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  1. J

    NHTSA make roads across the world less safe

    An observation, id love input on... NHTSA force Tesla to set up the 5 strike system. Road deaths are going up in Australia and around the world, one big reason for this is people checking phones, and generally doing things in the car other than operating it. In a Tesla you have the option to...
  2. hybridbear

    Sold 2016 Model S 90D Opening Panoramic Roof, Free Premium Connectivity, FSD Capable

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing 2016 Model S 90D Opening Panoramic Roof, Free Premium Connectivity, FSD Capable. Please add to the discussion here.
  3. 2016 Model S 90D Opening Panoramic Roof, Free Premium Connectivity, FSD Capable

    For sale 2016 Model S 90D Opening Panoramic Roof, Free Premium Connectivity, FSD Capable

    If the buyer would like to receive the $4000 Federal used EV tax rebate I have a dealership that can facilitate that for $500. AWD Metallic Silver Paint All Glass Panoramic Roof (that opens!) Grey Next Generation Leather Seats Premium Interior and Lighting Upgrades Package (PUP) Black Alcantara...
  4. asus389

    2023.44.30.8 autopilot cameras and emergency braking unavailable a lot

    My 2022 Model 3 SR just updated to 2023.44.30.8 and all day long I’ve been getting messages saying “autopilot cameras unavailable” and “emergency braking unavailable”. They will go away and then come back. My cameras aren’t dirty or blocked. Anyone else see this? New bug?
  5. Teetoogrn

    Autopilot and large trucks

    I haven’t seen this discussed before, but I’ve noticed when using autopilot or FSD, when my S LR passes a semi-truck or school bus at highway speeds, it will steer back to the right immediately after passing. I can feel and visually see the yoke steer to the right. It’s not unsafe, just...
  6. S

    Seeking Advice: Post-Collision Autopilot Concern and Repair Cost Guidance for Model 3

    Dear Community, I'm reaching out to seek guidance on managing a situation I've encountered with my new Tesla. I appreciate any advice you can offer. Background: I took delivery of my Tesla Model 3 yesterday. While driving a few miles away from the Tesla Service Center, I engaged Autopilot on...
  7. Handsome Jack

    Speed limits completely off in Eastern Europe

    Hello, I have Tesla Model Y 2023 with the newest software and maps updates. I'm driving in Eastern Europe and as I found out - tesla autopilot is almost completely useless on non major highways. In 70-80% of times it has significantly lower speed limit, like there is a sign 30km/hr that applies...
  8. L

    Tesla Software Irritations

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum and am hoping to be able to learn more about my Model Y and - in particular - some tips of optimal configuration of the software. Given I'm in Australia (Sydney), my experiences might be a little different from others, but I'd appreciate any thoughts people...
  9. Cata

    What 30 day trial(’s) come with new Teslas?

    So I know premium connectivity comes with a new Tesla free for 30 days. What about EAP and/or FSD? I see the option for AutoSteer (beta) in my autopilot settings, as well as Full Self Driving Visualization Preview.
  10. Deaf Paul

    User Annoyed That EAP Won’t Work On His Highway Commute - How To Fix?

    Tesla wrote that EAP works on highways. I bought a used M3 specifically with EAP for my commute. Turns out EAP does NOT work on the Pali Highway even though it’s designated a highway ( HI-61) by the state. I’m pissed and want Tesla to include it for my commute, or upgrade my car to FSD at...
  11. Allx

    V11 still on 2022.x ?

    Pretty excited to finally be getting v11 , excited to try it out and see if it lives up to expectation … Looking at the release notes I see it’s still on a 2022 build . I thought it was meant to bring FSD and mainline releases together , anyone know if they’re expected to converge ?
  12. ikarusk

    Done with Tesla Model Y Performance after 2000km

    Hi all, sorry for the bad English sometimes... I speak Dutch. I have my Model Y Performance for 35 days now and driven it 2000km in Belgium (Europe). I like to give you my honest opinion of this car coming from multiple BMW's, and why I want to switch to BMW again. Probably already a zillion...
  13. Mikecm1

    Going from 2022.20.8 to 2022.24.5 – radar removal or not?

