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  1. H

    Max Hitch Rise When Towing With the Model Y

    Long time lurker here. I have recently started towing with my model Y and am currently using a 2" riser with a 8.25" length even though the manual specifies a max 0.75" rise and 8.5" length. I have been looking all over online and I can't find any articles or math on how a riser or drop impacts...
  2. S

    ANY brake controller that supports Tesla’s 15.5 v? Towing over 1500 lbs.

    Has anyone found ANY brake controller that supports Tesla’s 15.5 V. Prodigy-Tekonsha service lead says their operating range doesn’t go to 15.5. They hadn’t tested and don’t know failure mode. Said don’t use it. Tesla disconnected the 12v aux wiring from the 7 pin. So RF brake controller is a...
  3. B

    My CyberTruck Wishlist: 10 things to improve towing

    So I’ve done a bit of towing with the CyberTruck and I’ve compiled 10 things I hope to be added to the CyberTruck in order to help improve the towing experience
  4. B

    CyberTruck towing a 7,000 lb travel trailer

    I finally towed my 33’ 7,000 lb travel trailer with my CyberTruck. I did a roughly 110 mile round trip loop run to test the CyberTrucks ability to tow the trailer as well as test its range. Hope you enjoy!
  5. H

    Cybertruck Towing Thread - post videos/examples/results into this thread

    Starting up a towing thread for the CT. I found what was the first towing video I've actually seen. A good video of a CT towing another off-road electric vehicle (3k lbs) with a flat towing attachment, so not a great test since there is no tongue weight - but I'll take it since it's slim...
  6. A

    Expired 2016 Model X 90D AP1 SC01 [Expired]

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing 2016 Model X 90D AP1 SC01. Please add to the discussion here.
  7. Deaf Paul

    Cant Make Head and Tail of: Aftermarket Tow Hitch/Wiring Options for HW 4.0 Cars

    I've spent the last few days reading dozens of threads on this here and still am at a loss as of to how to best get a new MYP with HW 4.0 to tow so i can get rid of my gas tow vehicle. My MYP is an inventory car that I put a deposit on, so I was unable to add the hitch option. It's due to...
  8. MuscleCar

    Tow Hitch - OEM vs Aftermarket pros/cons

    With the OEM hitch being seemingly out of stock everywhere, I'm actually pondering If this wasn't a blessing in disguise and going aftermarket is the way? OEM - Pricey - Includes tow mode - Warranty? Aftermarket - Not pricey - Does not include tow mode... ... Tow mode sounds like it sucks. I...
  9. S

    Exceeding the 1000kg towing rating by 500kg

    How bad is someone asking for trouble by towing with a Model 3 LR (with tow bar fitted from factory) a 400kg trailer with 1100kg car on it? I'm not talking about the obvious legal issue due to over-exceeding the 1000kg rating. I'm more interested if the the car can suffer major frame, motor...
  10. A

    Model X tow bar question

    Hi everyone, We're in the market for a 2020/2021 Model X long range Plus and are wondering if all Model X's in this range were sold with at least the tow bar and wiring in place from the factory? (I understand that the actual tow hitch that snaps into the tow bar may not have been sold with...
  11. T

    Towing caravan Model X Long range plus

    Hi folks, We have driven with our Model X trough Belgium, France, Suisse, Italy, Austria and Germany this summer for a road trip across various camp site. We started from our home country the Netherlands and our caravan is a Dethlefds C’Go 495 (dimensions 7.30 long 2.30 width and c.1500kg incl...
  12. S

    Proposed Supercharger layout to minimize lines and allow towing

    Here is an idea on how to improve future major Supercharger locations. This should be especially useful where there might a a line of cars waiting, for example on heavy traffic days. In addition, it allows drive-through access for people towing in anticipation of the Cybertruck. The idea...
  13. J

    Road trip range anxiety is still a thing?

