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Anyone purchase an ICE after your Model 3?

Had my Model 3 Performance for nearly 4 years. Zero major issues, few small problems which Tesla fixed at my home. The Model 3 convinced me I would never buy another ICE vehicle. I'm currently waiting on the Cyber Truck, I need a pickup in the rural area I live in. I'll keep the Model 3 or trade it for a Model Y LR for my wife to use.
I've continued to ruminate over another ICE vehicle, and maybe at some point I'll still consider something special like a classic from the 60s or a GT4 for track weekends, but for all other cases, I won't go back to ICE, with the exception of a PHEV.

That being said, I also won't be going with another Tesla with our current M3P comes off of lease.
blessed to be able to have a nice trio of cars to choose from between manual 718 Cayman, a Jeep Rubicon and my newest edition, M3P....

I can't remember my last trip to the gas station....cuz I just don't have any desire to drive the other two cars at all these days and my Porsche just feels slow now....

The M3P is just the perfect blend of function, comfort and FUN ....avoiding $5 a gallon gas is just a bonus, a really nice bonus.....
If I ever buy another ICE vehicle it will have a manual and likely start with a “P” and end with “Orsche.” Or if I have to settle, maybe it will rhyme with “Orvette.” If I really just need to throw away a bunch of money maybe it sound like “poopra.” If somebody put a gun to my head and made my settle it would be an M3.

It is interesting to me selling a Tesla to buy a Camaro for reliability.
My wife and I have been kicking around getting a Bronco or Jeep wrangler. We want to go back to offroading and camping.
4runner. Perfect for that kind of duty.
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