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  1. MarcoRP

    Supercharger - Tatamy, PA

    A new Supercharger is coming to Tatamy!! 8 stalls are planned at Sheetz #680 on Trolley Line Dr, off PA-33. In the latest Palmer Township agenda, Tesla was seeking a zoning variance regarding their EV Charging signs. Unfortunately that also means their plans were released to the public...
  2. 6

    Supercharger - Allentown, PA - Schantz Road

    Under construction at the WaWa on PA Route 100 south of I-78
  3. RubyM3LR-RWD

    Supercharger - Erie, PA - Perry Highway

    Found this new Supercharger site under construction on Perry Highway (State Rt 97) in Erie, PA. It is at a Sheetz gas/charge station located just south of I-90. This will be the second Supercharger in the Erie area, the other is a V2 located one exit farther west on I-90. This new location is...
  4. Craig_in_PA

    Supercharger - Ephrata, PA

    White whale located! Very preliminary construction at Sheetz, 891 E Main Street, Ephrata PA. I had my doubts until I looked at the label. @MarcoRP
  5. A

    Central PA/Harrisburg PA Safety Inspection Recommendation

    Hi Everyone, I live in Harrisburg, PA and want to recommend a place for PA safety inspection. 2 guys run the place, it's a local laid back shop. They new how to operate my 2020 Model 3 right off the bat with the keycard. It was a quick/good experience. I'm sure others have run into...
  6. MarcoRP

    Supercharger - Bartonsville, PA

    8 stalls are under construction at the GIANT Food Store in Bartonsville, Pennsylvania. Approx coordinates are (41.0018, -75.2730).
  7. MarcoRP

    Supercharger - Doylestown, PA

    Scheduled to open this quarter, the Doylestown Supercharger will be built at the Wawa under construction at 425 S Main St, near the Rte. 202 bypass. Oddly, though the Supercharger is supposed to open this quarter, it also says the Wawa will be open this winter. I'm not sure who to trust at this...
  8. S

    Supercharger - State College, PA

    New Tesla Supercharger under construction at Sheetz 223 Colonnade Blvd, State College, PA 16803 (814) 862-9341 Google Maps
  9. B

    FS: Model 3 20" Gray Performance Wheels (pick up in PA)

    Driven < 5000K miles. Rims are in great condition. I had one of them powder coated after minor brush with a curb. In the first photo, it's the one on the left. Also provided a separate pic of that wheel. Includes factory Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires. Pick up only. Located near King of...
  10. mociaf9

    Supercharger - Hamburg, PA

    http://www.tildentownship.com/administration/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/PC-MINUTES-DRAFT-08-18-2020.pdf What: Tesla's in the early planning stages for a new 8-stall SC at the Wawa near the intersection of I-78 and PA-61. Address: 515 Lowland Rd, Hamburg, PA 19526 GPS (guess): 40.564647...
  11. mociaf9

    Supercharger - North Wales, PA

    https://www.uppergwynedd.org/sites/uppergwyneddpa/files/uploads/1_april_6_zoning_boc.pdf [pdf] What: New supercharger in planning for installation at a Wawa in North Wales, PA. Address: 593 Dekalb Pike, North Wales, PA 19454 GPS: 40.219368, -75.247004 @Chuq @MarcoRP
  12. MarcoRP

    Supercharger - Washington, PA

    A new construction pin for an 8-stall V3 Supercharger has appeared for Washington PA at the Giant Eagle (331 Washington Rd). No photos have been published publicly, nor has a thread been created. @tes-s says he saw the photo on a private Facebook group for Tesla Pittsburgh. Discussion for the...
  13. 6t8stang

    Silver Arachnids with Pilot Sports, Center Caps & TPMS - SE Pennsylvania - $2,700

    Staggered, silver OEM Tesla Arachnids. Only about 1,500 miles on them and they look almost perfect. There are two very small, very minor nicks in one of the wheels - hard to notice them in the third picture if you zoom in. Lots of tread left as you can see in the pics as well. These would be...
  14. RedFiveZero

    Supercharger - Lancaster, PA

    There is a new "coming soon" supercharger listed for Lancaster, PA. This will be a very welcome addition. The pushpin on the maps shows downtown Lancaster City, but I suspect the actual location will be closer to 283/30/222. Maybe in the new retail center under construction near the 30 &...
  15. Chuq

    Supercharger - Grove City, PA

    Found on twitter: Tesla Pittsburgh on Twitter 1931 Butler Pike, Grove City, PA 16127, United States
  16. ae7456t

    Supercharger - Bensalem, PA

    ***Cross Posted from the Supercharger Thread*** I stopped for lunch at Wawa in Bensalem, PA this afternoon and noticed that they had a portion of the parking lot roped off for construction, including 6 posts (presumably for signage), 6 PVC stubs (presumably for power), and white Square D...
  17. ae7456t

    Unannounced Supercharger Construction at Wawa in Bensalem, PA???

