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  1. A

    UK PCP return value deductions

    Trying to calculate whether to use cash or PCP for a new Model S... Does anyone have any experience in what sorts of wear and tear are considered fair by Tesla when returning a PCP car at end of term (assume 2-3 years)? For example, are they fairly tolerant or do they hit you with £500 for a...
  2. selfbp

    Anyone retrofitted air suspension? Or done a custom airbag setup?

    While being overwhelmed of all the other features of the car during the ordering process, I kept telling myself that the Air Suspension wasn't that big of a deal. Long story short.. I am wrong. To the point; has anyone retrofitted the smart-air-suspension to a vehicle post-ordering process? I...
  3. skyline

    Vendor Wireless Phone Charging - Poll by Skyline

    Hello, We are in development of a Skyline wireless phone charging solution for the Tesla Model S/X and need your help! Please help us by answering the following poll question as we tidy up the final design. The poll will be active for 3 weeks. Meanwhile, to keep things fun we'll work on a...
  4. E

    Question re: brake lights on TACC

    I was lucky enough to watch a blue model S travel up Dudley St in Melbourne last Thursday evening whilst stuck in a train coming into Southern Cross Station.. It seemed to me that the driver was using cruise control (although I might be wrong) as the car cleanly moved and stopped with the flow...
  5. FlyinLow

    To go ELECTRIC or not? That is the question...

    Maybe this is the right area to park my thoughts and encourage others to post theirs... I appreciate the people that come up to me and want to convince me that driving my Tesla Model S 85 is a bad idea. Buying a car can be an emotional experience, but for those looking to do a little more fact...
  6. Gunfus_r

    Model number vs Actual consumption

    A few weekends ago, I attended a party and I was explaining the feature of the car the capacity of the batteries and stuff. Then two days later, as I was driving in the "spring" like weather and I was enjoying the consumption being around 190-180, it made me wonder about the recent twitter...
  7. chibi_kurochan

    Decoding Model 3 Option Codes

    Does anyone know what all the option codes means on the Model 3? Are they the same as MS and MX? Thanks!
  8. D

    Model S PTC heater control?

    Hello TMC, I've gotten some good information lurking over the past year or two, thanks all! Wondering if anyone has successfully figured out how to control the PTC air heater in the HVAC unit yet? I just received a used one from eBay for a non-tesla related project I'm working on. It's 4 pin...
  9. E

    Hooked up 400VDC cables backwards to motor

    Hey guys, I could really use your help. I took out my motor recently to try to get it to run outside of the car. I extended all of the low voltage cables, I got an electric water pump to circulate water through the motor, I grounded it to the car chassis. But, when I extended the 400 VDC...
  10. king_rubin

    Cpo finance question

    I’m in the final days before I’m supposed to get my car. Just now hearing from my finance company (who is out of state) that they need wording in the contract that says Tesla will handle the lien paper work and titling. Anyone whose gotten a cpo in Cali, does the final contacts have that in it?
  11. J

    LIVE Q&A with the Model 3

    Hey everyone! I am with TechnoBuffalo, if you haven't heard of us we are a Technology centered YouTube Channel that has done reviews on both the Model S and the Model X. We are currently in the process of filming our review of the Model 3 and will be doing a live Q&A on YouTube at 12 PM PST...
  12. Theyeags

    Tesla Model 3 Blackvue 750 2ch DIY install with Constant 12V power

    I decided to dive right in after only 3 days of ownership and install a blackvue on the model 3. Unlike other posts, I wired the magic power pro directly to the 12v battery for constant power. The whole process was fairly easy considering it was the first time I've ever seen inside a Model 3...
  13. UkrHog

    Ludicrous Plus Max Battery Power Launch Mode Explained In Detail

    Hi Guys! Here’s a video I made with lost of questions answered regarding Ludcorpus Plus Max Battery Power and Launch Mode. Subscribe for lost of fun, informative and educational videos
  14. talkingevs

    Just Ordered 01/26/18...A lot of questions?

    So I have yet to see a Model 3 in person but based on everything I'm reading, everyone seemed very impressed. My main reason in choosing a Tesla over any other EV is the charging network they have built. Anyways, I'm hoping everyone can help answer several questions: 1) I'm 6'3", almost...
  15. A

    This Week Tesla & Companies

    This week's installment inspired by reddit discussion thread. Found it quite insightful as to logic behind why folks are either all in on the rails or skirting outer realms of SpaceX mission impossible cumulative probable possibilities. The company being in the news much lately when successful...
  16. T

    Tesla Buyback for your Model S?

