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  1. R

    Charge speed setting glitch?

    I have a 50 amp circuit feeding my Tesla wall connector which is set at 50 amps. I have set the speed on my new MY and the app to charge at 40amps. After my first overnight charge I noticed the app was showing 48 amps. I reset the charge to 40amps and went about my day. I wrote it off as a...
  2. n.one.one

    What time will PWs reach 100%- Spreadsheet (downloadable)

    There are days that you might want to adjust the use of your Powerwalls and it would be helpful to know when they will reach 100%. The spreadsheet linked below will quickly tell you what that time is based on how fully charged they are now and the current or estimated charge rate. I'll put an...

    Road Trip and Charging Cable Question

    I am planning a road trip between San Diego to Phoenix and back. (~750 miles total) I currently have only the charging cable that came with the vehicle, which is plugged into the Nema 14‑50 connector in the garage. Does anyone have a recommendation as to whether I should unplug the charging...
  4. S

    Model Y won’t charge on supercharger

    On a road trip from Austin to Houston, I learned my Tesla Model Y would not charge at a supercharger, bad timing! I was able to get it into a service center but they weren’t able to fix it in time, so I had to leave it in Houston and will need to make the trip back once it’s fixed (6 hour...
  5. D

    Model Y Won't Start Even With Charge

    Hey everyone, just today my 2021 model y seems to have completely stopped working. The keycard against the door does nothing, and the app can never connect to the vehicle. Any ideas for what can be done besides roadside assistance? I should mention the car had about 70% battery the last time I...
  6. T

    Charging at work, keep it plugged in at home

    Hello. I have a some sort of specific situation. I drive my 2022 Model 3 long range daily to work. I park in the garage where I can charge for free using Tesla wall Connector. I set my charge limit to 80% and charging daily plus leave it plugged in until I pick up the car. When I come home I...
  7. D

    2022 model y odd charge results?

    Hello All! New to the form here so Iam sorry if this was asked before but I can’t find any related posts. I have a 2022 Model Y long rage (non performance) and it’s coming up to 1 year of ownership. Overall ia very happy but Iam just still trying to understand the sudden changes in charging...
  8. D

    2022 Model Y LR (non performance)

    Hello All! New to the form here so Iam sorry if this was asked before but I can’t find any related posts. I have a 2022 Model Y long rage (non performance) and it’s coming up to 1 year of ownership. Overall ia very happy but Iam just still trying to understand the sudden changes in charging...
  9. R

    Tesla Model Y charging concern

    Hello Everyone, It’s been 1 week owning my new 2023 Model Y in Canada . I’m in love what this car offers at the moment. Feels luxury and simplicity together. I’ve got all new interior for better sound system and they removed ultrasonic sensors and waiting for that software update. I have...
  10. I

    Charging my laptop

    Folks, a new Model Y owner here. At times, i need to work from my car for a while, which has been challenging so far since I cant get my existing 400w converter to work - to charge the laptop. In my mind, this should be a pretty standard setup, a car providing options for users to buy a...
  11. C

    Range loss on Midrange Model 3?

    Hello, friends. Apologies if this is answered elsewhere: I did my best to peek around first. I got a Midrange Model 3 at the tail end of 2018. I feel like I've lost a step on the range side: now getting around 190 miles on 80% around 240 on full charge. I have about 25,000 miles. Just...
  12. D

    Charge your Tesla at home using clean energy ONLY

    Hi, my name is Dario and I have developed a system that makes possible to charge your Tesla using clean energy ONLY from your solar panels. I named it ChOp (charge optimizer). If it rains, you don’t charge. If you’re cooking your meal and using up your current production, you don’t charge. But...
  13. M

    Gen 3 Wall Connector Housing Warm...normal?

    Have owned my MYP for about 3 weeks now. Charging on Gen 3 Wall Connector, professionally installed on a 50A breaker, charging at 38A. I have noticed that the housing (part which connects to the wall) is pretty warm during and after charges, especially long ones. It isn't searing hot, but it...
  14. VinayRaju21

    Safe to have a '17 LR Model-3 sit idle for ~11 weeks on a full charge?

    Hey Tesla Fam, I currently live in Atlanta, and am planning on going back home to Los Angeles in late October. I was planning on being in LA through the first week of January. I was wondering if anyone has experience with an extended period of letting your car sit idle, nearly ~11 weeks. My...
  15. K

    2022 MYP 100% charged =296 mile?

    Friends, I have a 2022 model y performance. I have about 1400 miles on it. Yesterday I charged to 100% due to a long trip today. The range says 296 miles. It is pretty close to 303 that Tesla says on Ads but is my battery deteriorated already? Or 303 is just an estimated and can vary? Thanks
  16. W

    Battery degradation??

    I have a 2022 Model Y Performance (Feb ) When it’s charged at 100 % it’s supposed to show around 300 miles , it was hovering around 298-300 which was okay. Now after 6 months it’s showing around 280-293 miles . I opened a case with Tesla and they remotely checked and said it’s because I was...
  17. H

    Can my house handle a charging station?

