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standard range plus

  1. GhostEV

    Tesla model 3 SR+ 20k miles in SAN DIEGO

    Vehicle Description Located in San Diego. This is my Perfect condition 2019 Tesla Model 3 SR Plus that has white interior on white Exterior with only 20,319 miles! This is as close to new as it gets! This car has Autopilot and has the Full self driving computer / hardware so it can drive by...
  2. N

    Sold 2021 Tesla Model 3 Standard for sale (WA)

    It's a white 2021 Tesla Model 3 with white seats 2.3k mi. Looking for $54k Specs Tesla Model 3 SR+ Oct 2021 Full Self Driving (FSD) 18" Wheels (Rimetrix Covers) Matrix Headlights Euro Foglights 3M Window Tint Rear Heated Seats 1 fender bender by previous owner. No airbags deployed but has...
  3. W

    2022 Model 3 SR + not reservation transfer available Aug San Diego

    I will take delivery of my 2022 Model 3 SR + in the next 30 days. I will take delivery so no sketchy reservation transfers or exchanging Tesla accounts. Make me a reasonable offer over todays price or don't bother contacting me. I am not willing to entertain a reservation transfer. I posted...
  4. R

    2021 Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus (What Would You Do?)

    Hey Tesla Folks, Mostly Looking for feedback which route I should go if I should private sale, trade in or which company is giving great offers for Teslas Instead of waiting till end of year or early next year for your reservation -- Look here Please message here or text 213-889-5694 (texts...
  5. R

    Model 3 Standard Range+ White/Black 30k Miles - $42k

    Hello - I am looking to sell my 2020 Model 3 Standard Range Plus, currently at ~30,000 miles. The car does have full self driving enabled which i acquired after getting the car. I am the original owner. Car windows have light tint. There is a small blemish on the rear bumper that can be...
  6. T

    Buying decision used LR (2019) or refreshed SR+ (2021)

    Hi guys I want to get a Model 3 soon, but i'm having a hard time deciding between a new 2021 SR+ or a used LR. A new SR+ would cost me around 42k. A used LR would cost me roughly the same, with 35k-50k km (21000 - 31000 miles) and EAP (all currently in stock seem to have it). Most of these are...
  7. M

    For Sale: 2019 Model 3 Standard Range Plus w/ 2800 miles, FSD

    I'm selling a very low miles 2019 Model 3 Standard Range Plus, Midnight Silver Metallic with Full Self Driving upgrade. The car has a little less than 2800 miles on it. Barely driven, meticulously maintained (bought pre-pandemic, then... you know the rest of the story). Includes Full Self...
  8. R

    Is LR worth an extra 6k?

    Just placed an order for Standard Range Plus. But with the recent price increase of SR+, Long Range costs only 6K more, instead of 8K. Should I cancel it and order LR instead?
  9. B

    2021 Model 3 Standard Range Plus

    2021 Model 3 Standard Range Plus White Exterior White interior 18 inch Aero Wheels 2500 miles 255 Range Price is 51k
  10. T

    2021 model 3 Standard Range Plus - 990 or 980 Motor?

    Hello, Does anyone know if the new 2021 Tesla model 3 SR+ motors are 980 or 990? I can’t seem to find out anywhere. Even asked my Tesla advisor and she was also clueless.
  11. P

    Standard Range Upgrade [SR to SR+]

    Purchased used car from third party dealership. 2019 Model 3 standard range with 6400 miles. Paid $189 for tesla to give it a look over. Came back clean with no issues. I did inquire about upgrading to the standard plus since everything I've read suggests it's possible. For anyone wanting...
  12. A

    New enhanced SR+ trim launched in China

    525 km range. Not sure what testing standard it uses but model 3 SR+ only has 468 km range under the same standard. Full premium interior. Much better than the SR+ Y we had here in February. The price is only $42,600 no additional sales taxes. I am so jealous.😫😫😫
  13. C

    Standard Range Plus Autopilot Removed Remotely [by Tesla]

    I bought this 2020 Tesla Model 3, which the sticker indicates is a Standard Range Plus. The car was made in March 2020. The sticker clearly shows this a Standard Range Plus model with base autopilot included. The car has fog lights which only the Standard Range Plus cars were made with. The base...
  14. A

    2021 Standard Range Plus Real-World Experience

    Currently have a 2021 Model X Long Range (pre-refresh) and we're looking to replace our last ICE with a SR+ Model 3. I know that there's a significant price difference between the MX LR+ and the M3 SR+ but we're split between ordering a SR+ or a LR M3. What are the differences between the...
  15. E

    2018 LR or 2021 SR+

    I need recommendations on what to do- I can either buy a cheaper 2018 LR with 55k miles that’s out of the basic warranty and has some cosmetic fit and finish issues OR go with a 2021 SR+. I’d prefer LR but am concerned it’s out of warranty with fit and finished issues. What’s the best choice?
  16. E

    Tinting help with battery life?

    Does tinting really help with saving battery life so my m3 sr+ doesn’t have to cool itself down as often? Anyone who didn’t do tinting, do you feel like you’re baking inside? If this is more a cosmetic fix than practical, I want to save my money.
  17. E

    Battery Charging between LA & SF [edited title]

    I’ve purchased a SR+ model 3 and will be driving back and forth between LA & SF fairly often (~360 miles). Will I be able to make it only stopping and charging once along the way? I don’t mind stopping for a longer 30-40 min charge if I only have to stop 1 time. But since I’ll be making this...
  18. B

    Alternatives for ‘Zero G Performance’ Wheels?

    hey tesla world, wanted to figure out if you guys had any alternatives to the Zero-G Performance wheels? any links? I can’t seem to find them for anywhere less than $3,000. If you have spotted them anywhere or at least wheels that are very similar please send here!
  19. Z

    Is this a good deal?!

