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  1. Cfinck

    2014 Model S P85+ | AP1 | FREE Supercharging

    Metallic Grey, but is wrapped Satin Black! 100% charge will get anywhere between 234-236 miles 117,000 Miles Unlimited Supercharging and premium connectivity included Air Suspension 21" Performance+ Wheels Glass Pano Roof Parking Sensors Black Performance Leather Seats Fog Lamps Extended Nappa...
  2. Cfinck

    2014 Model S P85+ FREE Supercharging

    Metallic Grey, but is wrapped Satin Black! 100% charge will get anywhere between 234-236 miles 117,000 Miles Unlimited Supercharging and premium connectivity included Air Suspension 21" Performance+ Wheels Glass Pano Roof Parking Sensors Black Performance Leather Seats Fog Lamps Extended Nappa...
  3. R

    7 Seat Model S with Free Supercharging + More for Sale

    Model S P90+ (see photos) was rebadged by Tesla after getting a battery upgrade because the 85 went out while under warranty. The rear facing seats fold flat if needed. Includes transferable, free supercharging for life which also includes exclusion from idle-time fees at superchargers. Also...
  4. Tempbow

    Price Check - 2013 p85+ w/ full Clear-Bra

    Price check- 2014 p85+ w/ Sports Pkg. Currently priced at 46.5k with 59.9k miles. It’s also got a full clear-wrap over the whole body. Options below:
  5. R

    Model S "Plus" Air suspension worth swapping to "Standard" Air suspension car?

    Hello, I currently have a 2014.5 Model S P85D with the "Plus" Air suspension package. I am aware that this package means that I have slightly stiffer shocks, 2mm thicker anti-roll bars, and stiffer bushings (P85+ Package). There really isn't a lot of information on this package online in...
  6. S

    Tesla P85+ Battery Pack Module Location Diagram 1-16

    Hate for my first post to be a technical question but hopefully the answer to this will help others. I have a weak #10 Module on my battery pack and I do not plan to replace the entire battery. I’m looking at locating exactly which module it is so I only have to peel the battery cover far...
  7. Skateboardgolf

    Triple Unicorn: 2015 Model S P85+ / AP1, MCU 1, LTE (Last P85+ ever made) $41,500

    I've had this car for almost 6 years, and I absolutely adore it, but I'm ready for a new Tesla. I purchased it in September of 2014 - at the time, Tesla's flagship model - the P85+. And wouldn't you know it the P85D was introduced a week later. After watching autopilot and summon videos for a...
  8. T

    Can you put wider tires on Model S P85+ 21" wheels without using spacers?

    I'm looking to buy new tires for my Model S P85+...... it has the staggered 21" wheels. Can you go wider on these? Is anyone using 255's in the front and 275's in the rear.... if so, what is the profile that you have without them rubbing or using spacers. What is the size of the...
  9. M

    2013 Model S P85+ with 22K mileage for 35K?

    Hi I got an offer from a a friend that is selling his Model S P85+. He said that the trade in value is 35K so he said that I can buy it for that price. So I was wondering if that is worth it? It seem like that mileage determined the price of the car so I can find a 2015 with higher miles for...
  10. R

    P90+ Model S for Sale (7 seats)

    Howdy, I'm exploring the sale of my red P90+ Model S. Obv, was originally a P85+ but Tesla just put a 90kw battery in it (uncorked) the other day. Also just put on new rear tires as well probably 3 weeks ago is all. Orig, had 118k miles. but looks and drives like it is brand new, minus a...
  11. Dithermaster

    2013 Tesla Model S P85+ (Midwest)

    $37,000 OBO Located in Madison, WI Photos: https://photos.app.goo.gl/CJeZ3roANJo2WtDy9 This is the year car that Motor Trend just called the Ultimate Car of the Year! Perfect for a driving enthusiast who prefers to be in control. Has every option available at time of order. 60K miles...
  12. C

    2013 Tesla Model S P85+

    2013 Tesla P85+ VIN# 5YJSA1DP4DFP23067 Exterior Color: Blue Metallic Interior Color: Grey Leather Mileage: 39,500 Vehicle Location: Denver, CO Price: $43,500 Features: Performance plus Air suspension 21” Grey Performance plus wheels 85 kWh Battery All glass panoramic roof Parking sensors Grey...
  13. D

    2014 Tesla Model S - P85+ - Selling for $43,500K

    I am selling a 2014 Model S with very low miles - 36,500 - clean with lots of extra goodies. Priced to Sell @$43,500! Take a look at spec sheet in photos. Car is on the Peninsula side of Bay Area (Near Menlo Park). Call - Dwight - 408-314-6636
  14. C

    13’ P85+ Feedback

    I’ve found a 13’ P85+ with only 35k miles. It has the following features: Deep blue metallic Tan performance leather Gray 21” Turbines Air suspension Upgraded sound Pano roof For those of you who have owned one, how did you like your P85+ vs a new AWD or even a standard P85? This will be an...
  15. S

