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  1. TotalDetailing

    Vendor How to Properly Wash your Tesla with Total Detailing in Pottstown, PA

    We work with the Tesla EV platform on a consistent basis. We get a ton of questions asking about how to care for the exterior of your Tesla. Here we go over the tools you'll need (if you want to go all out!) You're going to want to take some time to sit and watch this. Its extremely important...
  2. T

    Xpel Certified Installer vs Not Certified

    Does anyone know if Xpel needs to be installed by certified installer per their Website? I was looking into a shop to potential do the install and noticed they're not in the Xpel certified installer database. If the shop is not listed under the certified installer does that mean they're not...
  3. neilalexalover

    2020 Blue Model 3 performance with film body xpel and ceramic coating - Seattle

    Mileage -20,000 Build date - December Bought Dec 2019 Full body xpel wrap with ceramic coating ( value at $10K) Asking price - 50k Location - Seattle getting the model x refresh Hit me up if you’re interested.
  4. S

    Xpel Ultimate Expectations

    Few months ago I had Xpel Umtimate installed from one of their “premier” installers in the NY area. I know that people are human and nothing is perfect but I have been back multiple times and they just keep trimming the film where it is always peeling. For the amount I paid is this something...
  5. "Blu Spark" Model Y Performance

    "Blu Spark" Model Y Performance

    Model Y Performance
  6. N

    PSA: Tesla Insurance on PPF Film

    I called Tesla Insurance today with the intention of adding coverage for the PPF, tint and ceramic coating I got on my car last week. They stated that they do not have options to add aftermarket parts coverage to the policy but did confirm that they will cover up to $1000. i.e. If your door is...
  7. M


    Hello Everyone! New member here, I am a detailer located in the greater Philadelphia area and I am a huge Tesla and car enthusiast in general, I'm also a shine enthusiast and figured I could showcase some vehicles that we have protected! If you aren't in the same state and cant come by and talk...
  8. D

    PLS READ BEFORE DOING PPF, CERAMIC etc. Honest Review:Xtreme Edge Detail.

    Hi everyone, I felt this needed it's own Post/Thread. There was a group buy on this forum for Xtreme Edge Professional Auto Detail in So Cal (Garden Grove area). I saw the price and thought that it was a really incredible price compared to what is charged in cheaper neighboring states and even...
  9. Modulus1

    XPEL Wear & Tear Kit for Model Y

    I was browsing the XPEL Pre-Cut kits for Model Y. They are all pretty self-explanatory to me except the Wear & Tear Kit. Here is a picture. Obviously there are pieces for the door handles, but what are the other large pieces for? I suppose A is for the lower part of the front bumper, below...
  10. EVS Motors

    Vendor Entertaining and informative video on PPF Paint Protection Film

    Entertaining and informative video on PPF Paint Protection Film for those that are on the fence.
  11. 5pointconroe

    Vendor Matte Clear Bra And Ceramic Coating - 1 Year Review

    Here is a 1 year review of the owner driving his own Tesla Model X with services provided by his own company. 5 Point / Ceramic Pro Woodlands has a location in Woodlands, TX and work on Tesla's Daily! Installing matte clear bra on your vehicle makes you stand out from the crowd and gives your...
  12. 5PointAutoSpa

    Vendor Matte Clear Bra And Ceramic Coating - 1 Year Review

    Here is a 1 year review of the owner driving his own Tesla Model X with services provided by his own company. 5 Point Auto Spa / Ceramic Pro San Diego has locations in Carlsbad and San Diego and work on Tesla's Daily. Installing matte clear bra on your vehicle makes you stand out from the crowd...
  13. T

    PPF Installers in Nashville?

    I'm currently doing some research on PPF installers in the greater Nashville area. After speaking with every company listed on the XPEL website, it seems that none of them remove trim and wrap every panel. The consistent message I got was that they will wrap where they can (e.g., frunk lid) but...
  14. DennyL

    XPEL Paint Protection Film, Ceramic Coating and Tint

    After delivery in May, it was a roller coaster ride to get paint repairs resolved by Tesla which took nearly 2 months and finally dropped off my White/White MY at Auto Armour in San Diego for paint correction, XPEL Ultimate Plus PPF, XPEL Fusion PPF ceramic coating & Cquartz interior ceramic...
  15. tvpauto

    Vendor Looking for the go to PPF / Wrap shop for Teslas??

