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Future Tesla

  1. Graphene

    Ideas for future features you'd like to see in a Tesla

    I've been thinking about some features that Tesla could add to future cars (some just fun ideas but some I think are genuine luxury comforts many expect from high end cars). Many of these features I've seen in other cars and think if there is any company to think of improved/more innovative ways...
  2. jpaz

    Is this a crazy idea? Let's go camping.

    Last night I parked next to an old VW camper and it got me to thinking. I could see a Tesla camper someday. Could drive as an EV to campgrounds then plug in for creature comforts, etc. Maybe start with an X and do a conversion? First issue.......who would take an expensive vehicle and...
  3. Lex

    Eliminate limited regen - improving cold weather driving

    Has this been explored previously ? Limited regen seems like such a waste of energy, when it seems it would always be needed when heat would be needed, so why not explore diverting the waste energy immediately to heat coils, maybe a "heat bottle" ? Even if it goes out as waste it helps the...
  4. SabrToothSqrl

    Volvo, of all companies, does the right thing with gas engines.

    Volvo done developing gasoline engines This is... EXACTLY what I would do. Every penny in engine R&D is a penny wasted on a temporary solution.
  5. B

    VW will trample tesla

    VW golf gas diesel or electric is outnumbering any other car manufacturer 5 to one even tesla all models combined. tesla will be trampled cuz it is a crap company (subsidiary, how do I delete my account?)
  6. C

    My Wish List for Future Updates on All Models

    Hi All, Here are a few items I would love to see added to all Tesla Models: 1) 12VT Electrical Plug(s) (Custom not old cigarette lighter plugs) in various places such as behind the RV Mirror and near the center console(s) and cargo bays. (Why have the end user get into the wiring) This...
  7. C

    Electrical Plug on RV Mirror

    Would like to suggest Tesla consider placing a small 12VT 1AMP electrical plug on the backside of all Models RV Mirror. Almost everyone wants to add either a radar detector or Camera etc... would be nice not to have to take apart the mirror to access wiring.
  8. Stewie26

    My roadster's first car show. Lots of Love plus some animosity from a few.

    I took my newly purchased roaster to it's first car show this morning. Got lots of love plus some unexpected animosity from a few. It is a monthly show, called Coffee and Cars, just a couple miles from my residence. Probably more than 250 exotic plus many older restored cars showed up for the...
  9. D

    Rumor: Tesla soliciting supplier quotes for Model Y crossover, production target March 1, 2020

    Interesting rumor that's coming out this morning. (A bit strange it's coming from Niedermeyer of all people.) HOT TIP: a supplier source tells me Tesla is sending out drawings and specs to solicit quotes for the Model Y crossover. Start of production targeted for March 1, 2020. — E.W...
  10. 1208

    XC40 New Volvo crossover £27,500/$38400 vs Model Y

    XC40 | Volvo Cars UK Ltd I know one is petrol the other electric, but both appeal to similar people, when buying the X people compared it to the XC90. Also Volvo are said to be going electric/hybrid on all models next year. Both have high standards of safety and autopilot features. I think...
  11. V

    Keyfob Auto close all Windows & App selective

    Feature request: When pressing the Keyfob to close all doors, all open windows should also close. Mobile App should be able to open and close any and all windows, including an open and close all feature. Of course the screen UI needs same features. Anyone like this idea?
  12. E

    Tesla Vocational Trucks

    We all wish every vehicle format was made by Tesla and electrified. They sure make a good product. I'm hoping for a reveal shortly of a medium duty truck for use in applications such as city delivery, moving, waste removal, concrete mixer, snow plows, utility service, and ambulances. These more...
  13. G

    [Poll] - Will you buy Model Y if it has Falcon Wing door?

    Will you buy Model Y if it has Falcon Wing door (FWD)? / Should Tesla put FWD in Model Y? Please vote on the poll.
  14. Brightonuk

    My P100 goes 0-60 in 2.3 but I wish it could do this

    It would seem I have the hardware just needs some coding
  15. aslam

    Wiki Historical Tesla Financing Rates in Canada

    As part of my research prior to purchasing my first Tesla (a Model S), I've been looking for some historical information on Tesla's Financing Rates in Canada. In order to ensure that I'm getting the best financing rate, I wanted to understand the historical patterns which might help me predict...
  16. W

    Any word on the location of the Semi and Model Y.

    From what I understand Freemont is at max capacity. Also is there any intention of using the Gigafactory for vehicle production or is this just a battery factory. Gracias de antemano. John
  17. J

    Why isn't Tesla designing a van for Europe? Seems to be a no brainer.

