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service center

  1. samuelzzz

    Pick up and replace bumper

    Hi guys, I am going to pick my MX tomorrow morning at 10:30. My DS just called said they find a tiny unperfect paint form my front bumper and she orders me a new bumper. I can still be going to pick up my MX but I need send it back the service center next work to replace the bumper. lol. because...
  2. T

    What's up with the Queue for Diagnosis at Service Centers?

    Looking for wisdom from those with experience with service centers. Brought my 3 week old CPO in to have a list of things checked out/fixed to my local Tesla Service Center on Tuesday morning. I spoke with them ahead of time to get an idea of how long it would take based on my list and they...
  3. A

    Indianapolis Service Center Experience

    Quick Service Experience Story: A month ago I notified the Service Center that my 2013 MS had a couple ongoing minor issues-- some bubbling on the main display and my TPMS was notifying that it needed service. After a couple weeks waiting for a replacement screen I dropped my car off and they...
  4. S

    Possible new Tesla store/SvC on Long Island - Smithtown/Nesconset area

    Came upon this article from Tuesday, 1/16, about a new location for a Tesla location in New York on Long Island. Given the mention that "the facility would generate solid waste typically associated with 'auto sales and repairs' minus motor oil" would appear to be a store and service center...
  5. fasteddie7

    Hooking up Tyson's corner SC

    After electrek broke the news yesterday about uncorking older 75d vehicles the community went nuts and blew up the service centers, some reports said they didn't know what we were talking about or just said no based on an old list. One person, Michael, at the Tyson's corner VA service center not...
  6. A

    Service Center Statistics TV

    When I was in to the Service Center in Dedham, MA I noticed a Statistics TV that was “live” streaming statistics from around the world. It included a few things like the most used supercharger station today, how much CO2 saved total, and how many cars produced. I can’t seem to find a website...
  7. pl804

    Stuck in Service Center vortex – anyone w/ Tesla contacts that can help?

    Decided to try out Tesla's new in-house body shop, thinking it would be smoother than using Chilton + rental. Caught in the triple vortex of A New Process, Good Intentions, and Something Else I Don't Understand. Contacted PA SC, [email protected], [email protected], and exec escalation. No...
  8. fasteddie7

    Wow, I can blow through tires

    What on Earth am I doing wrong? I drive around 25,000 miles a year. I have done two "annual" service appointments so far this year, and both times I had to replace my tires. Is this normal? I purchased the good year 19s both times. Should I be buying a different tire or is there no way to avoid...
  9. jerjozwik

    burbank service center, post of appreciation.

    so here i am, sitting on a traffic controlled on-ramp, about to do my normal pop up to speed that p90d owners are accustom to. only today will be different, mere seconds after i activated the accelerator i received the achievement; "drive unit needs service, avoid hard acceleration." i think...
  10. SteelSully

    Exclusive Opening of Tesla Service Center in Richmond, VA!

    Haven't seen anyone else post about this yet, but I just got an email invite yesterday to the 'Exclusive Opening of Tesla Richmond' to be held next Wednesday, Aug. 25th from 5:30 - 7:30PM. There won't be charging available just "locally curated bites and fine cocktails". Sounds like a fair...
  11. A

    Model S Service - Fort Wayne IN

    New to the thread and not sure where to post this but wanted to comment on the Fort Wayne Mobile Service Experience. I was due for my 1y annual inspection and service and called Indianapolis SC and they informed me they had a Mobile Service guy in FW. They gave me his number and I called and...
  12. K

    New bill would allow 15 additional NY Tesla Stores

    A new bill would allow 15 additional Tesla stores to be built in New York state. It stipulates that at least 5 of the stores must be Upstate and include repair/service facilities. Upstate NY is terribly underserved right now since all 5 of the currently allowed NY Tesla stores are in the...
  13. IGotEastBay

    Delivery & First Service Center Experience

    I took delivery of my new MS 75D a few weeks ago. Went to Fremont and took the factory tour and then picked the car up after. I inspected the car at pick up and noticed several issues (the biggest one being a scratch on the driver's side small left window that I can eventually have replaced when...
  14. fallen888

    Tesla Service Centers - Philly area

    I've been dealing with the service center in Devon, PA and have been pretty frustrated with their ability to deliver on promises of resolving issues. I'm considering driving a bit more out of my way in hopes of getting better results from another service center. Two other centers "relatively"...
  15. inottawa

    Service Loaner with AP2

    So I just sent off my P85 for a 100k service inspection (more like 103k at this point), and just had a loaner dropped off. You can imagine my surprise when I received a 75D with AP2! The car is basically new with only 100kms on the ODO. After all the paperwork was signed off, I promptly hopped...
  16. I

    Service Centre & Car Showroom - Dublin, Ireland

    Just noticed a planning application that Tesla Motors Ireland Inc. have put in for a proposed Service Plus building (car showroom and repair outlet) in Unit 92 Bracken Road, Sandyford Industrial Estate, Dublin 18. Detailed planning application with proposals here: Google PDF Planning report 1...
  17. S

    Tesla Service Center

    Anybody know of a service center around Bay Area, CA that will do work on a Tesla with aftermarket rims? I just got denied alignment service at Dublin, CA service center because my car had aftermarket rims. Service manager said they cannot touch my car at all because I have aftermarket wheels...
  18. D

    Dania Beach Service Center Storage

    While driving home from a service appointment, I noticed a secure lot on Ravenswood Road with a bunch of new looking Model S and X vehicles. I'm talking about 40-50 new vehicles. I was wondering if anyone knew any more info. about these lots. It would seem to be a significant # of vehicles...
  19. fasteddie7

    Negativity bias?