    2014 P85 with AP 2.0?

    So I pulled the trigger on a what I thought was a 2014 P85 with autopilot (assumed AP 1.0). From what I've read that sounds like it's already a unicorn, but after talking with my Sales Advisor I was finally able to get higher quality photos and found out it's actually a P85+! The original photos...
  16. rjscoder

    2014 Model S P85+ | $122k MSRP | Air Suspension | Premium Sound | Cold Weather | Carbon Fiber

    Asking: $44,990 OBO $122k MSRP | Air Suspension | Premium Sound | Cold Weather | Carbon Fiber | 62k miles More photos 2014 Tesla Model S P85+ Features ◘ Standard Vehicle Price: $93,400 ◘ Performance Plus Package with Smart Air Suspension: $8,750 • 3.9 seconds 0-60 mph • Smart Air...
  17. H

    2013 Model S P85+ under warranty - AZ $46,999

    2013 Tesla Model S P85+ for sale in Phoenix area: 73,500 miles, under warranty until 75,000. Clean title, no accidents. Virtually every available option for that model year (except rear child jump seats and subzero package) $120k sticker price Still under extended full bumper to bumper...
  18. Fiver

    Late 2013 P85+ with remaining warranty + other goodies

    Decided to trade up to a Model X, so I'm selling my P85+ Black Dynamite. October 2013 build. I bought it CPO in August of 2016, back when they actually reconditioned CPO's so it looked pretty much brand new when I got it. Currently has 89,500 miles on it, and the Tesla CPO warranty is good...
  19. E

    2013 Tesla Model S P85+, 42k miles

    Great condition. Clean inside and outside. This is P85+ which is Perfomance Plus package Model, Rear Wheel Drive with suspension upgrade for superb handling. Rebuilt title (no frame damage, it was front left suspension damage, left fender, suspension parts, headlight, bumper cover were...
  20. U

    2013 Tesla Model S P85+ for sale

    Hello members of the teslamotorsclub community. I am a new member so I apologize if I make a mistake. I am looking to sell my 2013 Tesla Model S P85+ for $45900. Current Mileage is : 66,892 Below is the list of options: Model S P85+ Performance Plus Package Silver Metallic Paint All Glass...
  21. Rogue23

    Late 2013 Model S P85+ with low mileage and CPO Warranty - Wrapped in satin dark gray!

    $118,420 original sale price!!! Only 38,xxx miles (driven daily) and still under full CPO warranty If you can't live without autopilot or premium sound system, this is not the car for you. If you love to drive, like the idea of 0-60 in 4.2 seconds, and don’t want your car to look exactly like...
  22. lookmtb

    Model S P85+

    For sale is my 2014 Model S P85+. The car currently has approximately 71,xxx miles on it. I drive it daily so that will continue to go up. The car was purchased from Tesla in July of 2017 and was fully refurbished then. Since then there has been no new damage. The car will come with two sets...
  23. H

    2013 P85+ w/CPO warranty (Dec 2013 production)

    Need to sell my prized possession due to baby arrival 2013 P85+ blk on blk with CPO warranty good through 4/2021 or 72k miles. Spent over $6000 in mods, -SoCal vehicle -Fully loaded -December 2013 production date -CPO with full warranty through 4/2021 or another 42k miles (72k total)...
  24. KryoPhoenix209

    Black 2013 P85+ $56,500 OBO

    Hello Everyone, Unfortunately I am selling my 2013 Tesla Model S P85+ as I was recently accepted into med school. This is the rare Performance Plus Package that has what Elon Musk describes as “super car handling.” This is not a standard P85 which has the same suspension & handling as the...
  25. T

    10_2014 P85+ For Sale

    Selling my P85+ Blue with grey turbine wheels, sound system, race suspension, auto-navigation avionics. 16k miles, totally clean, no blemishes. Nearly all the upgrades, was $132,836.70 when purchased. Unlimited charging, white HOV approved. Bay Area. [email protected] for more info.
  26. S

    NEW Staggered TSportline TST 20" Gloss Black wheels + TPMS + Cont'l Extreme Contact DWS06 + Caps $3K

    Selling essentially brand new staggered TSportline TST 20" gloss black wheels that I received from TSportline on 2/2/2017. Mint condition for the wheels (20x9" fronts and 20x10" rears) and the tires have less than 100 miles on them. I put them on my 2013 P85, but just bit the bullet and...
  27. S

    21" Wheel Swap For 19"??

    Hey everyone! This is my first post on my second day as a CPO owner of a 2013 P85+ Model S. Basically, I have the silver 21" wheels that come with the Performance package, but since I'm going to paint the wheels black, I really would rather have the 19" wheels. The tires have about 30% tread...
  28. Xenoilphobe

    P85+ Black on Tan Nappa Leather - loaded - March 2014 build

    You will not find a more complete March 2014 built Tesla Model S P85+. I am the original order who custom ordered this car with an original purchase price of $124,000 - it has every option available at the time with the exception of the rear facing seats. If you bought the equivalent car new...
  29. Whistle2Whine

    Luxury+Performance - What Else Would be Considered?