    Hi All, I'm in the market for a used Tesla and after researching archive sales on ev-cpo I've noticed the crazy price fluctuations from month to month. Like June 17' was a great time to buy on their site versus a few months later when those same specs were selling for significantly more. So...
  17. M

    Purchased a used x change of ownership

    I called the Tesla to change ownership so I can be able to use the app and other features they emailed me an email requesting information like my driver license registration card etc. but one of the questions that I’m concerned about is. Was this vehicle purchased from the original owner or...
  18. Ssc3010

    Centre screen issue

    Got an issue with my centre touchscreen. It looks like it doesn’t complete booting. After showing the Tesla logo it goes black. And starts trying over and over. Have been to the Service Centre but they can’t fix it they say. So I need a new one they say. Will cost 2500 euro! After 3.5 years and...
  19. aslam

    Charge rate for non-standard power combinations

    Now that my MS 75D is on order (and I have to endure the painful wait till late March for delivery) I'm working on getting the charging infrastructure installed into my underground condo parkade. Unfortunately, my options are somewhat limited due to the infrastructure in my parkade and distance...
  20. B

    WiFi Connectivity

    This is my first post so any feedback from veteran users would be appreciated. I purchased my 2017 Model X 100D 12/29/17 and have been very pleased. Many questions have been answered by this forum and I love the challenge of exploring ground breaking technology. There have been a few...
  21. 2012MS85

    Loss of Use (LOU) Insurance Claim for my Tesla’s 33-day repair

    Question: Who has had an actual Loss of Use (LOU) claim involving an insurance company where you as the Tesla owner was NOT at fault, but lengthy repairs resulted in the at-fault party’s insurance company paying you for a LOU of your Tesla? If you were successful in your LOU claim, what daily...
  22. S

    I expected my Model X and Tesla service to fail me.

    On June 23rd, 2017 I picked up my new Tesla Model X. Since then, my vehicle has now been at a service center for a total of 6 times. With each instance, I've dealt with a great deal of inconvenience, of which is extremely unacceptable for a new vehicle purchase of over $120,000. I now turn to...
  23. T

    Tesla driving experience

    I am looking for a new car, and I'm very interested in a used Model S. I have rented a 1-year old Tesla for a few days to gain some hands-on experience with the car, and am looking for some answers to questions I have. I hope somebody can help me out here. I am currently driving an 11-year old...
  24. H

    Tesla Model S and Non-profit

    Hey guys! I am not 100% on the rules of this site yet, so I wanted to know if ya'll would be willing to help me. I work for a non-profit helping students all over America gain access to technology for their education. The founder of this non-profit is giving away his Tesla Model S to incentivize...
  25. T

    Date to expect first Model 3 in Toronto?

    Hi all, Long time listener, first time caller, although I apologise in advance if this question has been asked before. I was slightly late to the party (1/4, or 4/1, depending on your location), so have a 'Late 2018' delivery date, which I expect may morph into '19, particularly if I wait for...
  26. Schwachs

    Tell me why you love your dash cam?

    Hey there... Just got my Model S two weeks ago - after having driving my Toyota Highlander Hybrid for over 12 years and 164k+ miles... Let's just say as a tech nerd - I was pretty excited about all the new technology offered - especially in comparison to a car/suv that felt outdated when I...
  27. dhanson865

    Model 3 supercharger rate example, help me with the math

    OK so the Semi will get 7 cents per kWh guaranteed (meaning it could get cheaper than that someday). So my next thought is when what rate would it take for the Supercharger 10 miles from my house to be cheaper than charging in my garage (still more convenient to charge at home, this is a...
  28. Callahan

    Model 3 Owners: What's Your One Favorite Thing?

    Hey all! After spending a few minutes in You You Xue's Model 3, there were so many amazing things about the car I enjoyed, but the one thing that specifically stood out to me was the handling. It felt incredibly tight and immediate. As cheesy as it sounds, I felt one with the car in a way I'd...
  29. B

    Allow Calm Radio Subscription

    Since many of the 'Tesla' stations are Calm Radio, I subscribed to Calm thinking I could sign in while in the car thus avoiding the numerous and irritating commercials. Well, not so fast -- Tesla does not allow one to sign in to Calm. The Calm Radio rep suggested that if many owners 'asked'...
  30. B

    Purchase EAP after delivery

    Hi, I know I probably should have purchased EAP before delivery, but didn't thinking I could save some money and wait until I get the tax credit to pay for EAP. So now my question, has anyone actually purchased EAP or FSD after delivery? If so, how? I can't find anything on the myTesla...
  31. J

    Evolution of Model S battery Packs. Info wanted

    Hi All, I hope to pick the brains of some of the more knowledgable members here to get a better understanding of how the MS battery pack has evolved from 2012 to now My understanding is as follows tesla has always offered 2 packs. A small 350v pack and a larger 400 volt pack the small pack...
  32. R

    Condensation on windshield on the inside

    In recent days, when the temperature has gone quite low (around 0 deg Celsius), there has been a build up of condensation on the inside of the windshield in front of the driver seat. Temperature inside the car has been 3-4 degrees Celsius, which is understandable given the low temperature...
  33. B

    Tesla Kit Car?

    Hey guys, new to this forum but just looking for a bit of info on a project I want to pursue. It involves taking a kit car or ultra lightweight sports car such as a Lotus Elise (Yes I know this sounds exactly like the first gen Roadster), and installing P100D internals. In the article, it is...
  34. H

    Question about location-based smart suspension

    Is there a specific radius/area that is associated with a location-based smart suspension point? For example, if I turn into my home street for the first time with my new Tesla, and my house is 200 yds down the street, and there are a couple of speed bumps before my house, do I set the...
  35. D

    Awaiting Delivery on Inventory Model S

    Very excited to be awaiting delivery on a new Model S I purchased from inventory! Here are some details: -Model S 100D -Obsidian Black Metallic Paint -Glass Roof -19" Slipstream Wheels -Cream Premium Interior -Figured Ash Wood décor -Light Headliner -Enhanced Autopilot -72amp Charger Upgrade...
  36. Bonehead33

    Upgraded audio??

