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  1. Ant M3

    NFC / Bluetooth issues

    After nearly 18 months of working absolutely fine my M3/ Phone has suddenly stopped allowing me to get in my car or even drive away without getting the key card out So to clarify : - Won’t allow me to open the car with the phone nfc - but will allow me to open the car with the app OR when I...
  2. S

    Tesla Bluetooth API

    Hi , guys. I'm a iOS developer and now I'm developing an app to control my Tesla car. I have got most of Tesla API done, but the most useful which is Phone Key Function is not in Tesla API doc list. I think it's a Bluetooth API, does some one develop this function? Thanks.
  3. N

    Bluetooth TPMS for MY/M3 to Norway

    Hi From what I have read, the new bluetooth tpms is of use in MY and maybe later for the M3. Regardless, the service centers in Norway did not know of the bluetooth kind, maybe because the model y hasn't been delivered in my country. I am in search of the bluetooth tmps, but can seemingly not...
  4. Jimt29

    Model Y And The iPhone

    In iPhone Settings/Bluetooth there is “Tesla Model Y Jim T” Not Connected. Does anyone know what might be affected by that? The iPhone Tesla app seems to work ok and the phone Key works ok.
  5. K

    Correct iPhone settings for bluetooth unlock?

    Walk-up and unlock doesn't ever work when my phone is locked and in my pocket. I always have to physically remove my phone from my pocket and then either hold it horizontally or unlock the phone itself before pulling on door handle actually unlocks the car. My guess is that the gyroscope moving...
  6. M

    Bluetooth audio cutting off navigator audio

    When playing phone audio (such as a call) thru bluetooth, the navigator audio cuts off. Is there a setting that needs to be done to resolve this issue?
  7. F

    MX Bluetooth known firmware issue

    My Samsung Android S10 wouldn't connect to my MX last week. I tried to "Forget" the connection and repair but that failed. I couldn't forget the connection. Tesla re-downloaded the last update but that didn't help. A tech indicated that this was a known firmware issue, then remotely reset the...
  8. C

    Bluetooth issues

    My 14 model s has had on and off again issues with Bluetooth but now it won’t work at all. My biggest issue now is that I can’t even delete or remove my iPhone from the device list. It just won’t allow it. I’ve tried the 2 wheel and brake reset and nothing will work. Tesla community please help...
  9. A

    Indicators go silent

    Hello everyone, Sometimes when I turn on the indicators on my Model 3 they go silent. I can still see that they're flashing, but I can't hear the noise that's associated with it! It doesn't happen a lot, but seems to be happening more often, is it something I'm doing? At first, I thought it...
  10. J

    Bluetooth didn't pair with OnePlus 8, but with 6T

    The bluetooth didn't find/pair with my OnePlus 8, but was okay with pairing with a 6T. Rebooted both, problem persist.
  11. M

    Audio system crashes when making call over bluetooth

    Starting about a month ago I started having this bug where when I make a call through Bluetooth the system freezes up a bit and then crashes. Once this happens the audio system will not play any sounds, music, blinker, Autopilot start/stop, Early warning collision, or beeping when parking. The...
  12. L

    Does MCU2 fix bluetooth audio / video delay?

    One of the things I'd like to do is watch Netflix on a tablet or phone using the car's audio. Unfortunately, in my 2016 model S, there is a full second of bluetooth audio delay between the video on the device and the sound coming out of the speakers. My previous car, a 2015 Hyundai Sonata, had...
  13. J

    Bluetooth issue

    Anyone having issue with phone calls over Bluetooth? I have MY performance and running 12.11 -my iPhone is connected with no issue, but during calls I hear in the car "clicks" on the speakers, when that happened the other side can hear me in and out.
  14. G

    M3 Bluetooth disconnects from phones every 18.5 seconds.

