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charge connector

  1. J

    Gen 2 wallconnector stopped working, need help fixing it.

    The following thing happend to this gen 2 wallconnector. - It was working fine untill two weeks ago. Around that time when you would plug in the charger into the car (m3 and mx) it would trip the breaker. - I got a 3 phase 25amps, 240v. So I fully readed the manual and i tried differend thing...
  2. C

    BMS_a174 Error @ mid 40% Home Charge

    Getting a BMS_A174 error. Home Charger was working good for the first week (installed Nov. 29th) but now seems to be cutting off in the middle of charges. On a 24 Amp installation from the electrician with it inside our garage, while parking the car outside of the garage. Seems to charge...
  3. A

    Mobile Charger Issue with 14-50. Works fine with 14-30.

    I recently had a 14-50 outlet installed, but as soon as I went to use the mobile charger I got nothing. The charger does not light up when plugged in. The charger works fine with a 14-30 or 120v adapter and outlet. I have tested two different 14-50 adapters and checked the outlet carefully to...
  4. R

    Leviton EV320 "Start charging failed, charge already requested"

    Does anyone use this charger? Was recently installed on my property and (with the adaptor) it will charge just fine. The issue is that after it reaches the designated charge, the car cannot request more charge again without plugging in again. Pain in the ass for winter time warm-ups where I'd...
  5. J

    Charge port not locking my home charger (but SC's are fine) on my MS, but M3 has no problem.

    About two weeks ago, I started having a problem where, when I plug my gen-3 wall connector into my 2018 Model S, I get an alert on my phone about the charger not being locked in the port and charge rate is limited and I also see a pulsing orange light at the charge port. Sure enough, I can pull...
  6. Night

    FS: 2x Tesla Gen 3 Wall Connectors

    I'm selling two Gen 3 wall connectors that do not come in the original box. I'm asking $300 each plus shipping. Happy Holidays!
  7. N

    How to extend Mobile connector for family visit

    I'm visiting family over Christmas and where I will be parking is out of range for the mobile charger. My initial search has lead me to believe you can't extend the type 2 end so I've got a heavy duty extension cable and a dry box for putting the mobile connector in to keep it dry as it will end...
  8. D

    Can only open Charge Port with Android App. No LEDs. Locking Pin slow to release.

    So I have a 2017 Tesla Model S in which the Charge Port door opens but no Indicator lights, also the locking pin takes 12-15 seconds to drop down (unlock) before the charging cable can be inserted. Once the charging cable (Home Charger, Supercharger, etc..) is installed it charges fine. Finally...
  9. D

    Trading in car in 2 days…Mobile Connector won’t fully plug-in to Model 3

    Anyone run into this before? Having an issue where my mobile charger won’t fully plug into my Model 3’s port. Charger only seems to go about half way in and not far enough for car to recognize it. I’ve unplugged and re-plugged the mobile connector to its 240v outlet, and the Tesla lights on...
  10. T

    Connecting Gen 2 nema adapter to the charger

    I just had our electrician install a 220 v outlet. I have the gen 2 nema adapter but can’t figure out how it plugs into the charging cord. Do I need another adapter?
  11. ZIBI

    Wall connector Gen 3. 22kW

    Łącznik ścienny Gen 3. Kupiłem ładowarkę 22 kW i daje SR+ tylko 11 kW. 32A ustawia się w aplikacji na telefonie. Co może być niewłaściwie ustawione?
  12. D

    My wall connector is too exposed during winter storms; looking for a solution

    I live in Maine with intense winter storms, and my wall connector and shed happen to be under a very large pine tree. I wasn't able to get a rugged cover installed for the car before the cold and frozen ground have arrived. There is too much risk to keep the car there during big winds, storms...
  13. M

    Tesla + J1772 sharing same circuit?

    Hi, and apologies if this question has been asked. I have a M3 Long Range that I charge using a Tesla Wall Connector on a 60-amp (breaker) 240V circuit. My wife recently bought a BMW plug-in hybrid (off topic: I wanted her to buy a Model Y, for her reasons see “PS” below) and so I want to...
  14. R

    Charging cable included with a new model Y

    What cable is included with a model Y? What socket will it plug into? What should I have an electrician install?
  15. T

    Holding J1772 adapter to plug?

    So I just picked up my MY less than a week ago, have a Juicebox charger in my garage with the adapter. I ended up getting the jist of pressing the button on the juicebox, waiting a sec, re-engaging and pulling out quickly but was wondering if there's any accessory to keep the adapter attached so...
  16. B

    Help figuring out this charging port

    I just got my model 3. I’m trying to charge it in my apartment building while I work out things in my garage. The apartment charging station saying Turbodock and it looks like this I think I need an adapter to charge from this station but confused which one to get. Can someone help?
  17. J

    Can I leave the wall connector cord/plug on the ground in the rain?

