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  1. giotto1

    WTB Homelink Module for 2023 Model 3

    Need a module, preferably with bracket. Located in Canada (Montreal).
  2. B

    Homelink Stopped Working… argh

    2013 Model S. Worked great for years, now Homelink won’t operate my garage door. All our other cars and fobs still work fine — no change to Genie garage door opener or fobs. Visited Tesla service center and they replaced the transmitter… tested OK in their shop. To be clear: The car has no...
  3. M

    SOLVED: Homelink with Genie Intellicode remote

    Posting this in case it helps someone who finds themselves in the same predicament... I just returned my leased 2019 Model 3 and took delivery on a 2022 Model S LR. Both vehicles were equipped with Homelink, and I had no difficulty programming the Model 3 Homelink to work with my electric front...
  4. S

    FS: 2021 Model Y LR w low miles ($62k obo)

    For Sale Model Y Long Range Metallic Gray with black seats. Features as follows: Currently has 3,564 miles 20" Induction Wheels Homelink installed Ceramic coating and self healing PPF Always stored in garage and never been at a supercharger Clean title with no loan No FSD Asking $62,000 or...
  5. N

    Homelink and folding mirrors

    Recently had a Tesla rep out to my house to install the Homelink module in my MY. Everything is working great except…the mirrors. Although the box in the Homelink setup screen is not checked, every single time Homelink sends a command to open/close the garage door my mirrors fold in. Any...
  6. Jbapckfan

    Homelink usefullness vs regular garage door opener

    I use a regular garage door opener and it works fine. The range isn’t great, but is acceptable. I also have a MyQ which works perfectly through my phone but don’t use it because it makes a loud beeping noise when the door is closing (as a safety feature) and I leave early in the morning and...
  7. S

    Model Y "Homelink" hardware for sale-NIB

    Hello, I cancelled my Model Y order, and have the Homelink Adapter hardware they shipped to me right away. I couldn't find a way to return it. I think I paid like $349 for it. Selling for Best offer, shipped. Box is unopened.
  8. F

    Homelink on Tesla App "Please move closer to your vehicle"

    I live in an apartment with a detached garage and an automatic garage door opener. I bought the Homelink device and had it installed. Within the vehicle the Homelink works great. It opens and closes the garage - even automatically closes it when I pull away and automatically opens it when I...
  9. M

    HomeLink Mirror Auto-fold

    I have a tight garage at home, so I really like how my mirrors auto-fold when I arrive home. Is there a way to have them auto-unfold when I pull out and the garage automatically closes? Also, is there a way to have the cameras turn on when the mirrors fold? That would make parking so much easier.
  10. S

    Homelink installed but not activated?

    I was replacing my damaged bumper DIY and found out my May 2019 build SR+ had a homelink module all along! Homelink was already removed as a standard option by then. So I booked a mobile service appointment in hopes of getting it activated for a labour charge but was instead quoted 415$ +tax...
  11. Ed Hart

    Homelink not working with Chamberlain Liftmaster remotes

    Big Mystery: Hope someone else has figured this out. My 2014 has the EEPROM issues in the MCU. It gave me the screen you see here. There will be a recall, but in the meantime, Tesla zapped my EEPROM back to zero. It took a while, but everything came up and I was able to reprogram my various...
  12. P

    Garage door opener antenna

    Does anyone know details of the antenna used in the model 3 for opening/closing the garage door? I think it is on the driver’s side, but I was wondering its orientation and, thus, Polarization. Any details would be appreciated— model specifications would be awesome as well. kurt
  13. RedlineTuning

    Homelink module installed by Tesla Mobile

    Just picked up my M3P a week ago and will be getting a lot of mods done to it over the next couple of months (winter here in Michigan). The Homelink module is not part of the latest Model 3 builds, nor an option at time of purchase despite it being on Model 3s for the first few years. So...
  14. Fab-fours

    Daughter Board: - HomeLink & Tune-in issues

    It's been almost 4 glorious years of ownership that I've been relatively free from serious problems. Although I must admit year-on-year, as the various updated screen layouts have been installed the screen functionality has gradually deteriorated! As in making a phone call & finding keypad to...
  15. S

    Homelink and lights

    So recently I realized I am either going blind, or just can't see at night. I have to back up my driveway to park, and at night I can't for the life of me see to back up. It's not the car, since I can't back up my wife's car either. I was wondering if anyone has had success hooking up lighting...
  16. J

    MyQ Smart Garage Door opener with EVE

    I just ordered a Model 3 SR+ and I am waiting for delivery, During this painful waiting period, I like most owners am starting to prepare for the Tesla awesomeness. One of the items I need to take care of is my garage door opener. Since the newest M3's do NOT have Homelink anymore, I decided...
  17. TessieEddie

    Model 3 Multiple Issues

    I have had my M3 for about 18 months now. I still absolutely love driving it but I am becoming increasingly frustrated with multiple issues. I was not able to find similar threads so I have started a new one. I took it in to a service center once, which is 2 hours away from home, only to be...
  18. MichaelJava95

    Tesla homelink skipped auto-close auto-open

    Hi everyone. I finally got my Homelink auto-close, auto-open to work. I want to create this thread so other people googling this problem can hopefully come across this thread. 1- When you program the Homelink, point the car to the garage if you park front first(driving forward into the garage)...
  19. B

    Tesla Needs to Learn How to Deliver Teslas to Maine (and NH and VT!)

