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steering wheel

  1. G

    Rattling noise coming from dash top pad. Not covered under warranty. DIY fix suggestion?

    I have been haunted by this rattling noise issue right after vehicle delivery, and used to think it's coming from the steering wheel. It happens when I drive on bumpy road with relatively low speed, and is more obvious when weather is hot. After several service visits they were not able to...
  2. D

    Steering wheel leather FAIL

    I have 50k miles on my ‘21 Y LR and the leather on my steering wheel has started to bubble up, and loosen creating a hazard. Started service appt and was told this is normal “wear and tear” and not covered by warranty!! Asking for $1500. What gives?? Anyone else had this issue? Or advice on...
  3. bwherry

    2016.5 Model S P90DL steering wheel reupholstered in Alcantara by T Sportline

    Hey guys, So I've never exactly loved the leather on my 2016.5 Model S's steering wheel. It's always felt a little sticky/tacky to the touch, not soft & luxurious. I finally did something about it. I had the fine folks at @TSportline reupholster it in black Alcantara, with light gray stitching...
  4. D

    Steering Wheel won’t adjust

    Steering wheel on 2020 model 3 won’t adjust up or down but will adjust out and in. The wheel looks like it’s stuck/jammed all the way up and can’t be lowered.
  5. Perscitus

    [FS: Tri-State NY NJ CT] Model 3 perforated leather steering wheel core, non-heated - new

    Local pickup strongly preferred, will ship but buyer covers shipping costs. Brand new, never installed perforated leather steering wheel core for 2017-2021(?) non-heated Model 3. No blemishes or discoloration, mint condition. Selling because ended up getting a different design in place of this...
  6. M

    List of Available Wheel Replacements for Yoke

    The goal of this page is to detail the available wheel replacements for the yoke currently offered in Model S and Model S vehicles. This was not created as a place to debate people's opinions on the subject, but only as a resource for people looking to find more information on possible yoke...
  7. A

    Steering Wheel Wear - Tears - Cuts

    My biggest grip is the robustness of the steering wheel. I notice small wear area about 7 and 8 o'clock on the outside of the steering wheel. I think when I slide into the seat, my leg and jacket hits the bottom of the wheel. A couple of my slacks have a zipper on the thigh area as well. I...
  8. PNWTMan

    Anyone accidentally done this to steering wheel?

    Has anyone accidentally pulled the cable out while changing a steering wheel? (See pic) If so, how did you fix this? Thanks
  9. E

    Made a mistake while replacing steering wheel... any advice?

    Alright, so I made a major **** up when attempting to swap the stock steering wheel on my model 3 for a custom 3rd party wheel. Here's my situation: I removed and unplugged the steering wheel airbag, then unscrewed the bolt holding the steering wheel on. I forgot to detach the other plug...
  10. X

    Steering column no longer moves up or down.

    Recently noticed that my steering wheel will no longer move up or down when I spin the wheel button, but it will still telescope in and out. Anyone else having this issue?
  11. Carolinian

    Model 3 Steering Wheel–Vegan Leather Wear

    Hi everyone. As of last Saturday, I've placed my order for a Model 3 LR in Midnight Silver with the black and white interior. It's a big purchase and I'd like to do what I can to take care of it so it serves me for years to come and looks nice while doing so. I am wondering if anyone who has...
  12. N

    Steering Wheel off center?

    Got my new 2021 Model Y (Long Range) delivered before new year. Didn't see any big issue on the outlook like other earlier Model Y owners posted on Youtube. Love the car so much. But did noticed two issues: 1) Limited movement on the driver side mirror. Seems this issue have been resolved...
  13. 2017S&XLftBhnd

    Steering Wheel Center Bolt

    Just got my new steering wheel directly from China. Shocked it wasn’t a core, came with scroll wheels and airbag cover. Anyone know what size the center bolt is for removal? Seems some of the Tesla accessories sellers include it when they sell the core so I looked around and couldn’t find it...
  14. BruceInFlorida

    Squeaky Scratchy Sound When Turning Steering Wheel

    Two days ago I noticed a squeaky scratchy (for lack of better terminology) noise which appears to come from the steering column of my 2018 mid-range Model 3 with 32,000 miles on it. This happens every time I turn I turn the steering wheel right or left, even a small amount. This happens whether...
  15. T

    M3P+ Uneven steering feel

    I purchased the car back in August. It feels like it's slightly easier to steer right than it is to the left. Firstly I thought that it was because of road surface and bigger wheels. I can feel it only in lower speeds or on intersections (round abouts). Wheels were aligned before delivery by...
  16. hyperspeedy