    My wall connector is the full 18 feet from the port on my Model Y. There is no place near to hang up the plug and I don't want to walk 18 feet each way to hang the plug up. So I'd like to leave the plug on the ground but I'm concerned that rain and snow would get in and cause a short. Has anyone...
  18. Glan gluaisne

    Basic charge point costs

    Moderator comment - information in this post superseded by post Basic charge point costs There's been debate about the cheapest way to install a charge point, if not able to take advantage of the OLEV grant (or just if you don't want a smart charge point). I thought I'd try and cost the...
  19. D

    Charging at Home need help: Extension cable, outlet, new cable?

    Hello all, I've recently took deliver of my model 3 (less then 48 hours ago), I attempted to charge my car at home today and noticed the standard charging kit that came with my car doesn't reach any outlet. For the time being I'll be using a local super charge station but would like to be...
  20. R

    Gen 2 Elon Musk Charger

    Selling my Elon Musk Signature Wall Charger. Brand new in box and only opened to take one picture inside. I didn't even take the charger out of the box. 80A high output Tesla Wall Connector 24" long cable Power sharing with any Gen 2 Wall Connectors Received as a referral reward, not sold in...
  21. samuelffrancis

    Mobile Connector for PHEVs?

    Maybe it's the boredom of quarantine or my pure 'enthusiast like' fanboy curiosity, but I've always wondered (again just for kicks) if a Tesla Mobile Connector would work on charging my 2014 Ford Fusion Energi Plug in Hybrid at my current Level 1 (trickle charge) rate and with the proper...
  22. G

    Charge USA model 3 at European supercharger?

    Forgive the noob question, I did try to search for an answer to this. I bought my model 3 in the USA, if it was shipped to europe, what options do I have for supercharging?
  23. P

    Charge Cord Extension & Y Splitter

    When I first bought my Model 3 I charged it by tying into my electric dryer connector (NEMA 14-30). Rather than unplug/plug my dryer cord each time, I bought a heavy duty Y-splitter so that the dryer and a 10 foot extension cord that reached my car could always be powered. After living with...
  24. C

    Tesla Model 3, another charger recommendations

    I want to get another charger installed at my Mum's house for when i visit - I currently have the official Tesla charger at home. I would like to get a different charger for my Mum's so i can use the grant Can anyone give some advise on charger good/bad etc etc Also looking at a cable to...
  25. A

    Someone keeps unplugging my car charger

    Stranger keeps unplugging my car from being charged I went to work out at the gym and parked at the EV Charger for an hour. While I was working out I noticed an alert on the Tesla App indicating that the charge was interrupted. I didn't think much of it until I got back to my car. The...
  26. B

    2018 P10D - Tesla Performance Dwelling 10kWh - For Sale or Rent (Denver Metro, CO)

    Are you or someone you know moving to the Denver area or looking for a Tesla Home? We moved, but it was not without some real heart tugging for the home that we created. Not just any home but a: Tesla Performance 10kWh Dwelling (P10D). Located in Centennial, CO (south east suburb of...
  27. G

    Car not charging using all Amps available

    Hi there Can’t see if someone already post about this. when I plug my Tesla 3 with Tesla wall connector, car will not use all 32 amps available, thus charging at 11km/h instead of 52km/h. As anyone experienced this? if I unplug and plug it again, one or two times, problem is fixed. But last...
  28. B

    Help? Borrow converter for this weekend, SF Bay Area (Oct 19/20, 2019)?

    I am throwing myself on your mercy after five other plans fell through. tl;dr -- if you are in the SF Bay Area and have a converter CAN or cable from Roadster to something modern (likely J1772,) I would be exceedingly grateful to borrow it for this coming weekend. Please PM. Longer version --...
  29. M

    Chademo Adapter UK

    Hi all, I would like to buy a Chademo Adapter but have a couple of questions, 1) Would this be compatible wth my 2017 facelift Tesla Model S? 2) Where would I buy a UK Chademo Adapter? Thanks in advance Matt
  30. R

    Going on 4 weeks waiting on a part!

    The Charge port on my X started opening on its own, then closing, then opening again. Then it started opening every time I locked the vehicle. I took it to our new service center here in Pensacola and they said that my charge port cable/sensor is corroded and would need to be replaced, He said...
  31. Antares Nebula

    What happened to the Tesla Wall Connector with the NEMA 14-50 plug?

    What happened to the Tesla Wall Connector with the NEMA 14-50 plug? See: New Tesla Home Charging Station Offers Faster Charging, Plus You Can Take It With You | CleanTechnica Tesla unveils first home charging station that can be plugged into a wall outlet – TechCrunch Tesla launches new Wall...
  32. ammulder

    Which charger for rental house?

    Looking at upgrading a rental house with an EV charger. As nice as the HPWC is, I assume it would increase the value of the rental more if it wasn’t Tesla-only. Can other EVs charge from a NEMA 14-50 outlet? That would be cheap and plenty fast enough for my Model 3, I just don’t know whether...
  33. E

    Change generic EVSE to use a Tesla Plug?

