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Roadside assistance for Tesla?

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RAC are Tesla aware. Tesla Roadside is a fairly limited service.
Personally, I would prefer that Tesla had a European wide deal with RAC, Mondial or whoever at a discounted price and used Roadside only as third line support.
Agreed - if they could do this it would make life so much simpler! Almost all other car manufacturers provide roadside assistance when buying a new car. If only Tesla understood this here in the UK
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Can anyone tell me what Tesla Roadside Assistance is? I see a number for it on the car screen but is there any cost involved in using it?

Is it a breakdown service? If so what is covered? Is it just valid in the UK or abroad? What is the service like in practise? ie you get a puncture in the UK and call them? Will they actually attend any time in 2020!?

I probably know the answer already but I guess it would be foolish to rely on it even in the UK and that third party cover is going to be at least quicker at getting to you?
I think I saw somewhere that Tesla will come out to you if you are within 50 miles of an SC & swap your wheel for a temporary replacement? Presumably you have to go to your local SC to swap it back & no doubt there's a charge....

No confirmation of that or commitment on time though & I've heard of long waits so I decided to buy a Road Hero space saver kit & put it in the boot when I'm doing a long journey. Both 'Model 3' kits include a jacking puck.
Tesla Roadside exclusions: accidents. If you’re in a prag and need a tow....Just saying.
I admit I am often mystified by what is covered by the myriad of insurance products in the market, but wouldn’t a tow in connection with an accident be covered under a general auto insurance policy? This thread has me reconsidering whether to take a roadside assistance policy on the Tesla!

I suppose it may have helped to read this first of all!

So it appears to be linked to your warranty but that begs the question is it the general warranty (ours has expired now) or the 8 yr battery and motor or both?

The spare wheel option could be useful if we had a puncture within 50 miles of a SC and assuming it didn't take forever for them to attend. Presumably if you called them to request assistance they would tell you if they could offer this service and if it was free?
I was told by several Tesla folk at Stockport and Birmingham not to rely on the Tesla breakdown service. I took out Green Flag cover, as it offers European cover at a reasonable price. If you only want UK cover I’d recommend Autoaid.
Not snarking but the OP could use the Search function and find voluminous and numerous posts on roadside service, flats, spares, plug kits, jacks and pucks including my own humble contributions.

This community is brilliant and can be used much more for common problems.
I'm normally very Tesla-cynical but to be fair when my S displayed failure messages then Roadside Assistance sorted out a rental vehicle and recovery to SC and even when it was subsequenly found to be rodent damage that took 6 weeks for them to sort they made no charge for the tow or hirecar (just lots and lots of pennies for the repair work).
However I wouldn't be without RAC for situations that Roadside might not cover.
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