    FS: (SOCAL) Model 3 or Y - Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel Trim Replacement (not insert)

    Brand new never used. Opened only to take pictures. I went with matte CF instead so this one's for sale. Real gloss carbon fiber, not a water or transfer or wrap / vinyl. Absolutely gorgeous addition to any OEM wheel or upgraded CF wheel. Really easy to swap, all you need to do is transfer...
  17. T

    Model Y - details of configuration for those getting delivery notices

    Even though one can get some idea about the details of the configuration on the website, I'm left wondering about certain things that aren't being mentioned thus far. Has anyone who has a delivery notification heard anything on: - tow package - heated steering wheel - chrome vs blacked out...
  18. webbah

    Anyone have a Carbontastic Steering wheel? Photos?

    I’ve been looking at the Carbontastic Steering wheel here: https://www.realcarbontastic.com/product-page/tesla-model-3-custom-carbon-fiber-steering-wheel They also sell a fighter jet style one...
  19. I

    Steering wheel vibration while stopped

    I just picked up my LR AWD Model 3 yesterday. When I stopped at the first stoplight after leaving the store, I noticed a very subtle vibration coming from the steering wheel. I noticed it again the next time I stopped and have noticed it on every stop since. If I move the steering wheel very...
  20. T

    Fat steering wheel hurts my hands

    As a Hand Surgeon, I’m very sensitive to how things feel. My M3 has a much fatter steering wheel than my other 2 ICE cars, leaving my fingers more sore after a day of commuting. Anyone have this experience? How hard is it to change it to a thinner one?
  21. I

    Edinburgh SR+ pickup, minor body issues, impressions and other thoughts

    Hey all. A brief account of my experience picking up in Edinburgh on Saturday. There were 5 cars in our group. We got time with a demo car. We were showed about and our apps were set up automagically. Our cars were outside and were 'big revealed'. My white SR+ had no paint issues but did have...
  22. beachmiles

    Steering Wheel Extension kit available?

    I am 6'4 with long legs and have to put the seat all the way back and have the steering wheel all the way out and all the way down to get it as close to me as possible.. My steering wheel does not extend far enough, so I need another couple inches to make me not have to constantly reach for the...
  23. B

    Wishlist...Adaptive steering settings?

    I am not sure where to post this. I wish there was a way to set specific steering wheel feel at certain speeds. Example Soft<25mph Standard (25-65mph) sport >65mph This could be saved for individual driver profiles. Would be a soft way of having adaptive steering feel. Additionally...
  24. TESLEV!

    Locking Steering Wheel

    New M3 owner here. I have found that sometimes the steering wheel locks when I park and exit the vehicle - other times it remains loose and turns. I would like it to lock each time I get out of the car. Is there a setting I have missed to default to this? TESLEV1
  25. laudbrian

    Model 3 - Horn Issue - Check the left side

    I wanted to create a post to help other users as this could be a safety/QC issue on the horn not honking. I added the same response on a few replies to other posts but for search reasons I decided another main post is needed. This left side horn issue was more concerning for me because I am left...
  26. P

    Steering wheel damage

    Well, with winter approaching, and wearing jackets with zippers, I've managed to damage my steering wheel. Anyone submit an "autorise" option on the steering wheel as a feature request? It would be nice to rise when the car is put into park or the door is opened. I'm including a picture. I...
  27. O

    Custom Steering Wheels

    I am window shopping on some Model 3 upgrades, but thoughts on custom steering wheels: go with real carbon fiber or open pore wood? If I go with carbon fiber, I would preferably have a matching dashboard. The wood looks smoother than the Model 3 dashboard.
  28. F

    Narrow envelope between 'hands detected on wheel' and 'assuming control'?

    I've been using AP2 on the highway regularly for the past month and have noticed that my hands on the wheel don't give enough feedback to register. When I get nagged I jiggle the wheel just a bit to appease the AP and I've learned to try and hold the wheel with a bit more authority in order to...
  29. S

    What is Félix Godard doing with the steering wheel?

    Tesla Model 3: here are previous features designed by the designer of Model 3’s mysterious steering wheel After reading that Félix Godard lists the Model 3 steering wheel as one of his projects on his LinkedIn page (unable to verify) I was curious how this squared with Elon stating there would...
  30. tanner

    Touchscreens on Steering Wheel?

    Sorry if this has been addressed already, but have the touchscreen steering wheel buttons been removed in the production version of the X like the larger touchscreen and camera mirrors were?
  31. F

    Steering wheel upgrade discussion

    Does anyone has experience about steering wheel upgrade? If yes, please show your new modification steering wheel picture. I wanna get more idea and build one for mine. Thanks in advance. :smile:

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