    I have a 2018 Model 3. Bluetooth has been mostly fine until recently. Perhaps it was latest firmware update? My issue is that the bluetooth connection to my phone (or any phone) disconnects every 18.5 seconds, then reconnects. Unable to have a phone conversation when it drops out, nor can I...
  15. G

    Bluetooth Volume Pop Up Window

    Hello. I have 2017 X, MCU1. Galaxy Note 10+. About 6 months ago, a new annoyance started up that did not exist with my X and phone Bluetooth connection. It connects fine without issues. But once connected the Bluetooth volume on my phone constantly pops up in a window as if it's connecting for...
  16. A

    Bluetooth Calendar Sync + Pin to Drive

    Anyone else using both Calendar and Pin to Drive notice it being handled really poorly since 2020.8? I LOVE the calendar integration, specifically how the navigation automatically routes depending on the next meeting. I also enjoy the security of Pin to Drive. Starting at 2020.8 (and the...
  17. mnewman

    Model S Bluetooth issues, no Siri responses, v10

    Starting with either 10.1 or 10.2, I'm experiencing Bluetooth issues with my Model S (2013 S60). 1. The volume indicator on the phone frequently pops up, switching from Bluetooth to "regular" volume. 2. Siri responses no longer sound through the car speakers. For example, when I say "Hey Siri...
  18. K

    PIN to drive

    Hi all, I've recently serviced my M3 in Dartford SC. I was asked to hand over the key card and also I was asked for PIN to drive. I did not setup the pin but apparently this is a good practice to set it. If someone attempts to pick up Bluetooth signal from your phone to get access to your car...
  19. Ostrichsak

    Anyone Else Have Bluetooth Issues on the Newest Model S Update?

    I should be more specific because there's been a few different Bluetooth issues introduced recently. The latest update (2019.40.2.3) on both of our MCU1 Model S has a bug now where it will cause the volume on our phones (Pixel 3 on latest firmware update version) to decrease whenever we're...
  20. Hbrink

    BT - Wel bellen en agenda, geen recent calls

    All, Iedere dag keurig mijn agenda bijgewerkt in de auto en kon prima bellen en gesprekken ontvangen.... Maar opeens ontdekte ik dat de recent call list niet klopte, die was er twee weken geleden mee gestopt. Maar adresboek was zichtbaar, agenda zichtbaar en ik kon bellen en gebeld worden...
  21. Ellsworth

    Disappearing Bluetooth Door Locking Radios

    During most of our first 12 months with our Tesla Model 3, using an Authenticated Phone as a “key” worked as expected. Every once in a while, I’d pull on a door handle or trunk release and nothing would happen. Sometimes trying again would open the car, and using the Tesla app on my iPhone X to...
  22. NCM3

    Samsung phone issues

    I have tried a Note 8, S9, S10, and Note 10 with my Model 3. All have Bluetooth issues. They fail with proximity unlock leaving me standing in the rain. When on a call and entering the vehicle they fail to properly handoff audio (mainly mic transfer). However, two different Pixel 3 XLs and a...
  23. scaesare

    Bluetooth & Voice Command Failure

    My 2013 Model S (MCU1) is currently failing to initialize Bluetooth ("Error initializing Bluetooth - Call Service"). Additionally voice command no longer work: holding the steering wheel button simply pops up the question mark/Try Again prompt on the dash. Reboots of both MCU and dash do not...
  24. D

    Has anyone ever opted out of Tesla's OTA features?

    I've been taking an interest in saving up for a Tesla myself but I recently came across this video concerning some security and privacy risks with Tesla cars, namely its Over-The-Air features. https://invidio.us/watch?v=Qjkt3X2WLrw After listening to it twice, I tried to look up to see if...
  25. sdrevik

    Bluetooth problems with 36.2.1 and iOS?

