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super charger

  1. W

    Teslas in Hawaii !!

    I am visiting Hawaii and I see a LOT of Teslas cruising around the insland of Maui and Ohahu. I looked up for super chargers and there is only one in the island if ohahu and none in Maui. I wonder how they charge ? I saw few Model 3 and Y driving thru the mountains on Road to Hana , hats of...
  2. AB3DC

    Supercharger - Bad Axe, MI

    Looks like the Supercharger construction has started at Meijer in Bad Axe, MI according to a post on the MI Model 3 Facebook group. About time we have a SC in the thumb area. Link: FB Post Location: Meijer 100 Pigeon Rd Bad Axe, MI 48413
  3. T

    Charging Cable Temperature

    Does anyone notice the charing cable's temperature when charging? Especially when you are charging a model 3 with V3 charging station, is the cable hot?
  4. O

    Austin TX to Breckenridge Co ( add stop in Denver )

    I am planning on driving my model 3 from Austin to Denver to Breckenridge CO on a ski trip. Looks like the Tesla route planner is taking us through Amarillo, Trinidad, Puablo, CO springs, Denver and to Breckenridge. In cold driving conditions does the model 3 accurately calculate charging times...
  5. SFNM Jack

    Colorado Springs Super Charger

    My wife, on her first solo trip in our MYLR went to the super charger in Colorado Springs yesterday. Its located in a downtown parking garage. She had to pay for parking in addition to paying to charge. WTF? It’s not the money but the principal… Has anyone else run into this in Colorado Springs...
  6. T

    Supercharger adapter for US SPEC to EU superchargers.

    Slightly used supercharger adapter for US SPEC Teslas to use in the EU. I've used it several times over the past couple years. I'm moving back to the states so I no longer need it. Part is in Germany, near Nuremberg. I can meet in person near there if you would like to try before you buy. I'm in...
  7. N

    Preferred fast-food franchise next to Tesla supercharging station

    My dear fellow Tesla owners, which Fast-food franchise do you guys usually prefer next to a Supercharger station while charging your car. If not food, where else would you like to spend ~30-45 minutes while charging? Appreciate all the inputs.
  8. Murbs

    Supercharger - Warrnambool (VIC)

    It looks like Tesla is getting busy next year.
  9. G

    Georgia Tech Senior Project on EVs

    Hello everyone! I am working on a senior project at Georgia Tech relating to EV charging availability. Would anyone be interested in hopping on a quick call or exchanging emails to answer a couple of questions about your experiences with public charging stations and super charging stations...
  10. S

    2 hour supercharger delay

    Trip delayed 2 hours today. Dalles, oregon supercharger. 4 stalls full, 1 stall broken. 9 cars on side street waiting to charge. Consider reviewing the usage data and adding another supercharger here or Hood River, Oregon - that was painful.
  11. Sanderpman12

    Faster supercharging?

    Will supercharging ever become fast as filling up gas?
  12. Matias

    Is Tesla giving away its competitive edge with opening SCs?

    What do you think? Is Tesla giving away its competitive edge with opening SCs to other cars? I personally think that SC network is Tesla’s biggest benefit compared to other electric cars.
  13. K

    Tesla Model X will not charge at supercharger or at home charger

    For the future when someone else also has this problem Problem: Tesla Model X will not charge at the supercharger and/or at the home charger. Sometimes works for a few seconds, up to a few minutes then disconnects. No Red error light on the charging port. Solution: Remove the key battery...
  14. BBrownUT

    Newbie Questions: 2021 M3 SR+ SuperCharging Speeds

    Tesla Newbie here expecting our M3 SR+ early next month. We went with the SR+ due to price (can't really afford the LR) and I am now noticing more of the differences other than the range. Few questions I am hoping other M# owners can help with: 1) I notice the SR+ has a slower supercharging max...
  15. S

    Supercharger amenities App needed

    I wish there was an app or website that listed nearby amenities and more importantly, the "sketchiness factor" for Supercharger sites. A few of the ones I have been to had hardly any places to eat or take a leak. Also, I am seeing more homeless guys hanging around a few of the locations. When my...
  16. L

    Planning a trip from Toronto to Vancouver in Model 3 SR+

    Hey all, Me and my wife are moving to Vancouver next month and we have decided to drive since we have two dogs and we have always wanted to do a cross country road trip. (We actually thought about selling the Model 3 and buy a gas car for the trip, but we only got the Tesla in December last year...
  17. J

    Model S: Frustrating experience with Tesla Roadside Assistance

    Hello, This is my first time posting and I am a new Model S owner (I took delivery early December 2020) I have enjoyed my Model S and the driving experience for the last two months and decided to take it on a road trip. I did have some range anxiety and wanted to see how my Model S would...
  18. loanchau2k

    Question about supercharing

    Hello my fellow Tesla owners, since I get 1year free supercharging, I intend to use it all the time. I know in the early days, supercharging could be bad for the battery. But now with advanced Tesla BMS, I would imagine BMS will throttle the electric current if it detects the battery is hot. Or...
  19. M

    Slower Supercharging?

    There are lots of forums, discussions and analysis on why constant supercharging can reduce battery life/capacity. Is there any way to limit the kw on a supercharger? I dont mind staying a little longer at a Tesla supercharger if its going to damage my battery less in the long run. I don't have...
  20. Z

    Supercharger - Van Buren, AR

    It appears there is a new Supercharger under construction at the Casey's in Van Buren - 401 Pointer Trail - Google Maps
  21. O

    Super Chargers Ireland

    Hello All, Is there something we can do as a community to try and encourage Tesla to roll out more super chargers in Ireland. At the moment I think it's shocking and with an SR+ and the locations of some of the charges it only barely makes it between the supercharges and home. You have to...
  22. C

    Is 350 miles enough for towing 10k pounds?