    I know next to nothing about electricity, panels, circuits, and etc. I have taken pics of the panels I have in my house. The main panel is too far away from the driveway (where I want to install a wall charger or an outlet that I can use with a nema 14-50 adaptor.) the sun panel (I think that’s...
  18. W

    Changing my order before VIN assigned

    Hey everybody, I originally ordered the M3LR on 5/10. I had a change of heart yesterday and decided to change my order to the M3P. I talked to my SA and they told me that switching to the M3P would bump my delivery time up. I looked on Tesla's website and the delivery time for the M3P was...
  19. R

    Charging amps on Mobil connector dropping to 8

    I have had the car for a week now. First 5 days charging from the Mobil connector at home in my garage I was getting 12 amps. Then past couple days been mostly getting 8 amps. I did notice on the Mobil charger how Tesla letters flash green normally but the T would sometimes be red. When I was...
  20. S

    NEMA 14-50 adapter and receptacle

    I have a NEMA 14-50 adapter and the receptacle for sale. Tesla brand adapter Hubbell 14-50 receptacle Both have never been used, found out too late that I can not use them at home. Selling both for $100 plus $10 shipping.
  21. I

    Charge Stats Not Displaying In App

    Hello, I took delivery of my Tesla mid February. 2022 model y. I have updated my app to the latest version. I am located in California. Any idea why I’m not seeing the Charge stats option in the app? Thanks!
  22. T

    Charge Limit Problem

    Hello everyone, I have had my LR M3 for over a year now and lately, I don’t know why, it does not charge to the limit I set for it. For example, I don’t drive a ton day to day so I have been seating my limit to 60% In the morning when I get ready to leave it will say charge to 56, 57, 58%...
  23. S

    Gen3 Wall Connector Wired and on WiFi, No contact to Update Server..

    Hello everyone in the group.. First post and hope I can find some help before I call Tesla... Got a Model 3 coming next month (hopefully), and installed a Gen3 Wall Connector a few weeks back to prepare for everything. All went well and all is wired correctly (60amp circuit, house can handle...
  24. R

    Charging Speeds @ Home

    Hi all, picked up my M3LR yesterday from Manchester. Absolutely in love, everything is perfect with the car. Includes Ryzen, Heated Wipers, Li-On battery etc. One thing I wanted to know was everyone's charge speeds (Amps, volts, charge miles per hour etc). I've only charged it the once since the...
  25. C

    Help me find a way to charge!

    So I recently moved to Richmond VA, I now live in an apartment complex and I don’t have anyway to charge my car. My commute to work is about 20 mins everyday and there’s no charger either. I’m scared to rely on supercharging as I believe that damages the battery long term, please if anyone has...
  26. J

    LFP Battery SuC Rates

    Hi all, Given all the news today about changes to build specs on the SR+, soon to be Model 3. I was wondering if anyone has any info on the SuC speeds for the LFP battery. I recall that the charge time for 20 - 80% is slower with the newer battery but would appreciate if someone could validate...
  27. E

    Significant loss in mileage

    Just curious if anyone has seen a massive loss in mileage lately? My Model Y (2020) was at 512km (318 miles) at 90% charge when I first got it in September. Now, it's down to 405km (252 miles) at 90%. The Tesla repair shop says that's completely within range of a normal battery. I call bullshit...
  28. B

    LFP battery, charge to 100% each night?

    I’m looking for some advice. I’ve picked up my new MIC SR+ today. Build quality is superb. The battery is LFP based and the charge screen shows 100% available on the charging scale. The car even had 98% charge when I collected it. What’s the recommended charging routine for the LFP? Can I...
  29. DenkiJidousha

    Ohme's new smart charging app

    Some of you will have been using Ohme's smart charging cable which is able to use a dynamic tariff like Agile Octopus to charge you car when electricity is cheapest (or greenest). They've now released a smart app which for a Tesla (and hopefully other cars with an API to follow) can apparently...
  30. M

    Apartment Charging

    Greetings! We just moved to Denver with our Model 3. Previously we charged in the garage with the mobile charger plugged into a 110 volt outlet. It worked fine for as much as we drove. Our apartment originally said charging would be free but this changed once we got here! They are using Sema...
  31. T

    Model 3 Charging Questions. *Looking at purchasing*

    Hello, I am a long time Tesla fan (as I am sure most of us are). I am looking into buying my first Tesla within the next few months however I do have a few concerns with charging. The house I am renting right now only has standard outlets in the garage (no washer/dryer plugs) which means I...
  32. jordanthompson

    Charging complete notifications

    I never seem to get any notifications from the app when charging is complete. I have both "charging interrupted" and "charging complete" set in my app. Is there any other way to get notifications via text (like through ifttt or teslascope) that I am not aware of?
  33. R

    Tesla not charging, please help!