    I previously had a BMW i3 and got a JuiceBox EVSE for home charging. I've been using the same charger for my S with the J1772 adapter, but would like to use just a plug. We have two cars in the garage and the adapter + J1772 creates a tight space for the other car to pass when my car is...
  34. robertmhoehn

    Gen 1 30A Charge Adapter

    I still have the old 30A charge adapter from my previous Tesla (I bought every single adapter I could find when I first bought our Model S). Add to your road trip adapter kit! I now have no need for this. I'd love for it to go to a good home. Happy to give this away - buyer just pays for...
  35. M

    "Charge cable may not be plugged in correctly"

    Hey, I've had my Model 3 for a couple of months. I've plugged it in and charged it many times without issues before. Usually, when I plug it in, after a second the Tesla logo turns dark blue (from pale blue), at which point the charge cable is locked in. But today, I got a car wash from one...
  36. dhrivnak

    Towing extension cable

    For those of you who tow, I would LOVE to buy an extension charging cable so I do not have to unhook the trailer to charge. I have seen a few SuperCharger stations with a charger that could work for towing but they seen to be in the majority. A cable about 15' long would allow us to nose in...
  37. C

    Charge Port Will Not Unlock

    i have the joy of my new S. Yesterday I used supercharger for second time. It would not unlatch. I had help from 2 people at the supercharger and one got on the phone with Tesla (calling emergency number on supercharger) and he had to go into my truck and pull off a little square of carpet...
  38. mrfra62

    Charging wall power Europe

    for every country in Europe Tesla seems to have a different charger for wall outlet (shuko). Instead of buying all these different chargers wouldn't it be much easier to buy a world adapter for wall outlets and plug in the (Dutch) shuko charger?
  39. matt_in_ca

    Tesla Roadster J1772 Charging Adapter

    Like new condition. Official Tesla product. Brand new it was $750. Asking $400 OBO
  40. Y

    NEMA 14-50 Installation in Vancouver

    Hi Everyone, I'm sure I'm eagerly waiting for my Model 3, like many of you. While I wait, I am trying to plan out charging for the car but I have some challenges. I live in an apartment building downtown and dealing with strata will likely be a little bit of a hassle. There is a public...
  41. J

    EMotorWerks JuiceBox Pro 75 and Tesla S

    Hello, I am new to Tesla and this forum. I apologize in advance if this has been posted but could not find anything on point. I have another EV that I had a JuiceBox Pro 75 installed in my home. This is a direct installed unit to our electric system. They unit is supposed to deliver 75 amps...
  42. Tracylee1994

    Tesla wall connector with 8.5 ft cable charging system

    Brand new tesla wall connector
  43. noahsw

    Available capacity with 125amp breaker at home

    I've had two electricians come to scope out work on my townhome installation. The first claimed I only had 20amps available but the other claimed I had 50. My heating and stove are gas-powered. How do I know which to trust? If I use the UMC with a NEMA 14-50, will the car automatically use...
  44. G

    Dynamic EV Charging is coming – are you in? What do you think?

    Hi everyone, I am conducting a study on the impact of EVs charging on the electricity network, and I have a question on Dynamic EV Charging. Dynamic Charging learns how and when you drive and ensures your car is ready to go when you need it for your daily commute, by smoothing out the peaks in...
  45. Triumphz28

    Latest Version - Tesla UMC NEMA 10-30 Adapter - RARE - Not Recalled Adapter

    Latest Version - Tesla UMC NEMA 10-30 Adapter - RARE - Not Recalled Adapter NEW NOT RECALLED Tesla UMC NEMA 10-30 Adapter (This plug is very commonly found in homes that have an electric dryer outlet). You can rest assured this is the non-recalled plug by the white face, part number...
  46. Triumphz28

    Latest Version - Tesla UMC NEMA 10-30 Adapter - RARE - Not Recalled Adapter

    Latest Version - Tesla UMC NEMA 10-30 Adapter - RARE - Not Recalled Adapter NEW NOT RECALLED Tesla UMC NEMA 10-30 Adapter (This plug is very commonly found in homes that have an electric dryer outlet). You can rest assured this is the non-recalled plug by the white face, part number...
  47. N

    WTB: Gen 2 Wall Connector with 24' cable

    Basically, this: Tesla — Wall Connector with 24' Cable Thank you! erick
  48. glight2000

    HPWC Not charging!

    today, when I attach the roadster to the HPWC connector, it's not registering the connection. The green light on the wall unit is on. The VDS says: "Preparing to Charge Connect power cable" When i slide up the lock, nothing happens. No blue light. Nothing. Just the usual white light from the...
  49. D

    Charging cable wrangler (item for sale)

    My wife's new Model X needed some cable management love. So, thanks to 3D printing, I was able to create a set of three objects to help. All of the parts are available on thingyverse, if you have your own printer. If not, and you'd like a set for youself, I'm happy to print them out and mail...
  50. K

    Problems Disconnecting Charger in the Morning?

    Does anyone else have problems disconnecting their charger in the morning? I've had the Model X 75D for a few days now and when I go out and press the button to disconnect it, the color changes to blue for a second and then back to green. I usually have to click it a few times, go in to the car...