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ex-demo purchase woes

I am in process of buying a Model S. it was advertised as a new car (ex-demo). No mention of year of manufacturing, details of when warranty runs out or registration number in the advert. The car has already done 48000 miles. The warranty details on the advert said 50000 miles or 4 years (no mention of end date etc like they advertise if used cars). For battery warranty it said 150000 (total miles) so clearly drew a distinction here about existing mileage. I checked with the online support they confirmed that the car will come with 50000 miles or 4 years warranty from point of delivery as it is being sold as a new car so will have full new car warranty just as I will be buying new. I asked to see the car or have images but was told can’t be done.

So I get the invoice yesterday and was about to pay. I had a few queries so whilst clarifying this I also thought to cross check about warranty as they never sent any documentation relating to it. To my surprise they now are saying it only comes with warranty of remaining mileage out of 50000. So comes with a full 1700 miles and 4 months warranty (till July 2021). And no I am not allowed to speak to their manager.

The advert didn't even mention the year of manufacturing so how am I supposed to know when does the warranty end. The chap I spoke to today said because the tab says 2017 (e.g. the tab of this page say "buying a 2017 demo model x) therefore I should have worked out that the warranty should expire this year in July (how he worked out month is also beyond me, may be Tesla only seems car in July)

They are saying that it won't even come with the 1 year/10000 miles used car warranty because it being sold as a new car...

I think they are cherry picking aspects of warranty as they see fit and without appropriately informing the customer.. e.g. the 4yr/50k warranty will run out as it has been used and the count started from when it was manufactured, but the battery warranty will be limited to 150k (even though 2017 models were unlimited) because it's being sold as a new car which only offer 150k warranty!!! the used car 1 year warranty will not be provided because it a new car....they can't make up their mind that whether its a new car or old car

Feeling lost and fuming. What a start to the weekend. Don't know what to do..
In what world does a car with 48k miles get sold as ex-demo with full as new warranty, to even think this is possible is nuts. And what kind of demo has 48k on it? I have never seen a demo with more than a few thousand in it. Usually they are sub 1k. This is loaner mileage.

Demos for most cars are part of the volume target hitting game as dealer gets paid registration bonuses. Obv this does not apply it Tesla!
Is there still a link to the advert you could post?

I would still walk even if you risk losing a deposit. Tesla make their own rules as you are finding - play by them or regret it later. And that with new car ownership experience, would hate to know what they get away with with pre registered cars.
A colleague of mine was looking at one of the new/ex-demo pre-refresh P's in inventory recently.

Was told it was a 21 plate. He paid the deposit and was arranging to collect.

I said "are you sure its a 21, it's done 3000+ miles".

He also asked for photos or condition, they said "no" and "within spec".

Just before he paid the invoice, he found out it was a 70 plate after all.

Walked away, which was the right thing to do in my opinion.
Walk away from it, I've never known any other company to list pre-registered, rejected, "ex-demo" or showroom cars as "new". You won't be the first owner, you don't get the benefits that entails and you don't get the full warranty. I'm pretty sure that's a breach of the advertising rules, so maybe drop a complaint to the ASA/ local trading standards while you're still annoyed.
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@abhinav is this from Tesla directly? They certainly used to apply a fresh 4 year, 50,000 mile warranty on any CPO vehicles they sell, provided the car has less than 50k miles at time of purchase. The battery warranty runs from when the car was first registered. If its from an independent dealership, it will only have the original 50k mile warranty on it, unless it has been re-sold by Tesla at some point and has a re-started warranty on it. If its from an indy and only has 1,700 miles warranty left on it, walk away.
I agree it's almost certainly a loaner with that sort of mileage.

If you had seen the condition of most UK loaners you would walk away immediately - filthy with rubbish scattered inside, smelly & frequently scratched, scuffed and dented outside. The fact that they insist on a mandatory £3000 insurance excess just adds insult to injury.
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