    Hi TMC Community! Here is a used Tesla Model 3 that I'm interested in purchasing: Year: 2019 Model: Model 3 Standard Range Plus Exterior Color: Blue Interior Color: White AP Hardware: 2.5 (No FSD) Miles: Less than 4,500 Seller asking: $36,900 Besides a couple of little dents/dings on the...
  20. venezing

    Model 3 Standard Range+ owners... how is it in New England?

    I’m very close on pulling the trigger on a Standard Range Plus. I wanted to see how everyone’s experience is owning it in New England. Range loss in the winter? Driving on the “great” roads of New England (I live in Western Massachusetts) How’s your paint holding up? Do you have snow tires...
  21. R

    Sr+ first road trip

    Ok I’ll try to keep it simple. Canton Ga to Panama City beach FL ABetterrouteplanner is completely different then the Tesla planer. My usual route with an ICE would have gone through Dothan AL where of course the supercharger is (coming soon). Could usually make it 6 hours with stops. I...
  22. K

    Bought a LR RWD with 55k on it for 52. Shd I cancel and buy new SR+ instead ?

    basically cost 3 grand more for a May 2018 LR vs a SR+
  23. B

    NEMA 14-30 VS NEMA 14-50 charging speed for Model 3 Standard Range Plus

    The max current draw of NEMA 14-30 is 30A, and 50A for NEMA 14-50. However, the max Level 2 charging current of Model 3 Standard Range is limited to 32A. So I assume that there will not be noticeable difference between charging using NEMA 14-30 and NEMA 14-50, because the current draw will be...
  24. D

    Model 3 Purchase Advice Needed!!!

    I’m purchasing a Model 3 this year but torn on which one to get. I want a long range but new is outside my price range. I can afford the SR+ but 250 mi range doesn’t seem to be enough for winter and I really want to maximize the amount of range I can buy. Question: Should I purchase a brand new...
  25. Garciajr6

    Ca Delivery Orientation. How long?

    So I got an email to RSVP for Santa Barbara’s delivery orientation this upcoming weekend. I ordered an M3 SR+ 12/1, how long until I take delivery now? Maybe by the end of February? Are the California incentives still going on?
  26. C

    Standard Range AWD Model 3

    Now that we have more information on the model Y. It seems as though (for the time being) they have removed the RWD version and could possibly be only making AWD to stay competitive to the market? As we all know they no longer offer the long range RWD model 3. Meaning that the only version of...
  27. Y

    2019 SR+ w/FSD for sale $41k

    Hello, I am selling my relatively newer model 3. color: white. Mileage: 10,100. Standard range plus with FSD. Already has the AP3. Not sure if the supercharger miles are transferable but theres 5,300 free miles remaining. Located in San Jose, CA. I still have the loan on it so it may...
  28. G

    Montreal-Quebec: Tesla M3 SP+ RWD or M3 LR AWD - Which one to buy?!

    Hello all, I am currently driving a 2016 Mercedes-Benz C300 4Matic (I have been driving only AWD since 2011). I am from Montreal, Quebec and the average temperature is about -10C degree through out winter (and the winter is kinda long here). I was about to finance a 2017 Mercedes-Benz C43 AMG...
  29. M

    M3SR+ (build 15 Jun'19) mapped to SR (220 miles range) and came with HW2.5

    1. M3SR+ build and delivered during mid Jun'19 but came with HW2.5 We intentionally waited till end of May'19 for placing the order (with unexpected $400 increase in price) so that will get HW3, but only realized it when my car didn't recognize traffic cones after the latest updates...
  30. J

    Safe to charge SR+ to 100% and sit overnight before roadtrip?

    Hi all—I pick up my SR+ in a week and then I’ll be taking it on a 900 mi r/t road trip for the holidays. I usually don’t look forward to the drive but this year, there is no place I’d rather be than the driver’s seat of my new Model 3! Question for the group: I know you aren’t supposed to...
  31. F

    racing(getting on a track) a model 3 standard plus stock tires.

    Hi. I am really interested in getting into racing and was wondering if there was any track that allowed a beginner in a stock car to go on the track and race.(beginner 17 years old.) I know its definitely not the best idea in a stock car that isn't as fast as the rest of the lineup, but do you...
  32. M

    19 inch Sports wheels on SR+

    I have an SR+ with Aero Wheels and really want to replace them with OEM 19 inch Sports Wheels. I have asked Tesla Service Centre in Dartford if they can order me a set. Has anyone else done this? If so have you notice any range, comfort or performance differences? Also wondering if there is a...
  33. R

    Tesla - Post Tax Credit

    I'm very happy overall with my Tesla, but I can't help but feel taken advantage of. I took delivery of a mid-range model 3 with premium package in late 2018. At that time it was about 47k + Tax, and I took advantage of the 7.5k tax credit. Nowadays, the standard model 3 is pretty much the...
  34. F

    No footwell lights on standard range plus model 3

    I was under the impression that my car came with a bunch of features that it didn’t. It didn’t come with floor mats, which is kinda weird for a 40k car. It had rear heated seats, but they took that away, and footwell lights. I understand the rear heated seats, even though I was told my car...

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