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Autopilot necessary?

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Just came back from a 98 mile round trip - 90% autopilot. Can't believe how well it worked! I was already making a good use of the TACC as I think it is safer.

So happy I didn't leave the AP option on the table like the Tesla sales guy suggested - "No one gets the autopilot"..
Having used it for about 30 miles of driving today I can say that I will use it a lot. It is really easy to engage and to adjust speed. I generally don't like cruise or anything like that because I fancy myself an engaged and competent driver, but this is really fun. It's a new aid for the drive. You can engage it for a few miles, let the car do the work and then take over (or not). It's simple and intuitive. I have to say it was worth the wait. Very cool to get the feeling of a brand new car experience OTA. Kudos Tesla.
The TACC is super nice for the kind of driving I do (bad commute traffic where the speed fluctuates between 0 and 60 mph). It is great not having to keep stopping and starting all the time. I just got the 7.0 update but have only had a chance to try it briefly so far. I suspect it will also make my commute nicer, once I get used to it.

And don't forget the auto dimming high beams! Those are a major benefit when driving on the dark and windy road my house is on.
I use TACC all the time on pretty much any trip requiring more than a few miles on the freeway.

In some ways it's kinda like a buddy system. It looks after me, and I look after it. For the first month or so of ownership I was extremely cautious with it and had my foot hovering over the brake all the time.

Now with V7 I'm really nervous with the lane-steering where I have my hands near/on the steering wheel ready to take over and I've been taking over when it's even slightly off.

It's probably going to require a couple months for me to get used to it, and for all the data from the drivers to improve the system.
I am salivating at the idea of it with the Model 3. I hatttteeee freeway driving but am forced to do it regularly. I TRY and use cruise control but the other drivers on the road have other plans for me so I am constantly engaging it, braking, resetting, etc... Even just having TACC would be a huge bonus for me, much less auto lane steering.