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Supercharging.Life database

I too desired to make a Flutter-based frontend to SC.life (in my copious amounts of free time around a newborn... \s), but sadly there is no API layer to hook into last I knew. The website is written in PHP with direct calls to the database.
I was able to write a native app for SOME of the functionality, but it basically just supports seeing a list of users and their checkin info, badges, etc, and then seeing recent checkins. I stopped after that because any other functionality requires login and that's all maintained via web sessions i believe.
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I accidentally submitted a location (non-GPSed) and realized I made a mistake.

How do I "unsubmit" or remove an incorrect location after it is submitted?

Thank you.
Go to the Me page, scroll down to Check-Ins, select the check-in using the link on the date, not the supercharger location, select the Delete This Checkin link.
NOTICE: I've switched to a new Tableau file that uses CSV because our old method is no longer supported. It turns out that CSV is behaving better anyway, allowing us to have the global supercharger list again instead of just North America and Europe (and a few other things).

The old supercharging.life visualizations are still there but will no longer be updated. Please bookmark the new visualization at the following link:

I've rebuilt most of the core visualizations, but further refinement/enhancement may be desired. Please let me know if there is something from the old visualizations missing that you'd love to see incorporated, and please let me know of any new visualizations you might like to see.

Also, if you've saved a direct link to your visit maps, you must update that link. The new URL structure is as follows:

https://public dot tableau dot com/app/profile/don.burke/viz/SuperchargingCompetition/Unvisitedmap?Competitor%20Name=theflyer&Status%20with%20OpenU=OPEN%20(no%20visits),OPEN,CONSTRUCTION,Visited

If you have an existing saved link, the bold text is what changes. The red text is the Handle you want to link to.

The categories after the = sign are which dots you want to display on your map. If you don't want to see sites under construction, remove CONSTRUCTION. If you don't want to see the grey dots indicating your previous visits, remove Visited (and the associated commas).

@Bighorn - the new states cleared visualization is global. It the labels and popups are a little more informative.

The main landing page now has compact views/tables with some key data and links at the top to the full visualizations as shown below.

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Been a while since I've posted here. But here's my updated list.

Silverthorne, CO
Colorado Springs, CO
Las Vegas, NM
Santa Fe, NM
Laramie, WY
Rawlins, WY
Jackson, WY
West Yellowstone, MT
Rock Springs, WY
Cheyenne, WY
Wheatland, WY
Lusk, WY
Rapid City, SD
Wall, SD
Centennial, CO
Lone Tree, CO
Thornton, CO
Loveland, CO
Estes Park, CO
Monument, CO
Superior, CO
Titusville FL
Altamonte Springs, FL
Ocala, FL
Lake City, FL
Tifton, GA
Macon, GA
Atlanta, GA
Atlanta, GA (Peachtree Rd.)
Marietta, GA
Manchester, TN
Brentwood, TN - Old Hickory Boulevard
Kuttawa, KY
Mt. Vernon, IL
St. Charles, MO (Beale St.)
St. Charles, MO
Columbia, MO
Concordia, MO
Topeka, KS
Salina, KS
Hays, KS
Colby, KS
Goodland, KS
Limon, CO
Conifer, CO
Denver, CO
Idaho Springs, CO
Brush, CO
Henrietta, TX
Childress, TX
Amarillo, TX
Clayton, NM
Trinidad, CO
Memphis, TN
Jonesboro, AR
Springfield, MO
Olathe, KS
Glenwood Springs, CO
Topeka, KS - Topeka Service Area
Independence, MO
Columbia, MO - West Broadway
Marion, IL
Huntsville, AL
Denver, CO (Pontiac Street)
Edwards, CO
Daly City, CA
San Diego, CA - Balboa Avenue
San Diego, CA
Kremmling, CO
Silverthorne, CO (Ruby Ranch Rd)
Phoenix, AZ - East Mayo Boulevard
Westminster, CO
Valencia, SP
Phoenix, AZ (19th Street)
Zaragoza, SP
Lleida, SP
Sant Cugat, Spain
Evanston, WY
Tremonton, UT
Burley, ID
Twin Falls, ID
Boise, ID
Ontario, OR
Baker City, OR
Pendleton, OR
Boardman, OR
Hood River, OR - Anchor Way
Vancouver, WA - Northeast Fourth Plain Blvd
Chehalis, WA
Burlington, WA - Marketplace Dr.
Surrey, BC - 160th Street (Visited 7/2/2023, looks like this might be a delayed first-check in)
Burlington, WA
Yakima, WA
Salt Lake City, UT - S 300 W
Price, UT
Grand Junction, CO
Vista, CA
San Diego, CA - Clairemont Heights Blvd
Buena Park, CA - Beach Blvd.
Fountain Valley, CA - Warner Avenue
San Diego, CA - Truxtun Rd.
Russell, KS
Abilene, KS
Brentwood, MO
Mount Juliet, TN
Crossville, TN - Genesis Road
Sevierville, TN
Asheville, NC - Thetford Street
Spartanburg, SC
Asheville, NC
Knoxville, TN - Brookview Centre Way
Knoxville, TN
Crossville, TN
Mount Vernon, IL - South 42nd Street
Overland Park, KS
Denver, CO - East 45th Avenue
Parachute, CO
Feature request: Clipboard button on "View Recent in Plaintext" page.

