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  1. S

    Road Trip to Poland and Back

    Hi I'm about to order a new Tesla Model Y (LR) and wondered if anyone has experience on taking their EV's on long road trips across Europe. I'm planning a trip from - Dover to Hamburg - Hamburg to CPH - CPH to Karlshamn - Klaipeda to Krakow - Krakow to Smizany and the Bratislava - Then slowly...
  2. TMC Staff

    Tesla Is Officially Hiring For Its First Battery Cell Factory

    Tesla will produce the Model Y crossover with its upcoming 4680 cells and a structural battery pack at Giga-Berlin. As Tesla works to ramp up pilot production of battery cells on a small scale in Fremont, California, it’s also looking at the much larger picture in Germany. According to a report...
  3. TMC Staff

    Tesla's Elon Musk Hiring '25 Guns' For Giga Berlin

    For engineers hoping to get a job at Tesla, email your resume to [email protected]. Despite doubts, is well we addition to Germany’s tough regulations, Tesla’s Giga Berlin is well underway. The company broke records with its Gigafactory Shanghai timeline, and now it hopes to do the same with its...
  4. TMC Staff

    Musk Says Giga Berlin Will Be Testbed For New Tesla Technologies

    The German Model Y will have 4680 batteries, the new body structure, and more. Elon Musk clarified a lot of previous doubts we had with a single tweet. The main one was why Fremont did not get the “world’s most advanced paint shop” before Giga Berlin if it still produces vehicles with paint...
  5. H

    Autostrada del Sole - From Munich to southern Italy, 1,036 km in a Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus

    A travel report for Tesla drivers
  6. TMC Staff

    Blog Tesla Plans Original Cars for Berlin, Shanghai Factories

    Tesla plans to build two newly-designed vehicles to be produced at the company’s Berlin and Shanghai factories, Chief Executive Elon Musk said on Twitter. The comment comes after Musk told investors at the recent Battery Day that the company intends to build a new vehicle with a $25,000 price...
  7. TMC Staff

    Musk Says German Tesla Model Y Will Be 'Radical Redesign Of Building A Car'

    He said that in an improvised press conference at the Giga Berlin site. The Tesla Model Y was born with massive expectations on its shoulders. It should have presented a revolutionary wiring harness system and massive cast parts. Although it had the cast parts, its standard wiring harness...
  8. TMC Staff

    Blog Musk: Giga Berlin to Be Constructed With ‘Impossible-Seeming Speed’

    Tesla’s new factory near Berlin will be built even faster than the speedy construction of Giga Shanghai, Chief Executive Elon Musk said in a tweet. “Giga Berlin will come together at an impossible-seeming speed,” Musk said on Twitter. “The prefabricated construction method in Germany is...
  9. DaveW

    Giga Berlin

    Render posted by Elon today, looks great!
  10. TMC Staff

    German Court Bans Tesla from Advertising Autopilot

    A Munich court ruled that Tesla misled consumers regarding the capabilities of Autopilot. A suit brought on by the non-profit Center for Protection Against Unfair Competition said Tesla promised customers more than it could actually deliver. The court banned Tesla Germany from including...
  11. chrisgrogan2

    Help! How do I pay for my Tesla in Germany?

    I will say so far, buying a Tesla as an American in Germany has been a struggle. I have delivery set for a few days out Right before the end of the quarter) and I'm trying to pay for my MX, but Tesla says it does not take a bank cashiers check only a bank transfer. Normally this would be fine...
  12. chrisgrogan2

    HELP! How can I pay for my Tesla in Germany?

