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Can anyone recommend a good tyre inflator?

I’ve been eyeing off the new makita cordless compressor - I already have the batteries and charger for my cordless tools. I’m sure all the power tool brands have them. I can’t see that one in your link lasting long. Its very small, and I’ve learnt undersized things with motors dont tend to have long life.
Was thinking about doing the same with a tubeless tyre repair kit as well https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B08GBXHRWC Not sure whether anyone as repaired a tyre while it's on the car without a jack.. is this doable?
Yes I reckon it is doable. I used a similar string kit to repair a tyre while it was on the car (VW Golf) without issue. Removed a nail and plugged it without the tyre fully deflating. I don't see why it would not work on a Tesla. I still carry the same string kit in my Model 3. I also have the Tesla Tire Repair Kit which is a cheap compressor with a selection for goo. My thinking is: string kit for primary repair and use the Tesla compressor with goo as backup if the string kit does not work. The Tesla compressor can also be used to top off your tires which I have done on several occasions.
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I picked up a Windgallop for $40 off Amazon with free overnight delivery.
Works just fine, quite compact and easy to use. Stays in the underboot for emergencies.

WindGallop Portable Air... https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B081YWRQC3

I got the same one and it works well, the LED light is handy, as is the flashing warning lamp function. I've found it inflates to 1-2 PSI over the target, which is OK, just adjust with an accurate gauge after disconnect. I also keep a tyre repair plug kit in my frunk kit for nail/screw puncture repairs.
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