    Some points I'd like to make: The shape of vans are well suited to battery packs. Titanic potential market in Europe. The cost and range has kind of been proved practical due to the Semi and it's pricing. Work vans are far better suited for promotion to fleet managers. If not vans, how is it...
  18. O

    Model 3 batteries in S and X

    Hi still a newbie to tesla specs but I hear M3 has higher density battery packs than current S and X's. I am looking at getting a 75D Mx soon, but thinking I should hold back so that Tesla updates all batterys to the new density thus giving better range etc, esp if I can only afford the 75...
  19. Blu Angel

    2019 Jaguar iPace speculation

    Hi Tesla Lovers, I decided to visit my Jaguar dealership in Toronto, Canada yesterday. I've been smitten by the Jaguar iPace and would consider swapping my Tesla 3 for it. I believe it straddles the market between Model 3 and Tesla Model X Here's what info I gleamed from the dealer...
  20. joeinslw

    New Semi Truck

    I just saw a promo of a Semi Truck called Thor, they claim it will beat Tesla's Semi in mid 2019, should Tesla be worried about this or is the Tesla motor and batteries superior to theirs? One thing I think Tesla is superior was they said the mileage they get on a charge is 300 miles, if I'm...
  21. M

    Will $TSLA build autopilot chip much better than a chip company?

    This is a question that came to my mind when i had gone through one discussion going on in a site. Will $TSLA build autopilot chip much better than a chip company? The discussion was Floyd Jenks - AlphaStreet
  22. Rusty1

    Real SUV

    I like the Model X, but can we get a more macho SUV eventually? Think Jeep Wrangler. It needs to be truck based.
  23. avoigt

    The Fun Corner

    Thought we should open an area for all the funny things than are found......
  24. I

    Semi 110v charging?

    Just Kidding! I’m guessing if it was offered to keep it “topped off” at home for private owner, adding 1KW/hour to an empty 1MW battery (with 25% loss) only short 5-6 weeks to fully recharge. ;) More serious note: if this becomes an RV chassis in a few years, my calc says empty to full on a...
  25. e-FTW

    Tesla Semi gunning it from a standstill

    Cab only. Traction limited of course, very impressive to see it go like that though.
  26. Vern Padgett

    What would be the coolest car to convert to electric?

    I'm thinking a 1939 Humber Snipe. But then a 1946 or later Porsche 356 might be the one. Or Elon's crashed McLaren. Or any Bugatti. We were at the Los Angeles Tesla Motors Club event last month, to tour the Peterson Museum, and the Bugattis on the 2nd floor were stunning. So what do you...
  27. bcsteeve

    Keep my deposit?

    On the day it was announced, on a whim I put in a reservation for the semi. I immediately got a PDF invoice requesting that I send $5000 Canadian dollars to reserve my spot. Unlike the model 3 reservations, these appear to be serialized, and it looks like I'm number 8. 8 in Canada, most...
  28. KarenRei

    The broader implications of Semi's ~$70/kWh battery pricing

    As can be seen from the $30k difference in price between the 500 and 300 mile range semis, the cost for Tesla to produce the battery packs for Semi appear to have plunged. Assume: 900kWh pack = 540kWh for 300mi = 360kWh for $30k = $83/kWh; assuming the usual 25% margin = $67/kWh. This is...
  29. SageBrush

    Tesla Semi: Pack Cost Per kWh

    Yesterday Tesla published anticipated Semi prices: $150k for the 300 mile range $180k for the 500 mile range Previously Tesla reported ~ 2 kWh per mile consumption, so the extra 200 miles amounts to ~ 400 kWh $30,000 for 400 kWh capacity is $75 a kWh pack price, RETAIL I can barely breathe.
  30. J

    It’s the trailer, stupid!...

    When I have 35,000 pounds in the trailer: -my engine produces 570 hp going up a grade and gets 1.8 mpg -my engine produces 87 hp on flat pavement going 65 mph and gets 7.4 mpg -my engine produces 40 hp on a downhill grade and gets 13.5 mpg - my engine engages the “Jake brake” on a steep...
  31. ratsbew

    What does the 200kWh pack of the new Roadster tell us about future Tesla products?

    Can we expect a redesigned Version 2.0 Model S with 600+ miles of range?
  32. GaryW

    Estimated Turo Rental Price for 2020 Tesla Roadster?

    I’ve seen high end Ferrari’s going for $1500+ per day. I think I might go nearly that high for a day in the Roadster. Anyone have an opinion?
  33. J

    Tesla semi is ill conceived...