    I stopped for lunch at Wawa in Bensalem, PA this afternoon and noticed that they had a portion of the parking lot roped off for construction, including 6 posts (presumably for signage), 6 PVC stubs (presumably for power), and white Square D cabinets off to the side that all looked suspiciously...
  18. N

    State College Trip - PSU Game

    I took my Model X on it's first road trip across Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh - Harrisburg - State College) for a PSU football game and wanted to provide some feedback for anyone that may be attempting this trip. First, the PA Turnpike supercharger network is very easy to use and convenient, with...
  19. Lanny

    Supercharger - Williamsport, PA

    Article cites Williamsport city officials saying that Tesla plans eight charging stalls at Sheetz on Maynard Street. Local Sheetz to get electric car station | News, Sports, Jobs - Williamsport Sun-Gazette @BlueShift
  20. Chuq

    Supercharger - Philadelphia (East Market), PA

    I just saw this one on Plugshare. 6 stall urban supercharger (photos supplied) The description suggests that it is open but the picture shows orange cones in front of the stalls. Plugshare link - PlugShare - Find Electric Vehicle Charging Locations Near You I've just added this to...
  21. M

    Body shop philadelphia

    Hello! I had a sideswipe to my rear quarterpanel and bumper cover from a hit and run. The wheel well is fine, trunk is fine, tire is fine, rear door is fine. My estimate was in the mid-teens. Does this seem outlandish? Any recommendations in the Philadelphia area? I don't mind driving a few...
  22. E

    Help ! Full Rear Window Tint in Eastern PA (can't find any!)

    Need you help! I can't find any shop that would tint my back window in Eastern PA! I've searched this forum but still haven't found anyone that has done it. I have called the "official dealers" of 3M and Lumar in my area. Nothing. Do you know any Model 3 owner that has found a shop that does...
  23. G

    NJ / Philly / Delaware - PPF and Ceramic Coating

    I had my model 3 ceramic coated by John at South Jersey Automotive Coatings. I have no affiliation, but I was overly impressed with his service and work. He really knows automotive paint and was willing to spend a lot of time explaining paint correction, paint defects, and the coating process to...
  24. pakman00

    Supercharger - Pittsburgh, PA

    Interesting... Didn't notice this until today in the Tesla supercharger map website as coming soon. I guess this would be one of those new city superchargers they are rolling out.
  25. Mirlen

    Supercharger - King of Prussia, PA

    It's time to find this. Will it be at KoP mall? Need some more scouts because our states 811 Dig system is not friendly to searches *grr* Target Opening - End of 2017 Link
  26. S

    Supercharger - Altoona, PA

    In addition to all the other locations popping up today, I noticed Altoona, PA was listed. With the exact location still unknown, I'm going to guess this is going to be at a Sheetz, most likely 17th Street or near the corporate office on 764. This will be a great addition for me, as I wasn't...
  27. GlmnAlyAirCar

    Supercharger - Philadelphia, PA

    Since this is listed as being completed by the end of 2017 (he said skeptically), I figured it was about time to start this thread. Anyone have any information on where this location might be? I am speculating that, since Tesla appears to be partnering with Wawa, and there is a new Wawa planned...
  28. Brian R.

    Supercharger - Carlisle (Middlesex Township), PA

    Hi everyone. The Sheetz / Tesla partnership is a strong one, as the new Sheetz that is almost complete on the site of the old Carlisle Hotel on the 1700 block of Harrisburg Pike also home to a new Supercharger site. I stopped by today and took a few pictures. It looks like it's ready for the...
  29. Newscutter

    Supercharger - Wexford, PA

    Spotted by one of our local owners-- this is hosted by the Sheetz gas station right off the I-79 Wexford exit. It'll relieve some of the potential congestion for the existing Cranberry Supercharger (which will become mostly turnpike traffic) as it's so ideally located that I-79 traffic will...
  30. Darren S

