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vinyl wrap

  1. NashClearBra

    Vendor XPEL PPF Clear Bra Paint Protection Film Tint Ceramic Vinyl Brentwood Nashville

    Dear Tesla Motors Club Community, We're thrilled to announce the latest addition to the ClearBra family, Nashville ClearBra located in beautiful Brentwood, Tennessee. Serving Greater Nashville and the surrounding region, our mission is to ensure that Tesla owners find top-tier protection...
  2. F

    Car Vinyl wrap - insurance

    Hello everyone! Newbie here. My LR M3 is coming on 22nd June and I ordered this on 4th January😅 I have a question on vinyl wrapping. So my car is being home delivered (didn’t fancy driving to London) and when it arrives, I plan to take it to be vinyl wrapped. Insurance companies are not letting...
  3. EVS Motors

    Vendor *Pictures & Videos* EVS Motors Model X Projects Thread - Tint, Clearbra/PPF, Vinyl Wraps, Ceramic Coatings, Wheels, and Paint

    Hi everyone, This thread is going to be an on-going compilation of pics and vids (mainly vids since I started video documenting our projects) of X's we've completed, so members can get a better idea on how something might turn on for their X if they get the same service/products. Here's some...
  4. Diamond Hills

    Matte Clear Bra VS Gloss Clear Bra...What do you prefer?

    Which one do you guys prefer? A clean look or a stealth look?
  5. ArizonaEV

    Phoenix detailing/wraps

    Wanted to start a thread specific to the Phoenix area with discussions about local installers and to share experiences, advice and of course - pictures. We are going to color change our Model Y with 3M matte metallic blue and currently getting quotes from around the Valley.
  6. Ceramic Pro SD

    Vendor 5 Point Auto Spa is now Ceramic Pro San Diego

    5 Point Auto Spa is so thankful to our Tesla Customers in San Diego County! We want to ensure all of you that our change is in name only. 5 Point has sought to satisfy the car community in the San Diego region since 2003, and no car "club" has more of an impact or been as much fun to be a part...
  7. ATD Detailing

    Vendor Raleigh PPF/Clear Bra, Window Tint, Ceramic Coating Facility for Tesla

    We are honored to be a part of the Tesla community and look forward to serving you in the future, for those of you who are just getting to know us. We've served the Raleigh, NC area for more than 10 years from our facility in Garner. Paint correction, paint protection film, ceramic coating and...
  8. S

    Best place for Vinyl wrap at a fair price?

    I live in the Bay Area and I'm about to take delivery of a new M3 in a few weeks. Does anyone know any good places in California that will do vinyl wrap + ceramic coating, at a good price? Willing to travel 2-3 hours away if it means not having to pay thousands extra. Thanks!
  9. T

    Vendor Individualize your Tesla - Now offering vinyl wraps and Vossen wheels

    Tesla Model S Hexis deep matte black vinyl wrap 3M gloss black chrome delete XPEL Prime XR Plus nano-ceramic window tint treatment Pearl yellow painted calipers Vossen wheel in gloss black Custom center caps Tinted taillights
  10. jeremy0916

    Carbon fiber vinyl wrap Tesla Model S 2015 interior experience?

    Anyone have experience doing vinyl wraps on their Tesla? I have the obeche wood glossy finish panels but would really like a premium looking carbon fiber finish look. Would I be best to go to a wrap place and see if they can do it? Anyone researched and done this before with any products out...
  11. Triumphz28

    FS: Satin Black Chrome Delete Kit - Nikola Pro - Model S - With Original Nosecone (pre-2016) - $95

    For Sale - Satin Black Chrome Delete Kit - Nikola Pro - Model S - With Original Nosecone (pre-2016) - Brand New - $95 - Free Shipping to Continental US For Tesla Model S - 2012-2016 Original Nosecone Style Vehicles Kit includes: One full brand new Nikola Pro Chrome Delete Kit for Tesla Model...
  12. Vancouver ClearBra

    Vendor Clear Bra Paint Protection Film - Ceramic Coating - Tint - Chrome Delete

    Hey all Tesla owners, After an absence from the TMC forum we've returned to offer our quality clear bra paint protection films, ceramic coating, tinting, vinyl wraps and chrome delete services by sponsoring this amazing forum for the most advanced vehicles on the planet. We'll be updating this...
  13. PACLA

    Vendor Premium Auto Connection. |Full wraps| Chrome Delete| |Clear bra/PPF| |Caliper paint| and more.

