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  1. G

    Anyone else get 2024.2.12?

    I just got 2024.2.12 yesterday which finally gave my non uss model 3 autopark. It works pretty well other than being a bit slow. I haven't seen any videos or discussions about this update yet from people who have it, so does anyone else here have it or did I just get super lucky and get it early?
  2. A

    Poll: When will we have Level 3 or Level 4 on highways?

    I'm curious when (if ever) you expect Tesla vehicles to be capable of (and approved for use with) Level 3 or Level 4 autonomy on highways, allowing the driver to, for example, read a book as the car does the driving. Also curious if you think any existing hardware (HW3 or HW4) will be able to...
  3. H

    [Canada] Looking for advice on buying a used Tesla, is it worth the savings if I'm keeping it long term

    Here are the options I have currently. I do want to have Enhanced Autopilot so if I buy a car with just standard autopilot, I'll have to purchase it separately. Don't really care much about FSD since it doesn't seem valuable. I want to keep this car for at least 5-10 years so is it worth...
  4. C

    Autopilot while Trailer Mode

    I can not enable autopilot while towing a trailer with Trailer Mode active. Is it possible to use autopilot while towing if i upgrade to EAP or FSD? or Disabling Trailer Mode altought towing a trailer to able to use autopilot? (Of course not recommended but a solution?)
  5. ucmndd

    Sold Dec 2016 Model S 75 - original owner, SC01 FUSC, MCU2/AP3, EAP

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing Dec 2016 Model S 75 - original owner, SC01 FUSC, MCU2/AP3, EAP. Please add to the discussion here.
  6. Dec 2016 Model S 75 - original owner, SC01 FUSC, MCU2/AP3, EAP

    For sale Dec 2016 Model S 75 - original owner, SC01 FUSC, MCU2/AP3, EAP

    Selling my December 2016 Model S 75. Original owner, picked up new from the Fremont factory on December 18, 2016. Asking $23,000. Could be eligible for used EV federal tax credit of $4,000 if we process the sale through Keysavvy, which would be my intention. You need to verify income...
  7. SPCBL1

    Not Available 2020 Model Y Performance; EAP, hitch, PPF, MPP [Deleted]

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing 2020 Model Y Performance; EAP, hitch, PPF, MPP. Please add to the discussion here.
  8. Cata

    What 30 day trial(’s) come with new Teslas?

    So I know premium connectivity comes with a new Tesla free for 30 days. What about EAP and/or FSD? I see the option for AutoSteer (beta) in my autopilot settings, as well as Full Self Driving Visualization Preview.
  9. A

    2018 Tesla Model 3 LR Black RWD EAP ($33,750) ****FOR SALE**** Sacramento, CA

    For Sale: Fantastic Long Range Tesla Model 3 2018 RWD. Absolutely love this car as it gets better with regular OTA software updates, but selling due to moving abroad. Long Range RWD (Full charge is 300 miles) ~43,600 miles 19″ sport wheels Michelin tires – all 4 tires are new. 1 spare tire...
  10. Extant

    No more FSD beta after a few months of no subscription?

    Hi everyone, I subscribed last year to FSD and got in the beta program. I stopped my subscription in the spring on 2022. My car stayed on the beta release track, as expected, and I am now on 2022.20.19. I also bought EAP during the summer. I was excited with the news about 10.69.3, thinking I...
  11. G

    Should I purchase FSD or EAP ? Canadian version

    Another thread about purchasing FSD ! The main difference ? I’m living in Canada and I have access to an “old” price. I should receive my new model Y next month. If I purchase FSD before the delivery: 10600$ CAD FSD after the delivery: 19500$ (yep almost double) EAP before delivery: 6400$ EAP...
  12. I

    Issues with camera calibration

    I picked up my Model Y with EAP yesterday from Bluewater, and got all my settings ready before setting off, including activating the various AP items that needed to first. It said cameras needed to be calibrated first, and i'd ready it take about 25 miles, so thought that's fine as i'm heading...
  13. Jones1

    Autopilot in Houston Texas & Surrounding Area’s

    I haven’t seen a thread for Autopilot in The Houston Area. I have recently picked up my MYP 2022. I did notice how Autopilot applies the brake lightly. When I’m on a two way - 2 lane road. When there is a section or median of grass in between the two directional lanes. It isn’t a hard brake at...
  14. Ravire