    Greetings everyone. Some of you may know of us (in the NC area), but we want to introduce ourselves to the community. We are TVP Auto in Raleigh, NC, and have been wrapping Tesla's since 2012. We specialize in paint protection film to protect your Model S, 3, X, Y (haha ;) from road debris, rock...
  16. XPEL

    Vendor STEALTH PPF Interior Protection

    By now you have probably heard of paint protection film for the exterior of your Tesla. But did you know that you can have PPF applied to the inside of your Tesla on the piano black surfaces? Those piano black surfaces tend to get swirled, scratched, bumped, and bruised. The XPEL PPF will cover...
  17. dwahl

    Model 3 Window Tinting - Llumar or Xpel?

    Is Llumar or Xpel a better brand for tinting the Model 3 glass? I’m planning on installing 30-50% glass tint film on side windows, rear glass, and sunroof with 70-80% clear on windshield. I like the appearance of both Llumar and Xpel from the outside, but I want the best performing film for...
  18. Ninetailz PPF

    Vendor [Ninetailz PPF] Covid-19 Special on PPF XPEL, Tint and Chrome Delete Packages

    Good afternoon everyone! I just wanted to say hi and re-introduce my company to TMC! Ninetailz PPF is a company that specializes in vehicle protection and restyling, located in Santa Fe Springs California. Founded in 2018 by two brothers with passion for cars, we always aim to go the extra...
  19. AutoArmour

    Vendor Xpel STEALTH PPF projects by Auto Armour

    Hey Everyone, We wanted to begin sharing some of the in depth projects we have going on in our shop. These projects are primarily Xpel Stealth and I'll list the other services below. We have been serving the Socal area out of San Diego for over 10 years and in the clear bra industry for over...
  20. appearancesolutions

    Vendor New Tesla Model Y @ Appearance Solutions in Sacramento, CA

    Hello TMC Members! Appearance Solutions is excited to share the first 2020 Tesla Model Y (Pearl White Multi-Coat) project to grace our shop! We currently have another Y (Red Multi-Coat) in the shop for a full XPEL wrap. At the beginning of the year we received a call from our previous client...
  21. appearancesolutions

    Vendor New Tesla Model Y @ Appearance Solutions -Paint Protection (XPEL & Opti-Coat) & Ceramic Window Film

    Hello TMC Members! Appearance Solutions is excited to share the first 2020 Tesla Model Y (Pearl White Multi-Coat) project to grace our shop! We currently have another Y (Red Multi-Coat) in the shop for a full XPEL wrap. At the beginning of the year we received a call from our previous client...
  22. TheTeslaStudio

    Vendor Tesla Model Y - Clear Bra, Window Tint, Ceramic Coating

    2 Tesla Model Ys XPEL Prime XR Plus high performance window tint treatment We are Florida's leading Tesla appearance enhancement and protection specialists. •Clear Bra •Window Tint •Ceramic Coating •Paint Correction •Chrome Delete •Suspension •Powder Coating Conveniently located less...
  23. Dugknight

    Southern California PPF Deal at Xtreme Edge Auto Detail GROUP BUY!

    Good morning! I looked around for a shop that is willing to cut a deal for the Model Y and PPF. Xtreme Edge in Garden Grove, CA made what I thought was a pretty great offer. Their reviews on Yelp are excellent (5 stars) and they were getting the best reviews for the work they did on Model 3s...
  24. 5PointAutoSpa

    Vendor Model Y San Diego Paint Protection, Tint, Vinyl & More

    5 Point Auto Spa is San Diego's Premier Tesla Auto Spa having serviced 1,000's of Teslas in San Diego County Our two locations are extremely convenient 5 Point Carlsbad - is located 4.1 miles from Tesla Carlsbad 5 Point San Diego - Kearny Mesa is 7.6 Miles from Tesla UTC and 5.7 Miles from Tesla...
  25. Vancouver ClearBra

