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  1. N

    CHAdeMO Adapter Brand New For Sale

    I purchased a CHAdeMO Adapter off the Tesla website, but needed one sooner than the estimated delivery date and was able to buy one at the service center instead. Figured I could just return the one I ordered online when I got it, but unfortunately was not aware of the ridiculous 25% restocking...
  2. TerranApart

    Supercharger - Aiea, HI (12 stalls)

    The wait is finally over. Oahu is getting a supercharger! @MarcoRP @Chuq @Pluto Permit: Honolulu Internet Permit System - Building Permit EDIT: I got too excited. The cost of the construction is listed as $480k, so it seems incredibly likely to be a supercharger, but as there isn't a...
  3. G

    Charging my model 3 in Hawaii with an hoa

    Hi! New memeber. Wife and I just ordered our 2021 model 3 this week. We live on maui and own a condo. I understand the under Hawaii rules for ev that an Hoa has to allow you to charge your car. I was wondering if anyone has had any dealing with this. I believe our car arrives in about 4 weeks. I...
  4. TerranApart

    Supercharger - Lanaʻi City, Lanaʻi (4 superchargers; 36 wall connectors)

    At long last, Hawaii's first supercharger, and it looks like Lanaʻi gets the honors. It's a little hard to locate the exact location, as I'm not too familiar with Lanaʻi, but it appears to be a new construction near the corner of 12th street and Fraser ave. The exact address: 1001 Fraser Ave...
  5. TimboSlice

    FSD Price Increase by $2,000 on 26 OCT

    I was going to get FSD eventually, but now I feel kind of rushed. After all, who wants to spend $10,000 when you can spend $8,000? What are everyone else's thoughts on this? Source: https://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/1319164198241341440
  6. TimboSlice

    How to Survive without Home or Work Charging?

    Aloha Everyone, I was informed by Tesla that I will be taking delivery of my new Model 3 next week. I currently live in a condo that does not have a charging station or any outlet that can be publicly used for that matter. I was supposed to be moving into a new home by this time, but...
  7. F

    Solaredge w/Powerwalls not charging during outage

    New to the forums. A lot of good information here. I know this topic has been brought up quite a bit here but I haven't seen a solution for my issue. I prefer not to say where I live in the USA but I do have installer access to both the Tesla gateway and my two Solaredge inverters. I have 4...
  8. M

    Hawaii Deliveries

    After spending the last few weeks waiting and reloading, got a surprise tonight. VIN 11XXX assigned! LR AWD / White / Black / 20" Induction / AP No text or email yet. Website updated prompting for final payment. Trade in didn't change, so wondering what happens if I make the "final" payment...
  9. HAWX 12

    Model Y's in Hawaii

    Let's see those pics! Can we keep it simple though... Tell us- Model/options, Date Ordered, Date Delivered, What Island it's on, Favorite thing about your 'MY'! Try not to clog up the thread with questions, etc. And NO COVID DISCUSSIONS! We want to be happy!
  10. Akamra

    Tesla Model 3 delivered in Honolulu for sale

    Tesla Model 3 Long Range (310 miles) Car #10 delivered to the Hawaiian Islands Lucky VIN ends with 5555 FAQ * Is it still available? Yes, this post will be removed when sold. Please message us only if interested in buying the car. Serious buyers only please. *payment method? Down Payment...
  11. Z

    19" TST Wheel and Tire Package (Set of 4) Brand New

    Hi All! Selling Brand new Wheel and Tire package- still in wrap ( only opened one of the tops for picture) Bought it for $3500 with shipping Willing to sell for $3000 with everything Size: 19X8.5" Offset: +35 PCD: 5X120 Center Bore: 64.1mm Weight: ~29 lbs. A 19" TST is ~ 3% lighter...
  12. drtko147

    Hawaii 19 inch OEM wheels

    I am selling my 19 inch OEM for my MS since I now have the 21 inch wheels. Anyone interested? I listed it for $800 for wheels and tires.
  13. A

    Tesla ownership on the Big Island and in Puna specifically

    We're considering a move from Colorado to the Big Island later this year. We have spent quite a bit of time in Puna on previous trips and it suits us in many ways so that's where we're looking at neighborhoods currently. I am aware, though, of the generally higher level of crime in Puna...
  14. M

    Waiting on CPO conditioning: what to look for on inspection?

