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Tesla CCS Combo 1 Adapter User Manual (in English) Generates Questions


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Update: September 21, 2022: Tesla has finally released its CCS1 adapter directly in North America. See it for sale here (Canada) and here (U.S.), along with a link to the Owner's Manual in English.


There has naturally been a lot of interest in a Tesla CCS adapter for North America (to replace and improve-upon the no-longer-available from Tesla CHAdeMO adapter). (For example, see CCS Adapter Coming?)

As you may know, an adapter (made in Taiwan for Tesla) is available right now in South Korea for ~$256 (US). It may not be immediately obvious how to purchase a Korean Tesla adapter if you live in North America, but it can be done for around +$325, with shipping. Whether this opportunity will continue is anyone's guess. <07/20/22 Update: Tesla appears to have shut off the Korean personal-shopping company pipeline of CCS1 adapters to North American customers.>

There is a Tesla pdf user manual, but in Korean (naturally) (CCS Adapter User Manual). For those interested, here are the four pages translated (using Google) into English.

Page 1 --> Page 1 Page 2 --> Page 2 Page 3 --> Page 3 Page 4 --> Page 4
  • This project was not sanctioned by Tesla.
  • There may be errors or omissions.
  • The Tesla South Korea website states that adapter is currently for use with (Korean) Models 3 and Y only. (But current evidence is that it will fit and work for Models S, X, 3, and Y with CCS charge functioning enabled.)
  • In general Tesla cars from early 2020 onward may have CCS charging enabled. There was a period from around August to November 2021 when, due to the chip shortages, CCS was again not installed in new cars. Cars made after that should have CCS capability again. Always check your car before purchasing a CCS1 adapter.
  • Check CCS status by the (a) center touch-screen, (b) "Software" screen, (c) "Additional vehicle information" selection, and (d) "Additional vehicle information" pop-up box.

    1. Center Touchscreen Display.jpg 2. Software Screen.jpg 3. Additional vehicle information Box.jpg
  • If and when a CCS adapter is offered in North America, I am sure Tesla will immediately offer a region-correct user’s manual in English. <Yep! They did.>
  • In the meantime, regard this Korean adapter as "beta" for North America, in the sense that we still don't know all the answers and whether it will work flawlessly at all CCS1 charge stations now, and continue to work, in North America. <As of 07/21/22, the Tesla-Korea CCS1 adapter appears to work at all properly-functioning North American CCS1 charging stations.>
The contents of the user manual are straightforward. But feel free to DM/PM me if you have questions and do not find answers on the many TMC forum posts.
Last words:
  • I hope that a future Tesla North American CCS1 adapter, by itself, costs no more than, say, ~$150-$200 or so. <$250(US)>
  • As it does for Models S & X in Europe, it is possible that Tesla will also offer a hardware retrofit for cars without CCS capability.
  • The Korean adapter is much smaller than the ponderous CHAdeMO adapter; smaller than the ungainly Lectron/SETEC adapter, and similar in size to the Ukrainian EVHub adapter.
  • The Tesla-Korea adapter requires no battery and has no firmware (that would need to be updated).
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Now that we have a rear view there might be an explanation for what that funny prong on the back is for. It looks like the charge port will push it into the adapter, probably to latch the CCS "trigger" latch in place when the adapter is plugged into the car.

Just found this post, which helps. But the "prong" still looks incredibly delicate to me (unless it's made out of some space-age alloy).
Hey, I've got a theory. When you insert the adapter in the car, it gets locked by the car's port just like any other Tesla handle (home charger, supercharger etc). I'm thinking that when you push that adapter against the car, that pin gets pushed back towards the CCS handle. Maybe it's as simple as that physical movement locks the CCS into the adapter. There would be no need for a hole in the car's charge port. As long as the car holds the adapter, that pin is pushed in and the CCS handle is locked to the adapter. When you remove the adapter from the car, that pin can come out and that releases the CCS handle.

Not sure, just a theory. If I'm right, there no big load on the pin, it's not there to hold the thing upright, so it doesn't need a space alloy.


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The pin is a lock to prevent the CCS cable from being removed from the adapter when the adapter is in the car. It blocks the "trigger" operation.

Operation of this pin is at 5:35 in this video.

Excellent. Is there an English version or one with English subtitles? (I just looked quickly.)

I still think that users will have to be careful not to break the activation prong.
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I tried ordering this already, then Tesla Korea cancelled my order and told me i can reorder Oct 26, looked on that date and no stock was available, I emailed them and got this reply:
Dear Mark,

I'm very sorry that you were not able to order this time.
We are trying to get extra stocks as soon as possible and expecting it will be in 1~2 weeks.

For now, you can get a notification from clicking the yellow highlight on tesla online shop when it's selling again.
Please make it sure to know when you are able to order again first.
Excellent. Is there an English version or one with English subtitles? (I just looked quickly.)

I still think that users will have to be careful not to break the activation prong.
A transcription has been done in this thread



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A transcription has been done in this thread

Found it (Post #166 in the Thead you point to), thanks--it is a long transcription of the closed captions (in English) you can watch on the original YouTube video (spoken in Korean). Unfortunately, YouTube's instantaneously-generated English translations, while appreciated, are not particularly accurate. (I've experienced the same issue with YouTube's CCs for F1 Grand Prix videos narrated in German, French, and Spanish.) But, better than nothing.

Judging by all the interest in a North American CCS adapter, the moment that Tesla eventually releases one the Tesla Shop/Charging site will be inundated with orders. Likely to be sold out repeatedly on and off for weeks/months until the demand subsides. Hopefully Tesla will plan accordingly and have ample supplies stockpiled.

I wonder if a North American CCS adapter will also be just for the Models 3 and Y at first?
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Writing as an interested reader and as the OP, no problem. The lessons I take away from this:
  • Do NOT buy a South Korean CCS adapter for use in North America. (We just have to be patient.)
  • Something (software or hardware?) in the Korean CCS adapter is incompatible with North American cars or N.A. CCS charge stations.
  • It is difficult to outsmart Tesla. ;)
  • There may be a CCS adapter for sale soon at a bargain price on the Seoul Craig's List site. :)
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Apr 5, 2018
The adapter was briefly available for a few minutes then went out of stock, I missed that window between email notification and being sold out.
Have we confirmed this adapter does not work in North America?
Someone confirmed it with older firmware. The .40 version rolling out now is thought to have support for it, but it hasn't been tried afaik.


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I have a 2020 Model 3 AWD and still it does not have the CCS chip, most Models on the road in north america are not going to be compatible without additional cost:...

For comparison I just looked at my AVI pop-up (from early 2021 Model X LR+):

AVI - 11-24-2021 - 2.jpg

Should I be concerned with anything?
  • No CCS adapter support.
  • No modem capabilities.
  • Small rear motor. (Guys hate to have a small anything,...except the prostate.)

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