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2020.16.2.1 Auto Wipers working, finally!


Dec 9, 2019
After updating to 2020.16.2.1, I had the chance to drive from Portland, OR to Sunriver, OR. I experienced a broad range of weather - sunny, sprinkles, light showers, heavy showers, and steady rain. Auto Wipers performed very well through it all. I never once had to take manual control, and never once were the wipers wiping when they shouldn't have. I think Tesla finally has this feature working well, but I haven't tested a night yet.


2010 Roadster Sport || 2013 S85 || 2017 X100D
Jul 8, 2013
Silver Spring, MD
Still not perfect, but, much better. When I bought my S in 2013, I found the wiper control to be worse than every car I've owned since the 1980s. Finally, after numerous software updates, it is getting good. There is still room for improvement.

Uncle Paul

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Nov 1, 2013
Canyon Lake,CA
Simply amazing accomplishment.
My 2017 X did not come with neither automatic wipers nor automatic headlights.
In one OTA update both appeared like magic.
People began to groan that they did not work very well and that Tesla should simply pay the royalities to acquire the necessary sensors to make them better.
Little by little, with each subsiquent update they got better. Tesla learned how to make them work with their existing sensor suite.
While people still continued to complain, some acknowledged that they were indeed getting better. Not great, but better.
Now we are seeing posts that Tesla has indeed stayed the course and that they now work great.

Tesla has indicated that in the future their products will get even better still. They intend to use peer to peer networking so that data from other Teslas driving in front of you can tell your car when to expect rain and how hard it will be. Your car will be able to predict rain, even before it hits your windshield...amazing.
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Jun 30, 2018
Southern Oregon
I absolutely loathed the auto-wipers for the last two years. In each new version update someone would say they were finally fixed. And I would turn them on only to find they were still garbage. Drove me bonkers that Tesla would not install a $3 part on their cars to get good auto-wipers due to Elon's edict that the neural network should be able to do the job by itself.

Then I got my HW3 upgrade about a month ago after reading the new neural network processor was a big improvement for the auto wipers. I don't know whether it was HW3 or the software release that came out within the last month, but the auto-wipers are now working great for me. They now handle the mist, fog, light rain, downpours, splash from passing cars - all the variations that are found in a typical day here in the Pacific Northwest. I can now leave the auto-wipers on full time and be pleasantly surprised when they just turn on exactly when I need them. It's great!

I swore I would never buy another Tesla until they fixed the terrible auto-wipers. Tesla just went to the top of the list for our next new car...


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Feb 3, 2013
Chicagoland ModelX S603
Any improvements in low light / night conditions? If you don't live/drive where there are a lot of building lights or street lights then the wipers seem slow to react. I've read the reasoning in other threads but just didn't know if this 'NN'/software updated helped.


Oct 10, 2016
Elk Grove, CA
I just got 2020.16.2.1 last night, and we're not supposed to get rain around here until this weekend. The last rain I remember (probably a version or two back) leaving it on Auto seemed to work great, with one big exception that people have long complained about. When I first turn the car on (think it's when I hit the brake or put it in gear), the wipers swipe furiously on high for about 20 swipes for no good reason. Is that fixed in this version?


Mar 15, 2018
Louisville, KY
After 3 weeks of MX ownership, it finally rained. I had a 150 mile trip yesterday in every conceivable kind of rain, from a light mist to a heavy deluge, and the Autowipers performed flawlessly. I had my Model 3 for 2 years and the Autowipe feature never performed for me the way the X did yesterday. Bravo!
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