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  1. grayguy

    How to access Sentry recordings on MS with HW 2.0 and MCU 1?

    I have a 2017 MS with HW 2.0 and MCU 1 with eMMC replacement. I have the most recent version of the car software and the Android app. I see the Sentry mode on in the car and have it tuned on in the app. I have a Samsung T7 1GB formatted in ExFAT with a single folder created named, "TeslaCam"...
  2. strangecosmos

    Tesla's Computer Vision Master Plan

    My latest work: an in-depth outline of Tesla's plan to give cars the ability to perceive the world and therefore drive autonomously throughout it. Tesla’s Computer Vision Master Plan – Trent Eady – Medium
  3. fasteddie7

    Proprietary software hold up or something else?

    Excuse my ignorance on this subject but I couldn't help but wonder about the current state of autopilot for both Hw1 and Hw2. When it comes to the mobileye hardware and Tesla vision hardware, does Tesla have the ability to continue to develop software for Hw1 vehicles or do they run the risk...
  4. A

    Autopilot Fail

    Hi All! Was driving home a couple nights ago on the 5 FWY into Los Angeles with autopilot engaged and my car swerved into the next lane over and almost smashed another car. Has anyone else experienced this? I have a 2017 p90 HW2 Model X
  5. tangerine

    AutoPilot on HW2 doesn't show up sometimes

    I've had AutoPilot stop working on me twice in the span of less than a week: Once on the freeway, and once on local streets. Curious from the community if this is a common problem? And if so, how did you get it to start working again? Stopping and parking the car did not reset it. I took a...
  6. fasteddie7

    Hw1 to Hw2 "transplant"

    Elon has said in several occasions that outfitting Hw1 cars with Hw2 hardware would be like spinal transplant surgery and be costly and near impossible. I remember a while back it was discussed that the car could be separated from the battery for a "battery swap" for a fully charged battery and...
  7. P

    Merritt Parkway May 19 Update HW2 Still Not Stable

    On the Merritt Parkway in Fairfield County Ct, despite the new update, I have to take control (while using autosteer) too often to trust it. Despite repeated "red" warnings of getting too close to guardrails on the left and right and crossing center lanes, it's simply not safe enough. This...
  8. MarkS22

    Autopilot needs to learn "courtesy."

    One of the most glaring pieces of the puzzle missing for me is the ability for Autopilot to be, for lack of a better term, a courteous driver. I feel like this could be achieved with both HW1 and (definitely) HW2. Specifically, I find most of my manual disengagements are because a car is in...
  9. PaulJohn

    Camera hidden inside Model S cabin?

    Hey, I have a HW2 Model S and noticed that with AutoPilot engaged in stop and go traffic it frequently puts it on "Hold" when I'm doing something on my phone or have my head down while stopped. It doesn't do that when I'm looking straight ahead at the road... This leads me to believe Tesla...
  10. PaulJohn

    8.1 AP2 speed limited to 50kmh on highways

    Hey everyone, Ever since receiving the first update enabling AutoSteer functionality on my HW2 Model S I've been unable to engage AutoPilot over 50kmh on any highway here in Warsaw, Poland. The release notes clearly state highway speed up to 130kmh. It's been about 6 weeks and 3 updates now...
  11. P

    Autopilot Hardware 2 - I Never See the Blue

    I'm wondering if I'm alone. I never see the 'Blue Car' meaning that my car is steering based on the car in front of me. I originally thought perhaps it was just part of the slow rollout of the HW2 Auto Steer - but I saw a Youtube video of a HW2 Model S that was using the lead car and...
  12. Alan Sherman

    Delay in getting Autosteer/AutoPark and Rain Sensing Wipers - We are owed a Refund

    After being the most enthusiastic Tesla owner for the 3 years I've driven a Model S 85, the new 75D I just got in January is disappointing me in a few areas. The salesman I worked with on the upgrade was like most Tesla staff, excellent. But he did tell me that the HW2 cars with the 21 sensors...
  13. P

    Have you noticed AP 2 learning?

    Hey, I've been testing Autopilot (in it's limited form) since receiving the 17.7.2 update yesterday morning. I'm curious to know if any of you on HW2 have noticed improved Autopilot performance after driving the same road multiple times (especially on local roads)? Perhaps successfully taking a...
  14. S

    AP2 Autopark Video

    For those waiting for AP 2 autopark video here you go.
  15. Haxster

    Wiper Anomalies

    So, I’m patiently waiting for the rain-sensing to be enabled on my HW2 MS. I’m spoiled by having that feature on my 17-year-old Porsche. How tough could this be? Didn’t they verify that they could detect rain using the front-mounted cameras before they got rid of the IR rain sensor? Maybe it...
  16. A

    When do autopilot features begin to work on a new Tesla?

    Picked up my MS 90d yesterday. HW2 running version 17.4.75. Have 104 miles driven so far. No autopilot features activated yet. What should I expect? Sorry if this is explained elsewhere. Thanks!
  17. I

    Tesla HW2 17.5.28 Firmware - No side collision warning?

    A car tried to merge into me and make an illegal left turn. The driver did not see me (most likely due to the blind spot). Tesla, as part of firmware 17.5.28, added side collision warnings, but there was no alert. I'm not even mad at the driver that tried to merge into me. People make mistakes...
  18. grayguy

    HW2 Failed Updates and Driver Assistance Features Unavailable

    My Model S with Hardware 2 has consistently failed with Tesla OTA updates. Each time this happens I also get a Driver Assistance Features Unavailable. If issue persists contact Tesla Service error message that persists on the instrument panel. A couple of times, the attempted update actually...
  19. P

    Poor Local Support

    I took delivery about 2 weeks ago and have muddled through the manual... I have lots of questions but the delivery specialist takes days to respond to calls or emails, didn't tell me about things such as extended warranties, optimal battery charging (found it in the manual) and when I didn't get...
  20. Haxster

    AP2 TACC Shortcomings

    As a new user of TACC, I must say that I'm not impressed. It may be OK for light traffic on a highway, but for heavier Bay Area freeway driving or on city streets, it will, at the least, take some getting used to. Here's why: 1. I'm used to backing off the throttle or starting to brake when I...
  21. Haxster

    HW2: Still no rain-sensing wipers. No Auto-high beams

    I can understand the difficulty of safely implementing AP functions, but what's the deal with sensing water on the windshield or controlling the high beams? Both of these are really mature technologies and have already been implemented in pre-HW1 Teslas. I was hoping that these two features...
  22. Haxster

    Does AP avoid driving in other vehicles blind spots?

    I know that I'll find this out "eventually" in my HW2 MS, but was curious if the current autopilot is smart enough to try to keep out of the blind spots of other vehicles.
  23. fasteddie7

    Limitations of the nvidia px2 and hw1

    After reading this article today in electrek: First picture of Tesla’s new NVIDIA onboard supercomputer for Autopilot installed in a car It seems that the current hw2 vehicles can realistically achieve level 4 with the processing power of the current chipset, and although a swap out for newer...