    Last Tuesday (6/23/20) I took delivery of my Model Y when it was delivered to my house in Yarmouth, ME on a car carrier truck. It would be great if I could drive it!! I was given the impression it would be delivered with temporary plates so I could drive it while waiting the ridiculous 7-10...
  20. jeremy0916

    2015 Model S 90D HomeLink woes

    So tonight at like 11:30 PM EST my time I decided it would be fun to try and setup homelink. Instead I ended up just looking like a weirdo out in the dark raising my garage door up/down over and over again with my clicker, yet alas never with my Tesla... Anyone have the same kind of garage door...
  21. 8renda

    Getting homelink installed post purchase on 2017 Model S

    We picked up our Model S in mid 2017 and on ordering was told it had homelink. It said it had it but we could never get it to work. We let it go. I hassled Tesla a little before we were due to pickup our model 3 and the service department tells me it was a firmware error and it didn't have it...
  22. Dobe 08

    Waiting for a Homelink delivery

    I ordered a Home-link garage opener for my new model Yp 1 week ago. Does some one know how long does it take to get it delivered? I contacted Tesla, but they have no idea b/c this is a 3rd party vendor
  23. S

    How I made homelink work with an unsupported garage door opener

    I live in an apartment building and I recently got homelink installed since I thought it would be nice to open our underground garage door from the touch screen. Unfortunately, the remote I have uses this maxSecure connection that doesn't support homelink. Having already spent $300 I decided to...
  24. D

    M3, HomeLink, Genie IntelliG 1000

    Wouldn’t work, even with extended instructions (Genie PowerMax IntelliG 1200) - GDO lights blinked during Tesla test, but did not open door. Mailed Genie, no answer. Called HomeLink, very supportive. They checked versions of GDO and remote, had us remove toll road window sticker, garage LED...
  25. T

    Garage opener Atris V2

    Just wanted to report that on my MX end 2018, the homelink functionality works flawlessly on an Atris V2 Motor for garage doors and rolling shutters. The installation went swift, no hick-ups at all. I live in Europe, and I understand that this matters to the frequencies being used by the Tesla...
  26. B

    Question: Does the Model 3 (2019) come with Homelink

    Does the 2019 Model 3 LR come with Homelink? I do not see it and was hoping to hook up my garage doors to my M3.
  27. E

    Homelink not working with my gate

    So I have an Apollo Gate opener which uses a basic clicker fob thing. The homelink that is in my old 2012 Nissan SUV works fine to open the gate. When I program the homelink in my Tesla, it seems to take programming ok (lights blink etc), but it will not open gate. Any ideas? Also, I am a new...
  28. S

    Homelink range is weak/spotty

    I have had on-again, off-again issues with my M3 Homelink. I never had these issues with a previous MS Homelink interface, FWIIW. I have a consistent issue with the M3 Homelink range. It is often not enough to open my door from the end of my 75 foot driveway. My wife's Homelink in her two year...
  29. J

    HomeLink in app?

    Hi all, I have 2 HomeLink places configured in the car, and they both work well. However, in the application, when I use the HomeLink button it says that I don't have any HomeLink configured... Any idea why and how to synchronize the car and the phone? Thanks.
  30. B

    Will the $300 HomeLink upgrade open this gate?

    Anyone else have success with a community gate like this? The FAQ says: "Only devices with a rolling code remote need to go through the 'Learn' process. If you have an old device that is not equipped with a rolling code remote or it is ‘Quick-Train’ compatible, you can skip this part of the...
  31. B


    I am having a Homelink installed in my new model 3. Our house has two garage doors. Can Homelink be programmed to open each door?
  32. T

    Homelink works then stops working

    I programmed homelink to work with my gate. Works flawlessly. Then I programmed a second homelink to work with my garage door, everything gets synced and it works, but then immediately after it stops working and I no longer see the green home link for my garage. Ive read through a lot of...
  33. Ostrichsak

    How to Fix: "There are no HomeLink-enabled garage doors near your vehicle" Error in App

    For those who recently got the firmware update that allows you to access your Homelink doors via the app under "Controls" but get the following message: "There are no HomeLink-enabled garage doors near your vehicle" On your car's screen go into settings, then Autopilot and then Summon Settings...
  34. Z

    Automatic Garage Opening - Australia Model 3

    Got my Model 3 today! Anyone have any news on the automatic garage opening feature ("Homelink") in the Model 3 for Australia? Have searched all of the menus and can't find it. Tesla were saying that you have to bring it in and they will install something, but it is not available in Australia...
  35. F

    HomeLink not included in Standard Range version

    Just got our Model 3 and was astounded to learn that HomeLink is not included in the extended range model. Was never informed by the salesperson that it was optional. Infuriating!
  36. B

    Model S Homelink Details?