    Hello we are a new vendor on this forum and looking to expand and help out more Tesla Owners. We have helped out numerous Satisfied Tesla owners from full wraps,Chrome deletes,window tint, Clear bra, ceramic coating/Paint correction, Brake Caliper painting and Powder coating. We’re just East...
  14. SSCustoms

    Vendor One-of-a-Kind Tesla Model 3

    SS Customs just finished a one-of-a-kind Color Change Vinyl Wrap on this Tesla Model 3! SS Customs Vehicle Enhancement Studio A very special client of ours was tired of losing his 2018 Tesla Model 3 at the Bay Area Tesla Supercharger Stations. He contacted us and asked how he could make his...
  15. TintWorldSantaClara

    Vendor Personalize your Tesla for $1999 - Vinyl Wrap Sale

    Personalize your Tesla for $1999. Multiple colors to choose from. We are having a sale on Vinyl Wraps until June 30, 2019. Book your appointment and take advantage of the savings!!
  16. Rodztintshop

    Vendor Rodz Tint Shop | Blog

    We've decided to post a thread with our work. We'll be posting pictures of our work from start to finish. To start this thread off, here are some of our favorite pictures of our results. I hope everyone likes them as well. Smoked headlights & tail lights | LLumar CTX 30% all around & Air80 on...
  17. NHK X

    DIY Model X Wrap, matte white stormtrooper

    After wrapping my wife’s model 3, completed most of the model X. Definitely did better after learning some lessons on the 3. Again, did a Vivvid matte white with a layer of ceramic, gives it a really nice satin finish. You can see if the difference by looking at the bare A pillars. Once I get...
  18. T

    Official Model 3 Vinyl Wrapped Thread

    Stalked the threads a bit for a "Wrapped only" pics thread of all wraps. Going to hopefully be working with a garage in SJ to get wrapped, but want some inspiration. GO GO GO
  19. T

    Vendor Chrome Delete for Model 3 S & X

    Tesla Model X 3M Satin black chrome delete Call us today to schedule your Tesla. The Tesla Studio. C. 813.846.3891 LOCATIONS: Tampa 12911 N Nebraska Ave. Less then a mile away from the delivery center. Sarasota 5636 Lawton Dr. Your Tesla surface enhancement and protection specialists.
  20. SSCustoms

    Vendor SSCustoms Color Change Vinyl Wrap Blog

    Color Change Vinyl Wraps come in thousands of color variations and finishes, provide full body paint protection, and are easily removable. To top it off, they come with an industry standard 3-year manufacturer warranty and can be ceramic coated for an extended lifespan. At the Vehicle...
  21. T

    Kenriko Console Wrap Tips

    Hey Tesla Club! New to the forums, veteran to forum lurking. Recently got my '18 LR DM and am IN LOVE. Purchased a few wraps for the logos and interior, but ran into EXTREME frustration when attempting to do the cup portion of the vinyl wrap. Any experienced ones who've had success? I've...
  22. SSCustoms

    Vendor Vinyl Wrap Giveaway!

    Due to our well-established relationships with companies like Avery Dennison, KPMF, & 3M, for a limited time, we are able to source select vinyl materials at little to no cost. Subsequently, we decided to pass the savings along to our clients. We will list the different brands, colors &...
  23. SSCustoms

    Vendor Silicon Valley Tesla Customization Poll

    The options below encapsulate some of our most popular services, a lot of which were added to this Tesla Model X. Our question to you, is when you purchased your new Tesla, what did you want to do to it? For example, did you settle for a non-ideal color because the wait time was so long? How...
  24. SSCustoms

    Vendor Tesla Modifications Just Make Sense

    As a Vehicle Enhancement Studio smack dab in the center of the Silicon Valley, we have seen a significant increase in the number of first-time clients who come in to enhance their Teslas. With the ramp up in the production of the Model 3's, of course at any given time we have at least 2 in the...
  25. FlyErik

    Putting plastic/vinyl UNDER your HOV stickers.....?

