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Help me decide which color I should order on my P3D. Go!

Red. Here's a pic with my dark gray track wheels.

Midnight Silver is probably the best if you're bad at washing like me :p

When clean and polished it looks incredible as well with the multi-color speckles in the paint. I previously had a blue one and sold it for grey, don't regret it at all.
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I bought a MSM M3P and switched it to BLACK. I've had like 6 black cars back to back now. I factored my decision into that white, silver and red cars are pulled over most often... I like to drive safe, but fast. Black is a sexy color on any car, especially a M3. #Biased

My 2c worth 0:
  1. Black: Looks great if you care to have it washed and/or cared for regularly. If you want to own, many complain about a "soft" paint, and it's not a multicoat. If you're leasing like me then it doesn't matter.
  2. White: If you like white it's free now and a no brainer. I really like M3s in white! My wife hates guys in white cars, but f**k her. Plus it's a multicoat so it will be better than a single coat black, for instance.
  3. MSM: Multicoat and hides dirt and imperfections better than black.
  4. Blue: Awesome color for this car if you want to stand out. A client of mine has one, looks sweet. Too noticeable/flashy for my taste.
  5. Red: Ticket bait, but with some nice wheels and a NRVOUS custom license plate, you could be in Ferris Bueller territory.
According to Tezlab, here are the top stats (totally anecdotal and probably not accurate at all):
24% Black
22% MSM
18% Blue
For a Performance, I would go Red because Red is kind of been associated with
Signature Red for first cars to be delivered or cars with specific new features, like racing prototypes.

Also it seems to me that Red is the less common color.

Otherwise, I think that White is the most easy to fix for little scratches or dings.

My firts would be Light Silver but this color have been suppressed since last summer 2018.
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I had the same dilemma when I was ordering. I narrowed it down to blue or red after seeing them all in person, but ultimately I went with red because every car I've ever owned has been blue and I wanted to try something different. Plus my wife dared me because she thought I'd never change from blue. :)