President Biden's aim of getting 500,000 EV charging stations installed across the US. I got to thinking about some of the ramifications of having such a network. Just off the top of my head, here are a few considerations that I was thinking about--I'd love to...
  5. W

    Model Y Price Breakdown (Oregon) Sales Tax?

    I went ahead and reserved a Model Y yesterday and have been getting calls from the SA to fill out my profile. I'm setting that up right now and I see the section where there's a price breakdown of the vehicle and the license and registration fees. I'm in Oregon, where there's no sales tax, but...
  6. C

    Model X buying - Massive Price Misquote - No Help - Angry

    My Model X buying journey goes like this. A few years ago when Tesla was still offering big incentives, my rep calls me and says they have a P100D with an insanely huge markdown, but I have to take delivery before the end of the year (which was in one day). While I'm figuring it out, the car is...
  7. Lasairfion

    Full Self Driving's Effect on Tesla Vehicle Pricing - How Far Away?

    Well, I was looking forward to Full Self Driving coming sooner than everyone expects it. But since Tesla will be raising the prices of their cars out of consumer reach as soon as Full Autonomy is solved, I'm going to hope it takes a bit longer. Some countries have a year or more delay beyond US...
  8. Z

    Amount Due at Time of Pickup - California

    Hi All, Ive been researching model 3s for a while and finally placed an order for a black lr awd a few hours ago. I noticed on the est. fees due at time of pickup is about 10k... that seems rather wild and I havent read any mentions of this online. Im under the impression i owe 5k at time of...
  9. B

    Model 3 UK PCP Price Calculator

    Hey All, Here it is! Version 1 of the Model 3 UK price calculator. Apologies for the quick post but I wanted to get version 1 out tonight for comments. A few points; Costs - averaged based on Model S/X different from USD to GBP (you can see these calculations on the 2nd sheet, cars...
  10. LukeT

    Model S future pricing

    Is now a reasonable or silly time to buy a new Model S? My thoughts: It now has some competition from the likes of Jag and Audi. And surely a few more competitors will hit the market in the next year or so. Surely considerable downward pressure on price at some point soon (even if the Jag/Audi...
  11. Probllama

    Prices Paid, Discounts, Incentives, and Upgrades Offered

    Hi all, I know with Tesla you order online and the price is fixed for everyone, in theory. However, it looks like more and more people are being offered: - Discounts on inventory cars especially if they have some miles on them or older (2018) model year - Free paint/wheel upgrades These...
  12. C

    Poll on Tesla's Supercharger price model.

    Hi. Feel free to have your say in this poll about different alternatives for pricing Superchargers. Carlos Ticó on Twitter
  13. C

    Confused about how $2500 order payment is applied

    I started my configuration of a Model 3 and at the end as expected a $2500 "order payment is required". I don't have a problem with this but I was expecting this payment would be deducted from the purchase. From what I understand after reading the terms and conditions this is a fee to locate a...
  14. ishareit

    Anyone with a crystal ball...

    ..who can tell what Tesla is up to with Model S? When they discontinue 75 RWD, will they start offering 75D at the same price as RWD? Are they going to stop making 75kwh batteries altogether and instead only have 85 (locked to 75kwh) and 100 options? Is there an interior refresh coming? Is...
  15. h2sux2

    Model 3 pricing spreadsheet

    Pricing has been a big topic since the last event. So I'm hoping this would be helpful. Crunching numbers on combo options? Need a reality check on what you can afford? Take a look at this spreadsheet I put together. Tesla Model 3 pricing If you want me to add a tab for your State, comment...
  16. N

    Model X pricing

    Why is the model X pricing so crazy in Canada. USA base price: S - 78.5k X - 82.5k Difference in base price models = 4k Canada base price: S - 94.6k X - 118.3k Difference in base price models = 23.7k W T F? With exchange at about 1.25x, the Model X should run 103k.... granted the S...
  17. Chuq

    Model 3 - AUD/NZD pricing

    i thought this snippet from Elon on twitter would be interesting - suggesting that the Model 3 would be approx NZ$50k: Elon Musk on Twitter I did a bit of maths... it was way better than what I was expecting. I thought $50-60k. NZ has a 15% GST where we have 10%. If Elon's price accounts...
  18. M

    $TSLA speeding up Model 3 production, with 7 different colors. Will this become true?

    Tesla is speeding up the production of the upcoming Model 3. The car will be coming in 7 different colors and is expected to be have a price tag of about $35,000. So will this come true?
  19. D

    Price increase?

    Looks like the base price for a Model S in Australia has increased. Previously a NSW delivery Model S 60 with no options was 118k with no referral code. Today I see it is 124k.
  20. T

    Should I get a Model X 2016 or 2017

    Hey Guys So I am planning to get a model X and I placed a deposit on a 2016 model X. The dealer is giving me a huge discount on the 2016 which pulled me away from the 2017. This MX is brand new with 50 kms but it has been in the showroom for 3 weeks. The build is: Model X 90D Dual Motor...
  21. V

    *2 Min Survey about Next Gen Suspension - Please help me for my class at MIT

    Hey Fellow Enthusiasts, As part of a class project, I am working with a local MIT Start-Up (ClearMotion)to help them with their pricing strategy for their next-gen suspension system. They are targeting luxury vehicles, the system would be an option via the OEM. Please help me out by taking the...
  22. hmmm

    Online dynamic pricing?

    I searched for the topic but didn't find anything so here goes: I spent way to much time online today looking for an inventory car and noticed that some cars are priced up/down a couple of hundred $$ throughout the day. Any one else noticed that? I am a data nerd and would LOVE to learn how...
  23. krazineurons

    Any Model S Options Pricing Spreadsheet available?

    Looking for comparing all Model S options in a spreadsheet to make a decision, any inputs?
  24. mcmcmc

    Model X Configuration Options and Pricing (UK) - What would you choose?

    FYI, Configuration Options for Model X in the UK. Spoiler alert: can get quite pricey! Ignoring incentives, petrol savings, etc for a moment. Does not include £4,500 for government's electric vehicle grant. Prices include VAT. Doesn't include £380 delivery fee. Model Purchase price / 36...
  25. igotzzoom

    Report: Tesla Model 3 Could Be As Low as $25,000 With Incentives

  26. sms_327

    "Confirmed" Model ≡ Pricing

    Stopped into a gallery today after lunchtime with a friend. The friend I was with had never sat inside a Model S before and I was running down the specs while the product specialist was engaging another customer. I overheard him say that their floor model Model X would be arriving sometime in...
  27. M

    Total Cost of Ownership (Tesla and ICE)

    Hi everybody, I've been working on a spreadsheet to try and find the true TCO using a net present cost analysis. I'd love to hear any questions, corrections, or improvements on the sheet I have. It's based off of a Khan Academy Rent vs. Buy analysis but has been retrofitted and improved for...
  28. Mayhemm

    Canadian Service Plan Pricing....

    I was just wondering what the Canadian "tax" (ie: Take the US price and add "X" percent) is on the various Tesla Service Plans? The Tesla Canadian service website lists them to be the same as the US: $650 at time of inspection + $100 per Ranger visit $2000 prepaid + $100 per Ranger visit...

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