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  1. vandacca

    2016 Model-X Catastrophic failure of rear control arm

    I just had my 2016 Model X (Rear, Driver-side) control arm failure as I was about to get onto the highway. I made a left-hand turn and heard a clunk (thought it was a rock or gravel) and then noticed car pulling to the left. I tried to pull over to inspect just before getting onto the highway...
  2. K

    2 Drive Unit Failure Within 8 Days

    Hello! I kind of posted this is another thread, but I wanted to create a new one for more awareness. My situation is extremely unfortunate, and I would love as much input as possible. I am also aware of Lemon Law, and might use this if another incident occurs. The attorney I am in contact with...
  3. L

    Anyone else having problems with Summon not backing the car out of the garage?

    I have seen some intermittent posts about this but wanted to see if anyone has found a good solution. I park my 2022 Model S in my home garage. I do this manually. If I open the garage door, step into the driveway (does not seem to matter where or by what distance) and I press the reverse...
  4. Yanquetino

    How many PCS have failed?

    There are now numerous threads in this forum about the battery's PCS in the HV Battery Service Panel breaking down. In the dispute I have filed with Tesla awaiting AAA mediation, it would be helpful to have a rough estimate on how many forum members have experienced this problem. If you are one...
  5. scotty2541

    Roadster 2.5 - Vin 1277 Failure - ID981 State Transition Fault

    Hello, Yesterday I got up to find the vehicle would attempt to charge, then stop with an ID 981 "State Transition Fault" after about 5 seconds. Then about 10 seconds later, it would try again. The charge screen would show something ridiculously small, like 37 volts, on the HPC. Long before it...
  6. piro

    Frozen MCU1 Tesla X, self switched on. Cannot go to work. Angry & sad.

    I own 2018 Model X, last month of MCU1 production. I live in Poland, Europe. I have various misbehaviours with MCU1, like screen freezing, no heating, black screen, of course, the browser is not working as promised (not working at all). I have asked for repair, but it is not enough broken (not...
  7. S

    Trunk Latch failed and replaced 3 times in 3 weeks

    Hi, Just wanted to check if anyone has any experience with consecutive trunk latch failures? After installing 2020.48.26 on a model X delivered in March 2020, the trunk door will not latch. Tried troubleshooting and resetting with support from the local Tesla service center on WhatsApp video...
  8. adayley

    End of June delivery, still no free supercharging

    I see other threads here that this is not a new issue. I suppose I am venting since Tesla isn't doing anything. Unasked, I was offered a year of free supercharging if I took delivery before the end of June. I took delivery June 25th. I still have not be granted the free supercharging. After...
  9. I

    MCU1 car.key location

    Hi, I managed to create new operation system but I think I put the car.keys to wrong location. I just copied them to partition 3 but I didn´t make any folder for them. I read somewhere that they need to be in subfolder /var? What is the exact location for them and how can I move them over LAN...
  10. T

    Battery Pack Failed in Less Than One Year (>13,000 miles)

    I have to say that I felt the Tesla Model 3 was one of my best purchases for as long as I can remember. However, these error messages began to prompt less than 15,000 miles: Electrical system power reduced: Vehicle may shut down unexpectedly Vehicle may not restart: Service is required and...
  11. G

    Accident for unable to brake efficiently: Tesla's or my fault? [early 2020]

    Hey all, I've got into a small accident couple months ago and hope we can discuss about this. Dash cam recording goes first: (I only blurred the license plate for privacy concerns. Nothing else edited, for example speed, resolution, color, etc) This rear end accident happened last year, and...
  12. Padelford

    Right front AP camera fails in heavy rain while on freeways

    My right front fender camera has developed a new quirk in January 2020, in that I get a dashboard message that the camera has become obscured or stopped working while I'm driving in moderate to heavy rain on freeways. The problem seems to take a half-hour to an hour to appear. When I stop and...
  13. T

    Warning : Battery Maximum Charge Level Reduced

    On january 10th 2020 I have supercharged my Tesla Model S 85 (12/2013) to 95% as usual since I still have 30km to drive home I arrrived with 290km left range and 88% battery. On the morning of january 11th 2020 when I took the car a message appeared "Battery Maximum Charge Level Reduced". From...
  14. ivolvo

    Dashcam produces spotty recording

    I have installed a flash drive several months ago and it is always up according to the icon on the screen. However, when I looked at actual recordings, they were of good quality but completely random, only a few and sometimes a few minutes of the actual ride. Yesterday I also noticed a warning...
  15. C

    Lower Control Arm Failure

    I have a 2017 Model S. Yesterday, when I was backing up slowly in a parking lot, I heard a loud crunching, scraping sound, and then my front right wheel "fell off." Taking a closer look, it appears that the lower control arm sheered off from the wheel assembly (see pics). I didn't hit anything...
  16. P

    5 week old 2019 Model X with a spontaneous rear control arm failure (or broken frame?)