    Supercharger - Hermitage, PA

    I'm starting a thread to track the progress of a Tesla supercharger in the Hermitage, PA area. On June 30, I visited the two Sheetz gas stations / convenience stores within 5 miles north of I-80 but there was no indication that either of these were where the superchargers would be installed so...
  31. E

    Supercharger - Falls Creek, PA

    Since Sheetz has multiple superchargers under construction, I checked Coming Soon locations on Tesla's Find Us page against Sheetz locations and made a call to the Sheetz in Falls Creek, PA. The person who answered the phone confirmed that a supercharger was under construction there and it is...
  32. Lanny

    Supercharger - Breezewood, PA

    Construction is well under way at Sheetz at the Breezewood Interchange of I-76 and I-70. I saw four boxes so it looks like eight stalls going in here.
  33. jmcclureXPA

    Business lease vs Business finance?

    My X is in transit and Tesla is ready to schedule delivery. I'd like to register the vehicle in my business name and finance it. I haven't had great success getting good options through the delivery specialist who seems more like an order taker... The lease program does not seem like a good...
  34. J

    Model S 60 with autopilot for sale

    Hello everyone. I am looking to sell my White Tesla Model S 60 with Autopilot. The car has 26k miles on it and comes with free unlimited supercharging, the premium package, a sunroof, and grey leather seats. It has a very small ding on the front right door as can be seen in the photos. Message...
  35. madodel

    SuperCharger opening soon in Scranton PA

    Just saw a TV news story that Tesla is putting in a Supercharger at the Shoppes at Montage in Moosic, PA. Power To Save: Car Charging Station Comes to Lackawanna County This is very close to Rt476 (The Northeast Extension of the PA Turnpike) and Rt81.
  36. T

    Winter Driving Recommendations (Range Specific)

    Hi Folks, I am stoked to have recently placed the order for my new 75D (EAP, PUP, SAS). I cannot describe the excitement!!! As owning a Tesla can be quite the paradigm shift from all that we are used to, one of the things that has me most concerned is driving range during winters. My wife LOVES...
  37. singleview

    PA Annual State Safety Inspection Sticker??

    Hi there! New owner of a Model S, living here in Pittsburgh. Just transferred my vanity plate from my older car to the MS. My older car (an ICE car) had two stickers on the front windshield : (1) an annual emission sticker, and (2) an annual state safety inspection sticker. Anyone reading...
  38. R

    Supercharger - Bloomsburg, PA

    This one seems to have come by surprise. Can someone confirm this with pictures? Over at the forum on Tesla's site, someone found reference to a Supercharger in the parking lot at Ruby Tuesday at 11 Ricky St. With the announcement a few months ago of the Ruby Tuesday chain partnering up with...
  39. fasteddie7

    Hello Everyone! I'm new here! Ordering a 60d Model S and I have some ?'s

    What are some things that all of you current owners wish you knew when ordering? I'm new to zero emission vehicles, and I live in western Pennsylvania, so my primary available charger will be the one I install at my home. Is the necessary hardware included with the S or will there be more for...
  40. 3PHASE

    National Drive Electric Week - It's not too early to register!

    Are you participating in a National Drive Electric Week event in your area, starting September 10th, 2016? There are many different types of events going on, and the captains would appreciate it if you register early. DC area Tesla Model S owner and advocate David Bennett encouraged me to run an...
  41. jrreno

    PA: Whitehall ( Allentown) Superchargers Updates

    As we have in the past I thought I would create a new thread specific to this Planned Supercharger location. We have heard of contractor bidding starting on 3/1/2014 and of permit changes 4/4/2014 although I can't seem to find the source for either. Probably just my inability to search properly...
  42. James Anders

    PA Turnpike Announcement on Blink Stations

    The following was provided by the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission: In observance of Earth Day, the Pa. Turnpike Commission (PTC) announced that electric-vehicle charging stations are installed and ready for customers to use at two turnpike service plazas. Bowmansville Service Plaza in...
  43. M

    Charging by Lewisburg PA

    Hey Guys, I just took delivery of my Model S. We are going on our first road trip to Lewisburg Pa. We live in Manhattan and have calculated a trip length of 188 miles. The issue isn't getting there, it's getting back. Is there anyone who knows a place to charge near Lewisburg? We probably need...
  44. Amitch1

    New Penn-DelMar Tesla Motor Car Club.

    Just a quick note to those who live in the Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland area - the new Penn-DelMar Tesla Motor Car Club is open! All are welcome!

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