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My wife can’t sit high enough

We have a new MX and my wife can’t get the seat adjusted so she sits high enough.

We’ve had service come out to check the seats and they say they are operating normal.

Is there anything we can do? She says she needs 1 extra inch. She puts a rolled up towel underneath her now and sits on that. She says it slips too much with the towel though.

I’ll even get her a booster seat if they make that sorta thing.
I don’t know how the Model X seats mount, but on some vehicles, you can shim them up using a stack of washers where the seat bolts to the floor. It might be worth looking into, although there may be some concerns about the modifications and crashworthiness.
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The best part of this story is you had service come out to check the car.

If you're unusually short or unusually tall, a test drive determines if a car can be adjusted to fit you comfortably.

They had to take the car because at delivery the AC system didn’t work (alert on dash), the center console in the second row wouldn’t stay closed and one of the panels was far out of alignment.

While they had it I said that my wife couldn’t get her seat high enough.
Tell her to go to Costco and get the largest bag of Utz Ripple potato chips and the largest vat of Hellevua Good French Onion Dip. Should be resolved in a month or so. If not get some twinkies and watch a whole season of Game of Thrones in two weeks. Add a heavy weight beer like Two Hearted Ale and she will fit perfect!
It worked for me


Hard to believe 5'6 can't make the seat work, we are 5'2 and 5'8, works great for both of us. I use it on the lowest height and she uses it higher but not all the way up. It's not necessary for your head to touch the glass....

That is to say, I think maybe there is actually something wrong with your seat. Maybe get the service center to let her sit in another X on the lot (a loaner or a demo) and adjust the seat up, just to make sure it adjusts the same as your X? If that one goes up "high enough" but yours doesn't, they can fix whatever is wrong with yours.
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My wife is 5'4" and has no problems. There are pillows/other items specifically designed for vehicles that you can sit on - it might just be her personal preferences just don't fit and if that is the case I am sorry to hear that.

My wife actually sees better in my X than she did in our S...