    2019 Performance Model X with 2.2k miles and no accidents or collisions with curbs or anything else. 1-2 seconds after accelerating from a red light, the left rear tire was grinding in the well and immediately pulled over to find it at a 30 degree angle with the control arm visibly dangling...
  17. T

    Door handle failure and error message

    Hi all, I'm in trouble. My model S door handle broke. I have already made a reservation for repair. It's a common failure, so I'm not worried too much, but I'm surprised that an error message came out. Moreover, this message came out two days after the door handle failure. Does anyone have...
  18. Padelford

    2019.28.3.1 breaks Christmas Show

    Tried three times in two locations. Show stops at FWD opening. Called it into Tesla, they could see the failures in the vehicle logs.
  19. V

    12V battery replacement, whos had to do one?

    Just curious, who all has had a 12V failure on your MX? Did you have any other electronics installed? Dashcam? Ive got a blackvue DR900 installed with the trailer hitch method. Just curious how common of a problem is this
  20. Chrisizzle

    Tesla Dashcam destroying USB drives

    Hello, I suspect my Model X dash cam may be destroying USB drives in short order. I started with a MicroSD card in a mini-USB reader. It was something I had, was compact, and thought it would perform better than a USB stick. It worked for... let's say two weeks before the webcam icon would...
  21. N

    Raam passagierskant plots omlaag

    Hoi allen, Gisteren was ik op bezoek bij mijn ouders in Koksijde en was ik gaan laden aan een publieke laadpaal. De auto was netjes vergrendeld, niets zichtbaars achtergelaten, Sentry-mode geactiveerd en alles ging goed. Toen ik na een kleine 2 uur terugkwam zag ik tot mijn grote verbazing dat...
  22. GolanB

    Second Failure of AutoPilot: Identical Location (2019.8.3) - Radar Failure

    This afternoon, while coming back home from the office, I experienced a nearly identical failure of AutoPilot while driving through the Holland Tunnel to NYC. This is the second time in a week this occurred while running 2019.8.3. In both cases, I received the "red hands" warning to take over...
  23. BizJet

    Fair Warning: From "Air Suspension Needs Service" --> Total Failure

    When I left a Tesla Service center a couple of months ago after a complete tire swap-out for my MX 90D, I noticed an "Air Suspension Needs Service" warning. But after I made a stop on the way home, the warning disappeared. Then I saw it again several times, and it rarely stayed on for more...
  24. Wharton

    Autopilot Engaged and Override

    Has anyone had a similar experience? Yesterday my Tesla Model 3 (2018 version) proceeded to accelerate while the brake pedal was depressed going through an intersection at 20 miles and hour (accelerated to 45) causing an uncontrollable maneuver and vehicle control loss. The vehicle failed to...
  25. J

    Is this is a case for an autopilot failure?

    Autopilot was active while I was driving I-5 in LA. The truck was changing lanes to mine but autopilot didn't take action, so I took the control of the car. I have applied brake first (ABS was engaged), then steered to the left lane. Did I take the action too early, or autopilot has failed to...
  26. John3B

    LTE af fabriek niet werkend Model S

    Afgelopen woensdag mijn Model S 100D in Tilburg afgehaald. Tijdens de uitleg in het Delivery Centre werkte alles. Na het verlaten van de hal verdween mijn navigatie en kreeg ik een wit scherm. Direct Tesla Support gebeld en moest een paar keer opnieuw soft rebooten met de 2 scroll wieltjes. De...
  27. John3B

    LTE verbinding af fabriek werkt niet

    Afgelopen woensdag mijn Model S 100D in Tilburg afgehaald. Tijdens de uitleg in het Delivery Centre werkte alles. Na het verlaten van de hal verdween mijn navigatie en kreeg ik een wit scherm. Direct Tesla Support gebeld en moest een paar keer opnieuw soft rebooten met de 2 scroll wieltjes. De...
  28. Colby Boles

    Model X front air suspension failure

    Background: For more than half of the Summer days, we live up in the Sierras near Donner Pass in California. The last 2.5 miles of road to our property is a dirt / rock road that is graded every year by the utility (PG&E) that also manages a lake up there. Most of the road is relatively smooth...
  29. markn455

    MCU on Mid 2014 MS Replaced

    The MCU on my mid 2014 had to be replaced. It all started with the screen going black. The first couple of times a reboot resolved the issue. After about the 3rd time of this, the MCU would no longer reboot. No, AC, or control of anything. The app could not access the car either. The SC said...
  30. J