    I know that with version 2022.20.9 radar is apparently being removed, but what if you skip 20.9 and go straight to 24.5? Has anyone done this and can confirm that radar is or isn’t disabled? I’m really looking forward to the 24.5 changes but absolutely not interested in losing radar.
  14. Brown1428

    2018 Model S 100D without AutoPilot

    Looking to buy a a 2018 Tesla Model S 100D from Carvana. This particular vehicle was manufactured in early March 2018 and is not equipped with AutoPilot (no B pillar cameras). - Does Tesla offer a retrofit option to make these cars AP and/or FSD capable? If so, how much? - Does Tesla still...
  15. B

    "Automatic Emergency Breaking Disabled", No Traffic Visualization, and no Autopilot

    Has anyone else seen an issue with their visualization not showing traffic/lights/signs/etc and autopilot not being available? This has started happening frequently to my Tesla since around the end of April. When this occurs, I get the "Automatic Emergency Breaking Disabled" warning when...
  16. sleepydoc

    FSD slow to slow

    The speed limit on a road I take to work drops from 50 MPH down to 35 as it enters a residential area. When the car passes the 35 MPH sign, the speed limit on the screen drops, but the car takes about a quarter mile to actually slow down. It almost feels like the computer puts the car in neutral...
  17. AlijahSimon

    Does exceeding 80mph or unbuckling seatbelt count against FSD?

    We've all seen the email from Tesla involving inattentiveness around the internet: While I have not personally received this email, it does raise a question: Does pressing the accelerator to force Autopilot to exceed 80 MPH count as a strikeout (normally this puts you in Autopilot jail) and...

    New to TMC w/mods and pics

    Introducing myself here! My grownup toy and list of mods… 2017 Model S Black 90D 21” Arachnid wheel package, Advanced wheel locks, OEM spoiler, Rplate, interior led lighting, projection puddle lights, satin black chrome delete, red T emblem overlays, smoke PPF fog and headlights film, smoke...
  19. A

    Model 3 Cameras Will Not Calibrate

    Hello Everyone, My Tesla Model 3 SR w/ FSD arrived on June 24, 2021. I have not been able to get my cameras to calibrate despite driving over 200 miles on roads with lines that could not be more clear. Furthermore, in the Self Driving Visualization view, I only see the lanes on the roads, no...
  20. A

    Model 3 Will Not Calibrate

    Hello Everyone, My Tesla Model 3 SR w/ FSD arrived on June 24, 2021. I have not been able to get my cameras to calibrate despite driving over 200 miles on roads with lines that could not be more clear. In my first call to support, I was informed that the right pillar camera was at 0% but the...
  21. L

    Do I need to recalibrate autopilot after installing coilovers?

    I’m installing coilovers in my Model Y for a softer ride, and to give about an inch more clearance that I sorely need in my neighborhood. My question is: will this change in height affect autopilot functionality? Should i recalibrate autopilot after installation?
  22. A

    Driver assist features unavailable - front radar alignment

    I took my model S long range 2020 to a car wash and as soon as I left the message « Driver assist features unavailable » appeared. At first I thought some water might have leaked inside the bumper so I decided to give it some time to dry out. After a month or so of waiting nothing happened and I...
  23. Kee_Chain

    2021.4.10 Bugs

    Hello everyone, On my Model Y, I have noticed two frequent bugs on 2021.4.10. The first is visualizations (Lanes, Cars, Traffic signs, Traffic lights, etc) not showing on the screen. Only the Model Y render displays on the screen. This problem only occurs when I start a fresh drive (Twice...
  24. fasteddie7

    Backup camera cracked or peeling from the inside?