    Model 3 LR AWD EAP for sale

    I’m selling my 2020 Model 3 LR AWD with enhanced autopilot and a lot of MPP parts. It has 40k miles on it. Nothings wrong with it I just need a bigger car probably a model x. Asking for $52k willing to negotiate Mods: Wrapped in Inozetek Midnight Purple All interior gloss black pieces wrapped...
  15. R

    Tesla Model 3 Long Range AWD with FSD

    Tesla Model 3 Long Range Dual Motor AWD with Premium Package $45,500 ______________________________ -Deep Blue Metallic -Premium Interior -Premium Sound -Homelink -Enhanced Autopilot -Full Self Driving -18" Aero Wheels -4.0s 0-60 37k Trouble-free Commuter Miles 25K Service completed at Tesla...
  16. L

    WTB Tesla Model 3 w/ white interior, awd, priced around $40k

    Looking to buy a used tesla with the following specs: Priced around $35,000 to $40,000 at least EAP software (if not EAP, price should be around $35k) White interior Long Range AWD I'm located in Michigan, but would be willing to travel to visit the vehicle if the right vehicle comes along.
  17. rshields89

    ISO/WTB Model S 75D or 90D w/ FSD or EAP enabled

    I posted earlier this week wanting a Model 3, but after test driving a few today here in Austin, Texas I am set on wanting a Model S. I am looking to purchase ideally a 90D w/ FSD or EAP enabled, but would settle for a 75D w/ FSD or EAP...Bigger bonus if they have the 21” wheels! I’m totally...
  18. E

    Money for EAP/FSD worth it for robo taxi?

    I’m looking at buying a M3 and trying to figure out the best financial decision for autopilot (more features = more money). It’s not super important to me right now to have full autopilot as I don’t mind driving, especially in a car as fun as a Tesla! But I’m wondering with Elon’s vision of...
  19. D

    EAP and driver assistance failures

    First post on this forum. Picked up my Model 3 dual motor AWD in March of this year, upgraded to EAP (enhanced autopilot) in late September when it was offered. Since that update, whenever I drive over 6 hours on the road ALL of the driver assistance features shut off. No autopilot, no auto...
  20. SeminoleFSU

    When will EAP w/ HW2.5 stop getting better

    I'm still seeing improvements but I'm wondering we'll get these code improvements where Elon says the system is moving from 2D to "4D" (e.g. 3-dimension tracking + time) I'm hopeful we'll see EAP continue to get smoother/better but we just won't have the surface street goodies. What do you...
  21. OneTinyFish

    Discounted EAP - end of next quarter? [crystal ball]

    Is it normal for Tesla to add EAP to the upgrades list at the end of each quarter?
  22. V

    FSBO: 2018 White Model 3 Long Range RWD, EAP, 19” $40K

    Hi, I’m selling my White 2018 Tesla Model 3 Long Range RWD with 19” wheels and Enhanced Autopilot. I love the car and it drives like a dream. However, I need more space to carry the kids arounds. I took delivery of the car in July 2018, I am the only owner, and the car is paid off. In July...
  23. TjckTock

    What causes slow acceleration in AP/TACC?

    Been driving the car for over a year now and still cannot figure out why, sometimes, it accelerates painfully slowly when traffic starts moving on a green light. Not a big issue, just have to manually goose it a bit and then slowly release the pedal to let AP take back over. However, I was...
  24. S

    I’m not getting “special” emails from Tesla

    When the EAP option for $4000 was release several days ago, many people online stated that they got an email explaining the details, but I didn’t receive such email. I’d like to know how; my Tesla account has my correct email address, along with my Tesla app. I got all of the necessary emails...
  25. rking0122

    EAP on MY

    I am on the fence about whether EAP is worth it at 4K. During COVID I've driven on the highways much less frequently than before, but, that will change sooner or later. I am curious how many of you who do not already have FSD might opt for EAP on your MY at 4K. I don't love that it increases...
  26. B

    For Sale: Tesla Model 3 2018 LR RWD Metallic Silver - metro Atlanta

    **FOR SALE: 2018 Tesla Model 3 LR RWD Silver Metallic $39,990** We are looking to sell our Model 3. The car was delivered in June 2018. It is in excellent condition. The car has PPF on the front bumper, headlights and side-mirrors. It has Enhanced Autopilot and can be upgraded to FSD...
  27. B