    Since the release my phone calls and Siri have not worked. It shows it connecting? But no audio out or microphone input. Anyone else seeing this? Anyone found solution? I’ve reset info system and cycled BT on phone. Have not tried unpairing as i am away from Home without card key.
  26. P

    Model 3 partial interior options differences

    Okay, this may sound weird but I don't see the same option list between a black interior and black&white (partial interiors). And the lists seems to differ between french canadian website and english canadian website... Am I missing something ? Here are the differences between french and...
  27. drewpost

    Stuttering Audio/Low FPS Rear Camera/Stuttering Alert Tones

    Hey - New M3 SR+ owner here in the UK. I am on 2019.28.3 fd63a5e. I'm having a lot of trouble with my the infotainment system right now and the issues all seem to be interconnected. It feels like when you're running an iPhone on beta software and it just gets too overloaded or an old computer...
  28. BZM3

    Album Art over bluetooth not displaying

    Very minor problem.. but a bit frustrating as I am listening to music over Bluetooth 90 percent of the time I am driving... I would say about 70% of the time, the album art doesn't load when playing music/podcasts over Bluetooth. Has anyone else experienced this and have any suggestions on how...
  29. McQ14

    Car "hijacks" phone audio while I'm at home.

    I searched for an answer to this but couldn't find anything more recent than 2017, so forgive me if it's been discussed more recently. And it may be a problem for all Teslas, not just the Model 3. But this never happened with any other of my Bluetooth enabled cars. When I'm at home, using my...
  30. G

    Signature Bluetooth Connectivity Issues

    I have a 2012 Tesla Model S (sub-500 vin Signature) with 100k miles and some bluetooth connectivty issues. Both my wife and I connect to the car using Google Pixel's running Android. The bluetooth drops occasionally when we first enter the car. My phone will indicate connected on both the...
  31. W

    Bluetooth Headaches

    I am a newby. I cannot figure what I'm doing wrong. My Bluetooth cannot be on and still get any Internet on my iPhone X. And now the car won't link to my phone at all. Obviously I have the bt turned back on. And what is it with all those mac addresses (4 of them) on my bt list? Wondering if I...
  32. I

    Bluetooth phone and media connection on model 3

    Hi, There is one thing bothering me since i got my new model 3 SR+. I connected my iphone X to my car, the phone call and media playing are all working well. But If I choose radio or USB source playing, I can received and calling phone through car by Bluetooth, that's not problem. But I lose all...
  33. LakeWorthB

    Questions about bluetooth and bluetooth microphone, when is it on?

    So this is in relation to getting "ok google" to work in car. Currently I have phone set to use car as microphone, but it doesn't seem like it can hear me, so I was thinking that maybe bluetooth isn't sending the microphone data most of the time since it is using it for its own commands. Note...
  34. plugsnotdrugs

    Bluetooth Phone Auto-connect lost

    Since about middle of May, I've noticed 2 issues with the connectivity for my phone's bluetooth and I'm wondering if others have had this issue and there's a working solution 1. When entering my Model 3, the bluetooth connection does not auto-connect my phone. Thus, I have to select the...
  35. Rusty1

    Bluetooth Echo

    I couldn’t find another thread on this. We have had a horrible echo for people we are talking to on our cell phones when making or receiving calls from our Model 3 using Bluetooth. We both have iPhone 7s. Anybody else experiencing this? It is unusable the way it is right now. I hope there is a...
  36. B

    Android Problems With First Call

    So, this is odd. When I first get into my S and try to make a phone call using Bluetooth connecting to my Android, the first call I make has no audio. I cannot hear the call being made. I believe the person I call can hear me, but I cannot hear anything... no ringing, no talk. The call timer is...
  37. cvonken

    Sentry Mode activeert Bluetooth carkit?

    Sentry Mode: sinds de introductie ervan, bemerk ik dat mijn telefoon regelmatig via Bluetooth connect met de carkit vd Tesla, ondanks ik binnen ben, dat de auto op slot is en de keyfob ver uit de buurt. Zojuist weer: ik ben binnen aan het bellen en plop, Bluetooth neemt het - als headset - over...
  38. C

    Car won't unlock until I handle my iPhone

    My two iPhones have never worked properly with my 3. My brand new iPhone XS Max, for example, will fail to hands-free unlock the car most of the time. The odd thing is, however, that once I take the phone out of my pocket (waking up the screen) the car immediately unlocks. I don't have to...
  39. T

    Bluetooth vs Many Tesla Window Smashing?