    Put my car in reverse today and noticed the backup camera screen was blurry and unusable. Upon inspection it looks like it’s cracked. What’s odd is it doesn’t feel rough or jagged, almost like the issue is from the inside. I assumed a rock or something flew up from the road (winter conditions...
  25. K

    Autopilot Disabled When Sold

    Hello all, I am looking to buy my brothers used model 3. He has the autopilot package, but I remember reading an article a while back about tesla disabling the autopilot after it was sold to a dealership. I was just curious if anyone knows if they disable autopilot or if this was just weird...
  26. W

    Can cars ever really FSD until they can read body language?

    The more I use autopilot the more I see the complexities of self-driving cars. Here's an example that would be impossible for a car to deal with correctly unless it can read human body language. I was on autopilot in a 50/60 limit with a very wide lane, the car was in the middle of the lane as...
  27. 2chands

    Enhanced Autopilot Vs. FSD

    Thoughts? Should I spend the $4000 for enhanced autopilot or $8000 for FSD. Let me know what you think.
  28. B

    Model 3 not recognizing cars or stoplights. FDS mode & auto pilot not working

    In early July my 2020 model 3 stopped recognizing other vehicles and traffic signals. As a result, FSD mode and cruise control have also stopped working. Sentry mode was disabled as well. I contacted Tesla for service and after some back and forth they said that the car should fix itself. It did...
  29. joshinphilly

    Hard, random highway breaking on autopilot

    Driving with my family on the highway yesterday afternoon at about 70mph on autopilot, my M3 suddenly hit the brakes hard, and sustained for what felt like a few seconds, though was probably just a second. I had to hit the accelerator to continue, and avoid being rear-ended. AP did not correct...
  30. A

    GPS Stuck and No Visuals on Instrument Cluster

    im on an X 2020 with 2020.20.12. first week is ok. on my second week with this update, my GPS is stuck, instrument cluster only shows my car with radar. no more visualizations, stop lights, lane markings, etc. AP works, TACC works... but without visuals... only radar showing the proximity to...
  31. K

    $2K Autopilot Upgrade Option – worth it? Mid-Range M3

    My first post! Hope I do this right. Thanks in advance for whatever wisdom is about to come my way! I have a 2018 mid-range M3. I'm considering the current promotion (deadline July 1) from Tesla to get autopilot for $2K. I've done the trial of that in the past and thought it cool, but I never...
  32. Z

    2020.20.12 Vanishing cars?

    Hi folks, Installed my first update since getting the car last night went from 2020.11.103 to 2020.20.12 and I did notice something odd today when I went driving. The sensors no longer pick up cars in front of me or front sides when standing at the lights. When the cars drive away maybe 30 feet...
  33. H

    Autopilot nag bug

    Since a couple of weeks my autopilot isn’t working as expected. Usually you get the ‘apply light force’ warning if you’re not holding the wheel, then the blue flashing thing, and eventually the red warning + sound alert. However, I now sometimes get the red warning instantly including the...
  34. B

    Why doesnt my autopilot stop at signs and lights?

    I purchased a 2018 model 3 and I have all available upgrades including autopilot. I'm signed up for advanced updates in my settings. I have friends who rave about the update that lets their Tesla autopilot stop at stop signs and traffic lights but for some reason mine doesn't do that. I'm a...
  35. M

    2015 S 85 For Sale in NJ

    It’s time to move on. Dark blue 52,000 miles 1st gen autopilot Panoramic sunroof Cold weather package No accidents. Clean car. Factory warranty through 10/21 or 100,000 miles. More photos available to interested buyers. $39,900
  36. n.one.one

    Stop sign problem with TACC - stops before traffic is visible

    While I see many good things about stopping at stop signs under TACC and Autosteer I've experienced one very serious problem and it will be interesting to see how this gets solved. I regularly approach a stop sign at a T intersection and the cars coming from the left and right don't have a stop...
  37. A

    Can’t adjust speed on Autopilot

    When autopilot is engaged, I can’t adjust the speed using the scroll wheel or touchscreen. My work-around is to disengage AP and then reengage it at the desired speed. This is a new problem—used to be able to adjust the speed just fine. Has anyone else experienced this?
  38. BuggDDS