    Model 3 Dual motor , Long range, Enhanced Autopilot - 3593 miles

    2018 Tesla Model 3 for sale: 1. Long range 2. Dual motor 3. AWD 4. Enhanced Auto pilot 5. Low miles - 3593 6. Driven short distances 7. Always parked inside a garage 8. Excellent condition 9. Washed weekly with premium carwash subscription 10. Bought in Nov 2018 but did not drive until Jan 2019...
  28. V

    2018 Tesla Model 3 * Long range * Dual motor * EAP * 3589 miles

    Hello I'm selling my Tesla Model 3; 2018 Model 3 Long range Dual Motor AWD, blue metallic, premium black interior, I purchased it new in Nov 2018 and didn't start driving until Jan 2019. Date of manufacture 11/2018. I purchased the enhanced auto pilot. I did not purchase the FSD. The car has...
  29. V

    2018 Tesla Model 3 Long Range ** AWD ** EAP ** 3589 miles

    2018 Tesla Model 3 for sale: 1. Long range 2. Dual motor 3. AWD 4. Enhanced Auto pilot 5. Low mileage (3589 miles) 6. Driven short distances only for commute 7. Always parked inside a garage 8. Excellent condition 9. No modifications Car was maintained well with weekly carwash club...
  30. S

    Tesla App eligible upgrades says FSD...but I have that...I think?

    Starters: got my vehicle in late December 2019 used from Tesla. Vehicle details: late 2016 build 75D, HW2.0, MCU 1. When I was shopping on Tesla used site the vehicle details said "Full Self Driving Capability". On the "window sticker" it said the same thing. I knew that, based on the build...
  31. T

    Selling: 2018 Model 3 LR RWD, 19" Sport Wheels, Black Matte Wrap, $39k OBO

    Hi all! I'm selling this beauty due to Model Y purchase. Car is located in Tampa, FL. Details: - 2018 Long Range - $39,000 but happy to take serious offers - 42,000 miles - RWD - Excellent mechanical condition - Deep Matte Black wrap and Chrome delete - Wheels are powder coated (minor curbing...
  32. M

    Tesla took off NOA ability of my car?

    Hi all, I'm new here and probably will mess up with some terminology sorry about that in advance. I bought used 2016 (November) MX p100d, 3 weeks ago from a third-party dealership and on my way back home I was able to use Navigate on Autopilot. The next day I've realized the previous owner...
  33. D

    Model 3 suddenly lost EAP Features

    Bought my M3 back in April of 2019. Was told that EAP came with my vehicle. Have had all ESP features up until today. They were totally gone. Chatted with support and they kept insisting I never had it and I only have basic.
  34. rdskill

    Salesman gives me EAP, 6 months later, Tesla takes it away via OTA

    This happened a few months ago, but I have been reluctant to make it public. But I am seeing more and more of how poorly Tesla is treating customers and not meeting them half way or being understanding. Its another Goliath vs. regular people...... I purchased my 2019 SR+ on March 30, 2019...
  35. W

    2018 P3D Stealth + FSD Blk/Blk 7K miles $51K

    I'm thinking of selling my Performance Model 3 Stealth with the 18 inch wheels. It has 3.2 seconds 0-60 and track mode, but with 18 inch wheels for better clearance and winter handling. It is the 2018 model with full self driving. A new model with this configuration will cost you $57,000...
  36. C

    Will EAP ever be different from FSD?

    I ordered my Model 3 with EAP in November 2018, and took delivery in December, during the downtime while Tesla was trying to figure out how to repackage and price AP. I missed the first fire sale for $2k upgrade to FSD when they first relaunched it, definitely didn't purchase the upgrade when it...
  37. Vegaforce

    Tesla’s BAD Customer Service

    This is my first post of the forums. I am sorry if I sounded mad, but I am mad at Tesla’s lack of the basic customer service respect. I have been long a fan of Tesla. I have the Tesla Solar since 2016 (when they were SolarCity), and I bought my Model 3 LR non-AWD in October 2018 under the...
  38. M3BlueGeorgia

    Can finally upgrade from EAP to FSD for $3K

    For nearly 8 months I've been faced with a nasty little website bug from Tesla. It has been fixed within the last week or so. We have EAP and the webpage that listed our configuration clearly showed that. But the webpage to order FSD didn't appear to know we had EAP and wanted to sell AP at...

