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Why doesn't Model S talk to us?

I've been wondering why the Tesla operating system doesn't have verbal notifications of certain things? With autopilot coming up I'd think that easy to understand verbal directions might be useful.

Maybe even a Siri-like personal assistant.

  • "Autopilot Engaged"
  • "Resume Vehicle Control, Autopilot Degraded"
  • "Your battery is low, would you like me to route you to a charging station?"
  • "The outside temperature is 79 degrees."
  • "Your stocks are....."
  • "Warning: thunderstorms are along your route ahead. Proceed with caution."
  • "Heavy snowfall is forecast along your route."
Yours doesn't??? :smile::smile::smile:

I drove a newish loaner with the speed limit sign "alerts" when my March 2014 car was in for its first annual check, and the only thing that could have made it more annoying would be a Tesla/Siri voice (from the back seat) saying "Aren't you going a little too fast?"
A former boss had a Maxima that talked like that. "The door is ajar. The door is ajar." or "The keys are in the ignition. The keys are in the ignition". After about the third repetition you want to run screaming from the car. It's absolutely the worst possible feature. One of the best Model S features is that you can turn the sound off on the Nav Lady.
I think it is the fear that the car will become self-aware and start talking to itself and drain your battery when you aren't plugged in. Sitting around in a parking lot singing "I'm too sexy for my driver, too sexy for my driver, too sexy yeeeeaaahhh, and I am too sexy for that car, oveeeerrrr theeerrrreee"

Being serious now. I'm not sure how many things I'd like to be told while driving. It might be nice if there was a summary mode where I could hit a button and it would read off stats like battery range, miles to go to destination, etc. In general I think that Siri is probably going to do a better job and with the ability to turn on siri by voice it makes it fairly easy.

One thing I always thought would be cool, but pretty much worthless to implement... rally driver announcement for certain roads... right 3, opens, slight crest, left 4.