    Nowadays there are so many window smashing break-ins with Teslas, especially in the Bay Area. Thieves use Bluetooth scanner to look for laptops and phones. They smash windows and open the trunk to grab the bluetooth devices. Since Tesla has bluetooth enabled even when parked, Tesla is especially...
  40. edgar_T

    Trunk does not open unless I place my phone near the front/passenger doors

    Model 3, 2018.50.6, iPhone XS, Tesla app version 3.8.1 This has been happening for many months. Any time that I walk up to my Model 3 from the rear the trunk does not unlock. This also affects the charger, as I am unable to remove the charger unless the car detects my phone. I have to walk to...
  41. B

    Strange Bluetooth issue with phone calls

    Not sure if its my phone or the car, but has anyone experienced an issue where the first call of the day they can hear me but I can't hear them. Same thing if I am calling no ringing sounds just silence. If I hangup and call again everything works perfectly and will be fine for the rest of the...
  42. Beta V

    Bluetooth Kidnapping

    Why is it that my Model X takes over my phone call before I get into the car? Why is it that when I'm at home and walk by the garage door, the car takes over my phone call and I can't hear the caller because I'm NOT IN THE CAR? I'm talking to my doctor or another important caller (or any caller)...
  43. O

    Relocating Bluetooth Mic due to wind noise

    Hey all, I keep seeing all kinds of posts about how people on the other end of a phone call made from a Model S at highway speeds commenting things like "Are you under water?" "Do you have all of your windows open?" "Is that the wind?" Various people have had iphones and had to turn off their...
  44. B

    Possible solution for Bluetooth key for Android

    I have a LG G4 (ATT) and had a less than 25% success rate in unlocking my Model 3. I downloaded "Bluetooth Auto Connect" from the Google Play Store and so far (couple days) have had a 100% success rate. It keeps the phone in discover mode whenever it doesn't have a bluetooth connection. It...
  45. C

    V9 audio glitches

    I'm on V9 (2018.39.7 9736c9b) and I've been experiencing intermittent audio glitches ever since. The entire audio stack cut out (usually with some static distortion as it cuts out -- think of someone pulling a 3.5mm out of a jack while actively playing off that input, that's sort of what it...
  46. eHaw

    Mysterious Bluetooth connections

    These odd Bluetooth connections appeared on my iPhone after I paired with my M3. Anyone else see anything like this?
  47. M

    Phone contacts and iOS

    Wondering if anyone else has this issue and if you were able to find a solution: I have a number of different Contact "groups" on my iPhone. When opening up Contacts in my Model 3 - it appears that it has only synced 1 specific group. And it's not even the first alphabetically. On my phone...
  48. McCaesar

    Hands free dialing a conference line

    In my iPhone contacts, I have my work conference bridge setup with pause and wait commands so I can hands free enter the conference code and access codes. In iPhone, it looks like this 1(800)377-XXXX,,123456#,,*,,1234#,,* (for example) When I use the steering wheel button and say "Call my...
  49. Falkirk

    Bluetooth media pairing issue, phone as a key works fine

    I'm wondering if others have had this issue and found a workaround that I could try. I have a Oneplus One and using it for the key is fine, I mean Bluetooth usually has an issue but quickly turning it off/on works 100% of the time after that. What I can't do is setup my phone to play media...
  50. A

    Talking on the phone (in hand/headphones) mutes streaming audio?

    Just got our Model 3 on Monday and have noticed an odd issue with phone calls. Obviously, the phone is connected to Bluetooth, but when I take or make a phone call without using the car, any streaming music stops playing. Anyone else experiencing this? More details: - Phone is connected via BT...

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