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General Discussion: 2018 Investor Roundtable

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Feb 14, 2015
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May 3, 2015
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If you poke around you can find the defendant’s home address or what I assume is his address. Normally it wouldn’t mean anything and I won’t share it here but what I found noteworthy are the comments by others about this particular, small apartment building. If the reviews are to believed, this place is a cesspool, crawling with bedbugs and known drug dealers, used syringes in the hallways, etc. Apparently the apartments are cheap, run-down, full of mold and the commenters say the landlord is a slumlord. Seems like a pretty hellish place to home to after pulling long hours at the Gigafactory.
Help me out, what is in that article that isn't in the court filing?

But the idea that a malicious insider could successfully tamper with software used in the vehicles' battery testing process is more fodder for worst-case scenarios raised by lawmakers over self-driving cars.

I didn't see any mention of altering the battery testing process specifically in the court filing, just the manufacturing OS. Maybe that is my ignorance and they are the same thing or CNBC is making an assumption...
I didn't see any mention of altering the battery testing process specifically in the court filing, just the manufacturing OS. Maybe that is my ignorance and they are the same thing or CNBC is making an assumption...

Either CNBC is twisting/stretching the tampering to involve self driving, which known info doesnt support, or they know more about the tampering than Tesla publicly released. I think it is, at least partly, the former -- somehow trying to connect manufacturing tampering to the "zomg self-driving is scary" narrative.
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Wouldn't this be great news for Tesla? (prices of their cars in the EU would fall due to less taxation)

Well, technically Tesla does not pay the 10% EU tariff.

That is why it has the assembly facility in The Netherlands, to avoid the tax.

They could save on this expense and pass the saving on to the customer.

Maybe they could use the facility in The Netherlands to manufacture Model S Shooting Brake and Model 3 Estate for European markets instead?
Just a bit OT but, after hours and sort of Father's Day-ish.
My kid has been working the GA4 line. I won't reveal much since I think that's prudent.
But some color:
Prob sweetest/nerdiest of my 3 kids. Also, most accident prone.
Brilliant. Got fancy-school post grad quant degree in one year, now on way to PhD studies and stopped off at Tesla for the summer to work with other nerds on Tesla technology.
3 weeks in, he gets a late night text from boss: "report to factory tomorrow morning" with just map dot coordinates and a phone # (really).
Arrives with other nerds and no idea what's up and is handed a voucher to go down the road for a pair of Red Wings.
Then returns and is directed into the GA4 tent and shown the line and where to be and what to do.
It's very clear that this is all-hands on deck. Anyone who can be spared is here to help. It's hard work, possibly the first physical work-for-pay of this sheltered life. On GA4, there's a gallimaufry of backgrounds, education and skills all cranking hard. But also a "see one, do one, teach one" approach where people are coming in, taking over, forming the cartilage of the line and teams that become the next shift.
I hear these things too:
" -- Robots don't get sore shoulders.
-- I look down the line a bit and there's Elon, torquing bolts.
-- I come in the next morning and engineering has completely reconstructed how a whole section works. It's faster.
-- Yes, I'm now very glad I went to college but I also have a new frame of reference for when I think 'that is not do-able'. This GA4 thing is incredible, chaotic and ramping. "

All I can say in response to this brief phone conv is "wow. i'm so impressed. experience of a lifetime. you are awesome".
Stopped short of "you are now my favorite kid!".
Sort of wishing it was me, 35 years younger.

But just proud.
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