    Background: I've been lurking for over a year here and finally FINALLY will be in position to have a Model S within the next month (CPO). The problem is that I'm a PERFORMANCE shopper, first and foremost. I have been driving a modified VW GTI (remapped software, suspension upgrades) for a few...
  30. SD Diver

    FS: 21" grey staggered Turbine rims/tires

    I have a set of staggered turbines that came with my CPO P85+ that I took delivery of on 6/4/16. Rims and tires looked new when I got them. I have put ~2000 miles on them between delivery and removal. Looking to get $3000 for the set. Included are the center caps and TPMS (late 2013 build...
  31. B

    2013 Tesla Model S P85+ with 36k Miles for 66,000 (Brown)

    Model S P85+ in Littleton Colorado 36,000 Miles Includes Rear Facing Seats Sound Studio Package Tech Package Obeche Wood Matte Décor Grey Performance Interior All Glass Panoramic Roof Performance Plus Package Carbon Fiber Spoiler Brown Metallic Paint (Now Discontinued by Tesla)
  32. B

    2013 Tesla Model S P85+ with 36k Miles for 67,000 (Brown)

    Model S P85+ in Littleton Colorado 36,000 Miles Includes Rear Facing Seats Sound Studio Package Tech Package Obeche Wood Matte Décor Grey Performance Interior All Glass Panoramic Roof Performance Plus Package Carbon Fiber Spoiler Brown Metallic Paint (Now Discontinued by Tesla) Interior and...
  33. S

    2014 Model S P85+, 5000 Miles, AutoPilot, $90000

    AutoTrader Link: Check out this 2014 Tesla Model S on Autotrader Model S P85+ with Autopilot and all upgrades (excluding the Winter Package, I live in the Bay Area), 0-60 in 3.9s. Original owner, picked up at Fremont factory in Sep 2014. Under FULL WARRANTY. Performance package with Air...
  34. H

    2013 Black Tesla Model S P85+ only 25,000 miles, mint $69,000

    As the executor of my friend's estate, I am selling his loaded 2013 Black Model S P85+ with the performance plus and tech packages. It is in excellent condition, extremely well maintained, very clean inside and out, and low miles. Extra set of rims with winter tires, panoramic sunroof, air...
  35. G

    P85+ Loaded with 17k miles in Los Angeles FOR SALE: $68,900

    GREY with premium black (red piping) leather, red brake calipers and carbon fiber spoiler/trim. DETAILS HERE: Check out this 2013 Tesla Model S on Autotrader
  36. wildtigg3r

    P85+ Battery Range @ 90% and 100%

    Hi All, I've been searching for the information I want but I can't seem to find it. I'm hoping some of you P85+ owners might be able to help me out. What is the range you are getting when you charge your P85+ at 90% and 100%? Majority of the information I am getting are for 85 or P85 with the...
  37. AEdennis

    Comparison of Model S P85, P85+, and P85D. All pre-autopilot. (good for CPO shopper)

    A quick comparison of three models of Model S that have since been pulled. (Finally finished that draft folder article in my blog on loaner cars - September 2015;-) ) Model S P85, P85+, and P85D. All pre-autopilot. Article here.
  38. K

    Looking for feedback from Australian owners, particularly in Perth

    Hi everyone, To avoid being envious and impatient with getting my hands on a Tesla I've been off the forum for a while but I see things with Tesla in Australia have really moved along over the past year. Now that things appear to be full throttle and cars are being delivered to Perth and...
  39. D

    Buying p85 or p85+ with autopilot

    May be interested in buying p85 or p85+ with autopilot. Let me know if anyone has one for sale.
  40. E

    I will beat Tesla's trade in quote for your used Tesla - White, Grey, or Silver

    I have read on the Tesla Forum that many Tesla owners are selling their cars back to Tesla as they upgrade to the new Model Ds. In the process Tesla takes those cars and sells them to dealers such as Starwood Motors or Earth Motors or closer to me in Southern California Phillips Auto. These...
  41. D

    WANTED: 2013-2014 P85 or P85+ WILL PAY $85k-$93k

    I am looking for a 2013 or 2014 model S P85 or P85+ & will pay between $85k to $93k depending on miles, condition and options. Must have: Tech package Smart air suspension Sound studio (ultra high fidelity sound) All glass panoramic roof Please PM me if you are selling. I am interested in...
  42. Mayhemm

    Second set of tires on P85+

    Everybody knows that the Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 tires that are standard on a P85+ are not long-lasting tires (especially if you have alignment issues). So, when the time comes to get a new set of rubber, what are people going with? There aren't many choices for the P85+, especially in the...
  43. Madartist

    Increased range of P85+ over P85?

    I remember reading on the Tesla website when the Plus version first came out that the P85+ would have improved range over P85. I'm not sure why this would be the case...perhaps improved aerodynamics due to the suspension upgrade? Does anyone have any real life experience between the two to...
  44. S

    P85 vs P85+ and other first impressions from a non-sports-car-guy (long, w/pics)

    Like many of you, I scoured these forums for the weeks leading up to confirming my Tesla and while waiting for it to arrive, and I greatly appreciate all the time, energy, passion, and useful advice posted by so many of you. I thought it time to contribute my little bit. The most difficult...