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Vendor LTE Premium MCU + Gen 2 Hi Res Cluster (donor: 2017 90D)

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Correct. 11/2016 would've been sold by Tesla as "2017 Model S", and when I list parts I usually advertise as it would've been sold from dealer whether it is Porsche, BMW or Tesla.
My car was built in 11/2016 and is a 2016 Tesla, so not all cars built 11/2016 were sold as "2017 Model S" cars. The VIN shows it is a 2016 car.
it would be 2016 as there's no such thing as a 2017 Tesla Model S "90D"

Yes, there is:
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Still have cluster? Assuming I could swap with gen 1? Hate the lower resolution...darn OCD
Recently tried the swap and it's not a direct plug and play, even if there is a firmware update ready to install. The installation will just crap out and car will be undrivable. The SC would need to reprogram it for you, I would call them first to see if they would be willing to push you new firmware to make it work after you do the install yourself.
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Recently tried the swap and it's not a direct plug and play...
Is any MCU swap plug and play? I would have thought that the VIN would be in the MCU and it might have some of the car configuration in it rather than simply looking around for what parts are connected before pulling firmware. I thought I read that the rear performance motor was now cryptographically authenticated to the MCU.
Ah. I am still curious about how plug and play the MCU is. I assumed the cluster had completely different wiring (new cluster being effectively just a display) and that you could never mix new cluster with old MCU. It would be great if Tesla releases an MCU2 retrofit that would allow the converse however: old cluster and new MCU together. The cost of additional testing might even be less than the incremental labor for Tesla MCU replacement to add the cluster, once Tesla runs out of replacement MCU1.
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Ah. I am still curious about how plug and play the MCU is.

My 2014 Model S 60 without tech package had its GPS go bad in the MCU so they replaced it. They mentioned it was some form of older hardware with 4G LTE manually retrofitted in. The fact they're manually building units with older and newer parts stuck together implies to me that older cars are simply not compatible with the latest MCUs. Perhaps connectors have changed shape or the physical dimensions of the MCU have changed. This also explains why they don't offer MCU upgrades to older vehicles other than when things break, and then they use a frankensteined version of older and newer hardware. It worries me what they'll do when the older hardware ceases to be available.