    Going faster than Autosteer limit

    Has anyone pushed the accelerator to go faster than the autosteer’s speed limit and cruise like that say on a two lane highway where autosteer is limited to 5 over the posted speed limit?
  39. arroyobass

    I hate Navigate on Autopilot

    We got our model 3 about a month ago and navigate on autopilot was the number one feature I was excited about in the car! We have done about 1800 miles in the last month almost completely on the highway around southern California. Navigate on autopilot is a terrible driver. The auto lane...
  40. E

    My experiences with AP as a new owner

    So I have a 2020 MS LR, with FSD. Here are a few quirks I’ve noticed with AP and I’m not sure what to do. When engaging AP early on the on-ramp to an interstate highway, it speeds up to the merge point at the end of the lane, regardless of any traffic in the nest lane and doesn’t seem to find...
  41. BennyMountfort

    Autopilot Acceleration too rapid

    Any advice on any settings to change? In traffic, car waits for other in front to take off. There is some delay and then it launches after the other cars and 80% of time it then needs to brake... Exactly the same in ‘Chill Mode’ almost as if it ignores on Autopilot.
  42. MichaelP90DL

    What about railroad tracks and FSD?

    I hope Tesla is giving some thought to rail crossings. FSD should be able to detect oncoming train alarms, such as when the gate comes down and signals are pulsing red lights. And some places still probably have those old-fashioned crossed boards to warn of the tracks. Would FSD recognize...
  43. E

    Dashcam video of avoided accident - would autopilot have avoided this?

    This happened to me yesterday: (fast forward 40 seconds) Autopilot was off at the time and I instinctively swerved to avoid the accident. Wondering if autopilot would have avoided a crash if enabled and I had not reacted? I think it would have slowed but not swerved, and Model 3 would be in...
  44. R

    Tesla - Post Tax Credit

    I'm very happy overall with my Tesla, but I can't help but feel taken advantage of. I took delivery of a mid-range model 3 with premium package in late 2018. At that time it was about 47k + Tax, and I took advantage of the 7.5k tax credit. Nowadays, the standard model 3 is pretty much the...
  45. jimux

    FS: Red Tesla Model 3 LR RW w/ Autopilot and signature wall charger

    $43,000, located near Baltimore, MD. 10,465 miles on the odometer. I am selling my 2018 multi-coat Red Tesla Model 3 Long-Range Rear-Drive with Autopilot. It has served me well, but I don't drive enough to justify keeping it when money can go elsewhere. Comes with these: * Signature-edition...
  46. Shadnic

    First time using autopilot

    I know this is going to be old news to most of you here, but I made a road trip largely using autopilot for the first time and wanted to share my experience/thoughts and see if they're consistent with the general consensus of other AP users. 1. Drove up from San Diego to LA mostly using...
  47. BZM3

    Autopilot Error - Following Car in Adjacent Lane

    I'm not sure if there is another thread specific to this issue, as I haven't been able to locate one. As you can see in the picture I took last night, my car is thinking that the car all the way in another lane is my "follow car" which you can tell because the car is dark gray on the display...
  48. F

    API data point when AP is active

    Good day all, I am trying to determine how much of my driving is on Autopilot and I cannot find any data indicating when autopilot is active or not within the API data stream. Does anyone know if there is a special endpoint for this?
  49. D

    AP and TACC

    Hi all Can anyone tell me where AP (autosteer) and TACC are supposed to be used, and/or where they work well. I know that AP is only supposed to be used on "highways". From what I have read, I think that would be motorways and dual carriageways over here. Can anyone confirm? What about TACC...
  50. Haxster

    I bought a 6 digit car...not a video game.

    It seems that every other recent update has to do with some enhancement to games or other entertainment distractions. I'd really like Tesla to prioritize updates to vehicle operability...better navigation, autopilot, internet browser, or user interface (how about a trunk release button on the...