    Hello all, I put a deposit down on a CPO on 2/11 and have been reading through all the great threads about the CPO process. Apart from not getting too attached to any dates Tesla gives, I was wondering if anyone has advice on what to look for throughout the process and/or upon inspection for...
  15. gfab333

    Licensed Honolulu Electrician for Installation of Charging Outlet

    For anyone looking for an electrician to install a charging outlet for your Tesla, i’d like to share contact info on Lance iIbara, 808 358-2310. He did a great job in installing a 240 volt outlet in my home’s garage and making the necessary modifications to my main circuit box to include an...
  16. Z

    Accident in Maui

    Sorry to bother everyone but I have a model 3 reservation ready for for my upcoming move to Maui and had a quick question.. (I'm a former model s and current model x owner...) Three months ago I got rear ended and had to wait 6 weeks for the trunk from tesla to be delivered to the tesla...
  17. nanimac

    2018 Oahu Meet-ups/Events

    First Cars n Coffee of the year! Cars and Coffee Kapahulu @ Kapahulu Shopping Center Sunday, January 29th 9am - 11am Who’s going?
  18. nanimac

    Hawaii 2018 Legislative Bills

    It's that time again. I've only had a chance to skim the bills this session but this one limits the free EV parking at the airport to 24 hours! :eek: THE SENATE SB2122 " For non-metered parking at all state airports under the jurisdiction of the department of transportation, the maximum...
  19. Hall-Morin

    Big Island Meet-Ups

    Starting a new thread for Big Island Owners. (I hope this is ok.) The Big Island EV Association will be hosting a meet-up in Keaau this Saturday, 6JAN. Details can be found at BIEVA Coffee and EV Meet-Up.
  20. drtko147

    Tesla Radio Flyer for sale in Hawaii

    I am selling the Tesla Radio Flyer for $375 to anyone in Hawaii. Let me know.
  21. 3 G's

    For Sale - 4 20" X Factory Rims with Conti Tires

    Asking $1500 OBO. Only 2400 miles when I replaced them.Very small curb rash on one wheel.
  22. Hall-Morin

    Tesla Job Opportunities

    It looks like our favorite company has a number of open positions in Honolulu. Happy New Year, everyone. Noel
  23. nanimac

    Hawaii - HECO fast charger rates going up December 12th

    A few of those people who use the HECO fast chargers with their chaedmo adapters have mentioned that the rates will be going up significantly. They are switching from a flat fee to a per kilowatt-hour charge which is $0.49 to $0.57/kwh on time of use period. :mad: SUPERCHARGERS ----where are...
  24. drtko147

    Tesla mentioned in novel by Dan Brown

    I'm reading Origin: A Novel by Dan Brown. In Chapter 47, here is what it says: "In reality, Edmond loved attention, and admitted to keeping his plane at Sabadell only to have an excuse to drive the winding roads to his home in his favorite sports car - a Tesla Model X P90D that Elon Musk had...
  25. G

    New arrivals in the Tesla logo shop

    Can't say that I'm really interested in any of these, except for the diecast S if it was available in silver. The chargers are interesting, but you're paying a big premium for "Tesla Design" At least there's a one-stop place to see all the new stuff instead of scrolling through the whole shop...
  26. S

    New Tesla Roadster

    My God! What a beast! 600 miles! 1.9 sec 0-60, 0-100 4.2 , Top speed 255+ , 4 seats! Makes me want to get a second job. That’s just insane and kills pretty much any super performance car period.
  27. G'sinHawaii

    Hawaii - Grey 21"s Turbines

    21" Grey Turbines Squared set up, rims, tires, 2nd gen TPMS, and center caps, does not come with lug nuts or lug nut covers. rims do have rash, and all 4 tires need to be replaced soon, 3 have some threads left ..... 1 not so much..... 245/34R21 Continental Contisport with the foam inside...
  28. G'sinHawaii

    Black Vue Group buy

    just passing along a thread I just saw.... a member Ditto just set up a group buy for the Black Vue 750S fair price compared to Massdrop.... 25% off using the code tesla25 at thedashcamstore.com Tesla Owenrs Club Dashcam Group Buy
  29. drtko147

    Hawaii EV Tax Credit threatened

    Let's write to our Senators and Representatives to block the elimination of the tax credit for EVs. Plug In America
  30. G'sinHawaii

    Hawaii FS OEM Gloss Rear Spoiler

    Just putting it out there to see if anyone in Hawaii is looking for a rear spoiler for their Model S. I have a OEM from a Signature Model S, so it it the gloss finish and not the Matte. it is currently on my car, and I will be selling it with my car unless someone wants it. Asking $500.00
  31. G

    Free 75D Performance Upgrade for older models

    In case you missed the news, the older 75D models are getting a free, SC-installation required software update that will cut approximately 1 second off the 0-60 acceleration times. Tesla is unlocking extra power in older Model S and X 75D vehicles – cutting a second off 0-60 mph acceleration I...
  32. drtko147

    Hawaii Tesla golfers

    Hi to all fellow golfers. I ordered a few magnetic golf markers with the Tesla logo on them. I have 5 extra if anyone wants one. Let me know.
  33. YauKwan

    Model X100D - $90,800 - Hawaii Only

    I tried to buy this X, but found out its in Hawaii its $18,950 off MSRP eligible for $7,500 fed rebate for a total of $90,800 Model X 100D 5YJXCDE23HF043882 | Tesla Take another $1,000 off for owner referral and unlimited supercharging(please pm me for code if you do buy this car)and you're...
  34. bpmharris