    Hi everyone! I take delivery of my model s tomorrow so I have been more aggressively combing through the forums to learn as much as I can, one thing has stood out though: I couldn't help but notice the high volume of posts with nightmarish stories. From autopilot parking crashes and spontaneous...
  20. fasteddie7

    Home delivery vs. In store pickup

    does anyone have any thoughts on home vs. service center delivery? I live 3+ hours from the closest service center so i have the option to do either, and my delivery specialist explained the difference was there is no new vehicle orientation with home delivery. Am I really missing out? I've been...
  21. D

    Service Center Wait Times - Post Your Results

    It may be of interest to the community to see a non-scientific sampling of real world wait times at various Service Centers. Please post your Service Center name, days you have had to wait after first call to actual service appointment, vehicle that is getting serviced, whether loaner was...
  22. SSD420

    MX going to SC, after 1 month

    Tomorrow morning my Model X is finally going to the SC for a bunch of issues I had reported including mysterious obstacles preventing my FWD's from, window issues, parts separating from the car, certain parts wearing way too quickly, feeling electric currents while sitting in the car charging...
  23. F

    Lack of service center near Windsor Ontario

    I don't have a Tesla yet, but my concern is that the two closest service centers are in Detroit and Mississauga. Windsor is a border city to Detroit Michigan, so I'm hoping others that live near a border might know best. 1. How do service calls work? So do you have to drive to the closest...
  24. P

    Heathrow Tesla Service Center / Alloy Gators refusal

    Happy Monday everyone. My DS called today to schedule our delivery appointment (June 25!); I asked if the SC (Heathrow) could install a set of Alloy Gator rim protectors as well as debadge my car. He said no to both. (We don't do 3rd party accessories and someone's S was damaged in...
  25. N

    Poll: Upset by 'test drive' through Burger King drive through?

    I recently had my car serviced and I periodically checked the status in the app. I noticed that the car was driving into a business not too far from the Service Center; curious to what it could be, I loaded up Maps and found out that it was the drive though at the local Burger King, Would...
  26. Electric700

    Tesla Looking for a new Indianapolis Service Center Location

    Good news for Indiana! Tesla is looking at different locations in Indianapolis for a new service center. Here's the full article: Tesla wants to open a service center in Indianapolis
  27. S

    Tesla doesn't want to service my Model S

    I have my second Model S since half July 2015. Approximately 2 weeks after ownership the first problem has occurred. So I wanted to make an appointment in Vienna SC (the nearest one for me). I had to wait 3 months for the first appointment to get the problem fixed. I have made 28 thousand...
  28. David99

    Shoutout to Tesla Service in Torrance

    I'm really happy with the Tesla Service Center in Torrance! I have had my car there several times and they are just an awesome team. Every time I come they are prepared, expecting me, having the loaner and papers ready. Mark is always doing his best to make everyone happy and keeps me up to date...
  29. D

    Tesla Buena Park Officially Open (CPO location)

    I have not seen many post regarding the new Buena Park location, so just wanted let the community know that it has officially opened. With sales, service, delivery and CPO vehicles on hand, this is the first location of its kind. They have assembled an extraordinary team that I have the pleasure...
  30. stevepeck1

    Updates and Upgrades at service centers? I'd like your ideas please.

    Each time my 2013 S has gone to the shop, it has come back with something updated/upgraded. I gather that there are other things that they'll update if you ask... I wonder what those have been for you? ...and therefore what I might request when it goes back in for scheduled service in March...
  31. tliving

    Does Tesla answer emails?

    After placing my order and confirming, I had a question for the sales guy (Natick, MA) and emailed him (had his biz card). He never replied. 10 days after confirming I got an email from the delivery team (Watertown, MA) about uploading some paperwork which I did immediately. I had some follow up...
  32. M

    Scottsdale (Arizona) Service Center

    There has been a thread for the temporary Phoenix service center, but haven't yet found one for the new Scottsdale location that opened in October. Perhaps the mods can move that old thread here. i continue to be impressed with the work ethic and enthusiasm of the staff. Manager, Nick, and a...
  33. gr8fullee

    Great First Service Center experience - San Rafael CA (Marin County)

    I've had my Blue Model S 85 for 1 month. I scheduled a service appointment to address a squeak in the AC when shutting off and moisture in one of the back-up lights after washing. I live 40 miles from the San Rafael Service Center so I drove myself in. First; I got to drive right by the...

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