    My homelink is terrible. Works fine on our 3. I have to push the button many times to open the door and it only works when right in front of the door. I've reset, reprogrammed, etc. Tesla looked at it and determined it was working fine. I have 800 miles left on my warranty... Before I...
  37. jebinc

    Homelink - Post Delivery Installation Experience

    Hello All, Like many of you who have had your M3's delivered post 5/31/19, there's no Homelink. For those of you who shelled out the extra $300 (as I have), and had it installed after delivery, what was the installation process like? How long does it take? SC or Mobile? What part of the M3...
  38. P

    Homelink Second Remote Issue

    Hi all, I'm having an issue with Homelink. I can successfully code two locations individually (my garage and my parent's garage) but yet when I add the second Homelink it always unprogrames the first. It doesn't matter which order they are added. The first Homelink location is still stored...
  39. igotzzoom

    Homelink: Software-locked?

    Is Homelink software-locked to certain trims? Thanks.
  40. A

    HomeLink Automatic Garage Opener in Japan

    Does anyone use HomeLink in Japan? I have a primitive remote garage opener now. I'd like to upgrade it to HomeLink so I can take advantage of my Tesla HomeLink integration. Is it possible in Japan?
  41. S

    Homelink with or without gps?

    Last week homelink with gps was listed on the 3 partial premium but not the standard (well I was told it was not included on the standard since you can't see the standard specs). This week I don't see it listed as included and just watched a utube that said it wasn't when he was expecting it...
  42. Jgroenen

    Home-Link garage deur opener

    Heeft er al iemand ervaring met het aanzetten van de Home-Link functionaliteit bij de model3 om een garage deur automatisch te kunnen bedienen? Heb een nieuwe aangeschaft nu welke ze volgende week komen installeren maar ben benieuwd of er andere mensen zijn die dit werkende hebben?
  43. L

    Homelink - Can I program AutoClose without AutoOpen?

    Our question is about Homelink. We want to set one of our garage doors to AutoClose but NOT to AutoOpen. Is this possible? While there are two boxes to check, I cannot access the AutoClose box without selecting AutoOpen. I even tried to program both and then unselect AutoOpen (but it then...
  44. Plugsuvohio

    V9 Garage Door Signal Weak

    Could this be? MX90D AP1 20k Miles. Never experienced this on any routine basis. Used to be able to open them down drive near street, and always as I swing in to park no problem. Now if the door is closed, I nearly have to touch the door with the front of the car. It might be signal...
  45. P

    DIP switch style garage door opener works with Model X

    When I first got our Model X, I searched for information on whether our old garage door openers were going to work with our Model X. We have very old openers, long before Homelink was invented, and before Intellicode. They are the style of openers that have 9-12 DIP switches inside the remote...
  46. A

    Homelink Auto Close/Open Malfunction ...

    Homelink auto close/open feature kicked in while I started to back out my ModelX from the garage and the garage door crushed the rear glass and broke the spoiler. :( I had it set to auto close in 20 ft and auto open in 100 ft. We always open the garage door by pressing the wall switch, get...
  47. mrfra62

    Programming HomeLink Tesla model X with Nice Flor-S

    At work we have automatic gates from Flor-S. Handdevices are Nice Flor-S. But I can't get my Model X programmed for these gates. As per instruction I stand in front of vehicle and I keep pressing the device, but no blinking headlights. On screen message says no signal detected. Strange because...
  48. E

    HomeLink Closing Garage door

    My Homelink seems to be working well, but accidents happen. Yesterday, my wife and I were coming home in different cars, she was first to the garage as I got close enough, yes the Model 3 sent the close command after she had opened in and she was pulling into the garage. ##it happens. In an...
  49. O

    Homelink w/Summon & Auto-open/close - is new opener necessary?

    I've got Homelink setup on my garage door and it works fine from my car's touchscreen to manually open/close. I've got summon setup and it works fine from my app. I've updated to both the latest App and the car's software. I've heard that I should be able to control Homelink from my app, but...
  50. N

    HomeLink dropping garagedoor code after latest update

    Has anyone else experienced the HomeLink no longer being able to activate the garage door? I had to reset it last night and this morning it no longer activated the garage door. Keeping the normal opener in the car now...

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