    I am a tri motor trim pre order holder since unveiled. But given recent financial insights, I understand that saving money for retirement is more important than wasting on new cars, yet I still want the CT, so I am thinking, what if I go with the dual motor trim when configuration time comes...
  23. threadloom

    Did Tesla remove two supercharger stations in Alpharetta, GA?

    Did they remove 2 stations from the Avalon in Alpharetta, GA? Now it only shows 8. It used to be 10. If they were broken it would say 2 stalls unavailable.
  24. S

    Superchargers at Lake Arrowhead, CA

    We are planning to visit lake Arrowhead and spend a couple of days at an Airbnb in Crestline nearby. Are there any superchargers available in the vicinity? Thanks.
  25. Sphinxhunter

    Long Trip

    Hi all, Taking the model 3 out for a long weekend tomorrow but I could really do with advice. We are going from the Northwest to London with a slight detour stop. I have planned the trip on both the car and also the Tesla Go Anywhere thingy on their website, both are telling me to stop at the...
  26. K

    Unlimited Supercharging Refund

    Does tesla still do the 5k refund in exchange for removal of free supercharging? If so how do I go about doing this for my S 100D?
  27. D

    battery degradation: supercharge versus home charge

    I recently purchased a used 2015 Model S 70 with 147K miles. Currently I am only able to charge at a supercharger ten minutes from my house in here in Monroe, LA. I realize that this degrades the batteries more than if I was charging at home. My question is, how much additional degradation...
  28. Z

    Supercharging only is that an option?

    Hi Folks, I live in Bay Area so needless to say i don't own a home and live in a tiny apartment my landlord also refuses to install charging stations not that I have an assigned parking spot anyway (they are all already taken). Therefore, charging at home unfortunately is not an option. Work...
  29. A

    Rebuilt title on a Tesla

    Hello all, This is my fist post on the forum but have been reading quite a bit for the past month, since my supercharging was turned off. I purchased a model x that had a rebuilt title from a dealer. I know what you are thinking, “you shouldn’t have purchased a salvage title tesla” and all the...
  30. M

    Charging Screen Measurements Accurate?

    I've been meaning to make this post for a long, long time. I'm always charged more $$ than what my screen says for I've charged for. It's always 2-3 kWh off. Is this normal? Today on the completed screen it said I charged 25kWhs. I was charged $$ for 28kWh. It's like this every time I charge...
  31. D

    12 New Superchargers Near Dadeland Mall in Miami

    I stumbled onto 12 new superchargers that are being installed at the Dadeland Station shopping center in Miami. They’re located on the 2nd floor of the free parking garage next to a bunch of stores (Dick’s Sporting Goods, Best Buy, Michaels) and restaurants. Address is 8312 Dixie Highway Miami...
  32. R

    Sr+ first road trip

    Ok I’ll try to keep it simple. Canton Ga to Panama City beach FL ABetterrouteplanner is completely different then the Tesla planer. My usual route with an ICE would have gone through Dothan AL where of course the supercharger is (coming soon). Could usually make it 6 hours with stops. I...
  33. Jeff Wa

    Auto train?

    Just a thought, has anyone taken their Tesla on the Auto train to FL? My mother lives close to Sanford FL and we have done the trip twice with the kids, not as cheap compared to flying but total cost of trip a little less since no rental car. Is there a big phantom drain when the car is unused...
  34. N

    Charging in Cleveland Heights

    Anyone in NE Ohio have intel about any destination chargers coming to Cleveland Heights, or updated info about the supercharger in the works for downtown? We’re planning a road trip in that area. Thanks!
  35. A

    Supercharger - Folsom, CA - Palladio Parkway (LIVE 11 Aug 2016, 10 V2 + 20 V3 stalls)

    Tesla tried to sneak this one by me! Not on my watch! Looks like a 10 stall back in with great shops and food choices.
  36. Jomak

    Is there value in the Tesla 4yr CPO warranty?

    I am looking at used MS on EV-CPO and you can sort by 4yr CPO warranty and I got to thinking after reading stories and watching youtube...is there any value in this? Why would I not buy a car from a dealer or private party as well? Is this 4yr CPO warranty worth anything? Should you buy used...
  37. C

    Supercharger - Thunder Bay, ON

    Not sure if this has been posted yet but I haven’t seen construction location or permit information on supercharge.info so I thought I would post. 1221 Arthur St W, Thunder Bay, Ontario Canadian Tire 6 Stalls - 350kVA No power yet but looks like they are ready to be activated any time now.
  38. Bg2580

    Supercharger - Minnetonka, MN

    This permit is a few months old, but due to the valuation, I thought it was worth putting on here. @Chuq @BlueShift @MarcoRP Thoughts? Permit MI232217 Details - City of Minnetonka | ePermits This is the Minnetonka Target. Property Information PID: 0311722420023 Address: 13201 Ridgedale Dr...
  39. MrG_NY

    Middletown NY 10940 Super Charger Up and Running

    Super Charger on E Main St in Middletown located at the quikXheck is up and running, still says coming soon on Tesla website.
  40. D

    Tesla does a bait and switch

    I ordered my knew Tesla Model S October of 2018. I took delivery of it in December of 2018. When I ordered my car, I was told by the sales rep that I would receive 400 KWs of free annual supercharging. I also was referred from a current owner, so I received 6 months of free supercharging...
  41. MrG_NY

    New Tesla Charging in Orange County NY

    Just an FYI. Tesla Super Chargers located on East Main St at the Quick Chek in Middletown NY 10940.

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