    Vendor Clear Bra Paint Protection Film - Ceramic Coating - Tint - Chrome Delete

    Hey all Tesla owners, After an absence from the TMC forum we've returned to offer our quality clear bra paint protection films, ceramic coating, tinting, vinyl wraps and chrome delete services by sponsoring this amazing forum for the most advanced vehicles on the planet. We'll be updating this...
  26. S

    2020 Midnight Silver Model X with Xpel Stealth

    For those of you considering the Xpel Stealth wrap on your Tesla Model X, here's what it looks like.
  27. Premiertint

    Vendor Don't let this happen to your PAINT! PPF (Clear Bra gone WRONG)

    I just posted these pics in another thread and thought they might be a great thing for everyone else to see as well. The owner of this Porsche purchased it "used" and one of it's selling points was that it already had clear bra on it. We removed the old clear bra, looked at it, and realized...
  28. Capitol Shine

    Vendor Changing Your Car's Color with Minimal Effort

    Did you know you can use paint protection film to change the color of your car and at the same time protect your paint? See our blog post below on the subject! What Does The Color Of Your Car Say About You? Also, How To Change Your Car's Color With PPF - Capitol Shine Blog
  29. Capitol Shine

    Vendor Choices: Paint Protection Film, Clear Bra, Coatings, Tint, Sealants

    Lots of choices for protecting your vehicle. Read our blog post to find out which option might be best for your vehicle! Choices: Paint Protection Film, Clear Bras, Ceramic Coatings, Tint, Sealants - Capitol Shine Blog
  30. UAP_YYC

    Vendor Paint Protection Film & Ceramic Coatings - Calgary AB

    Hello Tesla Motors Club! We are Ultimate Auto Protection and we're new here and thought we should introduce ourselves. We are a new TMC local vendor and we want to get to know you! First of all, Happy New Year to everyone, 2020 is going to be huge. Lets make some really great things happen...
  31. T

    Group buy pre-cut full frontal Xpel Ultimate Plus PPF

    Found an eBay seller (mykodesigns) that offers pre-cut Xpel Ultimate Plus PPF for the full hood, bumper kit, partial fenders, and mirrors (see attached image) for the M3. I'm trying to get him to go "full fender" instead of partial fender. The price was $550 but with a group (didn't say how...
  32. Premiertint

    Vendor Premier Auto Tint

    We recently finished up this full color change wrap on this Model 3 Performance. We also did Satin Black Chrome Delete and XPEL XR Prime Plus window tint!!!
  33. J

    Tipping for PPF/Ceramic installer?

    Hi all, Having PPF and ceramic along with window tint installed this week. What’s the etiquette on tipping? The guy owns his shop and is the one doing the work if that makes a difference. I found some stuff online that a car detail deserves a tip but couldn’t find something for a high value...
  34. K

    2017 Tesla Model X 75D FSD in Georgia

    Selling my 2017 Model X 75D Excellent condition. Details are as follows: 75D AWD version with miles (around 26,600). Well cared for and garaged when not in use. Range is 235 miles plus on a full charge. ZERO accidents. CLEAN TITLE in Bank lien. Asking $70,900.00 Options added include: -...
  35. J

    PPF results with XPEL Ultimate

    Just got the car back last week and wanted to share my pics. I'm very happy with the results. There was a little scarring on the mirrors, which I think was from stretching, but the shop will be fixing that soon. Overall, really happy with the XPEL PPF and the paint correction the guys did. I...
  36. 3scompany

    PPF Group Buy (Model 3) - San Fernando Valley / Ventura County

    Hi everyone! As I eagerly await delivery of my new Model 3, I've been researching local spots for PPF application. One TMC forum member raved about the work done by American Wrap Company (American Wrap Company | Los Angeles | Clear Bra, Coating, Wrap, Tint) in Thousand Oaks. All reviews seem to...
  37. AusDetail

    Vendor XPEL stealth conversion

    Hey all, This week we saw the completion of the first XPEL stealth transformation from gloss in finish to matte. We did this by applying our computer cut XPEL PPF to the car, wrapping all edges to ensure a seamless fit. We also did a Chrome delete too. Looks amazing! Thanks ADS team.
  38. Colberns

    Vendor Satin White Model 3 Transformation with PPF & Hello From Ventura County!