    I will say so far, buying a Tesla as an American in Germany has been a struggle. I have delivery set for a few days out and I'm trying to pay for my MX, but Tesla says it does not take a bank check only a bank transfer. Normally this would be fine, but as an American military individual I am...
  13. Brando

    Aero: SIEMENS electric planes in Germany 2019

    At Aero in Friedrichshafen, Germany in April 2019, one full exhibition hall was loaded with electric airplanes and related technology. In this week's AVweb video, Paul Bertorelli shows what is on display. AVweb YouTube channel AVweb I see 3 categories of electric propulsion for planes: -...
  14. univ

    Model S roadtrip: From Germany to Israel and Jordan

    Note: I posted this roadtrip diary to the German Tesla forum TFF originally in May 2018 in German language but since I still "owe" a few people an English version I'm now finally taking the time to translate it into English and post it here on TMC in January 2020 as well. :) Hi TMC! After my...
  15. MichaelP90DL

    Mercedes Sells Only 500 EQCs. In Germany. With Heavy Advertising.

    Headline goof. 55 units sold. Sorry about that. From Teslarati. Once-deemed ‘Tesla killer’ Mercedes EQC flops with 55 units sold in Germany to date Just...wow.
  16. mrfra62

    Fast chargers in buitenland (geen superchargers)

    Misschien very stupid question, maar ik neem de gok.... Weet iemand of het makkelijk te herkennen is of er bijv langs de duitse of oostenrijkse snelweg of fast chargers staan bij tankstations net zoals in nederland fastned ? Hoe herken je die zo snel ? Bestaat er een apart icoontje voor, net...
  17. aikisteve

    Taking v9.0 on a road trip and discovering some issues (part 1)

    This weekend, I took the car out on a 1280km / 967mi road trip to Germany for another aikido seminar. But along the way I discovered a few issues with the update and the autopilot cameras, disabling the auto lane change. Seems there are some issues with the alignment, like they had in the...
  18. mspohr

    Germany's car industry can't build its own batteries

    Germany’s car industry can’t build its own battery cells The sad history of German failure to make batteries. "Cells can be a major technology differentiator and cells are the by far most costly part of the battery pack,” he told The Verge. In his view, a large scale production of battery...
  19. Corbets

    First road trip in an X

    No pictures, though maybe I’ll get some later. Still, I felt it was worth sharing the experience after my first 8 hours. Yesterday we drove from Zug (Switzerland) to Kassel (Germany) as part of a two-day road trip to Denmark. It was our first experience driving any kind of Tesla beyond the test...
  20. aikisteve

    What is the most efficient travel speed?

    For us Europeans there is always a big question when we go on road trips and have to crosse Germany. Do we have fun on the Autobahn and drive fast, but charge more? Or is it less time consuming to drive slower and charge less? This week I took it to the test and compared driving 120 kph to...
  21. HVM

    Tesla Model S outsells German luxury flagships in Europe

    "Nick Gibbs Automotive News Europe February 20, 2018 06:01 CET Germany's premium brands are under pressure to accelerate their plans for electric cars after Tesla's Model S outsold the luxury flagships of Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi in Europe for the first time." http://europe.autonews.com...
  22. T

    19 inch Slipstream + tire , never used to sell

    Hi, I'm selling my 19inch slipstream rims with tires, Michelin 245/45R19 The complete kit is new, never used on the road. Wheel are more than clean and so the tires Price is 2300€ IF you interested, let me know
  23. C

    New Member Tesla in Hannover, Germany

    Although I've owned a Tesla Model S for more than three years, this is my first venture out to connect with the Tesla community. I'm a NY Times bestselling author of two books (The Passion Test and Your Hidden Riches) and my passion now is to create a global community of influencers anchored by...
  24. widodh

    No new German SuperChargers due to "Ladesäulenverordnung"?

    I've seen that since Juni 2016 (Yes, 2016!) no new SuperCharger has been added in Germany. In 2016 Tesla was rapidly adding SuperChagers but has stalled since. Could this be due to 'Ladesäulenverordnung': Ladesäulenverordnung – Wikipedia It states in German: My German tells me that it tells...
  25. Adm

    Daimler busted ruining a Tesla Model X?