    Happy road tripping and thanks to anyone who shares their trips, experiences, and observations. I was meandering around TMC looking for info on the CCS1 charge adapter after an interestingly inefficient charge situation in Pueblo, CO, and the forum kept suggesting all these road trip threads...
  14. Officient

    Towing Software for Aftermarket Hitch on Model X?

    Anyone having any luck getting Tesla to update their Model X with the Towing Software feature after installing an aftermarket tow receiver? If your Model X didn't have a stock receiver/hitch package installed, the Tesla software package doesn't have the tow mode feature either. I have a some...
  15. doghousePVD

    Bosal hitch and drawbar for sale

    Lightly used. Located in Maine, could deliver to Boston if not in a rush. $100 For Model X. Some came without towing options.
  16. C

    Is 350 miles enough for towing 10k pounds?

    I am a tri motor trim pre order holder since unveiled. But given recent financial insights, I understand that saving money for retirement is more important than wasting on new cars, yet I still want the CT, so I am thinking, what if I go with the dual motor trim when configuration time comes...
  17. mtndrew1

    Stealth Hitch for Model 3

    I’m selling a brand new in box Stealth Hitch with the “rack and tow” package, no-splice wiring kit, 4-pin test light, and the Tesla factory underbody tray with the hitch cutout. I bought all of this with the intention of towing a pop-up trailer but then decided to just buy an extra pickup...
  18. M

    Towing a boat/ Raleigh Service Center

    Long post, hope ya'll don't mind... Out of the blue I got a text asking if I wanted to test drive a Tesla. After doing some follow up I said yes to the service rep (Ashton). I was nervous about the whole thing - but he knew I had ordered a Cybertruck and the address of the pickup was the "new"...
  19. C

    Towing my Tesla

    I saw this comment on one of the forums here" "A RWD Model S towed backwards with the rear wheels on a dolly seems like it would be fine." Has anyone done this? Or any comments on this statement?
  20. Flehmenlips

    Towing with Model X

    Just got my first Tesla on Friday, 27 December 2019. Put the beast to work immediately hauling livestock. Racked up 850 miles in the first 6 days. Loving it! I'd like to create a thread of experiences, successes, failures and 'gotchas' related to towing with the Model X, particularly for...
  21. N

    OEM front towing hook is the wrong size!

    I was stuck in the snow today, my fault completely, but I was very disappointed to find that the OEM front towing hook (located under the frunk liner) doesn't fit the female screw-in receptacle! Bizarre, but I worked on it for 10 minutes, multiple adults attempted, and it was lined up...
  22. Lee K.

    Towing a Jayco, Keystone, or Similar

    2019 Model X Performance with 20" wheels. My wife and I are considering trying a travel trailer. I've read all the forums here. We've looked at Airstreams in person (Bambi 22' is our favorite). We've checked out the Bowlus, Altos, Safari Condos, etc online. The Airstream seems to be the...
  23. Lasairfion

    5th Wheel Requirement

    I've seen a lot of talk about the Cybertruck being unable to work with 5th Wheel / Gooseneck trailers due to the sail pillars on the bed. I remember seeing a lorry years back that was using a rather odd little contraption between the tractor unit and the trailer. Some Google Fu tells me that...
  24. O

    Model X: Heavy Towing over Time

    Hi everyone, I'm currently saving up for a Model X and a colleague of mine who owns an X suggested I post here about a pretty critical use case for my family. We have a 2003 Mastercraft X30 waterski/wakeboard boat. The boat and trailer together weight 4,480 lbs dry (add some water weight and...
  25. ohmman

    Towing with Cybertruck

    There are a number of threads asking various questions that apply to towing with the Cybertruck, but I thought it might be useful to have a single thread where we can discuss specifics of towing. What do we know? Single motor RWD: 7,500+ lbs., 250+ miles Dual motor AWD: 10,000+ lbs., 300+...
  26. U