    Hi All! Nick from Colberns Detailing here. We just joined the forum and wanted to take a moment to show everyone some of our services and recent projects! We are based in Ventura, CA and serve all of Santa Barbara County, Ventura County, and surrounding areas. We are Xpel Certified Paint...
  39. D

    Bad Wrap Job?

    White Model 3 wrapped in Xpel recently and then ceramic on the full car. $3000 dollar job all in. The wrap was full front, rocker, and door edges. We got it back, and within the first 2 weeks I now have many new dirt line accents. Trying to determine whether it was just a bad application...
  40. XPEL

    Vendor Myth Busting Teslas Most Talked About Flaw!

    Kim from Like Tesla took her Model 3 and Model X to AP3 (Atlanta Precision Paint Protection) for an XPEL PPF check up. During her visit, Kim and Tiaan go in depth on Tesla paint quality and if there is truth to the myth that Tesla paint is unusually defective. In the video you'll also learn if...
  41. L

    How does a full wrap make sense?

    I take delivery of my M3P Wednesday. I drive 100m/day average and previous cars acquire notable road debris chips in the front end within a year. I had a bumper 3M clear bra applied on a car 7y ago and I felt it was a waste of $500. Within a few months it had a rock gouge through the film and...
  42. protekchicago

    Vendor Chicago and Suburbs Clear Bra-Paint Protection Film

    We are proud to serve Chicago and Suburbs Tesla owners. Service we offer paint protection film Xpel , window tint ,detailing and coating ,headlights tint, vinyl wrap , chrome delete. DEALER. Tesla Model 3 XPEL PRIME XR PLUS high performance window tint treatment for outstanding heat...
  43. XPEL

    Vendor How To Clean Clear Bra

    One of the most common questions we get is, "What do I use to maintain my clear bra and what should I stay away from?" We got this question so much that we decided to make the answer easier than ever by offering our own line of aftercare products for not just our paint protection film (PPF), but...
  44. lorenzotint

    Vendor TESLA Paint Protection Film - Ceramic Tinting Specialists

    Hello Tristate New York, New Jersey and CT Tesla Owners, Looking for the most qualified installer of todays most relevant auto aftermarket service. No sales pitch or group discounts. When selecting a Professional Paint Protection Film installer check out my Resume and get the facts at...
  45. H

    Black or MSM Stealth Wrapped M3?

    Tesla Model 3 - Midnight Silver Metallic - Stealth PPF - OCDetailing - BayAreaDetails.com Tesla Model 3 - Solid Black - XPEL Stealth - OCDetailing - BayAreaDetails.com
  46. Nevertipsy

    Southern California (Orange County) Tesla Model 3 PPF Group Buy

    Hello again fellow Tesla Owners! I'm happy to report that Tesla finally fixed the paint on my car! Some of you might remember the Model 3 tint group buy I did last year. After I got my car back 2 weeks ago I went looking for a place to get my PPF and hit yelp and started calling around, and just...
  47. S

    Model X Resale Value with XPEL Wrap & Modifications

    I’m looking to get my 2018 Model X wrapped with an XPEL stealth coat. I’m also looking to get a chrome delete done, light ceramic coat on top of the wrap, and possible powder coat the wheels & paint the calipers. Quite a bit of customization and I wanted to know if anyone has done the same. If...
  48. R1Fast

    Q: Full Xpel with partial re-wrap in STEK

    Had a minor collision (cosmetic only) that will require the front bumper and passenger fender to be repainted. The car is fully wrapped in Xpel Ultimate + but I may be going to another shop in WA (Metropolitan Detail) who carries STEK not XPEL. Part of the reason for switching shops is lack...
  49. XPEL

    Vendor XPEL Ceramic Coating Now Available and PPF Safe

    XPEL FUSION PLUS Ceramic Coating is a nano ceramic clear liquid coating that can be applied to paint, glass, vinyl and paint protection films, which provides a fortified layer of vehicle protection. Bonding at a molecular level, the ceramic coating seals and protects vehicle surfaces from...

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