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Rollout of V10 to FSD cars with AP2.0

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Apr 12, 2016
Chandler, AZ
It looks like no one with AP2.0 and FSD is yet getting V10 according to TeslaFi. I realize this particular rollout may be stretching MCU1 ability and might explain why those who bought their cars three years ago are in line after people who purchased last week. But it still sucks. (I also realize AP1 owners are even further at the back of the bus.)

I am much more concerned about our cars getting HW3 and being able to have a fully functional FSD someday. Hopefully the two situations are unrelated.
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I’m pretty sure it’s just a matter of timing, and you’ll get v10 in a few days.

They just wanted to get the headline features into the cars that can use them today first - and probably get a head start on collecting data to validate new FSD neural networks on AP3 hardware.
I reached out to my SC Advisor since I have a part replacement next week to see if I could get slotted for HW3 upgrade but I was told that "the upgrades are released VIN specific, as of this time your vehicle is not eligible. It will become available in the future."

My 2017 Model S was ordered with Enhanced Autopilot at the time so not sure where that slates me for upgrades. I'm not sure I'm willing to go all in on FSD until it's approved in CA, but a lot of the features for Enhanced Autopilot aren't available in what people are currently getting with Autopilot so wonder where that places people like myself.

Also does anyone know what the previous price "break" was on the FSD upgrade. I know it was available for a lower cost about a year ago, but it's now $3000, at least that's the option I get on my account.
and you have AP2?
Though the thread was about 2.0 cars, I’m guessing that brief response involved a 2.5 car.

Oh well, I may be lucky my 2.0 S hasn’t received the update. My neighbors probably wonder what the hell was going on when I was trying out my 3’s Smart Summon today in front of my house. I assumed I could stand in my garage and it would come to me from across the street and about 20 or 30 feet to the right of my driveway. Instead it just started driving down the street and past my driveway. As for now, I will just use it occasionally to back the cars a few feet into the driveway from the garage or vice verse as I have been doing for both Teslas under old Summon.

My three year old granddaughter is impressed by this magic even if it doesn’t do much for me or my wife. Like the rear jump seats that formerly came with Model S as an option, maybe Summon was always targeted to that demographic.
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Ap2.0 S p100d w/ FSD; just got the pop up notice for software update... installing. I’m on Teslafi, so it should show up in 1/2 hour...

And yes we get new Summon ;)

Spotify works!!!


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I have a 2017 S90D with FSD MCU1 AP2, and I received 2019.32.11bac8c51 this morning. My app has the smart summon button on it, but I haven't had a chance to check out any of the other features. I have been driving my wife's 2019 3 Dual Motor long range that received the V10 update yesterday (2019.32.10.1 0874034), and the lane renderings, auto lane changes, autopilot vehicle stability, and smart summon are definitely working fine so far. I haven't played with any of the entertainment stuff on either vehicle yet...
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I have 2018 MS 75D, FW 32.11, AP2.5, HW3, FSD but the come to me option isn’t appearing in the app. I’m using the latest available in the iOS App Store. Any ideas? It should be noted that new entertainment features (Netflix, Spotify, etc) appear in the car.
We have an early 2017 MS with AP 2.0 and MCU 1.0.

Browser feels faster, and AP finally accelerates fast when the light turns green and traffic moves--frankly, it's almost too fast as it seems a little slow to react to leading cars that slow after crossing the intersection.

Don't forget that many settings are changed after an OTA so you'll want to go back in and change them to your desired positions.

Summon is . . . interesting. Did work well on a surface parking lot, for the most part, but went in confused circles in a parking garage. Bad GPS signals or ______?

So let's call it 1 for 2; more testing to follow of course!
YES! December 2017 S90D with FSD purchased.... got 2019.32.11 yesterday. In a brief test drive, I concur that basic EAP operation is smoother and more positive/confident. Lane and traffic rendering is wonderful!

And yes, it has Summon that offers “come to me but haven’t tried that yet. I have AP2 hardware.

Exciting to see how it improves with HW3 upgrades!
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