    Model 3 - Towing a Caravan

    Hi New on here, with a Model 3 LR on order, with tow hitch. I have been doing some research regarding towing a caravan, and would welcome any thoughts/advice on the following: There are certainly many barriers to being able tow a caravan and significantly there is only 1 caravan I could...
  27. Captain Crook

    Tesla Y & towing

    My wife & I have each our TMS, but the wife wants a smaller shopping car and we really need a proper trailer hitch. I reserved a Model 3 some years ago, but when the trailer hitch only could take 910 kg, it was of no use to us. The TMX towes 2500 kg, that would be great, but I just can't like...
  28. pdk42

    Towing experiences with the Model 3

    I did my first real towing with my Model 3 last weekend. The plan was to drive from my home in the Leamington Spa area to the gliding club at Bidford (about 30 miles), then collect my glider trailer from there and drive to the Black Mountains Gliding Club In Wales; a destination about 90 miles...
  29. M

    How to tow a Model 3?

    Has anyone towed a Model 3? I presume it would have to be towed with all wheels off the road. My interest is to tow it behind an RV. I'm pretty certain Elon is not going facilitate simply having the vehicle just follow me. I'm interested in the weight of the vehicle and dimensions and any...
  30. R

    BRAND NEW HITCH (Asking $350.00 + FREE Shipping)

    Available is brand new never used (do not have the case) hitch. Please PM me.
  31. K

    Hitch Cutout

    I took delivery of my Model 3 SR+ on June 8 and have been thinking about buying an aftermarket hitch. A friend of mine took delivery of exactly the same car three days later from the same location (Vancouver) and decided to install a custom home-made hitch. She sent me pics of the install and I...
  32. Janssen_Ronald

    Rijden met aanhanger met de Tesla Model 3

    Ik heb vorige week mijn M3 LR DM verkocht met als enige reden de ontbrekende trekhaak. Vrijdag 21-6 in de trein een inventory DM LR met trekhaak gekocht en die is donderdag 27-6 geleverd!!! Kortom -> dit weekend even het trekken uitproberen. Ons doel is om over drie weken met de vouwwagen...
  33. N

    Tesla Roadside Assistance Policy - Comparable to USAA's?

    I bought a new Model 3 last July, and I believe it comes w/roadside assistance for 4 years or 50K miles, whichever comes first. Link to Tesla Policy. Is Tesla's road assistance benefit comparable to what's generally provided by auto insurance policies (in particular, USAA in my case)? I...
  34. romad

    Question regarding Bosal 2" Receiver Adapter

    The Bosal removable hitch on the Tesla X is similar to the Bosal hitch VW used in Europe except that the ball is 50mm (2") on a swan neck. I was able to source one of the 2" Adapters for the Tesla X and will use it with my Bosal tow bar on my VW Jetta, but I have a question regarding the ball...
  35. pox

    New ultra lite Camper Falcon-F-27BHK to big?

    My local RV shop got in this new line of Campers made for towing with SUV's This one I'm looking at has a dry weight of 4,200 lbs. 27 foot with a side out, It's not not an airstream but it is more aerodynamic than most campers and the price isn't too bad. That do you guys think? Is this too...
  36. dhrivnak

    Towing extension cable

    For those of you who tow, I would LOVE to buy an extension charging cable so I do not have to unhook the trailer to charge. I have seen a few SuperCharger stations with a charger that could work for towing but they seen to be in the majority. A cable about 15' long would allow us to nose in...
  37. T

    My Tesla Model 3 was towed by Towing Company

    Greetings ! I can't describe how excited I was after I received my M3 on Monday, but can say how SHOCKED I was this morning after my vehicle was towed by towing company in my apartment complex.... I will not go into details why it happened, because I'm hiring a lawyer to handle this situation...
  38. ecarfan

    RV trailer with 80kWh battery and motors

    See Dethleffs puts a new spin on towing with an electric camping trailer that nearly drives itself I haven’t found much information about this trailer other than the minimal amount that is in that English language article (there are number of German articles about it as well). It appears that...
  39. B