Can we get a "Copy to Clipboard" button to get the recent checkins in one go without having to manually select the text?

This snippet works (after html decoding to avoid forum limits) injected into a button with an (i class="fa fa-clipboard fa-fw") next to the Text header, but I'm sure you can do something better, @aNullValue

navigator.clipboard.writeText(document.getElementById('txt-recent_text').innerHTML.replaceAll('<br>', '\n').trim());
Been a while since I've posted here. But here's my updated list.

Do you have dates for those visits? Do you want them added to supercharging.life? You can add them manually after logging in by searching for them in the "Check in Now" page: Login and then setting the date appropriately. Time doesn't matter much at the moment, even though it's a full timestamp input.
Do you have dates for those visits? Do you want them added to supercharging.life? You can add them manually after logging in by searching for them in the "Check in Now" page: Login and then setting the date appropriately. Time doesn't matter much at the moment, even though it's a full timestamp input.
I already inputted all the visits including accurate dates.
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Check ins for 9/12:
Poncha Springs, CO (#164)
Montrose, CO (#165)
Mountain Village - Mountain Village Blvd, CO (#166)

That clears all Colorado Superchargers (for now)!

Nice! JFYI, we generally report check-ins to "the other" thread:

We are going to make some changes to badges - replace some, and add some.

1. Replace most in a day, quarter, year with 50+ Day, 500+ Month, 600+ Quarter, 1000+ Year. If anyone gets more than one, then 500+ Day x2, 50+ Day x3, etc. Note that these are calendar stats same as before - day is calendar day, not any 24 hour period; month is calendar month, not any 30 day period, etc.
Rationale: More inclusive by having multiple instead of just one person for each. Racing to get the most in a day could be dangerous - the current highest is 70 and the new badge has been set to 50 to keep it somewhat sane.
Impact: @tes-s loses most in a day and most in a quarter badges; @Bighorn loses most in a year badge. Nobody has met the 600+ Quarter or 1000+ year thresholds, but based on current stats it is likely they will be attained (two people have done 500+ quarters and three people 900+ years).

2. 50,000th Supercharger (checking in to red 50,000 supercharger stall in California)
Rationale: balance to the east coast James Place Inn badge, and attainable by anyone.

3. Custer SoS for attending the annual event in Custer. Also Custer SoS x2, Custer SoS x3, etc for attending multiple years.
Rationale: promote event and recognize long-time participants. I think we have one x7 in the group!

ACTION: If you have attained the 50,000th Supercharger badge or the Custer SoS badge please send me a direct message on TMC. For SoS please tell me the number of times attended.
Can the badges be tied to the day/month/quarter/year they were achieved in?

E.g. display "50+ Day - 2023-10-02", "600+ Quarter - 2022Q3", etc?
That way you can list all of them in order, and add new ones easily/programmatically (the next 50+ Day someone gets would just be 50+ Day - 2023-11-04, or whenever it happens)

The same could be done for the SoS badges: "Custer SoS 2018", then "Custer SoS 2022", etc.