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New Tesla/EV owner and first-time FSD beta user - is this a joke?

I'd guess there are far fewer permutations of those than colors, shapes, sizes, and types of motor vehicles and pedestrians, yet the vehicle seems to be able to recognize those with a reasonable degree of accuracy. :)
LOL - seriously?

A large blob, roughly the size of a car, in the travel lane - hmmm... is it a car? I think it's a car. I'll assume it's a car and plan accordingly. Vastly different from a sign on the sidewalk with verbiage that sets logical boundaries for a speed limit. It has "Speed Limit" on it, and a number (usually 25MPH). But what is all that other stuff on the sign?

I swear... I really want Tesla to just take the signs as speed limits and apply them immediately. That will solve it. Then we'll just hear the complainers yelling about "Why did my car slow from 45MPH to 25MPH?!?!!? It's Saturday at 7PM!!!!"
But if I was in an unfamiliar town, I just can't see letting it drive
During a road trip with a grandson, I found, while in an unfamiliar town, FSDb made fewer wrong turns and had better orientation than either of the humans.

The grandson has a learner’s permit. On the highway I had him enable FSDb. We could discuss the “long game” on the highway while the car kept itself in the lane and safely separated. As his understanding grew, he used FSDb to execute lane changes. He absorbed the driver’s perspective of lane position and vehicle separation.

Later we disabled FSDB - remove training wheels from the bicycle - and he manually controlled the car.
I am not paying Tesla $200 bucks a month for a chance to kill me at a time of my choosing.

Unsubscribed after 2 weeks of trying 11.3.6

I share exactly the same sentiment as the OP. This s*** is a complete joke and not ready for public use.

(FWIW I work in AI in big tech. Not for tesla)
It's been a few months since I subscribed to FDSb and started this thread. During that time, the first and only version of FSDb I've known was 11.3.6, so I had nothing to compare it to other than how humans drive.

This morning, I received the 11.4.4 update and while it is still very much somewhere between an alpha and beta product, there were noticeable improvements from 11.3.6 during several drives today.

The most significant changes were smoother steering/braking/acceleration (more human-like and less robotic). Better assertiveness - not as timid/indecisive. Better lane choice. Cuts into center turn lane to my left less on left turns. Gets into left turn lane sooner.

Now, it didn't always do these things any better than 11.3.6, but there is noticeable improvement with 11.4.4 - at least often enough for me to actually notice.

I suspect with version 12 and it's major changes to the fundamental operation of FSD on the horizon, there probably won't be many significant improvements to 11.x at this point.
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