    After towing, I removed the hook and kind of reattached the plastic protection cover/ plate. It seemed okay, but it probably wasn’t tight enough; I lost this plate. Tesla sent me a new one including 2 screws, rings and 2 metal small parts. I have no clue how have to use these. Does anyone know...
  40. Z

    Prodigy P3 Brake Controller to Console Adapter

    I've been working on making a Tekonsha Prodigy P3 Brake Controller to Tesla Model X Console Adapter. I really didn't want to put holes in my dash and wanted the brake controller to be secure yet easily installed / removed into the console. The adapter will slide into the console the same way...
  41. ElectricLove

    Towing a T@B trailer with Model S

    So, I've been sitting on this thought for a while and after much online research and not finding much great definitive info I decided to just dive in. I drive a Model S P85DL and installed a tow hitch on it and 4-flat wiring harness. It has the staggered 21" turbines and we generally get...
  42. bugZPDX

    Tipoon Camp Trailer

    I'm really hoping this makes its way to the US. It looks to be a great trailer option for the MX. I'm thinking it would be fairly simple to have a custom fiberglass airflow guard installed on the front to lessen the drag even further. Car-Friendly Camp Trailer Triples in Size
  43. jamtek

    The beginning of Another Airstream Adventure!

    Well following in the footsteps of many on this forum, I've joined the Model X/Airstream Adventure Club :) My new Airstream Sport 22FB Bambi came in this week and I picked it up in New Jersey. My dealer was Colonial Airstream in Lakewood, NJ and I have nothing but high praise for the job they...
  44. T

    Question for folks with EcoHitch installed on Model S

    Hi everyone, I recently got an EcoHitch installed on my 2016 Model S. For those of you who have had this or a similar hitch installed on your Model S, how do you protect the underside of your vehicle? The L shaped hitch protrudes from the bottom of the car for which the installer had to cut out...
  45. Chrisizzle

    Road trip w/ trailer - Toronto, Wyoming (off road), Utah, Toronto

    Hello all, I will chronicle my experience in case it helps someone in the future. I am planning a road trip from Toronto Canada, to Casper Wyoming. I will spend a week there for the Adventure Racing World Championships. Much of that will be on dirt roads (or worse) in an area already devoid of...
  46. Padelford

    Model X towing: ball hitch offset

    I've used my trailer towing option to pull a small U-Haul trailer fir a quick trip to IKEA. The U-Haul folks set me up with the attached ball hitch using the "rise" configuration. With this, the trailer was nearly perfectly level with the vehicle at standard height (which is what the manual...
  47. ohmman

    Draw-Tite Aftermarket Receiver Package

    For those who have been following my posts, you know that I've had some issues with my trailer rig and the stock Bosal hitch adapter. I decided to replace it with this Draw-Tite fixed/welded hitch. Before, without hitch adapter inserted: I won't bother reproducing my own version of the...
  48. ohmman

    Bosal Hitch Adapter Loosening

    As some may know, I'm in the middle of a ~3500 mile trip towing my Airstream with the X. Within about 5 days, I started to notice that there was a little play in my receiver. I could wiggle it ever so slightly back and forth, where it was perfectly tight beforehand. I'd estimate about 1/16th of...
  49. T

    Hitch Reciever needed

    Hi all, I am looking for a model X owner with the tow package who is willing to do me a favor. I need a 2-inch hitch receiver (the thing that came with your tow package and sticks into the back of the car to create a place for hitch accessories to plug into). It is Tesla part 1027582-00-A...
  50. JimVandegriff

    X and Airstream Bambi - the new adventures 2017

    It is that time of year again - Illijana and I are preparing for traveling this summer with our Model X 90D towing our 22 ft Airstream Bambi trailer around the US. Here are a couple of pics from today of the trailer and the X. We just had some grading work done on our yard, and some base rock...