    I was trying to figure out a way NOT to destroy or damage the beautiful paint on my M3 and wondered what would happen if I took a thick ziploc baggie, cut the plastic SLIGHTLY smaller than each HOV sticker, and then applied it.... This might only leave an outline if I decide to remove the...
  26. ninjarice

    Bay Area Chrome Delete and Wraps - NL Wraps

    Hi Everyone, I wanted to share my experience with NL wraps in Santa Clara/San Jose. Jorge the owner gave me very affordable pricing - I won't post it here in case his pricing changes. His attention to detail is amazing too. He's also the first I've seen that gets the folded mirror wrap right...
  27. Shiro

    Chrome delete questions (rear hatch and vinyl color)

    I'm going to be doing a chrome delete soon and had a couple of questions I haven't been able to find an answer to: 1. Has anyone removed the chrome "T" from the rear hatch? Are there screw holes underneath it or is it only held on with tape? Any pics of the car without it (assuming no holes...
  28. W

    Superwrap Spray - Chrome Delete

    Has anyone tried this stuff yet? I'm contemplating trying it for my own DIY Chrome Delete. The stuff looks promising. Superwrap - The world's first sprayable vinyl wrap
  29. EVS Motors

    Vendor Chrome Delete/Vinyl Wrapping on Teslas at EVS Motors!

    Ever since we received our first Model S when it was first released, we've been helping clients make their S, X, and 3 truly unique and their own. One of the most popular mods we offer is vinyl wrapping, and especially chrome deleting. Chrome deleting is essentially "deleting" all the chrome...
  30. BHCLUC

    Vinyl Wrap and Tint - Chicago

    Anyone with a recommendation on where to have vinyl protective wrap and tinting installed around the North Center neighborhood in Chicago? I called "Tinting Chicago" and they quoted $4500 for the two installations, though I swear I have seen others on this forum discuss this, and the prices...
  31. SSCustoms

    Vendor SS Customs - Bespoke Vehicle Enhancement Studio

    Hello TMC! It's been a long time since we have joined a Forum Community , but we had to make our comeback here with TMC. We've had so many requests from all our great clients to make an appearance here we decided to finally take them up on their advice and here we are! SS Customs started...
  32. A-E

    Vendor One of the Craziest Colors We've Seen On a Tesla!!!

    What color would you wrap your Tesla? Check out the Tiffany Blue Tesla Model X P90D from one of our recent Tesla transformations. This is a 3M Vinyl Wrap that covers all the exterior body panels of the vehicle. Vinyl wrap protects the paint's surface from damage caused by rock chips and road...
  33. BLKMDL3

    How much does it cost to wrap a car in vinyl?

    Hey everybody, I was considering model x in vinyl. Maybe satin army green or satin black and lowering it with Unplugged Performances lowering kit. Does anybody know how much it costs. If you had yours wrapped could you post pictures? Thanks Zack
  34. UnpluggedP

    Vendor Speedhunters feature Unplugged Model S: The Electric Elephant In The Room

    The guys over at Speedhunters have been kind enough to do a full feature on our Unplugged Performance 2013 P85+. We are extremely honored and grateful to have been selected and are thrilled with the results. Link and full article below. The Electric Elephant In The Room - Speedhunters The...
  35. AutoArmour

    Vendor San Diego Cars & Coffee This Saturday! Benefiting Food Bank & Motor4Cars

  36. Britannia

    Custom Wrap Model X

    Can't imagine a better fit for our newest comic! " Artwork for the upcoming steampunk graphic novel, Sioux Falls, can now be seen on a Tesla Model X. Featuring artwork by J. Wichmann and colors by Ula Moss, the Tesla X 90D features the cover from the first issue on both sides, along with...
  37. AutoArmour

    Vendor San Diego Cars + Coffee - October 15

  38. AutoArmour

    Vendor San Diego Cars & Coffee - This Saturday August 13 - All Cars Welcome!

  39. benjiejr

    Blue Satin Chrome

  40. benjiejr

    Chrome Delete / Blackout

    Wrapped chrome trim with Avery satin black, mirror skull caps with TeckWrap 4D carbon fiber, and rear emblems Plasti Dipped black.