    19” Rims- Honolulu

    Hey guys! If anyone is interested in 19” Silver slipstream rims with 4000 miles on tires and Gen 2 TPMS sensors. Please check out my Craigslist posting: https://honolulu.craigslist.org/oah/wto/d/tesla-19-inch-rims/6318472447.html?lang=en&cc=us Thanks!!
  35. G

    Model X 22" Turbine Wheels for Sale

    Hi All, I'm not sure if this post is against the forum rules, but I won a set of 22" turbine wheels & tires for my Model X from the referral program in either silver or black. Although I do like the look of the wheels, I'm not really excited about the sacrifice in ride quality that will go...
  36. dpodoll

    REUS audio comming to Oahu

    REUS makes an audio upgrade for high end cars including Tesla. I am getting a new Model S and need them to remove it from my current car by the end of September. If anyone wants to listen to mine and hear a truly amazing upgrade contact me at email below. Cost of the engineer's trip out here...
  37. Hall-Morin

    National Drive Electric Week 2017 - Big Island Events

    Aloha, For owners on Hawaii Island, the Big Island EV Association is hosting two events next month, in celebration of Drive Electric Week: Waimea Town Market on September 9, 8:00 am - noon The Home Depot in Hilo on September 16, 9:00 am - noon We hope to see you there – the more, the...
  38. nanimac

    Hawaii - 2015 Model S 70D - Deep Blue Metallic

    Details: * Dual Motor - AWD - 70KWH battery (240-mile range) * 0 to 60 in 5.2 seconds * Autopilot 1.0 * Mileage: 28K Options: * All Glass Panoramic Sunroof * 19" Silver Cyclone Wheels * Tan Leather Interior - premium package * Obeche Wood Gloss decor * Alcantara Headliner * Smart Air...
  39. G

    USB-C Cable available for dock

    The tesla store has Model 3 accessories available, and I noticed there's a USB-C cable available so I ordered it. Just received it today, and it looks like it will work with the existing docks in the Model X and S. It was $14, but worth it for saving the effort of shaving down a regular right...
  40. cry808

    21" silver turbine rims with tires and tpms.

    I have a set of 4 silver turbine rims with tires and gen 1 sensors for $1600 firm. 1 tire is practically new while the othe 3 have around 50-60% left of thread. Has some curb rash also. Please feel free to drop me a line or pm me anytime thanks.
  41. D

    Model 3 Delivery Estimations?

    Hey guys, I just wanted to compare Model 3 Delivery Estimations Mine was reserved on April 25, 2016 And for First Production car it's expected Feb - Apr 2018 Standard Battery May - Jul 2018
  42. PlugNPlay85

    Powerwall 2 Installed

    Hey guys, Solar City / Tesla completed the install of my Powerwalls a couple days ago. Install took about 6 hours and they also painted everything.
  43. drtko147

    Tesla sightings on travels - Hawaii

    I recently returned from our trip to Budapest, Vienna, Prague and Warsaw. I did get a chance to see MS in Budapest, Vienna and Warsaw. Didn't see any in Prague.
  44. Akikiki

    Hawaii - Firmware 8.1

    I figured we could use a thread to update little things we see in 8.1 that might be small but useful. I guess I could have created this thread earlier, but never late than... Of course it applies every where, but to make sure my fellow Hawaii owners see it, I added Hawaii. I'm now on 17.26.76...
  45. gfab333

    Hawaii (Honolulu) Recommended Window Tinting Shop

    Just had my Tesla's windows tinted at Protint Hawaii on Moowaa St in Kalihi. In short, the owner Dwight M does excellent quality work, uses excellent tint products, provided an excellent warranty on parts AND labor, and all at a reasonable price. He assures you that he will take care of your...
  46. gfab333

    Any recommended detailed in Honolulu, Hawaii?

    aloha all Does any one have any good detailers for cleaning and waxing located in the Honolulu area (Hawaii Kai to Downtown financial district)?
  47. R

    Maui Recommended Detailer

    Can anyone recommend a great detailer for my 2016 MS 75D on Maui? My condo lot is open (uncovered), near the ocean. I use an excellent Tesla car cover about half the time but would still like a good annual protective wax job. Recommendations?
  48. nanimac

    Oahu - No TACC disabled alert in zipper lane issue

    This is for those who take the zipper lane to town. I've always had issues with TACC disabling around the Pearl City area for as long as i've had the car. Tesla checked everything and found no issues so I just assumed there's some kind of interference so the cameras/radar isn't reading the...
  49. bpmharris

    21" Rims/ After Market sound system

    Hey guys, just wondering if anyone was selling 21" rims?? Also, is there any recommendations for after market sound system that could be installed here??? Any advice would be appreciated!
  50. drtko147

    Update on Hawaii upgrade from 40 kwh to 60 kwh

    I just found out that the upgrade from 40 to 60 is no longer available.

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