    Failure modes of radar sensor

    Hi everyone, I got my hands on a Bosch mid-range radar (MRR) sensor that I believe belonged to a model S a while back. Now I'm working on a school project where we try to get the sensor to fail (i.e., output wrong or unusable data). Those of us involved in the project have defined a goal of...
  31. B

    Perforated White Seats - Tearing

    Anyone else had the perforated white seats tear prematurely? My car is less then 1.5yrs old and the backseat has been used maybe 20 times or so, and it's developed a tear around the passenger side butt cheek. I've found this thread: Perforated seats durability? This thread: Model Xs in Buena...
  32. V

    Superchargers are not very reliable still, it appears

    I just completed my second roadtrip (previous one being a year ago) and it again was plagued with superchager problems. While a year ago the most common problem was overheating handle resulting in reduced charging rate, this time it changed (perhaps the handle problem is also still there and...
  33. FamilyT3sla

    2018 Model X New MCU LTE Failure

    Woke up Sunday and did not have LTE/3G or wifi internet access. Has anyone else experienced this issue?
  34. Padelford

    Another front suspension failure story

    Last month, something failed associated with the front stabilizer bar, and it was replaced under warranty. Last Wednesday, as I drove away from the local SC, something began making a loud "creaking" noise on the right side of the vehicle. It was too late to go back to the SC. The creaking...
  35. E

    [Urgent] Spontaneous Suspension Failure + Lack Of Tesla Support

    Hi everyone! Does anyone have any experience with Tesla repairs? We were driving on the freeway when our model S suddenly started swerving after an initial loud sound. There's nothing on the road, and we had to drive the vehicle off the freeway without hitting other vehicles. Luckily, no one got...
  36. ohmman

    HPWC v1 Meltdown

    Charger didn't work last night. I turned the breaker off today and took the faceplate off. Meltdown!
  37. G

    HPWC "tripping" red

    I have a 3 year old HPWC, er wall connector and it's worked fine for all this time. Suddenly it is often failing. Insert cable into car ... RED. Have to reset the button to the right side of unit. History: Installed in prior garage for 2 years. Fine. Disconnected. Moved to new garage...
  38. I

    Tesla HW2 17.5.28 Firmware - No side collision warning?

    A car tried to merge into me and make an illegal left turn. The driver did not see me (most likely due to the blind spot). Tesla, as part of firmware 17.5.28, added side collision warnings, but there was no alert. I'm not even mad at the driver that tried to merge into me. People make mistakes...
  39. grayguy

    HW2 Failed Updates and Driver Assistance Features Unavailable

    My Model S with Hardware 2 has consistently failed with Tesla OTA updates. Each time this happens I also get a Driver Assistance Features Unavailable. If issue persists contact Tesla Service error message that persists on the instrument panel. A couple of times, the attempted update actually...
  40. Petra

    Rear Liftgate Strut Failure

    So, one of the struts that holds up the manual liftgate on my S failed over the weekend while I was out running errands... judging by the grime around the end of the strut, it looks like a seal failed or something. Thankfully my wife was with me, so we traded off acting as human tailgate props...
  41. Plugsuvohio

    WiFi not connecting - general

    In addition to my Homelink/Genie/Tesla difficulties when I brought the baby home I could not get the WiFi setup to work. I've got loads of experience with this networking stuff and finding other people's difficulties but have not yet solved my own. I have searched the forums and tried some...
  42. E

    Catastrophic battery pack failure

    So I am pretty bewildered, concerned and a little bit upset about what happened to my S a couple of days ago. First, I got a 12 V battery warning and so took it in for service at the Buena Park facility in So Cal. I got the car back the same day after they replaced the 12 V battery and did a...
  43. M

    Is waiting 2 months+ for P90D parts normal?

    So I spend $140k+ on a car. 4 days later it takes a minor hit to the front wheel causing $22k in damage. Fine. Mercury insurance handles the claim, the certified repair shop does their thing, Tesla is silent, the certified repair shop can't get the simple parts they need to complete the repair...
  44. Erleichda

    Clunks, Drones and Milling sounds: Just had a drive unit fail

    Our 2013 P85 with 31k miles just had the drive unit fail. We had experienced the "clunk" when lifting off acceleration before regen started; our SC was contacted and a 'fix' employed that took care of it. We were not informed of what the fix was. The "droning" at speed >60 began to get more...
  45. S

    Drive Unit failure symptoms and thresholds for replacement

    As of April, 2015, what are the current official drive unit failure symptoms that one would experience prior to a drive unit failure? And what are the detection methods Tesla currently uses to define drive unit failure or predict drive unit failure? I'm asking for updated clarification since in...