    According to German magazine Der Spiegel Daimler rented a Model X to do extensive testing. The car was also taken apart and rebuild again before returning the car to the owner. If this is true, these idiots are the worst criminals ever! Why not buy the car, take it apart and scrap the car...
  26. S

    AUTO BILD: Tesla suspected subsidy fraud in Germany

    Looks like this... Tesla unbundles a bunch of basic options in Model S to get access to EV incentives in Germany ... has now backfired. Tesla is now under investigation for consumer deception and unfair competition and the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA) examines the case...
  27. aikisteve

    Road trip to test out camper mode

    Last weekend I had an aikido seminar to go to in Germany and a 7 hour drive to get there. So, I used this opportunity to test out the new camper mode along the way. Turns out it's working great, as long as you don't forget to turn off the alarm before it wakes you up ;-) Time to break out the...
  28. H

    "new" member from Germany...

    Hi Folks, I just want to say hello from Germany and introduce myself ... I am 53 years old and a real petrolhead UNTIL the first Tesla was presented - after that only E-Vehicels matters ... ;) The Model S was my sneaking desire since the first time it was presented on the market - over all it...
  29. jwilf

    Road trip blog with Model S 70D

    Hi all, I wrote about the planning of my trip at Planning a trip through Austria, Switzerland and Germany in a rented Model S Well we just got back from the trip and it was fantastic! I just finished blogging about day 1, in which we travelled from Salzburg, Austria to Mannheim, Germany, a...
  30. horst98

    24h World Record with an electric production car 1,506 mi including charging

    On the weekend June 18.+19. 2016 (noon to noon) we drove a new world record for electric production cars on German Autobahns. The GPS-Tracker counted up to 1,506 mi (2,424 km). On the screen the Model S P85D showed 1,517 mi (2,442 km). We started at the newly built Supercharger at Ulm...
  31. ZachShahan

    Cleantech Revolution Event In Berlin, Germany

    Hey, People! In case you haven't seen, we're launching a "Cleantech Revolution Tour" event in Berlin April 9–10. One day is focused on EVs, and one day on solar power. The latest partner to join the event is EnergyTransition.de: EnergyTransition A New Partner! | CleanTechnica Here's an...
  32. Mdobro

    Hotel tussen Keulen en Frankfurt met laadfaciliteit

    ik moet naar Karlruhe, dat lijkt voor een dag een beetje te ver om heen en weer te rijden. Ik zoek nu voor de heenweg een hotel. Het liefste met een laadmogelijkheid of vlak bij een SuC zodat ik weinig tijd verlies. Omdat ik pas in de avond kan vertrekken zoek in een locatie tussen Keulen en...
  33. Ingineer

    Elon interviewed in Berlin

    Interesting interview: All Charged Up in Berlin Handelsblatt Global Edition If the article is paywalled for you, it can be viewed through Google's cache: All Charged Up in Berlin Handelsblatt Global Edition
  34. ev-enthusiast

    Tesla Motors in talks with German Government - Elon talks to Sigmar, Berlin Sept.24th

    During his European Tour Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk is in Germany this week. German Minister Sigmar Gabriel, Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (Google translate; German abbreviation for the Ministry: BMWi), invited Elon Musk to a talk called "Future Economy". The talks will take...
  35. Buckeye2320

    IAA Frankfurt Auto Shoe - Artega Scalo Electic Sports Car

    Artega Reveals New Scalo Electric Sports Car At the ongoing IAA Frankfurt Motor Show 2015, Artega has returned to the world stage by unveiling its new sports car to replace the Artega GT. The new car is dubbed the Scalo and is completely electric. Powering for the Artega Scalo are two...
  36. A

    Will the Model X BE reveiled on the Frankfurt autoshow IAAA ? September 2015 ?

    Is there Any news If a Model X Will BE present in Frankfurt on the yearly autoshow ? It is one of the biggest in europe and I live About 300 Miles (460km) from there. I would Like to plan my weekend (get babysit, arrange hotel, drive there day1, come back day2). this As I really want to see...
  37. Chris

    Tesla Besitzer in Berlin?