    My 2019 M3 has been charging on a 6-20 connection for about a year. Over the weekend, I noticed that it stopped charging (see picture). It says it was getting 0/mph, 2/16 amps, and 245V. What does that mean? Does it mean that my Tesla 6-20 adapter is bad or is it more likely something wrong...
  34. J

    Want To Buy Generation 2 or 3 Wall Connector

    Hey folks, I figured I'd hit up this forum before ordering one online to see if anyone has an extra that they're looking to sell. Please let me know if you have a new or gently used one you're looking to sell. Thanks!
  35. M

    Tesla to Tesla charging

    Hi guys, I was wondering if it could theoretically feasible to charge a Tesla from another tesla in case you run out of juice ? This could be an easy problem solving for people running out of power and could probably fix your energy problem way faster than a power generator? I remember that at...
  36. Russinating

    Sharing my no driveway/on street parking setup

    One of the biggest advantages of EVs that can get overlooked is in reducing air pollution. Of course where this is an issue, and where councils have targets to reduce it, is in dense urban environments. Bristol City Council's own planned diesel band and Clean Air Zone encompasses just the city...
  37. M

    Need help with homecharging options

    Hi all I'm looking into buying my first Tesla but I'm really comfused about the homecharging options I found that i can use the 230V outlets that are already installed at my house how fast is this going? should this be a special one that's alone on a circuit? install a homebox I have 3...
  38. fasteddie7

    Charging problems or weather related?

    I might be having a charging issue...not sure. When I got home last night after a snow/rainy hour commute, I brought my charger to the port and pressed the button. It opened but the lights didn't come on and the little tab that was in there clicked a few times. After that it finally lit up...
  39. B

    Scheduled charging

    For all of us retired individuals enjoying the Tesla, I wonder why the Tesla app does not allow variable scheduled charging. Even better, since I am an avid Outlook calendar user, and Tesla can certainly read my calendar appointments, why it can't determine from a calendar appointment to have...
  40. B

    Oahu Charging Strategy - No home charger?

    I've got a carport 110v plug, but no EV charger. What is your strategy for that situation? I figure that I: 1. charge it at night to +/- keep up with commute demand, and 2. top it off from time to time at ??? when it falls behind or for extra driving, which I hope to do a fair bit. 3. Buying...
  41. E

    Cost of use/interactive EV Charging log

    My landlord recently blamed my electric car purchase on the sudden increase in the electric bill (electric is already included in my rent), so to disprove her, I created this spreadsheet on Google sheet that shows the electrical expense and gas savings of owning an EV. Feel free to view...
  42. borugee

    Model 3 showing wrong kWh consumption?

    I charged my car to 80% after 41miles of driving, it is now at 52%. Since last charge kWh show 14kWh. I did 4 trips of about 10 miles each in winter to accumulate these 41miles. (Also preheated car 2 times for about 10 minutes each). My car LR-AWD charge to 300miles. Here is my math to show...
  43. AlanSubie4Life

    2020, 2019, 2018 Model 3 Battery Capacities & Charging Constants

    I should have done this a while ago, but I've finally compiled all the data that Tesla provides to the EPA, and put it into a spreadsheet. The detailed 2020 test data is now available, so we can see why things are rated the way they are. Through formulas, I've also tried to capture what...
  44. Z

    Brand new P3M, low battery range?

    I just received my new M3P (< 200 miles on the odometer). I left the max charge at the default of 90%. When charged to 90%, the range reported is only 263 miles, which works out to 292 miles @ 100% charge. That is quite a bit lower than the 310 mile range it is supposed to get. Is this an...
  45. S

    Odd behaviour with web control

    I've been controlling my powerwall 2 via its web interface for getting on for two years. Come the start of the off-peak tarrif period in the evening, the reserve gets set to the current charge, and grid power is used until the end of that period in the morning, whereapon the reserve is set to...
  46. T

    Charger installation rebate still available?

    Sorry if this is somewhere else already but does anyone know if the charger installation rebate is still available? I live in Toronto. I couldn't find an updated thread for this and I know some rebates were clawed back in 2019. I'm trying to decide if it's worth putting in the full out wall...
  47. TesQuestJapan

    Charging Networks and Apps In Japan... What do you use?

    Hi all! I've had my LRAWD for about a month now and don't have a home charging set up. I have been using ev.gogo.gs to search for chargers and that has gone ok... But I was curious what everyone is using. I am pretty fortunate, in addition to being within 30 minutes or so of the Osaka SC, I...
  48. T

    Teach me how to charge!

    I’ve had my M3 for a week (delivered to my house when I was away so I never got a dealer run through) and all the videos just show plugging it in. That didn’t work. I called and they sent a service guy out who said my cable was broken and switched it out. Then he said I have to squeeze the...
  49. J

    Safe to charge SR+ to 100% and sit overnight before roadtrip?

    Hi all—I pick up my SR+ in a week and then I’ll be taking it on a 900 mi r/t road trip for the holidays. I usually don’t look forward to the drive but this year, there is no place I’d rather be than the driver’s seat of my new Model 3! Question for the group: I know you aren’t supposed to...
  50. NorthEastUk

    Chargegate, S85 Only

    I've just been on the Tesla facebook group and seen there are in total three S85 owners who are concerned about charge speeds at superchargers. (same day) If you have confirmed with the support line that your battery is the correct temp when charging and You are still getting slow charge...

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