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Very Difficult decision..Canceling my Sig X reservation

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'When the music is on...you gotta dance' (Go Elon)
Apr 23, 2013
First, I accept that this is a 'first world problem'. The Ss my family enjoy are, IMO, a no compromise sedan. They are safe, spacious, fun to drive works of art that happen to be powered by electricity. I have wanted to replace our gas guzzling Range Rover Sport and saw a unique opportunity to do so when the prototype model X was revealed. So, I put down my deposit and waited. The wait became an extended one but I, like many, hung in there. I went to the reveal event earlier this week to see one 'in the flesh'. The X is a safe, fast, people mover. It appears to be a great vehicle. However, it can not replace the utility of the RR, or many other SUVs on the market, without having an option of second row folding seats. This may come as an option in the future but you can not postpone your Sig build until that time I am told.

So, I called and canceled my reservation.
Coincidentally I took the same decision earlier today. I love the X overall and a big part of me just wants it; I think it is darn near perfect as a family car and especially for travels and road trips. However, in our case we needed something that was more SUV than the X has turned out and, just the way it works out, we have more flexibility with our Model S for the things we need. I'd love to have had it for towing the horses but we do that just once a month and it doesn't make sense for us to trade that once a month benefit for the loss of flat folding seats we have in our S.

I know I'm going to look enviously at every Model X, but I'm also crossing my fingers that Tesla keeps developing the car and that we'll get the chance to jump back in once the configuration options look better for us. The good news is that at least I get to keep my Roadster in the meantime!
AlMc and NigelM, sorry you had to cancel -- must be hard after that long wait time. I assume you both let Tesla know why you were canceling so hopefully that will be valuable feedback for them.

I did. There's obviously no comment on future options but based on Model S developments over the last three years I'm going to stay hopeful. Both daily drivers in our household are EVs so my wife and I feel the compromise of waiting longer is less than the compromise of taking something that doesn't work as practically for us.
It's tough. I'm hoping that before I have to decide, either there will be a MX option with folding seats, or a MS that is approved to tow a small trailer.

I could handle either, but keeping one of the SUV's we have is not an option (14 and 10 years old), and there is no way I will ever buy another ICE. (the people who keep saying "if you don't like the MX, go buy something else" are getting annoying)
Model X is tall and the middle row can slide forward. If you have an extra long load just prop it over the second row seats.

you can carry longer things on an angle rather than flat anyway (thanks Pythagoras)

You might be surprised what I can get in the RR with the seats folded down that just wont fit in the X that I saw displayed and sat in.
This is quite a development. But totally understandable. The non-foldable second-row seats struck me as a problem the moment I heard about them. It just doesn't make sense. I would love to know if the designers under Elon fought him on this, and if he's the one who insisted they ship the way they were revealed this week.

I also hope they'll come out with truly folding chairs int he second row. I used to own a really nice SUV and I utilized the folding second row CONSTANTLY for boxes, furniture, lawnmowers, you name it went into that thing. It was truly a utility vehicle. The Model X currently feels like a fancy limo in a way, with an unnecessarily limited set of uses.
...(unscientific) polls...

Perhaps, it is better this way so people who want it the most could get it timely.

In the meantime, cancellations may not be viewed as an immediate problem as enormous demands hopelessly exceed supply.

That said, my sympathy to those who had to give up their dreams at this moment.

Hopefully, Tesla continues to evolve and someday, the dream of folding-flat second row seats can come true!
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I'm fairly sure both people who canceled are well aware of these things. :)

Yeah im not having a go, just that these things can take on a life on its own. Looking at the photos it looks like I could still carry a surfboard or a ladder or door just propping it over the middle row. I can also slide the seats all the way forward for more bulky things.

many cars don't have the full sliding motion that the X offers where you can choose the compromise between passenger or cargo space. That's the annoying thing about folding seats, you lose an entire passenger seat even if you only need a tiny bit more room.

Yes folding is better than non folding but the X still has loads of utility especially with a 5000 pound row rating.

And yes I know I'm not being helpful.
While the non-folding 2nd row seat is not necessarily a deal breaker for me, it sure is very disappointing. You are doing the right thing by voting with your wallet.

Just out of curiosity, would you have accepted rotating 2nd row in the 6 passenger configuration as an alternative like in the Mercedes V-Class?

This design will allow the loading of larger and longer cargo items. This will also have rear torso and side curtain airbag implications, but that's what the engineers are paid to deal with. Might be cheaper than designing the folding seats.


What Tesla could've and should've done. Of course easier said.


If I were in your scenario, I'd probably do the same thing. I'm not convinced the X is much more than an S with a bit more storage, a bit more headroom and ability to fit 2 (small) adults in the 3rd row vs 2 kids in the 3rd row. And with complicated, yet cool doors. :)