    Gibt es Tesla Besitzer/Enthusiasten, die Lust auf ein Treffen hätten? Ich bin dieses Wochenende in Berlin
  38. hobbes

    Model S invasion at Berlin Electromobility Conference

    This is a screenshot of tonight´s news magazine tagesthemen on German TV: Looks like all EVs in Germany are Teslas :). People from the German forum organized a big meeting there to show that electromobility is a reality already, really successfull obviously! The conference was organized by...
  39. D

    Voor zichtbaarheid - 100 Tesla Model S on the road to Berlin 14-15.6.2015

    100 Tesla Model S on the road to Berlin 14-15.6.2015 Hier meer, maar met een niet al te beste thread titel meer: Wereld record E-auto's Berlijn - 23 mei Ik ga iig :)
  40. Talkredius

    100 Tesla Model S on the road to Berlin 14-15.6.2015

    Berlin, June 14 to 15, 2015 It's party time in Berlin! The electric wave steamrolls the city!! Willkommen // Elektromobilität – stark in den Markt // Nationale Konferenz der Bundesregierung 2015 On June 15 and 16 (featuring Angela Merkel and Alexander Dobrindt as special guests on...
  41. rogbmw

    Tesla Circles Berlin!

    Just saw this.
  42. S

    Hello from Berlin & wondering about headliner (top speed pic included)

    Hello, I am a very happy P85 driver, black w. grey interior, 21 inch grey rims, from Berlin, Germany. I have the pleasure to drive many performance cars, and was generally unhappy with the direction Porsche, Aston and all the others are going. When I wanted something new the only real choice...
  43. U

    Any Tesla owners in Frankfurt, Germany want to help a fellow Tesla brother out?

    My wife was going through security at the Frankfurt Airport in Germany on the morning of November 28th and apparently security really had her tear her bags apart. Well, my wife lost her keyless remote to our Model S, likely going through the security checkpoint leading to the Z gates (United...
  44. DITB

    Renting Model S out of Frankfurt, Germany?

    . Asking for renting a Tesla Model S for 13 days, I have received prices ranging between 1,800 and 9,100 EUR (!!!). For 9,100 EUR I could probably save money buying a second hand car, then selling it again when done. Of course, not very practical, but 9,100 EUR is a bit over the top, while...
  45. Twiddler

    What's going to be at the 2014 Frankfurt Auto Show Tesla exhibit?

    Does anyone think that Tesla is still finalizing the MX for release in Frankfurt? It would be kind of like Elon to make last week's announcement, then wait for a period of time for more big news. Plus, we all know how he feels about the German market. Ideas? Speculation?
  46. S

    Tesla Motors - wir suchen! Kfz- Mechatroniker/in (w/m) Frankfurt und Stuttgart

    Über Tesla Tesla Motors aus Palo Alto, Kalifornien verwendet patentierte Technologie, erstklassiges Design und hochmoderne Produktionsmethoden, um eine neue Generation von autobahntauglichen Elektrofahrzeugen zu kreieren. Wir nutzen ein innovatives Vertriebssystem, das auf firmeneigenen...
  47. C

    Meetup in Berlin

    Anyone interested in a meetup in Berlin? http://www.meetup.com/Tesla-Motors-Berlin/ The Tesla store should open here soon...
  48. E

    Charging in Berlin

    I am going to Berlin on friday, but I can not find any public chargers that can be accessed with out a RFID-card. Is there any 22 kW charger with a Mennekes Type 2 plug open 24/7? Best regards Martin
  49. Y

    BMW Unwraps i8 hybrid at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show

    http://www.digitaltrends.com/cars/frankfurt-2013-bmw-finally-unwraps-i8-hybrid-and-its-a-beauty/ powered by a 1.5-liter turbocharged inline-three cylinder engine (a “triple”) produces 231 horsepower and 236 pound-feet of torque. drives the rear wheels through a six-speed automatic...
  50. Benz

    IAA Frankfurt Tesla press conference on Tuesday September 10th at 9:20 (Hall 5.0 B36)

    What will they unveil? How about the European Supercharger Map (among other things)?