    Did I get FSD or not?

    Back in Apr 2018, I'm almost certain that we ordered EAP + FSD for our Model 3, but it doesn't show online today. I'm wondering if the names of things have changed or something? I haven't dug up my copies yet, but where did FSD go? Did I overlook this. (I need Enhanced Summon!).
  40. E

    FSD for EAP owners, reduced to 3k until 8/16

    I just received an email from Telsa (on 8/6/19) that states: "As an owner who has purchased Enhanced Autopilot – you can now upgrade to Full Self-Driving Capability at a reduced price of $3,000. Get access to current convenience features and future Full Self-Driving features to continually...
  41. M3BlueGeorgia

    Would you upgrade to EAP from AP for $3K?

    Elon recently said on Twitter that EAP owners will get a US$3K discount if upgrading to FSD (compared to AP owners) A possible inference would be that Tesla is considering allowing AP owners to upgrade to EAP for $3K.
  42. Fernand

    How many EAP owners would pay for the 3.0 FSD computer at what price?

    As an EAP owner (got car in December 2018) I want the new 3.0 hardware. I know it won't change what I have immediately, but it will. I want to help Tesla keep developing the technology. But at what price, after EAP already cost me $5k?
  43. K

    Buying used tesla with no Autopilot and FSD. how much to upgrade?

    Hi, I found a car in craigslist 2019 Tesla model 3. It has neither auto pilot nor FSD nor EAP. How much does it cost me to just upgrade it to EAP? I dont know if I have an option to upgrade it to EAP or not? Can any one please suggest if it would be less expensive if the original owner buys...
  44. V

    Nav on AP with Auto-Lane Change unusable in current state

    I’ve been trying to use (I.e. test a feature for Tesla for free) both Nav on AP and auto lane change since it was first released, and I find myself wanting to keep it permanently turned off at this point. The auto lane changes are seemingly random and generally unhelpful. All of the things...
  45. latimerluis

    Does Standard Autopilot Swerve to Avoid Collision?

    Does anyone know if standard AP can actually swerve out of the way to avoid collisions? Or is this only an Enhanced Autopilot (EAP) feature? I'm aware that it won't change lanes, so I'm worried that it'll only brake to avoid collisions. It was this video that had me curious about the answer...
  46. S

    2018 White AWD Long Range Model 3 with EAP + FSD

    New-ish pearl white, long range, AWD model 3. Has 2.8k miles on it and was delivered on December 31st, 2018. It includes the premium package, enhanced autopilot, and FSD. It also has free supercharging until September 2019. The car is super well maintained and includes the following, highly...
  47. Rango

    Used Teslas FSD module upgrade path?

    Hi guys. So Tesla on their website have used (off lease) S models available for sale. When i go to check out there is NO option to upgrade to FSD computer at all. It just goes to payment option. I believe from what i've read here upgrade price to FSD would be $3k? Tesla (Enhanced) Autopilot vs...
  48. OPRCE

    How Tesla can defeat AP-Buddy-style devices on AP, EAP and FSD at L2

    Someone posted a [since deleted] thread this morning entitled “Handsfree Autopilot for $5”, containing just a photo of a water-bottle lashed to the steering, possibly in a misplaced effort at humour but it got me thinking how to make the system more foolproof before anyone [else] goes killing...
  49. A

    WTB: Model S with AP 2.0

    Hi, I'm hoping to buy a Model S with Autopilot 2.0 (or 2.5). Ideally with EAP and FSD already purchased. My requirements are: AP 2.0 or higher hardware (ideally with EAP and FSD) Eligible for extended service agreement (or has extended warranty already purchased) Black, Gray, or White exterior...
  50. Reeler

    Rename Autopilot?

    Autopilot now only has adaptive cruise and lane keeping. Summon, lane changes, parking, etc. are now gone with that being part of the Full Self Driving (FSD) package presumably with other assistive features. It seems to me that the Autopilot label is a farce now and Tesla should just call it...