    Hi all I've got a loaner 2017 brand new 100d and the sound system is great. I presumed it was the upgraded audio system but I looked in the boot and there was no sub on the left. My question is- do the new cars fitted with upgraded sound have the sub elsewhere or is it still the case that if...
  37. N

    Model S P85 "Swap" for AWD

    First off, let me start by saying that still we la-la-la-love our 2014 P85!! Purchased as a (barely) CPO in January of this year. We refer to it as our puppy - everywhere we go people walk up to us and want to "pet" it! Our only regret is that we did not pop for the D, the AWD option...
  38. BLKMDL3

    Anyone got their delivery date or VIN yet? Also one question about my order

    Ordered my car when I got the email. I completed my order and filled out all the items needed to complete on the MyTesla page. They say we will reach out to you to schedule delivery. I still am skeptical for some reason that my order hasn't gone through even though it has. Anyone here gotten...
  39. voyager

    What's the yield of regenerative braking during stop & go traffic?

    Can't seem to get a clear answer on this. The ability to win back energy during braking is one of the nicest feature of EVs of course. However, many cars spend a lot ot time getting stuck in stop and go traffic each day. Therefore my question. See if you can fault my way of reasoning. During...
  40. BigHempin

    Please Critique my MX100D Quote, Thanks!

    Thanks in advance for the help. I have been looking for an inventory vehicle for about 2 months now and they finally found one that looks interesting. I am a complete newb to Tesla and expensive cars in general. I was hoping that some of you kind veterans would help me critique the vehicle that...
  41. M

    Paging any Model S owner near Lubbock, TX

    Hi from new member here who hopes to soon be a new owner. Being from West Texas the nearest stores are 250+ miles away in Dallas or Austin. I’ve been doing tons of reading and am planning a test drive in about two weeks while in Plano for business. I was hoping there might be an owner here in...
  42. BuildingCap

    Using third party tires - risk to warranty and service visits?

    I was planning to get my Tesla's first set of winter tires which are not a brand that Tesla offers directly. I sent a question to my OA regarding this. In the response he mentioned the Service Center advised "that the warranty on the vehicle will not cover anything that might occur as the result...
  43. BuildingCap

    Advice on renting out my MX

    I recently learned my job will take me overseas for most of 2018 and I am trying to decide what to do with my (still quite new) MX. I'm not interested in selling, so looking at other options like renting it. Has anyone had any experience or advice on this? Did you use Turo, a legal contract...
  44. EESP

    Restricted spare parts

    Is there a way (read: backdoor?) to get restricted spare parts? I understand this might be a long shot, but worth the question. Need two small cables between the slave charger and HVJB, nothing used to find (usually goes with the HVJB), and part is restricted, so can't buy it over the counter.
  45. M4guy

    Potential new Tesla owner :)

    Hello chaps, total Newbie here (my apologies i know it can be annoying) I’ve gone through some basic numbers and it’s looking like the savings would be pretty big if I were to move to a Tesla. I currently have a Bmw M4 (weekend toy which I occasionally use for work too) and a Honda Insight Mk2...
  46. TR5642

    Rapid tire wear/failure inside rear - Replacement DU responsible?

    Today I had the pleasure of a rapid tire deflation on the road. :-( Tried the inflater with goo but no way, still hissing. Called roadside and they got me a loaner wheel fairly quickly. (good experience overall BTW) However, when we took the wheel off, the wear was unreal (see below) A few...
  47. desoukya

    Attempting to Repair Front Collision Salvaged Tesla

    I purchased a salvaged Tesla Model S to repair in my garage. I'm new to this, so I'm in the "information gathering" phase attempting to learn as much as possible about the car and other people's experience in hope of building technical intuition to guide me through all the troubleshooting issues...
  48. Red_DS

    Tesla went offline while on a trip and is not drawing any power. How screwed am I?

    I’m on a long trip right now and won’t be back home for another 2 weeks. I left the car plugged in, set the charge limit to 70% with scheduled charging on. Since the start of the trip, I checked on the car every now and then. It showed online and did not indicate anything abnormal. I also...
  49. C

    Newbie Question

    hi all, First post after reading everyones posts and really made me want to pull a trigger on the X. I have few questions if any can help me out. Went to the Tesla store and had someone help me out and telling me $1000 referral credit is only good for this October and free supercharge if...
  50. M

    Should I add FSD at delivery?

    So I should be picking up my custom MS75 in the next few weeks (can't wait!). Ordered and looking forward to EAP (yes with all it's faults). I did not order FSD yet. Some thoughts/questions on FSD, if it ever is actually released: Can I add FSD at delivery for the 3k price? If FSD is added...

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