    I watched the introduction of the Tesla semi yesterday with great disappointment. Elon is getting warped information from the mega-carrier trucking companies ( like J.B. Hunt) and his product manager (from Freightliner). It is worth noting that trucking companies with 20 or fewer trucks...
  34. Haxster

    The Solar Semi Range Extender

    While putting solar cells on passenger EVs doesn't make a whole lot of sense, it may be more practical to put them (and maybe some storage) on the trailers that electric Semis pull. Think about it: Lots of flat surface area Typically in the sun a lot Appearance is not an issue Even when not...
  35. M

    Tesla RV

    I have always dreamed of being retired and driving around North America. Yet as I have aged long drives are more difficult, and my preference is more and more to comfortable and familiar accommodations. I am putting it out there that a Tesla RV would be awesome. I would be the first in line...
  36. aikisteve

    Tesla Next Gen Roadster from all angles

    The brand spanking new #Tesla Next Gen Roadster from all angles. Enjoy!
  37. Tiger

    Tesla Semi Rant by an experienced truck driver

  38. Dutchie

    Loblaw orders 25 trucks

    Great start. One of Canada's largest retailer Loblaw orders 25 of Tesla's new electric trucks - Article - BNN
  39. Erleichda

    What was the smaller semi???

    Why has nobody asked about the black smaller Semi that was on stage???? Any info out there?
  40. P

    At the rate of tech change, who's thinking of just leasing vehicles?

    More than any other car, Tesla's tech/decor is always changing. Whether it be the battery, hardware for "autopilot"/charging/etc. there's always an upgrade. However unlike phones/tvs/etc, we're talking about a depreciation of thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars within a few years (and...
  41. Dameon

    Tesla Roadster v2.0

    I watched (or at least tried) the Tesla Semi event online. I don't know how much bandwidth they allocated to that event, but it wasn't enough. Between dropouts, I managed to see the higher points of the Semi, but the Roadster stole the show for me. Sharp looking, no doubt, but a question the...
  42. outdoors

    Meijer puts deposits on 4 Tesla Semi's

    Meijer among first to drive Tesla's highly anticipated electric semi truck "Meijer has always prided itself on being innovative, especially in our fleet and supply chain," Frank Guglielmi, Meijer spokesman. Michigan legislators have left innovation out their skill set. They might wake up when...
  43. SageBrush

    BAMF ! Performance

    For anybody still wondering what the acronym means, I'll mention that the Tesla website spells out the Bad ass part, While the MF starts with 'Mother' and the 'F' -er is not usually mentioned outsider the bedroom Musk is known to curse prodigiously. I would not want to be a poor employee...
  44. TMC Staff

    Tesla Releases Promo Video for New Roadster

    A video of the new Tesla Roadster features the car squealing tires, showing off the incredible performance promised by the company.[vc_video link=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tw4jkyfY4HE” video_title=”1″]Expected to be the fastest production car ever, the car will hit 60 mph in 1.9 seconds...
  45. A

    Did Tesla just put the nail in the coffin for Nikola?

    Would you now buy a Nikola or Tesla Truck?
  46. L

    Lets work out the Tesla Semi-Truck Technical Specs

    Hi All! As all of us here are aware, I think the reveal of the new design was impressive along with the range and 0-60 times. What I think we can all have a go at on this forum is to work out the technical specs of the Semi-Truck as I think these will no be disclosed for a while, it will help...
  47. Drone Flyer

    I Wanna be a Truck Driver!

    1000 km range and 0 to 100 km/hr in 5 seconds! Wow! Looks like a lot of fun! I think a lot of people will want to sign on with trucking companies once these semi's hit the road! This marks the end of traditional trucking! It will be safer too, with collision avoidance helping drivers who fall...
  48. ⚡️ELECTROMAN⚡️

    The Pickup Truck That Can Carry a Pickup Truck

    What the heck was that, and why isn't anyone talking about it?
  49. TMC Staff

    Tesla Says New Roadster is Fastest Production Car Ever

    After unveiling the Tesla Semi, CEO Elon Musk surprised the crowd with a look at the fastest production car ever made – the second generation Roadster. Musk said the base model of the sports car will hit 60 mph in 1.9 seconds, making it the first production vehicle to clock in at under two...
  50. TMC Staff

    Blog Tesla Debuts Semi, Promises 500 Mile Range

    The Tesla Semi debuted Thursday and CEO Elon Musk made a strong pitch for how the vehicle will reshape the trucking industry. “On day one, the Tesla truck beats diesel trucks on economics,” Musk said. Musk said that a diesel truck would be 20% more expensive to operate than a Tesla truck...

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